20 Best Pattern Design Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about pattern design ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best pattern design podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Pattern Design Podcasts 2021

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Affordable Interior Design

  • Publisher: Betsy Helmuth
  • Total Episodes: 214

Get fresh tips from the budget decorating guru, Betsy Helmuth. Each episode is packed with secrets the other pros don’t want you to know and with answers to your burning design questions.  Betsy is a NY-based designer, owner of Affordable Interior Design, and has been featured on DIY Network, NBC’s “Today Show”, HGTV, Lifetime, and more. She is the author of the best-selling book, Affordable Interior Design.  Helmuth has shared her affordable design advice and step-by-step approaches with millions through live teaching workshops, her design book, guest columns, television appearances, and interviews. She brings her knowledge to the world of podcasting. The episodes include topics like color palettes, pattern mixing, budget creation, layout maximization, and much more. It’s time to start living in the home of your dreams without maxing out your credit cards. Learn how with Affordable Interior Design!

Design and Shine

  • Publisher: Rachelle Holowko
  • Total Episodes: 8

Design and Shine will bring you conversations about the creative design process, being a successful creative entrepreneur, stepping into the mindset of a successful designer and all things pattern design. Hosted by Rachelle Holowko who is a surface pattern designer, artist, educator and leader of a beautiful global community of designers and creatives.

Quilt Buzz

  • Publisher: Quilt Buzz
  • Total Episodes: 30

From modern quilt pattern designs to web-based design software, from creating an exchange for unwanted fabric to “local” online fabric shops, the quilting community is a vibrant place of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and incredible creativity. Quilt Buzz aims to create a platform to learn more about the “every” quilters’ stories from across the global quilting community, focusing on up-and-coming projects and people that are pushing the boundaries.

A Knit With Me Story

  • Publisher: Melissa Schoenwether
  • Total Episodes: 10

A Knit-With-Me Story is the show for every knitter who longs for their pattern to give them an adventure. Tucked into each of the Knit With Me stories is a complete knitting pattern– each chapter doesn’t just advance the plot; it adds to the knitting design. If you have been knitting for years, or you’ve just cast on your first stitch, you’ll find something inside this podcast to ignite your inner creative fire. Each podcast has a complete written chapter and pattern shared in traditional formats on the Encourage Better website: https://encouragebetter.com

Curious Handmade with Helen Stewart

  • Publisher: Helen Stewart
  • Total Episodes: 65

A podcast devoted to knitting, craft and creativity. Helen from Curious Handmade talks about what is on the needles, the latest knitting patterns, yarns and inspiration. She chats with designers, makers and knitting friends.

The Shinybees Knitting and Yarn Podcast

  • Publisher: Jo Milmine
  • Total Episodes: 177

The podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures. Hosted by UK knitter Jo Milmine, there are regular interviews with all your favourite designers and dyers. Get the latest knitting news, yarn and pattern book reviews, show updates along with local yarn shop visits and knitting related travel. Business minded? Enjoy the interviews with knitting and yarn entrepreneurs for top tips and inspiration on making it in the industry. Enjoy the finest funny knitting pattern ‘picks’ that Ravelry has to offer.

Love & Guts

  • Publisher: Lynda Griparic | Integrative Practitioner |Gut | Digestion | Constipation |
  • Total Episodes: 205

This platform is designed to speak to those who value living a full and magnificent life. Your host Lynda Griparic is a naturopath, nutritionist and yoga teacher with an avid and sometimes awkward interest in all things digestive health, especially bowel movements and the intelligent communication systems that exist in the body. Love and Guts explores all things mind-set, brain health, digestive health, pooping patterns, connection, communication and so much more. It’s content may challenge you and at times it may get a bit whacky but never too bio-hacky as I like to keep things practical and accessible to all. You will hear strategies that you’ll want to apply pronto and that’s awesome but please remember that information on this podcast channel is NOT designed to replace the advice from your health practitioner. If you would like some support with your health challenges or goals get in contact. https://bit.ly/2eJLddP

WeCrochet Podcast

  • Publisher: WeCrochet
  • Total Episodes: 41

The podcast for all things crochet from the people behind Crochet.com. There will be interviews, helpful information about crochet, talk about yarn, patterns, design, techniques- all that and more! Will there be crochet shenanigans, tune it to find out. Keep crocheting and we will too, because WeCrochet.

Real Talk with Tian

  • Publisher: Tian Connaughton
  • Total Episodes: 40

Real Talk With Tian, hosted by Tian Connaughton of TianConnaughton.com and the creator of Pattern Partnership, is a podcast about the realities of living a creative life. I am a business-woman currently making a living as a designer, tech editor, course creator, and author. This podcast is for designers, makers, artists, and creative. In each episode, I will share tips, advice, insights, and things I’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to. So join Tian with the real talk on Thursdays. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Website: https://www.tianconnaughton.com/

Rumpel and the Frog

  • Publisher: Rumpel and the Frog
  • Total Episodes: 36

Welcome to the “Rumpel and the Frog Show” for stitchers! We’re Rumpel and the Frog, providing you with an enchanting escape of knits & legends, stitches & stories. Join us for fairytales, fiber tales, and conversation about our most favorite thing: yarn! We love all yarn and fiber-related crafts: knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, felting, dyeing, & sewing. We’ll forage on Ravelry and elsewhere for the best patterns, tools, books, notions, and designers. We’ll share what’s on our needles, what straw we’ve spun into gold, and what we’ve learned from every frogged row!

The Family Culture Movement

  • Publisher: Jodi Chaffee
  • Total Episodes: 166

Family Culture is all about blending your individual and collective values and norms to create an interrelated unit. Every family has a culture whether by design or by default. Most of us are unaware of our social conditioning until it is mirrored back to us by our kids. The Family Culture Movement is a show about breaking up with the dominant culture to raise a family with unwavering resilience, calling out dysfunctional patterns, and cultivating an environment of growth and trust. Join me, Jodi Chaffee, every week with guests from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to bring you practical insights, powerful tools, and reliable resources for navigating your family culture journey with intention and compassion. We’re here to support you in implementing best practices and solutions for your family. Everything will be on the table as I discuss topics ranging from media literacy to financial literacy, normalizing sexual health to normalizing family dinners, homeschool, entrepreneurship, and much, much more. Formerly, Our Modern Heritage: The Home & Family Culture Podcast.

The Buyer’s Mind: Sales Training with Jeff Shore

  • Publisher: Jeff Shore
  • Total Episodes: 193

Your customer needs a hero. Will you answer the call? The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore is a B2C sales training podcast dedicated to helping you increase your sales numbers by understanding your customers in a deeper way. Whether you’re buying a magazine, a mobile phone, a new car or a new home, we all go through surprisingly similar thought patterns during a purchase cycle. Jeff’s podcast is about the psychology behind those thought patterns—the obvious and subtle considerations that lead someone to buy (or often not buy) a product. What sets Jeff apart from other sales trainers in his field is a continued focus on the experience of the the buyer, not the seller. In addition to his weekly podcast, Jeff Shore is a highly sought-after sales expert, speaker, author and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of Shore Consulting which offers a variety of B2C sales training events throughout the United States. His sales training programs teach sales professionals to abandon scripted sales presentations, obnoxious closing lines and other antiquated “used car salesman” techniques in order to make meaningful, emotion-centered connections with their customers. These sales strategies have proven incredibly successful: last year alone, Jeff’s residential real estate sales training clients sold over $25 billion in residential real estate. Are you are a sales manager or executive looking for ways to increase profits and grow your company by updating outdated sales techniques and increasing the leadership and decision making skills of your staff? Are you a front line sales professional simply looking to master the art of persuasion? The Buyer’s Mind was designed for you. Learn more. Earn more. Enjoy your life more!

Conceptually Speaking

  • Publisher: Julie Stern & Trevor Aleo
  • Total Episodes: 37

This podcast is all about helping educators and students become better sensemakers and innovators. Each week, we interview experts to uncover the concepts and patterns that help us organize our world. We hope this podcast will inspire our listeners to design creative solutions to complex problems and accelerate innovation in today’s schools.

Morning Meditation Minis

  • Publisher: Chel Hamilton
  • Total Episodes: 27

Welcome to the Morning Meditation Minis – your place to start (or restart) your day. Clear out unproductive mind patterns and replace them with powerful, positive thoughts instead. Join host Chel Hamilton on a topic-specific journey each week designed to support you in taking your mindfulness and meditation practice to the next level. Questions? Visit http://morningmeditationminis.com for all the details Or write [email protected] To get all 3 weekly episodes follow on Spotify or subscribe on your favorite podcast player today. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/morningmeditationminis/support

Between Meetings with Matt Heine

  • Publisher: Netwealth Investments Limited
  • Total Episodes: 59

In this podcast series Matt Heine, Joint Managing Director of Netwealth, chats to industry professionals and thought leaders on what opportunities and challenges they see for financial advisers and the wealth industry as a whole. Together they explore latest technologies, business models, changing demographic patterns and general trends in the industry. This series is designed for wealth professionals who are interested in seeing their business and the industry in a different light.


  • Publisher: Urbanize Media
  • Total Episodes: 18

CitySpeak features the visionaries who are designing, building, and reimagining cities as we know them today. From the shimmering skyscrapers of Hong Kong to the stuccoed bungalows of Los Angeles, cities across the globe develop through a familiar pattern. Like the cell cycle of an organism, buildings are constructed, demolished, and reconstructed in a chaotic choreography performed to the rhythm of each city. Join host Max Masuda-Farkas as he interviews the people shaping the cities we love, right down to the parcel, block, and neighborhood.

A Lamp for Today

  • Publisher: Dr. Edith Humphrey and Ancient Faith Radio
  • Total Episodes: 224

Understanding the Old Testament With Jesus and the Apostles – Join Edith Humphrey in reading Old Testament passages designed to bring to life the weekly Gospel and/or Epistle reading for the Divine Liturgy. Discover how the apostles and the New Testament writers followed the pattern of Jesus in their understanding of the Holy Scriptures of the early Church – the Law, the Prophets and the Writings.

Domestika Curious Minds

  • Publisher: Domestika
  • Total Episodes: 11

Explore the untold histories behind the images, patterns, and designs we take for granted. Each week we’ll bring you a different story about a curiosity from the creative world – interviewing experts and creatives as we dive into the unusual origins of everything from Comic Sans to the polka dot. Curious Minds is an original podcast by Domestika dedicated to sharing and celebrating creativity in all its forms. To find blogs and images for each episode, go to domestika.org/podcasts. And to find online courses on hundreds of creative topics, go to domestika.org.

Fiber Coven Podcast

  • Publisher: Fiber Coven
  • Total Episodes: 31

A weekly witchy themed fiber arts podcast! We’re a coven of two yarn witches trying to craft fiber magic through knitting, dyeing, spinning, and whatever we can get our witchy hands on. It’s a long distance coven, so we thought we’d open it up to yarn witches across the globe so we can spread our black magics far and wide. Lauren is the dyer behind Valkyrie Fibers and Emily designs knitting patterns under the name Kitty With A Cupcake. New episodes drop on Tuesdays!

Sew On & Sew Forth

  • Publisher: Debby Hunker
  • Total Episodes: 4

Please join me, Debby Hunker, as I share my sewing knowledge and life experiences throughout my journey as a handbag pattern designer and bag maker. It’s about sewing, but it’s more about the relationships I’ve developed as a result of self reflection, life experiences, and my teaching journey.

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