20 Best Music Industry Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about music industry ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best music industry podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Music Industry Podcasts 2021

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The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast

  • Publisher: Rick Barker
  • Total Episodes: 249

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast is consistently rated as one of the Top Music Business Podcasts. Hosted by Taylor Swift’s Former Manager Rick Barker. Rick is known for his straightforward and honest approach when it comes to the Music Business. This weekly podcast is designed to help keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of music and the latest trends when it comes to digital marketing. Rick, also has a Subscriber ONLY Podcast that comes out weekly called the “MIB Secret Society.” You can subscribe at www.rickbarker.com/secret

The Music Industry Podcast

  • Publisher: Burstimo
  • Total Episodes: 29

The Music Industry Podcast discusses all things relevant to this modern music industry and what artists can be doing to market their music to the masses. Presented by Burstimo’s Maddy and Alex, The Music Industry Podcast delves into all areas from Spotify to live events, merchandise to social media, branding to music promotion.

People & Music Industry

  • Publisher: Sound On Sound
  • Total Episodes: 16

Welcome to the Sound On Sound People & Music Industry podcast channel. Listen to experts in the field, company founders, equipment designers, engineers, producers and educators. More information and content can be found at https://www.soundonsound.com/podcasts | Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – @soundonsoundmag | YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/soundonsoundvideo

Made It In Music: Interviews With Artists, Songwriters, And Music Industry Pros

  • Publisher: Full Circle Music: A Record Label & Songwriting / Music Production / Publishing Company
  • Total Episodes: 175

Many want to “make it” in the music industry. Few successfully make it in. Even fewer stay in. The goal of this podcast is to help bring some clarity to your path towards a music career. We want to help you not only get in, but stay in. To this end, hosts Seth Mosley and X O’Connor will dig deep with luminaries of the music industry. These are people who have “made it” and today have very notable careers. Many are Grammy winners and work with prominent record labels. Some of our listeners might be on the creative side as a songwriter, artist, producer, or engineer. Others might be on the business side interested in marketing, management, A&R, or radio. The “Made It In Music Podcast” is designed to serve both sides; we are certain you will find a place in this community. How do you get a record deal, get a hit artist to cut your song, build fans, or get on tours? We tackle these questions and more. Before you know it, you will be able to say that you too have “Made It In Music!” See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Set Up | Disruptors of the Music Industry

  • Publisher: The Set Up Series
  • Total Episodes: 41

Every week, The Set Up Podcast navigates new topics through interviews with disruptors in the music industry―turning their experiences working behind the scenes into actionable advice you can use in your life no matter the industry. If you’re passionate about paving your own path and inspired to connect with like-minded professionals, hit the subscribe button, because we’ll help set you up for success at The Set Up Podcast. Before hosting The Set Up, Sydney worked for Rolling Stone Magazine, created music experiences for artists and marketed music festivals. www.thesetupseries.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thesetupseries/support

Musicians Guide to the Music Industry

  • Publisher: Darren Makins, Ron DiSilvestro, Michael Marks, Josh Sawyer
  • Total Episodes: 27

Hosted by Darren Makins (Singer/Songwriter, Musician), Ron DiSilvestro (Billboard-Charting Producer, Audio Engineer, Drummer) and Michael Marks (Audio Engineer, Musician), Musicians’ Guide to the Music Industry is an in-depth look at the Music Industry, its past, and future. Each episode, they talk about the music biz, and give advice on how to navigate the tumultuous waters that is the current state of the Music Industry. They also chat with an industry professionals about their role within the business.

Your Music Industry Podcast with Daniel Fish

  • Publisher: Daniel Fish
  • Total Episodes: 100

Your Music Industry podcast exists to help you navigate the Music Business. We release interviews every week with Grammy Award-winning Artists/DJs, Music Industry CEO’s and Grassroots artists who are pioneering the future of the electronic music industry. Tune in today and let host Daniel Fish guide you through the modern world of the electronic music industry. Click ‘Subscribe’ and visit www.YourMusicIndustry.com for even more content.

Making it in the Music Industry

  • Publisher: Lillian Glanton
  • Total Episodes: 16

Ditch the term “starving artist” and come join host Lillian Glanton as she interviews some of the most successful artists, songwriters and music business professionals in her raving oh so juicy podcast, “Making it in the Music Industry.” Each week, Lillian will feature special guests to share music industry insider tips, tricks and stories of how to make it in the music biz. Want to know how to get your songs on the radio? Itching to get a record or publishing deal? Trying to expand your music industry network? Then this is the place for you. Let’s GO!

Hustle – Industry Advice for Womxn in Music

  • Publisher: Good Vibes Only Music
  • Total Episodes: 20

Hustle is a podcast brought to you by Good Vibes Only Music an all-female driven music initiative.  This podcast is for Female DJs/Producers who want to stop the hustle and make their music dreams a reality. The podcast features music industry interviews with female artists, labels, promotors plus we dive into the nitty-gritty business & marketing side. You can expect a lot of positive energy, motivation, a lot of laughs and of course inspiring guests.  Hosted by Eliza, the founder of Good Vibes Only Music, full-time DJ and Entrepreneur.

BOOST : Music Industry Interviews, Advice and tips for DJs & Producers

  • Publisher: Grahame Farmer
  • Total Episodes: 83

BOOST is a Podcast by Grahame Farmer, Data Transmission. Grahame loads this podcast with tips for DJs and also motivation. The podcast will also feature music industry interviews with artists, label owners, promoter and music industry heads. Now in season 3, we’ve cover loads of topics from Spotify, Getting music signed to labels, motivation. I’ve spoken to lawyers, promoters and record label owners all whilst trying to bring the inner workings of the music industry. Finally, I’ve talked about my own triumphs and failures along the way.

The Irish Music Industry Podcast

  • Publisher: Mark Graham
  • Total Episodes: 56

The Irish Music Industry Podcast picks apart the mechanism of the Irish music sector in an effort to understand what makes it tick. From well-worn road warriors to eager newbies, all stories, advice, wisdom and occasional tales of woe come straight from the horse’s mouth. The podcast has been tailored to suit music industry professionals, those hoping to get a start in the sector and anyone interested in sussing out what goes on behind and around music in Ireland today.

Music Industry Insiders Podcast

  • Publisher: Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio
  • Total Episodes: 15

Listen to interviews with music industry insiders and discover how music gets produced, published, distributed, and monetized in today’s market. Follow @idletuesdaysLA

YOU CAN Make a Living In The Music Industry Podcast

  • Publisher: John Martin Keith
  • Total Episodes: 48

Did you know that YOU CAN make a living in the music industry? Celebrities, working class musicians and people just like you who work behind the scenes in all areas of the music business will share their stories, encourage you and give you tools and how-to examples of the ways YOU CAN make a living doing what you love in the music industry.

The New Music Industry Podcast | MusicEntrepreneurHQ.com | with David Andrew Wiebe

  • Publisher: David Andrew Wiebe
  • Total Episodes: 236

Music Business Training and Music Marketing Strategies

BIMM – Inside The Music Industry Podcast

  • Publisher: BIMM
  • Total Episodes: 29

BIMM’s ITMI (Inside the Music Industry) podcast pulls back the curtain on today’s music business. Hosted by acclaimed best-selling author and industry legend Dr Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, ITMI discusses, challenges and answers the big questions in music.

Music Industry 360

  • Publisher: Symphonic Distribution
  • Total Episodes: 25

Music Industry 360 is a music industry podcast that aims to educate new and existing musicians about tools in the industry, while sharing knowledge to help artists take their careers to the next level. We’ll be sharing music promotion tips, talking about how to make money off your music, and more!

AIM Music Industry Insights

  • Publisher: Australian Institute of Music
  • Total Episodes: 4

AIM Music Industry Insights is the Australian Institute of Music’s exclusive interview series featuring the heavyweights and thought leaders of Australian music. Hosted by industry veteran and AIM Chair Ed St John, the series is filmed on Tuesday nights at AIM’s Sydney campus before a live audience and live streamed on the AIMTv YouTube channel.

Music Industry Talks

  • Publisher: TAK ROCK!
  • Total Episodes: 3

Music Industry Talks — how to hack the new normalDenne specielle tid har gjort det svært for musikere og andre i musikindustrien at udøve deres profession. Tak Rock og Royal Beer vil gerne være med til at understøtte drømme og inspiration, musikere og musikindustri imellem. Dette har vi en særlig mulighed for ved at støtte op omkring og faciliteter 5 internationale Talks med temaet ”How to hack the new normal”. De er skabt i et samarbejde med NordicLA, Kristian Riis og hans amerikanske kollega Dylan Barry. Sammen med danske og internationale personligheder i musikindustrien leder Dylan dig igennem emner, der er aktuelle i denne tid, og som kan inspirere dig til nye veje og projekter.

The Music Industry Chat Podcast

  • Publisher: Artist Collective
  • Total Episodes: 51

The music business is a warzone of bad contracts, needy agents, greedy labels, and a whole lot of myths that will stop your music dreams in their tracks! In order to help independent artists cut through the BS and see past the smoke and mirrors, The Music Industry Chat podcast opens up conversations with insider experts to shed light on how independent artists are finding wild success in today’s climate. For artists, by artists, so you can get #backtothemusic Hosted by Vinnie Hines, Co-Owner of ArtistCollect.com Join today for free courses, training modules, 1-on-1 consulting, & much more!

Drop The MIC: Music Industry Conversations

  • Publisher: Drop The MIC
  • Total Episodes: 24

Drop The MIC: Music Industry Conversations is a podcast hosted by students at Stanford University looking to discover the ins and outs of the music business. Tune in each week to hear a new team of students learn about aspects of the industry ranging from Record Labels to Touring, Marketing to Songwriting, and so much more, straight from some of the most established individuals who have spent their careers making the music we all know and love.

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