20 Best Merchandising Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about merchandising ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best merchandising podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Merchandising Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Jabba the Pod: A Podcast About Star Wars

  • Publisher: SYFY WIRE
  • Total Episodes: 88

Join our heroes (SYFY WIRE’s Brian Silliman, Caitlin Busch, and Matt Romano) for a celebratory visit to the world of Star Wars each and every week, where they’ll cover everything going on in the galaxy far, far away. Celebrating the films in the saga? Of course. Exploring new movies and shows? On it. Big news? They’ll have it. New episode breakdowns for The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, and more? Bet on it. From interviews, new canon reveals, intensely spirited discussions and more, JABBA THE POD has a midi-chlorian count that can’t be beat. With movies, shows, books, comics, merchandising and more, this Bad Batch leaves no parsec unexplored. If you’re looking for the astonishingly positive twin suns of the Star Wars fandom, then the force is with you. You’re in for a karkin’ kriffload of fun, so subscribe today…it’s gonna be so wizard.

Retail Revolution

  • Publisher: FC Podcasts / Fashion Consort
  • Total Episodes: 56

RETAIL REVOLUTION is a unique podcast that features in-depth conversations with guest experts in omni-channel retailing with myriad perspectives: technology, consumer engagement, data analytics, merchandising and more. We pay special attention to current socio-political issues and challenges and their implications on fashion retail, as well as opportunities to innovate and rethink retail’s future.

Straight From The Source

  • Publisher: Fatima Anwar & Giovanni Palumbo
  • Total Episodes: 15

Straight From The Source podcast bringing you everything you need to know about the apparel industry – from two insiders working on the sourcing side and the brand side. So whether you are in design, merchandising, retail or production, this is the podcast for you! Hosted by Fatima Anwar – Founder & CEO of Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing (www.eandsources.com) & Giovanni Palumbo – Fabric & Product Development at Madewell

Your Friends at Fangamer

  • Publisher: Fangamer LLC
  • Total Episodes: 40

Get to know your friends at Fangamer, the video game merchandising company! Learn about our daily lives, and ask us existential questions!

The Graphic Sound

  • Publisher: Brandon Rike
  • Total Episodes: 12

The Graphic Sound is a podcast about creativity and work. Digging into the thought processes behind graphic design, illustration, and other creative fields, the show aims to uncover simple principles that drive creative people. Hosted by graphic artist Brandon Rike, a leading designer in the music merchandising industry, The Graphic Sound exists to simplify the methods with which we put our creativity to work.

Life Liberty and the Pursuit

  • Publisher: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit
  • Total Episodes: 62

Welcome to the Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit podcast. Come join Eric and Matt who are freedom-loving, meat-eating, gun shooting American guys as they discuss a broad spectrum of topics ranging from states rights, culture, and the 2nd Amendment to scotch, bourbon, and cigars. Eric & Matt are both former US Army combat veterans who served together while deployed to Iraq during OIF III. Eric is most notable for his YouTube channel Iraqveteran8888 which has over 2.3 million subscribers currently as well as his outspoken and no compromise stance regarding the 2nd amendment. Matt, who runs Ballistic Ink, a branding and merchandising company servicing 2A content creators and the firearms industry, is also very passionate about the 2nd amendment and freedom. Come along for the ride!


  • Publisher: By CarData
  • Total Episodes: 12

Talking about Automotive Merchandising & Advertising and anything related.

The Ecommerce Merchandising Show

  • Publisher: Searchspring
  • Total Episodes: 7

The first ecommerce podcast all about merchandising. When 97% of site traffic doesn’t convert for the average ecommerce store, better merchandising can save the day. The right merchandising strategy makes products more findable, presentable and ultimately irresistible.The Ecommerce Merchandising Show offers expert advice from merchandisers at leading brands and best practices in a rapidly evolving industry.

Merchandising Matters

  • Publisher: FoodSignPros.com
  • Total Episodes: 12

Working in a fast-paced industry and increasingly fast-paced world, foodservice providers often struggle to sit down and speak about the work they do. In reverse, it is also difficult to speak about the customer’s buying habits. FoodSignPros.com is here to bridge that gap by being the experts in the foodservice industry. Merchandising Matters will cover insights into customer buying habits, research in the industry, how you can increase your sales, the importance of merchandising and so much more!

Paid In Full Podcast

  • Publisher: Joe Rausch
  • Total Episodes: 28

Paid In Full Podcast is all about how money is generated in the music industry. Hosted by Joe Rausch, each episode dives deep into various topics, such as royalties, music publishing, record labels, copyright law, licensing, global income streams, branding and merchandising, touring, and much more. The goal is to empower the music community by providing education, access, and practical steps to reclaim ownership of your financial world.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter by Beatrix Potter

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 19

Whether you’re a parent or a child, a young reader or an older one, the Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter is indeed just that – a treasure chest of delightful, charming little stories full of animals and people. Beatrix Potter today has spawned a whole industry of merchandise, games and theme parks, but the stories remain as fresh and sparkling as they were when they first came out in 1901. The Great Big Treasury contains three collections compiled into one enchanting volume – The Giant Treasury of Peter Rabbit, Further Tales of Peter Rabbit and The Giant Treasury of Beatrix Potter. It contains nineteen tales featuring a troop of unforgettable characters. Peter Rabbit, the mischievous and rebellious young fellow, is the hero of many a tale, along with his goody-goody sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail. Their long-suffering mother strives to keep Peter out of mischief and Mr. McGregor’s tempting garden filled with luscious fruits and vegetables. The stories sparkle with Beatrix Potter’s amusing lines which have old Mrs. Rabbit cautioning her children against trespassing into the garden, “Your father had an accident there. He was put into a pie!” Other memorable characters include Squirrel Nutkin, who is a most impertinent fellow, Peter Rabbit’s cousin Benjamin Bunny, two bad mice, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Tailor Simpkin, a frog called Mr. Jeremy Fisher and many more. The stories are a mixture of moral fables and fascinating descriptions of nature and Victorian childhood naughtiness. Peter Rabbit’s stories have been translated into nearly forty languages and adapted for stage, film and television, converted into animated cartoons and toys, children’s room accessories, furnishings and wall-paper. In fact, Beatrix Potter herself was the first person to realize the commercial value of merchandising. Her illustrations for the stories show her as a gifted artist and nature conservationist who lived in the picturesque Lake District in England. The stories are distinctive in the way they connect directly with childhood imagination and the writing style is particularly suited to being read aloud – an activity which has been enjoyed by generations of both parents and children the world over.

Real Talk with Tamera

  • Publisher: Tamera Darden
  • Total Episodes: 33

Welcome to the Real Talk to Tamera Podcast! Tamera is a photographer & creative director for beauty wellness and lifestyle brands + executives and the host of Real Talk with Tamera, Real Talk for Real Women. This podcast covers actionable, down to earth business & lifestyle advice for creative entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in their communities while keeping it real. Tamera’s background includes working 6 years in product development & merchandising for a Fortune 500 company before transitioning to digital photography during the rise of Instagram. Since 2016, she has been providing her merchandising, styling and general business expertise to businesses & entrepreneurs through her services and speaking engagements. She’s been tapped for her business advice by various platforms, including Vogue Business, Fish Food Podcast by Keila Trawick-Hill and Dreams in Drive by Raina Campbell. Tamera offers a transparent, straight to the point and refreshing perspective about business development for creative entrepreneurs & photographers.

How to Fashion: Fashion Schools Edition

  • Publisher: Liv Makeever
  • Total Episodes: 1

How to Fashion: Fashion Schools Edition will be an interview with an upper class man in the apparel merchandising and design program at Iowa State University (ranked #2 in the country) and she will give you all the tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your experience as a fashion forward cyclone.

Monster Team Tamer Squad

  • Publisher: Monster Team Tamer Squad
  • Total Episodes: 22

Monster Team Tamer Squad is an entertainment podcast exploring ALL the various creature collection-based media franchises such as Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. From fan favorites to shameless cash grabs, we cover the games, toons, merchandising & more, and talk about why what worked and wonder who thought some of this crap was a good idea!

The Pop-Up Biz

  • Publisher: By PopUpSummer! and Advertising Week
  • Total Episodes: 14

Discover the latest and greatest in experiential retail, marketing, and pop-ups including fashion, retail, restaurants, art, and entertainment. During each 30-45 minute episode of this seasonal series, the Pop Up Biz podcast, Host Susan Sandler will be talking with thought leaders and pop- up activators including leaders from experiential agencies, retailers, tech companies, real estate companies & marketing firms, as well as the brand founders, influencers and entrepreneurs who are making it happen every day. You’re going to hear about the new business models, creative strategies, technology innovations and much more that are leading brands into deeper levels of ROI, customer engagement, new partnerships and growth. Learn how to leverage the pop-up environment to bring your brand to life through storytelling, programming, merchandising and marketing. Host Susan Sandler and guests will inspire you to create in-real-life, digital and hybrid live selling and marketing opportunities for your brand, and meaningful experiences for your customers. Entrepreneur, PopUpSummer! Founder, and experiential and digital marketing pro, Susan Sandler has worked with hundreds of companies and brands during her career to reach thousands of customers in innovative ways. Bringing brands to life through curating unique experiences for consumers is her forte. On the Pop-Up Biz podcast you will be hearing dynamic conversations with some of the best people in the industry about what’s new, what’s working and what’s next.

Small Business Conversations

  • Publisher: Tom Shay
  • Total Episodes: 103

This is Small Business Conversations from Profits Plus Solutions. A program where we visit with expert individuals who provide awesome insight and new ideas of how to increase your profits plus build your business for the future. We find experts on small business accounting, marketing, ownership transition, leases, sales skills, merchandising, and most every aspect of ownership in your small business. Your host is Tom Shay, principal of Profits Plus.

Happy Hour with Grandstand

  • Publisher: Grandstand
  • Total Episodes: 2

Welcome to Happy Hour With Grandstand — A podcast showcasing craft beverage brands from across the country, where we explore branding, marketing strategy, merchandising and more. Stick around, the first one’s on us. Grandstand is a national leader in the decorated products industry, providing innovative branding solutions and creative design for craft beverage partners across the world.

The Designer CEO Podcast

  • Publisher: Mod. Merchant
  • Total Episodes: 27

Thinking about launching your own brand? Feeling confused about how to get started and what to do first? Wondering how the fashion and retail industries actually work? Wishing you had a partner to take care of all the “business and strategy stuff”?? Or are you ready to scale your line and take it next level? Welcome to The Designer CEO Podcast! Each week, host Sarah Ferrence aka Mod. Merchant, brings you brand and retail strategies, merchandising how-to’s, organization and productivity tips, and business and professional advice simplified for Designer CEOs who are ready to launch the line they’ve been dreaming of Sarah shares her experience after working as a buyer and product manager, for Fortune 500 companies including Kohl’s and Harley-Davidson, and now as a coach and consultant. Along with sharing proven business strategies, sales tactics, and how-to’s, she’ll invite a few of her friends along the way to offer their own insider tips including industry execs, entrepreneurs, and fellow designers who’ve successfully launched. Sarah’s here to be your go-to partner for navigating the business of retail and fashion and help you launch the line of your dreams.

BlackNFashion With Lenese Calleea

  • Publisher: LC Fashion Mentor
  • Total Episodes: 1

Education for apparel and accessories entrepreneurship. In the areas of Design, Merchandising and Production.

Junk Fed

  • Publisher: Junk Fed
  • Total Episodes: 9

A time machine from the age of the Hollywood blockbuster, the George Lucas merchandising force, and the Bronze Age of comics. Todd Rogers, a chronic nostalgist, creative escapist, lunatic completest, and pop culture zealot parses memories of the past with a rotating league of guests hosts.

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