20 Best Fitness Training Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about fitness training ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best fitness training podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Fitness Training Podcasts 2021

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The Fitness Movement: Training | Programming | Competing

  • Publisher: Ben Wise: Coach, CrossFit Athlete, ZOAR Fitness Owner
  • Total Episodes: 31

The Fitness Movement is a series of informative rants on the Sport of Fitness. No fluff, no BS, just practical ways to help you improve your CrossFit performance.We’ll deep dive on topics such as Mastering Movements (Double Unders, Overhead Squats, Muscle-Ups), Program Design (Assessment, Creating a Training Year and Training Cycles), Improving Strength (Weightlifting and Gymnastics) and Endurance (Bike, Row, Run, SkiErg, etc.) and anything else that can help coaches and athletes get an edge over their competition. I hope that as a result of this podcast, you can better movement quality and ultimately improve your efficiency and capacity in all types of workouts and WODs, regardless if your goal is completing the Open Rx, competing in the Games or packing on some functional muscle mass. Join me every Tuesday and let’s take our fitness and training knowledge to the next level.

Mental Fitness Training with Brandon Epstein

  • Publisher: Brandon Epstein
  • Total Episodes: 52

On this podcast you can expect new mental fitness training content every week dedicated to helping you gain control over how you feel, how you behave and what you create in your life. For premium meditations and mental fitness training check out the BE app: https://mentalfitnesstraining.co/app/ Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mentalfitnesstraining/support

The Food For Fitness Podcast | Nutrition | Training | Lifestyle | Healthy Living

  • Publisher: Scott Baptie: Nutritionist, Trainer, Speaker & Writer
  • Total Episodes: 150

Scott Baptie from Food For Fitness shares his nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, cooking and healthy living strategies with you. If you’re looking for a simple and healthy way to get the body you’ve always desired that cuts out the guesswork then this show is for you. Scott has worked with hundreds of clients, from people like you to multinational companies and professional football clubs. He also contributes to wide range of fitness publications both as a writer and fitness model. Whether your goal is to improve body composition, lose fat, build muscle, develop sports performance or simply to learn how to eat healthier, you’ll love this Podcast! Scott and his guests deliver simple, effective, evidence-based advice that promotes ‘inclusion’ rather than unnecessary ‘exclusion’ or any extreme dietary practices. The result? A leaner, stronger, fitter you!

The Performance Podcast | Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Performance, Fitness, Speed | Wil Fleming and Coach Dos

  • Publisher: Wil Fleming and Coach Dos
  • Total Episodes: 137

The Performance Podcast is a weekly one-of-a-kind Strength, Conditioning, Training, Fitness, and Performance Podcast hosted by Wil Fleming and Coach Dos! Each week we have interviews with some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country as well as a 1 on 1 talk with legendary strength coach Robert Dos Remedios (Coach Dos)

The Doc Fitness Podcast: Mindset | Nutrition | Training

  • Publisher: David O’ Connor
  • Total Episodes: 55

The Doc Fitness podcast is about developing your Mindset, Training & Nutritional knowledge through evidence-based information so you can lose body fat, get fit and build muscle while living a real life. A life that includes having the few drinks with the friends or enjoying that piece of chocolate without the guilt when you want it. How do you do all that and still make progress without falling off the wagon? Through our guests, principles and messages we share, that’s what the Doc Fitness podcast is all about.

My DNA Coach Podcast I Jonny Deacon I Health I Fitness I DNA Testing I Blood Testing |A.I |DEXA I Kolbe A Index | Personal Training

  • Publisher: My DNA Coach
  • Total Episodes: 165

MyDNACoach.com, Jonny Deacon, explores and discusses the most current scientific innovations across the Health and Fitness industry, taking the guesswork out of fitness. Every week, Jonny interviews or reviews a new topic with leading industry professionals in order to build a better understanding of how people can optimize their health and fitness, through leveraging DNA testing, mindset development and expert coaching. Learn more at mydnacoach.com

Dale Maynor Fitness Training

  • Publisher: Dale Maynor Fitness Training
  • Total Episodes: 21

Advanced Holistic Weight Loss and Health

Spirit Fitness Training Audio Workout

  • Publisher: Joanne Blackerby
  • Total Episodes: 11

At home, on the road or in the gym Joanne Blackerby and the Spirit Fitness Training team guide you through effective fitness workouts. Grab your headphones and zone out while we dial you in to your workout.

EntreFit Podcast – Fitness Business & Brand Development Coaching – Leadership Training

  • Publisher: Sean Garner
  • Total Episodes: 10

Guiding Fitness Professionals to develop and grow their fitness brand so that they can build a business without limits ! Bringing you lessons learned, stories, and tips from the top fitness and wellness professionals in the world. We are going to cover a wide variety topics in the fitness industry. Listen in to learn from the best of the best on how you can live without limits and improve your impact with those you serve!

Bustostraining Fitness Podcast

  • Publisher: Andrew Bustos
  • Total Episodes: 210

This podcast is about fitness, nutrition, and exercise tips to help you reach your goals. Let’s keep this simple and positive to help you achieve the best version of you!

Badminton: Fitness and Training – for iPod/iPhone

  • Publisher: The Open University
  • Total Episodes: 16

Playing badminton is like playing chess at 200 miles per hour, it requires a combination of explosive power, speed, agility and strategy. The physiological demands that badminton places on the body requires intense fitness preparation. So what training is vital to ensure high performance? In a series of interviews, sports coach for England’s national Badminton Team, Andy Alford, explores the different training methods used to enhance playing ability, and the principles behind them. This material forms part of The Open University course E217 Sport and conditioning science into practice

Bear Training; Health & Fitness

  • Publisher: Willem van Zanten
  • Total Episodes: 12

A free podcast to share our view on health & fitness

BalletBeFit – Ballet Fitness Instructor Training Podcast

  • Publisher: Rachel Withers
  • Total Episodes: 32

Founder & CEO of BalletBeFit, Rachel Withers will dig into all things technique, business, coaching, and pretty much anything to with the world of ballet based fitness. It’s Rachel mission to help ladies (and gentlemen) turn their passion for ballet and fitness into a profitable business. Rachel shares learnings from her own and her special guests, enabling you to take away key concepts and strategies and apply it.

YunTraining Fitness & Nutrition Podcast

  • Publisher: Jason Yun
  • Total Episodes: 16

Jason Yun shows you how to make healthy recipes, burn fat with done-for-you exercise routines, and shows you the latest and greatest exercises on the scene to help you with all of your health, fitness, and nutrition goals. Other than that you could also use steroids for sale in your routine, these are great for building muscles and it can benefit your health. Yun is a Bootcamp instructor from Columbus, OH. For more information please visit his home page at http://www.yunbootcamps.com


  • Publisher: Larry Henry
  • Total Episodes: 4


In Pursuit Fitness Training Podcast

  • Publisher: Hans Schiefelbein
  • Total Episodes: 4

The In Pursuit Fitness Training Podcast is a weekly show from Master trainer Hans Schiefelbein. Episodes include workouts, nutrition tips, training plans and coaching from Hans that will help you pursue your healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

Fitness Inside Out – By Wild Training

  • Publisher: James Griffiths
  • Total Episodes: 13

The Wild Training podcast is where you will find the best of our conversations focused around exercise, health, sports conditioning, nutrition, performance psychology & the fitness industry. The podcast has 4 main series running. Industry Insight – Experts from inside & outside the fitness industry share their business expertise. Chat with the Coach – Great coaches talking about their passion. Friends of Wild – Celebrities, athletes, & legends talk lifestyle, fitness & fun. Wild Uncovered – Founder, James Griffiths, shares the Wild Training story, & everything he’s learned a long the way.

Jason Davis-NuGenesis Training and Fitness

  • Publisher: Jason Davis
  • Total Episodes: 1

Welcome to the Jason Davis-NuGenesis Training and Fitness podcast, where amazing things happen!We will be discussing training, nutrition, life, relationships, spirituality and more. All as it relates to overall physical health.

Fitness Pro Tom at Chigwell Personal Training

  • Publisher: Thomas Bisson
  • Total Episodes: 3

I want to save you time and frustration by delivering health and fitness to you into small bite sized chunks you can start using today! Areas I cover are: Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset.

Fitness, Fighting and Film – Jacksonville Fitness Academy | Small Group and Personal Training

  • Publisher: Fitness, Film and Fighting
  • Total Episodes: 7

Live from Duval County Brett and Pat calmly discuss the most important aspects of fitness, laughing talk about their favorite movies and yell at each other about the latest UFC results.

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