20 Best Controller Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about controller ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best controller podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Controller Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

  • Publisher: Steve Bragg
  • Total Episodes: 307

Discussions about accounting management, best practices, controls, throughput accounting, and GAAP for the accountant, controller, or CFO.

Cardinal Aviation Audio Briefings

  • Publisher: Cardinal Aviation
  • Total Episodes: 73

Aviation Insights and advanced flying tips from Airline Transport Pilot, Air Traffic Controller and Flying Coach, Ryan Van Haren. For more information on coaching, ferry flying and aviation consulting services visit www.cardinalaviation.ca

Fat Controllers PODCAST

  • Publisher: Jay Folly
  • Total Episodes: 56

The #OldSkool Show by the DJ Fat Controller is a two hour weekly syndicated radio show on OSN Radio, Dream FM, Lazer FM, Facebook Live, You Tube Live, Periscope Live & Twitch TV Playing classic choonage from the golden Old Skool era of 88-95

Podcasting On A Plane

  • Publisher: Brandon Gonzales
  • Total Episodes: 94

Your Aviation Audio Magazine – A unique view… from both sides of the mic!Welcome! My name is Brandon Gonzales, I’m an Air Traffic Tower Controller at a busy General Aviation airport, but I also have a 25 year background in aviation as a Pilot, Flight Instructor, Aircraft Salesman, Ramper for a 2 major Airlines, FBO Line Serviceman, Plane Crash Survivor, and now Aviation Podcaster. My goal is to serve the aviation community at large, and to help you in your aviation endeavors, no matter what level you’re at.We discuss Aviation from as many angles as possible!

Loop Community Podcast

  • Publisher: LoopCommunity.com
  • Total Episodes: 139

The official podcast of LoopCommunity.com – the largest community and distributor of MultiTracks for Worship Leaders. Matt McCoy & the Loop Community team bring you interviews and the latest tips on using technology in worship. Loop Community makes tracks in worship easy. They are the creators of PRIME (a free app for running multitracks), LOOPTIMUS (a foot controller for music software), and TRACK RIG (a simple audio output interface). LoopCommunity.com is developing a full eco-system of products to support worship leaders and churches. Loop Community is by worship leaders, for worship leaders. #WEARELC

Extra Life

  • Publisher: Keza Macdonald and Ellie Gibson | Auddy
  • Total Episodes: 13

EXTRA LIFE is a podcast about people’s life in gaming, and the games in their lives.Journalist Keza Macdonald (video games editor of The Guardian) and comedian Ellie Gibson (of TV’s Go 8Bit and hit podcast Scummy Mummies) talk to guests from the worlds of comedy (and beyond) about the games they grew up with and the games they love now.Whether you’re a nerd or a casual gamer, you’re in the capable controller-clawed hands of two friends who’ve spent decades being stupid about video games, and their very funny guests, so just press PLAY.

Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

  • Publisher: Air Traffic Talk
  • Total Episodes: 193

RH and AG are two experienced air traffic controllers and pilots that host a weekly show answering listener questions, breaking down complex aviation topics, and relating their experiences to everyday occurrences in the national airspace system. The hosts and guests do not represent the FAA or NATCA and express their own views and opinions.

Aviation LO Down

  • Publisher: David Lombardo (LO)
  • Total Episodes: 44

Modern, engaging, and unique, Aviation LO Down is the official podcast of David Lombardo, also known by his operating initials, LO. Full of the passion, humor, and the famous improvisational style found on many of his past social media projects, Aviation LO Down features fascinating interviews and soundbites from across the industry in an exciting and energy-fueled format anyone can enjoy. A podcast that explores not just flying, but the art and science of what makes people in aviation tick. Whether it’s a teen flight student playing a flight simulator, an air traffic controller working at an understaffed facility, a flight attendant on her 7th flight of the day, or a 25,000-hour airline captain on the brink of retirement, there really is something for everyone on the Aviation LO Down. Welcome aboard!

CFO Weekly

  • Publisher: Personiv
  • Total Episodes: 54 as of June 2021 which you can find here.

Looking to build an efficient accounting team so you can focus on strategy and business growth? As the role of the CFO changes to include long-term performance-driver, all-knowing technology expert and full-company strategic guide, more and more accounting leaders are left overwhelmed. Join us as we talk to CFOs, Controllers and other industry veterans who share their expertise on how to streamline accounting processes, create established efficiency and move to a data-driven model, allowing you to tackle what matters.CFO Weekly is brought to you by Personiv, a high-quality, people-powered solution to all of your accounting needs. From procure-to-pay and order-to-cash to record-to-report, and from transactional to Controller-level support and more, Personiv goes above and beyond to get results with a team as small as one in our offshore, cost-saving model.

Access Granted – A Video Game Accessibility Podcast

  • Publisher: Steve Saylor
  • Total Episodes: 22

Welcome to Access Granted. A podcast of conversations about accessibility in Video Games. Hosted by YouTuber and Accessibility Advocate Steve Saylor. Each episode Steve chats with prominent people in the accessibility community. We discuss what can be done to push accessibility forward in the industry from the Xbox Adaptive Controller to Easy Modes = Equality Modes and so much more.

Good Game: How Games Play Us

  • Publisher: ABC Radio
  • Total Episodes: 6

A podcast designed to make you think, make you laugh, and make you want to grab your controller and revisit some of your favourite games to see what they really tell you about yourself and the way you see the world.

Where the Big Boys Game

  • Publisher: Comedy Here Often? Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 96

Mario & Luigi. Goku & Vegeta. Edge & Christian. Mike Noble & Shanda Leer. Approachable for the uninitiated, pure fanservice for the hardcore – basically, Shinji in the streets, Katsuragi in the sheets. Where the Big Boys Game follows two new pals strengthening their bond through gaming, anime, and the sport of kings, pro wrestling. Mike basically grew up with a video game controller in one hand and a guitar in the other while watching Monday Night Raw. He’s the bassist for Hotel Mira, but if you’ve talked to him for 3 seconds you’d already know that. Shanda has performed in drag coast to coast, told a few jokes and, most importantly, made millions of dollars. He loves fighting games and if you give him two beers, he’ll tell you the entire lore of Saint Seiya from start to finish whether you like it or not. Listen to them twice a week – Mondays for anime and video games, Thursdays for some pro wrestling. Follow them online at @wtbigboygames (Twitter) and @Wherethebigboysgame (FB & IG) for the finest shitposting this side of Neo Tokyo.

CFO 4.0

  • Publisher: Hannah Munro
  • Total Episodes: 39

The CFO role is changing rapidly, moving from cost controller to strategic visionary and with every change, comes opportunity. We are here to help you take advantage of this transition to win at work, drive your career forwards, and lead with confidence. Join Hannah Munro, Managing Director of itas, a Financial Transformation consultancy, as she interviews key experts to give you guidance on how to transform your processes, people and data. Welcome to CFO 4.0, the Future of Finance.

Luna Talks with Anna Paulina

  • Publisher: Gingrich 360
  • Total Episodes: 9

Let’s face it: You’re tired of the same old political podcasts. Liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican—it doesn’t matter. There’s a million out there, and you already know what everyone’s going to say even before the episode starts. Until now.Luna Talks with Anna Paulina is a new weekly podcast that promises to offer listeners a fresh face and fearless insight on the most important issues affecting our country and the broader world. This is an all-inclusive conservative show unafraid to challenge not only political orthodoxy but also the listeners themselves to form their own opinions.Not a conservative? All the more reason to tune in! Anna is a unique voice with a remarkable life story. She might just convince you to rethink a thing or two. And if not, you’ll learn something new each week—and get inspired along the way.A proud Hispanic-American of Mexican descent, Anna was raised by a single mother in southern California and first hand experienced the welfare system. Surrounded by drugs, violence, and poverty, she overcame adversity, joining the United States Air Force as a teenager. Anna served six years in the military (five on active duty), earning the Air Force Achievement Medal and, of course, meeting her husband, Andy, an Air Force Combat Controller. Since leaving the armed forces, Anna has been engaged in conservative advocacy and all kinds of philanthropic work. In 2020, she ran for Congress and won the Republican primary in Florida’s 13th Congressional District before losing a close race in the general election to Charlie Crist. But don’t be surprised if you see Anna return to the political arena soon enough.Anna’s story is truly amazing—a real example of the Hispanic-American dream. On her podcast, she will speak about many topics from personal experience, serving as the voice for the millions of Hispanic conservatives across the country who feel they lack one amid the cultural assault of identity politics. But she will also bring on special guests and use her platform to provide can’t-miss reporting, commentary, and analysis to her listeners..This will not be your normal podcast. Tune in now before you feel silly as the only one of your friends who hasn’t! Come join Anna and be part of a growing movement of free thinkers who put up their middle fingers to cancel culture.

VGM Lounge

  • Publisher: Derek Jones
  • Total Episodes: 28

VGM Lounge is our new Video Game music podcast, brought to you from the people of New Game Plus and Controller Pass. Matt and Derek want to play and share some of their favorite tracks from some of their favorite games, as well as provide some personal stories and opinions along with the music.If you love music from games as much as Matt and Derek do, then this is the podcast for you.All of the music and tracks that are played on the VGM Lounge, this episode and all episodes do not belong to Derek, Matt or the people at New Game Plus.All right to the music played belong to the original companies that the games belong to, as well as the brilliant composers behind each piece.

Fintech in Focus

  • Publisher: Cambridge Global Payments, Nvoicepay, Comdata
  • Total Episodes: 10

FinTech in Focus explores B2B payments and AP praxis in the age of automation. We discuss the issues facing CFOs, controllers, treasurers, and on-the-ground AP teams, and celebrate the talent and ideas that contribute to the global fintech industry.

The CMA Show

  • Publisher: Nathan Liao, CMA / Anchor
  • Total Episodes: 80

Welcome to The CMA Show! In every episode we go inside the minds of the most successful Management Accountants i.e. CFOs, Corporate Controllers, VPs of Finance so you can learn how to move up the ranks just like they did. You’ll learn the aha moments that led them to where they are today, lessons learned along their career trajectory, and how you can replicate their success. The show is sponsored by CMA Exam Academy, the instructor-led prep course helping professionals around the world pass the exam and earn their Certified Management Accountant designation.

Help! I Have a Narcissist In My Life

  • Publisher: Laurel Slade-Waggoner
  • Total Episodes: 21

Due to the overwhelming demand for the knowledge in Don’t Let Their Crazy Make You Crazy, How to stay sane and strong when the narcissist in your life is trying to control or abuse you, in this podcast I will be discussing tools and strategies from the book. There are several individuals who have reached out to me who are in need of counseling or phone advice appointments, yet cannot afford it. Additionally, there are some persons who cannot purchase the book for fear of their controllers or abusers finding the material. I believe this knowledge needs to be made available to whomever may need it, thus the launch of the podcast.

The Majestic Gaming Podcast

  • Publisher: Digital
  • Total Episodes: 5

It all started when I was five years old and got the controller in my hands. Ever since then , I’ve carried a never dying passion for gaming. Mix that with someone that’s sarcastic , funny and never shuts up and I figured it seemed like a good recipe to try this out. This podcast will cover many areas of gaming such as what I am currently playing and my thoughts about stuff going on within the industry.

PHM from Pittsburgh

  • Publisher: Dr. Tony Tarchichi
  • Total Episodes: 59

Welcome to the first in a series of podcasts on pediatric hospital medicine. This series was created to keep the busy physician of today informed and up to date on some of the most important diagnoses and issues we face every day in the care of hospitalized children. There is free CME associated with this via the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). After you have listened to the podcast just go to the link below, sign in and follow the directions, take the short quiz and get your free CME credit. _________________________________________________________________________ If you are new to the Internet-based Studies in Education and Research (ISER) website at UPMC, you will first need to create an account: Step 1. Create an Account https://www.hsconnect.pitt.edu/HSC/home/create-account.do If you have used the ISER website in the past, you can click on the link below and then log onto in order to complete the evaluation for this training: Step 2. Access the activity: Course -6352 History of Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine https://cme.hs.pitt.edu/ISER/servlet/IteachControllerServlet?actiontotake=loadmodule&moduleid=16112 _________________________________________________________________________ Title of Course: History of Pediatric Hospital Medicine Course Director(s): Tony R Tarchichi M.D. – Assistant Professor at the Paul C. Gaffney Diagnostic Group, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Basil Zitelli M.D. Edmund R. McCluskey Professor of Pediatric Medical Education. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Chief, The Paul C. Gaffney Diagnostic Referral Service. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Sara McIntire M.D. Professor at the Paul C. Gaffney Diagnostic Group, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Disclosure of Course Director(s): No disclosures Target Audience: This activity is directed to physicians who take care of hospitalized children, medical students, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants working in the emergency room, intensive care unit, or hospital wards Objectives: Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to: • Review the history of hospitalist medicine. •Discuss the current state of Pediatric Hospitalist medicine. •Discuss financial support of Pediatric Hospitalist Programs. • Released: 10/17/2016, Reviewed 10/17/2016 , Expire: 10/17/2016 Accreditation Statement: The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine designates this enduring material for a maximum of (1.0) AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

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