20 Best Consumer Behaviour Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about consumer behaviour ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best consumer behaviour podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Consumer Behaviour Podcasts 2021

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  • Publisher: Paul Frampton
  • Total Episodes: 29

It’s time for a re-set. The way we have been living, buying, selling and working is unfit for today’s tumultuous times. Consumer behaviour is changing fast, so marketing must too. Marketing has more of an opportunity than ever to lead the board agenda and be an engine for growth, but is it living up to that? The Time for a Reset Podcast talks to inspirational business and marketing leaders to understand how they’re driving this change. New episodes coming your way every fortnight!

The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate

  • Publisher: Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates
  • Total Episodes: 132

Who’s really in control when you buy a property? The Elephant In The Room is where the things that no one wants to talk about, actually get talked about. Veronica Morgan, real estate agent, buyers agent and co-host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia & Chris Bates, financial planner, mortgage broker and wealth coach have joined forces to find out what’s really going on in the world of real estate. Veronica and Chris talk to property owners and buyers every day in their respective lines of business. They’ve observed a wide spectrum of confidence in people’s decision making ability when buying and selling property, often to the detriment of the individuals concerned. They are both fascinated by consumer behaviour and together they’re going to uncover who’s really making the decisions when you buy a property. In each episode they get into the psyche of buyers, agents, auctioneers and other industry experts to learn the truth about how buyers are influenced and why they do the things they do. In every episode you’ll learn from the mistakes of a “property dumbo” as well as Chris & Veronica’s “elephant rider bootcamp” training session. The plan? This property podcast has been created to help us all make better property decisions!

Thoughts on Record: Podcast of the Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Publisher: Dr. Pete Kelly
  • Total Episodes: 68

Thoughts on Record is the podcast of the Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (OICBT) located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Each week we explore topics relevant to clinicians and mental health consumers from a cognitive behavioural perspective; however, if you’re generally interested in psychology, psychotherapy, evolutionary psychology, mental health, the brain, dynamics of human behaviour, creativity, wellness & performance then this podcast will certainly be of interest to you. Thoughts on Record is hosted by OICBT clinical psychologist Dr. Pete Kelly, C. Psych. Dr. Kelly is a Clinical Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa and Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton University. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Kelly is actively involved in directing speciality programming at OICBT, teaching and supervision, providing workshops to mental health professionals and is a frequent speaker to organizations around the impact of stress on well-being. You can visit the OICBT at www.ottawacbt.ca. Original theme and outro music courtesy of Baldhero & Van Whelan: https://baldherovanwhelan.bandcamp.com

The Future Laboratory

  • Publisher: The Future Laboratory
  • Total Episodes: 7

Our Critical Horizons podcast is a deep dive into the mind of a world-renowned thinker whose ideas challenge the status quo and shed light upon emerging behaviours that will drive seismic shifts for brands and consumers alike.  In our Back to the F**kture podcast we ask a future-thinker to put foresight predictions under the hindsight spotlight and explore how trends were disrupted and what this has meant for the future. Tune into our podcasts now.

HRW Shift Podcast

  • Publisher: HRW Shift Behavioural Science Consultancy
  • Total Episodes: 15

Podcasts from HRW Shift, a specialist multidisciplinary behavioural science team of experts within the healthcare market research agency Healthcare Research Worldwide (HRW). HRW are a global agency dedicated to ‘accessing reality’​; taking a scientifically-rigorous, collaborative, holistic approach, utilising and developing the best and most appropriate consumer and healthcare techniques (qual, quant and online), whatever the respondent type, anywhere in the world across the whole healthcare sector (pharma, device and diagnostics, OTC, personal care, medical nutrition, babycare….). It’s research that reflects the real world, to help you make the right business decisions.

Basware Bytes

  • Publisher: Basware
  • Total Episodes: 3

Welcome to Basware Bytes. A new podcast series dedicated to the fast-changing finance and procurement landscape, Basware Bytes will be exploring its every aspect. From trading conditions to regulatory developments; from shifting consumer expectations and behaviours to the technologies and processes emerging in response. What impact is today’s ever-evolving commercial climate having on finance functions? What are the major challenges and opportunities this represents? How can finance functions position themselves to help their businesses survive, thrive, and lead the charge into the new-world of visible commerce? We ask the thought-leaders. Featuring a different but equally expert panel in each episode, we’ll be finding out how finance departments can reinvent their business futures by reshaping how they interact across the organization, with customers and suppliers, and with the wider community and world.


  • Publisher: Dr Louise Grimmer and Dr Jason Pallant
  • Total Episodes: 20

Each week Shopology brings you the latest retail insights, views and interviews. Dive into the world of retailing, marketing and consumer behaviour with retail experts Dr Louise Grimmer from the University of Tasmania and Dr Jason Pallant from Swinburne University of Technology. Louise and Jason are joined by retailers, retail scholars and industry analysts to look at what’s making news in the world of shopping and consumer behaviour. From online shopping to private label products, the corner store to the shopping mall, and from blind bags to plastic bags, tune in for insightful analysis and lively discussion on the world of retailing.

The MisBehaviourists

  • Publisher: The MisBehaviourists
  • Total Episodes: 3

A relaxed chat between two handsome behavioural scientists on the application of psychological and behavioural science to real-world issues with Dr. John Hyland, PhD. Experimental Analysis of Behaviour & Ben O’Loughlin, MSc. Economic and Consumer Psychology.

Predicting People

  • Publisher: Dectech
  • Total Episodes: 1

Here at Dectech we help businesses understand and manage consumer decision making. After two decades of forecasting behaviour changes, we wanted to share our knowledge of what affects our choices, our behaviours, and our experiences of products and services, what works and getting to grips with behavioural measures and predictions, not just in theory, but how these insights are applied in client side challenges. Predicting People is a podcast, all about the applications of behavioural science in the commercial world. In each episode, we invite experts to talk about how behavioural science has been affecting their business, and how they see it being used in the future.

Decoding Culture with Dr John Curran

  • Publisher: Decoding Culture with Dr John Curran
  • Total Episodes: 7

In the Decoding Podcast, Dr John Curran speaks to a range of interesting guests that provide insights into how everyday culture shapes how we work, consume and live our lives. The podcast will focus on the importance that culture plays in all areas of business and society, from how it shapes organisations and work to how it influences consumer experience, design, and larger societal trends. By exploring culture through anthropology and ethnography, the podcast will give listeners new perspectives on organisational culture, work, innovation, leadership, design and consumer behaviour.

Real People, With Jason Dunstone – Consumer Insights, Market Research, Customers, Design Thinking and More

  • Publisher: Jason Dunstone, Square Holes
  • Total Episodes: 59

Real People is a podcast hosted by Jason Dunstone, the founder and managing director of Square Holes. Jason builds on his 25 years of conducting human-centred research, interviewing average and not so average people (rich, poor, old, young, content and vulnerable) to understand what they believe and how they behave. On this podcast, Jason interviews academics, researchers, leading thinkers, and other interesting people. Jason also interviews “actual real people” about their passions, aspirations, beliefs and behaviours. Key themes include consumer insights, market research, design thinking, innovation, culture, trends and much more. This podcast will be particularly interesting to innovators, professionals, leaders, students and those with a beginner’s mind, the curious who want to know more about human thinking and behaviour. Check out the Real People website – http://squareholes.com/realpeople Connect with Jason Dunstone on Twitter @jasondunstone – https://twitter.com/jasondunstone?lang=en Send Jason an email – [email protected] Read more blogs from Jason Dunstone – https://squareholes.com/blog/author/jason/ Find out more about Square Holes – http://www.squareholes.com/ Produced with Apiro Media – https://www.apiropodcasts.com/

Tiger Heart Chats

  • Publisher: Sanj Surati
  • Total Episodes: 24

Tiger Heart is an innovation agency that specialises in emerging technologies set up by Digital Atelier Sanj Surati. Tiger Heart Chats is a podcast set up to discuss various issues and topics specific to the London innovation scene. Sanj is an award winning multi-disciplined Digital Atelier with over twenty years of experience within the music, fashion and luxury industries. London-based Sanj has been working within digital and technology since 1998. He has seen the cultural shift in human habit and behaviour as we all evolve into digital consumers.Some of his successes have been burgeoning, ground breaking and, more importantly, culturally relevant.

Ogilvy, Conversations That Matter

  • Publisher: Ogilvy Consulting
  • Total Episodes: 1

Conversations That Matter delves deep into the latest technology, consumer trends and newest thinking in marketing and communications. We take the news out of the headlines and help brands apply it to their toughest business challenges, in order to grow and thrive in an increasingly demanding world. Bringing experts together from across the global Ogilvy network, our topics span major growth opportunity areas such as digital transformation, creativity, behavioural science, marketing transformation, branding, social media, eCommerce, health & wellness, B2B, retail, and more.

(Podcast) Consumer Behaviour

  • Publisher: Open University Malaysia
  • Total Episodes: 10

(Podcast) Consumer Behaviour

Dean’s Seminar Series: Saïd Business School

  • Publisher: Oxford University
  • Total Episodes: 6

The Dean’s Seminar Series presents the latest business research from professors and researchers at Oxford Saïd. Hosted by Peter Moores Dean Professor Peter Tufano, and Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas, Associate Dean for Research, each seminar explores key aspects of specific research fields, such as consumer behaviour in marketing, entrepreneurial finance, or technology and operations management. New seminars are added twice each term.

Marketing Psych

  • Total Episodes: 11

Marketing Psychology and Consumer Behaviour


  • Publisher: Sai Krishna Balivada
  • Total Episodes: 2

Consumer Behaviour, Retail, Marketing, Psychology and Self-Development


  • Publisher: The Ingenuity Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 2

A podcast about design, ingenuity and consumer behaviour.

The 5 Minute Marketing Podcast

  • Publisher: Tim Deyarmond
  • Total Episodes: 16

A podcast about marketing, consumer behaviour and trends in the industry.


  • Publisher: Mahantesh Hiremath
  • Total Episodes: 1

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