20 Best Computer Games Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about computer games ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best computer games podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Computer Games Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Lave Radio: an Elite Dangerous podcast

  • Publisher: Lave Radio
  • Total Episodes: 439

Some hardcore fans of the franchise discuss anything and everything about Elite: Dangerous, through development to deployment. All done with the requisite wit and banter. Supplementary shows also discuss books, other computer games and host fan forums.

Naked Gaming, from the Naked Scientists

  • Publisher: Chris Berrow
  • Total Episodes: 39

The computer gaming “what’s hot and what’s not”, featuring reviews of recent releases, interviews with industry insiders, and a “retro revival” – games re-released from your youth…

BIG Esports Podcast

  • Publisher: BIG Esports Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 113

Learn about business in games from the best, covering multiple industries ranging from content creators to esports investors & professional gamers. This podcast focuses on content behind the curtain of the entire computer gaming scene.

The Atari XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast

  • Publisher: David and Michael (with Bill & Kieren)
  • Total Episodes: 16

The Atari XE Gaming System was a version of their XE 8-bit line of computers but attempting to compete against the successful Nintendo Entertainment System. At the same time offering the computer option. Our podcast will focus on the cartridge games made for this system but, because this is essentially an atari 8-bit computer, we’ll also review games that will play on this system.

The Throwback League

  • Publisher: CLNS Media Network & Josh Lewin
  • Total Episodes: 48

Baseball is back. Hall of Famers, your favorites and players you haven’t thought of for years come to life in a simulated March Madness-style tournament announced by renowned play-by-play voice Josh Lewin.  The AL and NL pennant winners from 1974-2006 square off in a March Madness-style round of 48 to decide the Throwback League championship. An advanced computer algorithm produces the results; Josh brings them to life with a lively and descriptive play-by-play, and Legendary Sunday Night Baseball announcer Jon Miller provides pre-game set-up with players from the teams are interviewed. New games drop every Monday from February 17, 2020 till January 11, 2021.

The Football Analytics Show by The Power Rank and Ed Feng

  • Publisher: Ed Feng, The Power Rank
  • Total Episodes: 197

The Football Analytics Show uses data and computers to make predictions on games and break down match ups. The show covers both college football and the NFL.

You Don’t Know Flack

  • Publisher: Rob “Flack” O’Hara
  • Total Episodes: 104

Nostalgic stories about old video games, old computers, and occasionally ninjas.

Dragon Queen

  • Publisher: Dragon Queen
  • Total Episodes: 20

My Podcasts is about manga, anime, books, TV shows, apps, and computer games.

The Checked Shirt

  • Publisher: The Checked Shirt
  • Total Episodes: 35

As freelancers who met on Twitter, Jason and Ben discuss their work, their lives, and some of their more tricky clients. They also discuss apps, computer games, and tech news with a focus on Apple.

Stupid Qubit – Quantum Computing for the Clueless

  • Publisher: Jim Mortleman & Stuart Houghton
  • Total Episodes: 3

An irreverent podcast demystifying current developments in quantum computing for a curious but confused general audience. Presenters Jim & Stu quiz luminaries in the field and attempt to find the answer to questions such as: • WTF is a quantum computer and how do you build one? • How do you program one and will they run games in parallel universes? • When will we get our self-aware, matter-manipulating quantum phones?

JR The Bossman Show

  • Publisher: JR The Bossman Show
  • Total Episodes: 981

The Bossman Show provides an urban informed voice on Sports, Entertainment, Games, Events, Life, Dating and Relationships in an entertaining, educating and electrifying manner and can be heard on a Radio, Phone, Tablet or Computer near you, anytime, any place.

Big Box PC Game Collectors PodCast

  • Publisher: Big Box PC Game Collectors
  • Total Episodes: 21

This is the official PodCast of the Big Box PC Game Collectors group. We are a group who focuses on PC game collecting, and we cover all personal computers including the Apple II, Commodore, TRS-80. We’re not limited to vintage PC games; we even cover modern big box PC releases.

100% Tech with Victoria

  • Publisher: Victoria Victor
  • Total Episodes: 7

Hi there, I am a 11 year old girl named Victoria who loves all things tech! join me on a journey through everything tech. I will talk about video games, electronics like phones and computers, electric cars, events, and more! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/victoria-victor3/support

Player/Missile – An Atari 8-bit Retrospective

  • Publisher: Player/Missile
  • Total Episodes: 29

A retrospective of the Atari 8-bit home computer systems, the magazines that covered them, and a somewhat chronological review of games as they arrived on the platform.

Doors and Dungeons Gaming Podcast

  • Publisher: Michelle Belmont
  • Total Episodes: 24

Unearthing Japan’s hidden gems of gaming that rarely cross the ocean. With Doors and Dungeons you’ll have an opportunity to hear about games you may not know, from consoles and computers you may never have played. Of course we’ll hit on many beloved classics as well, so enjoy it all!

Hobby Support Group

  • Publisher: Tom and Andy
  • Total Episodes: 21

Join Andy and Tom, two friends who also happen to be middle aged lifelong gamers which play a lot of table top games with the odd dalliance into board games, card games , PRG’S and computer games but with a bias towards historical war gaming as they chat all things hobby related. We try to keep the chat positive and offer what each of us do to make the hobby as enjoyable as possible to us.

Nerds of The Holy Grail

  • Publisher: Nerds of The Holy Grail
  • Total Episodes: 63

Two men trained in games of old, molded by geek culture, and taught in the ways of computer tech. Set forth on a quest through a land plagued with paid reviews, bad plots and political correctness, In search of The Holy Grail of Nerdom!

Adventure Party

  • Publisher: Galactic Network
  • Total Episodes: 54

Adventure Party is a podcast about storytelling, games, and gaming. Every week Brad Ludwig and Glenn Randall Buettner will take a look at the week’s news in RPG, LARPS, console, computer, card and board games. Our Kickstarter Spotlight highlights games you should be know about and support. Also, we interview a guest about a topic involving some aspect of storytelling.   Subscribe to the podcast by clicking on THIS LINK Send us feedback by email HERE or via our voicemail number at (805) 328-3966 

Analytic Gamer Podcast – Meta Gaming, Psychology, Computer Gamer, Analytics, Analysis, Co-operative …

  • Publisher: Ric Lindberg & Martin Sundelin
  • Total Episodes: 13

The Analytic Gamer Podcast is devoted to in depth discussion on Computer Game Mechanics for experienced gamers. We like to think and talk about ways to play the game for your unique enjoyment and maximum effect. We’ll cover everything from patterns, systems and mechanics of the games we discuss to tweaks, nature of bugs and different playing styles. Our focus is on tactics and choice instead of relying on chance. It is our belief that using the analytic part of your brain can provide the best outcome in computer game play. Join us as we help you take your gaming to the next level.

Byte Into IT

  • Publisher: RRR – Triple R
  • Total Episodes: 201

Computer news, reviews and clues. Tech talk and opinionated chat with feature interviews and regular guests covering games, Linux and Open Source, legal, new and social media, gadgets, Apple and more. The Byte Into IT family includes: – Dan Salmon – Jo Eaton – Laura Summers – Maize Wallin – Paul Callaghan – Rowena Murray – Daniel Morganti – Vanessa Toholka (Byte co-producer) – Warren Davies (Byte co-producer) – Elizabeth McCarthy (RRR Talks producer) The intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras. https://andras.bandcamp.com/track/soft-illusion

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