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Are you wanting to learn more about ciso? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best ciso podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best CISO Podcasts 2021

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The New CISO

  • Publisher: Steve Moore, Exabeam
  • Total Episodes: 7

The New CISO is hosted by Exabeam Chief Security Strategist, Steve Moore. A former IT security leader himself, Steve sits down with Chief Information Security Officers to get their take on cybersecurity trends, what it takes to lead security teams and how things are changing in today’s world.

CISO Tradecraft

  • Publisher: G Mark Hardy & Ross Young
  • Total Episodes: 7

Welcome to CISO Tradecraft. A podcast designed to take you through the adventure of becoming a CISO. This podcast was started because G Mark Hardy and Ross Young felt impressed to help others take their Information Security Skills to an executive level. We are thrilled to be your guides to lead you through the various domains of becoming a competent and effective CISO.

CISO to CISO Cybersecurity Talk

  • Publisher: Michael Coates
  • Total Episodes: 7

Discussions with industry-leading CISOs about building successful security programs, succeeding in your career, and creating amazing teams. Guests from Cruise, Splunk, Gusto, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Airbnb and more! Hosted by Michael Coates, former CISO of Twitter and CEO of Altitude Networks.

The Virtual CISO Podcast

  • Publisher: Pivot Point Security
  • Total Episodes: 7

The Virtual CISO Podcast is a frank discussion that provides the very best information security advice and insights for Security, IT and Business leaders. If you’re looking for the latest strategies, tips, and trends from seasoned information security practitioners, want no-B.S. answers to your biggest security questions, need a perspective on how your peers are addressing the same issues, or just simply want to stay informed and proactive, welcome to the show.Our moderator, John Verry, chats with industry thought leaders to ensure you have what you need to be confident in your security and compliance. John will keep you informed, and perhaps even mildly entertained through topics like ISO 27001, breach avoidance, incident response, dealing with pesky security questionnaires, data privacy, and managing vendor risk.Think of it as security… with a smile.

CISO Stories Podcast

  • Publisher: Todd Fitzgerald
  • Total Episodes: 7

The Cybersecurity Collaborative — in conjunction with Cybereason — is proud to present CISO Stories. Each week CISO Stories takes a deep dive on security leadership with one of the contributors to my latest book, the best-selling CISO COMPASS: Navigating Cybersecurity Leadership Challenges with Insights from Pioneers. The Cybersecurity Collaborative is a unique membership community enabling cybersecurity leaders to work together in a trusted environment. To learn more, visit: https://www.securityweekly.com/csc.

CISO’s Secrets

  • Publisher: Check Point Software Technologies LTD
  • Total Episodes: 7

“CISO’s Secrets” promises clear talk on cybersecurity’s burning topics, but not only; A series of 40 minutes weekly podcast hosting Telco industry CIOs and CISO’s, from global and leading companies. Podcast will share true stories, reveal real-life scenarios, and more. The host will lead discussions about Security trends, best practices, cloud, networks, data, employees, habits, and secrets while drifting between personal and professional life. Earn your CISO’s Secrets membership badge at http://bit.ly/2NT5vmH


  • Publisher: CISO Dojo
  • Total Episodes: 7

Home of the CISO Dojo Podcast

CISO Talks

  • Publisher: Lepide
  • Total Episodes: 7

CISO Talks is a weekly show / podcast which is tailored for CISOs and I.T. professionals but can also appeal to anyone with an interest in cybersecurity. We discuss a number of topics regarding the CISO and I.T. professional role and how certain scenarios, changes and trends are shaping the role(s) as well as the cybersecurity industry. If you are a CISO or an I.T. professional or if you just have an interesting topic to discuss on our show then please send our producer of the show, Dan, an email. [email protected] Also available on: YouTube Spotify iTunes Copyright ©️ 2020-2021 Lepide. All Rights Reserved.

The CISO Minute

  • Publisher: Cybercrime Magazine
  • Total Episodes: 7

Cybercrime Magazine’s CISO Minute Podcast: One minute of wisdom every week for CISOs and from CISOs!

The CISO Revelation: CISOs chat with CISOs & Tech

  • Publisher: Marc Crudgington
  • Total Episodes: 7

A podcast by CISOs (Chief Information Security Officer) for CISOs as well as other cyber-security and technology enthusiast. We chat with CISOs and fellow peers in the cyber-security and technology field; occasionally we might surprise you with a guest not in the Cyber-security or Technology industries. Our main focus is on cyber-security topics ranging from CISO strategy, career pointers, attacks they are seeing, technologies they utilize, general cyber-security business, cyber-security entrepreneurship, and evangelizing the industry and technology. If it’s in cyber-security and technology we may discuss it. We may also veer off into topics that are non-cyber/tech.

CISO-Security Vendor Relationship Podcast

  • Publisher: Mike Johnson and David Spark
  • Total Episodes: 7

Discussions, tips, and debates around improving the communications and services that security vendors provide to their customers, the security buyer.

CISO Hotline

  • Publisher: CISO Hotline
  • Total Episodes: 7

Conversations with top CIO’s answering your questions about Cyber Security and what your business must know.

CISO Murder Board by Duo Security

  • Publisher: Duo Security
  • Total Episodes: 7

Adventures in cybersecurity. Our Duo CISO Advisory team members are legends in their fields. They have seen it all, and they are ready to share their insights with you! The Duo CISO Advisors will be discussing security issues that pertain to the business of running a security practice, living life as a CISO and current events of the day packed with humor, knowledge and grace. Learn more at Duo.com

The CISO’s Gambit

  • Publisher: Zscaler, Inc.
  • Total Episodes: 7

The CISO’s Gambit podcast is a pragmatic cyber risk dialogue with Zscaler’s expert team of CISO security practitioners. Topics span technical and non-technical aspects of cyber risk, cybersecurity, privacy, transformational change management, and the evolving role of the CISO as a thought leader and change agent. The podcast covers current risks, what’s on horizon, and how CISOs can help deliver business value that lowers risks, flattens the total cost of controls, and reduces security friction on user experience and business velocity. You can subscribe to the podcast feed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Global CISO Forum Podcast

  • Publisher: EC-Council
  • Total Episodes: 7

The official EC-Council CISO Forum podcast.

CISO insiders

  • Publisher: Ben Ben Aderet
  • Total Episodes: 7

CISOs insiders is open conversations I’m having with leading CISOs in the industry. We’ll be talking about what makes them ticks, their biggest accomplishments and flagrant failures, their favorite drinks and what it is they like in vendors as well as dislike in vendors. We’ll try to tap into the mind of the person behind the role and hopefully have some fun while doing so. Join us for a light talk.

CISO Insider

  • Publisher: Nightfall AI
  • Total Episodes: 7

CISO Insider brings you into the world of cybersecurity and gives you a window into the most brilliant minds in the business.

CISO Stressed

  • Publisher: SCYTHE
  • Total Episodes: 7

It’s dangerous to go alone! Evolving threat landscapes and shifting resources. CISOs need all the swords and unicorns available and at the ready – leveraging their team, time, and budget to focus on the adventure at hand. CISO Stressed – SCYTHE’s latest release focuses on the quests that CISOs face. Join Liz Wharton (Chief of Staff at SCYTHE) for conversations on what is top of mind with CISOs – what causes stress and what they’re stressing within their organization. New episodes released every other week. Come join and listen in.

Become CxO (CIO, CISO, or CTO)

  • Publisher: Marcos Christodonte II
  • Total Episodes: 7

Stories, principles, and interviews from a Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Learn what it takes to become a technology or cybersecurity C-level.

Jesus Movement Now with Adam Narciso

  • Publisher: Charisma Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 7

Weekly episodes to inspire and equip you to play your part in today’s Jesus movement. We tell stories of breakthrough and share prophetic keys to help you represent Jesus’ love, truth and power to those around you. Host Adam Narciso offers the insight of a seasoned prophetic evangelist as well as longer conversations with catalytic christian leaders.

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