20 Best Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about brazilian portuguese ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best brazilian portuguese podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts 2021

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Speaking Brazilian Podcast

  • Publisher: Virginia Langhammer
  • Total Episodes: 157

Speaking Brazilian Language School specializes in Brazilian Portuguese. New lessons every Wednesday with tips on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese.

Brazilian Portuguese Podcast, by RLP

  • Publisher: reallylearnportuguese.com
  • Total Episodes: 165

Brazilian Portuguese Podcast is back! Now powered by Really Learn Portuguese. Our goal is to produce great posts and podcasts to really help people learn Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in a fun and simple way.

Learn Portuguese – BrazilianPodClass

  • Publisher: BrazilianPodClass
  • Total Episodes: 7

BrazilianPodClass is a free podcast for those who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. It is released once a week, for all levels with focus on conversation, vocabulary, grammar and popular expressions.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese – LinguaBoost

  • Publisher: LinguaBoost
  • Total Episodes: 22

You can download the entire audio course on our website: www.linguaboost.comBoost your fluency in Brazilian Portuguese with LinguaBoost!Each lesson contains useful everyday phrases related to a specific topic. You’ll learn the language in context, not just isolated words. All material is translated and spoken by native speakers.

Brazilian Portuguese Podcast

  • Publisher: BRPT
  • Total Episodes: 21

Brazilian Portuguese Podcast is a podcast for Portuguese learners where you can find real conversations between native Brazilians. While you listen, you’ll learn about Brazilian culture and pick up some fun facts. We hope you enjoy it! Brazilian Portuguese Podcast es un podcast para estudiantes de portugués en el que puede encontrar un montón de conversaciones reales en portugués entre brasileños nativos. Aquí también aprenderá sobre la cultura y curiosidades brasileñas de una manera divertida y sencilla. ¡Esperamos que lo disfrutes!

Ao Seu Ritmo: Learn Brazilian Portuguese Through Music

  • Publisher: Elysse DaVega
  • Total Episodes: 10

Olá! Why make language learning a task? Now, with the help of the beautiful sounds of Brazil, you can gain proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese in no time. I’m Elysse, and I’ll be your guide in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of your favorite songs in Portuguese! Vamos lá!

The Learn Portuguese Online Podcast

  • Publisher: Pedro
  • Total Episodes: 101

Welcome to Learn Portuguese Online Podcast, where you will find loads of audio content to practice your listening in Brazilian Portuguese! The main focus of this channel is to bring you real, contextualized content in Portuguese. Most episodes will be slow readings of global news. In this way, you will not only practice your Portuguese, but also keep yourself informed about current events! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start practicing! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/learnportugueseonline/support

Yes Portuguese

  • Publisher: Yes Portuguese
  • Total Episodes: 41

The teachers of the Yes Portuguese Course are Adrieli Laviola and Ludmila Lage. They are both brazilians, from the State of Minas Gerais. They did a phd in Linguistics at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora and they teach Portuguese for more than 10 years now. The most important thing about them, though, is that they are both passionate in teaching, in helping people to learn and in talking about Brazilian culture.

The Atalaku Effect

  • Publisher: Claudel Kamgang
  • Total Episodes: 32

Hi, Bonjour, Oi! I am Claudel Kamgang! I am Cameroonian by birth, French by education, Brazilian by adoption, and entrepreneurially American. All and in all, I am resiliently African.Welcome to The Atalaku Effect! Atalaku is a word from Congo, and means “praising”. Atalaku to someone thus means praising that person for what she does. After my MBA from Wharton, work at JP Morgan and McKinsey & Company, it is time to do more for home. This podcast is a set of in-depth conversations in English, French and Portuguese, with Africans around the world, on culture, work, sports, relationships, life struggles and everything in-between. The goal: change the narrative of the motherland.Whether you are an expert on Africa or know nothing about the continent and its people, this podcast has something for you!

Brazilian Portuguese

  • Publisher: Dr Rita Ferraro
  • Total Episodes: 51

‘Brazilian Portuguese’ is a series of audio exercises aimed at helping native English speakers learn Brazilian Portuguese. Recordings are in English and Portuguese and follow lessons by Dr Rita Ferraro. Listeners can follow the audio dialogue by reading the relevant text in their complementary work books.

Be Healthy! Be Mindful!

  • Publisher: Ana Gouvea
  • Total Episodes: 19

This podcast discusses topics on Mental Health and Mindfulness. Hosted by Dr. Ana Gouvea, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Ph.D. In Linguistics, this podcast talks about mental health in an objective and friendly format. Episodes are in English and in Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Publisher: PortuguesePodcast.online
  • Total Episodes: 77

PortuguesePodcast.online is a free podcast for those who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. We also offer learning guides (audio transcripts and exercises in PDF files) that will help you learn Portuguese even faster: https://www.portuguesepodcast.online.


  • Publisher: Fernando Nonohay
  • Total Episodes: 25

In this podcast I will be reading Brazilian Portuguese translations of famous books in English that you might have already read, or are familiar with the story, so that you can focus on the words and not so much on the plot. , If you would like to read the book with me, download the PDF with Portuguese and English texts side-by-side for FREE at https://bit.ly/2YapJdY In series 1, we will be reading O Magnífico Mágico de Oz / The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

This is Brazilian Portuguese

  • Publisher: Rogério Valverde
  • Total Episodes: 19

This podcast it’s made for people who wants learn Brazilian Portuguese. Hosted by Rogério Valverde, a Brazilian who love learn leangues and teaches his own leangue around the word. Instagram: orogeriovalverde

The Latino American Experience

  • Publisher: Pedro Diaz
  • Total Episodes: 100

The interpretation of the English and Spanish languages. Podcast is focus on learning about other cultures by means of language, and localism. Please visit: Cultural-broker.com blog to discover new stories. Become a guest in the Latino American Experience podcast by emailing the host Pedro aka Peter Days at [email protected]. Languages are that are guest can participate in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. By means of learning a different culture can teach about your own. Let’s celebrate what brings people together! Saludos, Pedro Diaz Peter Days Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/culturalbroker/support

Brief Grammar of the Portuguese Language, A by BRANNER, John Casper

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 11

Dr. Branner was a recognized authority on the geology of South American republics, especially Brazil, having organized and headed the Stanford Expedition to Brazil in 1911, among others. In 1910 he published this “little book”, as the author himself calls it, for the use of English-speaking students who needed a fast and practical way of learning Portuguese. Contrary to the belief of many back then, John C. Branner claims that Brazilian Portuguese isn’t “badly spoken Portuguese”, and, even though using examples from both Portuguese and Brazilian writers, seems to give more proeminence to Brazilian Portuguese. (Summary by Leni)

I Say It Right

  • Publisher: Phrase Girl
  • Total Episodes: 12

Say it Right in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Arabic, Dutch, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Russian with one phonetic system based on English. Say it Right in any Language believes that pronunciation is everything. Say it Right language provides a simple and straightforward approach to speaking and learning a new language. It is a fun, fast and easy way to learn new languages using one simple phonetic system called I Say it Right Vowel Symbol System. I Say it Right stresses consistency, clarity, and above all, simplicity. I Say it Right Vowel Symbol system provides a new way to pronounce foreign languages easily and accurately through the use of a modified English alphabet. This revolutionary system provides maximum communication with minimum effort and time. Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Arabic, Dutch, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Russian phrasebooks, DVDs, Apps are perfect for beginners, or as a supplement to any language course. They are the key to speaking language effortlessly. Free podcasts offer important information on culture, lessons and Fast Facts about the target language. You can learn at your own pace, building vocabulary with flashcards on our website www.isayitright.com. Flashcards are also built into the Say it Right in Spanish, Say it Right in French, Say it Right in Italian and Say it Right in Chinese Apps in the iTunes store. Grammar and Verbs chapter are available in second editions of Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese phrasebooks. These titles are also available on mobile devices for download. Enjoy language today. Further your education and get your brain neurons going!

Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish

  • Publisher: COERLL, College of Liberal Arts, Orlando Kelm
  • Total Episodes: 46

Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish

Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish

  • Publisher: College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin
  • Total Episodes: 46

Tá Falado provides Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation lessons for speakers of Spanish. Podcasts illustrate pronunciation differences between Spanish and Portuguese and present scenarios showing cultural differences between the U.S. and Brazil. Tá Falado is part of the Brazilpod project and is produced at the College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin. Website URL: http://coerll.utexas.edu/brazilpod/tafalado/

Brazilian Portuguese Language – Teacher Mary

  • Publisher: Lucy Mary Johnson
  • Total Episodes: 4

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my channel Brazilian Portuguese channel.

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