20 Best Aviation Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about aviation ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best aviation podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Aviation Podcasts 2021

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Aviation News Talk podcast

  • Publisher: Max Trescott | Glass Cockpit Publishing
  • Total Episodes: 189

General Aviation news, pilot tips for beginners & experts, interviews, listener questions answered, technical details on G1000 & Perspective glass cockpits & flying GPS approaches. 40 yrs experience flying general aviation aircraft. As an active flight instructor, I bring my daily experiences in the air to this show to help teach pilots and future pilots to fly safely. I’m a Platinum Cirrus CSIP instructor and work with people who are thinking about buying a new or used SR20 or SR22. Go to AviationNewsTalk.com for my contact information, or to click on Listener Questions, which lets you speak into your phone to leave a question you’d like answered on the show.

Aviation Careers Podcast

  • Publisher: Carl Valeri
  • Total Episodes: 328

A Podcast about Achieving Your Aviation Career Goals

Airline Pilot Guy – Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Capt Jeff
  • Total Episodes: 487

The View from Our Side of the Cockpit Door

Pilot to Pilot – Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Justin Siems
  • Total Episodes: 174

The Pilot to Pilot podcast is a place for aviators to come for inspiration and encouragement. We aim to help all types of aviators to continue pursuing their aviation dreams, whether that be flying commercially or flying for fun.

Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Jack Hodgson, Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon
  • Total Episodes: 649

News and conversation about the world of General Aviation flying.

The Finer Points – Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Jason Miller
  • Total Episodes: 345

The Finer Points is the original educational aviation podcast. Launched in 2005, TFP delivers expert CFI wisdom from award winning certified flight instructor, Jason Miller. Over the last 20 years Jason has been working to perfect the art of flight instruction. He was named FAA Wester Pacific CFI of the year in 2009 and 2016, works as an AOPA Air Safety Institute instructor, and writes monthly columns for FLYING magazine. Jason is passionate about conveying accurate, meaningful information to pilots.

Dj’s Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Dj’s Aviation Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 25

Welcome to the Dj’s Aviation Podcast! Over my years I’ve been fortunate enough to travel on flights across the globe, experience many different things, start a Youtube channel and build it up to 300,000 and so much more! The Dj’s Aviation podcast is the home for my ramblings, from aviation news to life updates, to funny stories, to experiences and so much more!

Simple Flying Aviation News Podcast

  • Publisher: Simple Flying
  • Total Episodes: 66

The Simple Flying Podcast – hosted by Joanna Bailey, and Tom Boon is your go to podcast for commercial aviation news and insight. We discuss the top commercial aviation news stories each week, all of the stories discussed can be found on simpleflying.com.

Australian Aviation Podcast Network

  • Publisher: Momentum Media
  • Total Episodes: 128

The official podcast of Australian Aviation – where we unpack all the latest insights and developments plus the big issues impacting Australia’s aviation sector.

Aviation Intelligence

  • Publisher: Avic Air
  • Total Episodes: 7

For aviators, points of frustration in everyday life can mean life or death. Take aviation tactics to streamline your life, enhance your relationships, and navigate any career field.* Overcome your psychological and physiological limitations* Minimize stress and distractions in your life* Master the art negotiation and compromise* Obtain new tactics for Conflict resolution * Learn how to motivate your team* Transform small talk into great conversations Root cause analysis has determined that the human element is the number one reason for incidents, accidents, and revenue loss. We will be dissecting the complex factors and finding solutions for those two little words at the end of most crash reports, “Pilot error.” Aeronautical jargon is minimized and explained so anyone can apply these principles to any industry and any situation. We are stoked to share with you the things that keep us up at night. Most great success is born out of frustration. Aviation is a glamorous career on digital media, but it requires sacrifice beyond belief and in order to succeed, one must accept more risk than any “normal” Human would consider. This commercial-free podcast is dedicated to igniting those thoughtful sparks into actionable flames that can help shape the industry into a more prosperous place for all!

Cardinal Aviation Audio Briefings

  • Publisher: Cardinal Aviation
  • Total Episodes: 73

Aviation Insights and advanced flying tips from Airline Transport Pilot, Air Traffic Controller and Flying Coach, Ryan Van Haren. For more information on coaching, ferry flying and aviation consulting services visit www.cardinalaviation.ca

Spread Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Spread Aviation
  • Total Episodes: 46

Professional Instructors and Aerobatic competitors discuss all aspects of aviation and answer questions from inquiring student minds about the “how” and “why” of flight.

Casey Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Casey Aviation
  • Total Episodes: 26

The Casey Aviation Podcast features interviews and discussions about all things PA46. We’ll talk about everything from PA46 acquisition, training, and ownership to emergency survival stories to just about anything else in the aviation world. If you fly (or are just thinking about flying) a PA46, this is the podcast for you.

Niche Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Nick Smith
  • Total Episodes: 13

Conversations with Niche Aviation Manufacturers, Airlines & Investors. On this podcast, I’ll share the stories behind these unique ventures. Guests include founders, pilots & investors.

Aviation LO Down

  • Publisher: David Lombardo (LO)
  • Total Episodes: 44

Modern, engaging, and unique, Aviation LO Down is the official podcast of David Lombardo, also known by his operating initials, LO. Full of the passion, humor, and the famous improvisational style found on many of his past social media projects, Aviation LO Down features fascinating interviews and soundbites from across the industry in an exciting and energy-fueled format anyone can enjoy. A podcast that explores not just flying, but the art and science of what makes people in aviation tick. Whether it’s a teen flight student playing a flight simulator, an air traffic controller working at an understaffed facility, a flight attendant on her 7th flight of the day, or a 25,000-hour airline captain on the brink of retirement, there really is something for everyone on the Aviation LO Down. Welcome aboard!

Full Disc Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Full Disc Aviation
  • Total Episodes: 38

A podcast for all lovers of aviation and aviation photography.

Aviation Week’s Check 6 Podcast

  • Publisher: Aviation Week
  • Total Episodes: 150

Aviation Week & Space Technology editors take a look at some of the bigger-picture issues in the world of aerospace and defense

The Routes Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Routes
  • Total Episodes: 47

The Routes podcast offers insight on route development and aviation, featuring some of the most pivotal people from the global industry. We’ll explore the major issues facing airlines, airports and destinations now and into the future. This podcast is created by Routes, the world’s leading air service development conference and networking event business.

“There I was…” An Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: AOPA Air Safety Institute
  • Total Episodes: 33

There I was…, presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute, invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. We fly with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and we learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them. This podcast honors the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience.

Raven Careers Aviation Podcast

  • Publisher: Raven Career Development
  • Total Episodes: 11

In over 20 years of aviation, we’ve learned the journey is filled with twists and turns, heartache, and thrills. This podcast is raw, authentic, and gritty, it will showcase both the magic and the madness of what it means to be in aviation. Episodes include conversations with the people who are teaching us, challenging us, and working with us. We also have direct conversations with you about what’s working and not in the pursuit of becoming and staying a professional pilot. You don’t have to plot the course alone, success comes from our community.

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