10 Fundamental Rules You Can’t Ignore When Making Video Ads

10 Fundamental Rules You Can’t Ignore When Making Video Ads
3 years ago

There is no manual for creating good video ads, but there are still rules you need to follow. Don’t just use the online video editor and premade templates to create content thoughtlessly. By following some sensible rules, you will be able to produce advertisements that truly resonate with viewers.

So, what are the rules for creating those video ads? Continue reading below if you want to find out more about them.

Don’t Waste Time with Your Video Ads

When using an online video editor to create an ad, remember that your goal is to communicate your intended message right away. People online aren’t keen on sticking around to watch commercials. They will even hover over that “skip ad” button in anticipation of its appearance.

Knowing that you should prioritize grabbing their attention immediately. Convey the main idea of your ad within the first few seconds so viewers won’t miss it.

If you routinely take forever to discuss the important matters in your video maker creations, they simply won’t be effective. Get right to the point and make your video creations count.

Create Short Ads Using an Online Video Editor

You don’t want to overstay your welcome with video ads. If you want to make a good ad, you should remember to keep it short.

Keeping the ad short means that people are more likely to view it completely. Whatever message you were trying to communicate will be delivered if the ad is at the appropriate length.

Furthermore, people tend to get put off by long ads. They don’t appreciate the fact that you’re taking up so much of their time.

The maximum length for a video ad should be 15 seconds. As long as your ads don’t exceed that length, they should continue to produce good results.

Produce Videos That Can Work Without Sound

Some users have the autoplay function turned on when they scroll through browse Facebook. That means the videos will play as they scroll, but they may not be accompanied by sound. Ads that rely largely on sound are not going to resonate with those users.

We’re not saying that audio is unimportant to your videos. Rather, we want to emphasize the need to create video ads that can capture the attention of viewers even if they’re playing while muted. By adding subtitles to videos, you can make ads even more effective at capturing viewers’ attention. Those are the videos that can reach your target consumers no matter how their feed is set up.

Design Mobile-Friendly Video Ads


A lot of your potential customers no longer use PCs or even laptops to browse online. They are perfectly happy with using their smartphones to watch the latest videos from their favorite content creators.

Your target consumers are unlikely to change their viewing habits anytime soon. It’s your job to adjust to them. Doing so is necessary if you want your online video editor creations to get more views.

Thankfully, creating videos for mobile is easier now than ever before. You shouldn’t have any trouble creating videos that are compatible with that format.

Use the Right Platforms for Your Video Ads

Using the right platforms is a must if you want your video ads to generate desirable results.

Generally speaking, you should stick to popular platforms if your goal is to run a successful ad campaign. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram should be at the top of your list. Familiarize yourself with how those platforms work so you can create the ads that work best on them.

You should also have no trouble finding an online video maker that pairs well with those platforms.

Offer Something of Value in Your Video Ads

No matter what kind of video ad you’re planning to create, it should always manage to do one thing. That one thing is to offer something of value to the viewers.

Your videos should either be informative or entertaining. Make it worthwhile for your viewers to stick around and watch to the end. Don’t let them feel like they just wasted their time by watching your video in its entirety.

Providing value with your online video editor creations is also important if your goal is to make a positive impression on your views. Once they see value in your content, they may become more interested in seeing what else you have to offer.

Talk about Your Brand or Business


Ultimately, you are creating an ad so don’t forget to promote yourself. You don’t have to make the entire video about your brand or business. A few short lines about your brand or business should suffice for getting the message across.

Make sure that the video ends with viewers getting a better impression of you or your business. Plant that seed early on and start laying the foundation for a future business partnership.

Choose Appropriate Music for Your Video Maker Creations

We mentioned earlier that you should create video ads that work even without sound. That is indeed important, but you cannot go in the extreme opposite direction either.

When using your preferred online video editor, always remember to select appropriate music for your creations. The audio you choose should complement the content of your video. It should not take any attention away from it.

Include a Prominent Call to Action in Your Video Ads

Let’s say that a viewer did like your ad and now they want to learn more about your products. Have you done enough to make that process easy for them?

You should never forget to include a call to action in your video. Make it as easy as possible for your target consumers to take action and engage with your business.

Call your target prospects to action by encouraging them to visit your website or drop by your store. Offer them a link so they can easily head to where they want to be.

Commit to Your Video Ad Campaign

The last rule we want to highlight here is not about creating video ads per se. Instead, it’s about the practice of creating those ads.

Once you decide to run a video ad campaign for your business, you must commit to it. Fully committing is a must if you want the campaign to succeed.

Make it a habit to post your online video editor creations regularly and watch them generate the results you’re looking for.

Parting Words

Creating a video ad is easy enough, but creating one that can make a real difference is not so simple. Follow the rules we’ve detailed here and you’ll be able to consistently create those high-quality video ads.

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