Wireless Industry Leaders Thriving in Hillsboro, Oregon: A Spotlight Series

5 months ago

Located in the heart of Oregon, Hillsboro stands as a critical hub for technology and innovation in the United States. Nicknamed “Silicon Forest,” Hillsboro provides an optimum environment for the growth and development of tech companies, particularly those that thrive in the wireless industry. This article provides insight into the dynamic and vibrant companies that are not only changing the face of wireless technology but are also contributing immensely to the economy of Hillsboro, Oregon.

The wireless industry, being a pivotal subset of the telecommunications industry, provides wireless communication services and products like mobile devices, cell phone towers, wireless broadband, and other related technologies. Companies operating within this space range from large corporations to small innovative startups, all playing a critical role in global connectivity and communication. Hillsboro, with its technologically enabling environment, is home to several of these companies.

In this edition, we will be spotlighting these companies, providing you with a brief bio, their founders, their specific industry within the wireless sphere, and their contact links. These companies showcase the vibrancy of the wireless industry within the larger technology landscape of Hillsboro, Oregon.


Founders Dave Budde and Glenford Myers established Radisys to provide innovative software and hardware platforms in the telecommunications and wireless space. Recognizing a gap in the market, they developed products such as the ATCA and IP Media Server platforms, accelerating the deployment of new communication services. You can follow their updates on LinkedIn.


Sprint is a renowned name in the wireless industry. Founded by Cleyson L. Brown and Jacob Brown, Sprint operates in the mobile telecommunications sector, offering a vast range of wireless and wired services and products. They boast a global Tier 1 Internet backbone and continue to develop innovative technologies. Sprint’s engagement can be followed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Whiz to Coho

Located in Hillsboro, Whiz to Coho is a trusted name in the Internet industry, offering services spanning web design, web hosting, and wireless technology. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mobilian Corp

Mobilian Corp, founded by Rob Roy, operates in the wireless systems industry. They offer a wide variety of products like wireless radios, software, and reference designs. Connect with them via LinkedIn.


Etrieve is a wireless industry player located in Hillsboro. They specialize in developing tools for mobile and wireless applications.


Simberry operates in the Internet and telecommunications industries, providing solutions and technologies specific to the call and SMS termination market. They offer a variety of applications, cloud services, and managed solutions. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Obando Computing

Founded by Martin Obando, this company specializes in IT management, technical support, and wireless technology. Follow their updates on LinkedIn.

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