Top Influencers: 7 UK Chairman & Co-Founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Chairman & Co-founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Chairman & Co-founder role. We have selected these Chairman & Co-founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Chairman & Co-founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Henry Gabay

Chairman & Co-founder @ Duet Private Equity

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Henry Gabay is a Swiss/ Turkish businessman residing in the United Kingdom. He is the co-founder and chairman of Duet Group, a London-based investment company. Gabay is highly skilled and experienced in hedge funds, private equity and alternative investments, and has a high level of industry knowledge in the emerging and frontier markets. Early Life and Education – Gabay was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1967. After completing his basic school education, he enrolled at the University of Geneva in 1988, and graduated in 1991 with a degree in Finance and Economics. He would launch his career in the finance world from this academic platform. Career – Henry Gabay started his career in finance in 1992, when he joined Merril Lynch International, the wealth management division of the Bank of America. Gabay worked in the equity division of the company’s London and Geneva branches, and was responsible for setting up equity distribution for CEE and Russia for European Institutions. He resigned in 1997 to join Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) the multinational Swiss investment bank and financial holding company. At CSFB Gabay started working as the head of equity sales for emerging markets. He then worked as head of investment banking for Israel and Turkey, he was a director in London and New York. Gabay worked at CSFB until the year 2000, when he decided to take the plunge and dive into an entrepreneurial venture. Duet Group – In May 2002, Gabay co-founded Duet Group in London. Duet is a global alternative management company, with assets across three major business areas: hedge/long-only funds, real estate and private equity. Since it was founded, Duet Group has established a solid portfolio in areas of increasing importance, and particularly within the emerging and frontier markets. Gabay continues to serve as chairman of Duet Group and as a senior investment professional in the emerging and frontier markets of Duet Group’s private equity division. Learn more about Henry Gabay on Crunchbase…

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Mike Elms

Chairman & Co-Founder @ Hotcourses Group

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Mike founded the company in the belief that every student should be able to make the right education choice for their future and providing them with the best information to help them achieve this is at the heart of the Hotcourses Group mission. Learn more about Mike Elms on Crunchbase…

Hotcourses Group operates a program search Website. Read more aboutHotcourses Group on Crunchbase…

Israel Mazin

Chairman & Co-founder @ Shadow Technologies Ltd.

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Mr. Mazin was a co-founder of Memco Software and served as Memco’s CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors from 1990 until the company was acquired by Computer Associates in 1999. Prior to his position at Memco, Mr. Mazin served as a business development consultant to several Israeli companies in the high-tech industry. Mr. Mazin began his career at the Israel Defense Forces Computer Center where he served in infrastructure systems management. Learn more about Israel Mazin on Crunchbase…

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Colin Smithers

Chairman & Co-founder @ Plextek Group

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Colin Smithers gained BSc and PhD degrees in electronics from Surrey University (Guildford, UK), joining PA Technology in 1985. In 1989 he co-founded and is Chairman of Plextek, the leading communications technology group that has produced Telensa (street lighting control), Blighter Surveillance Systems (electronic scanning radar) and helped form Pneumacare (non-contact lung measurement). Since 1992 Plextek has designed for TRACKER Network (UK LoJack licensee and Fleet Tracking operator), in 2004 becoming sole supplier to LoJack, delivering over 5 million tracking devices into the automotive aftermarket worldwide. In 2010 Colin founded Redtail Telematics with offices in Cambridge and San Diego and which now supplies fleet and insurance markets, notably: Ingenie, Admiral, Tracker Network (UK), MyDrive Solutions, Direct Line, Axa, and American Transit Insurance Corporation (New York). Learn more about Colin Smithers on Crunchbase…

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Paul Swaddle

Chairman & Co-Founder @ Pocket App Limited

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Pocket App is the UK’s Leading Mobile Development Agency, based in the heart of London. Read more aboutPocket App Limited on Crunchbase…

Mark Suter

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder @ Digital Vega

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Mark has 30+ years of front office experience in the Global FX market. Mark has managed cash and derivative businesses for Chase Manhattan, Royal Bank of Scotland, Banque Paribas and Standard Bank. In 2000, Mark joined Dresdner Bank to help build and roll out the Piranha and Click and Trade online platforms. With a strong mix of experience in Option trading and development of online trading systems. Mark was approached by FXall to develop a multi-bank FX options trading platform; as the shareholding and business focus changed, the option project was shelved in 2007. Mark’s view was that an opportunity clearly existed, backed by increasing demand from a range of clients, partnering with worldflow, an e-commerce development specialist. He went on to co-found Digital Vega. Learn more about Mark Suter on Crunchbase…

Digital Vega is a privately held company operating the Medusa FX Option trading platform. Read more aboutDigital Vega on Crunchbase…

Alan Wyn-Davies

Chairman & Co-Founder @ DFx Technology

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Alan Wyn-Davies has been serving as chairman of DFx Technology since June 2003. Learn more about Alan Wyn-Davies on Crunchbase…

DFx Technology designs and manufactures energy saving technologies. Read more aboutDFx Technology on Crunchbase…

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