Top Influencers: 64 UK Founder and Managing Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Founder and Managing Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Founder and Managing Director role. We have selected these Founder and Managing Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Founder and Managing Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Ben Starr

Founder and Managing Director @ 15 Marketing

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Ben Starr is an internet entrepreneur who founded and is the current managing director of 15 Marketing. With a degree from The University of Birmingham in Accounting and Finance, he spurned offers from major accounting firms and started his career in American online sports betting. He moved into UK e-gaming in 2005, focusing primarily within the online bingo vertical. Gaining experience at Herotech, Cashcade and Party Gaming, he founded marketing agency 15 Marketing in December of 2009. A keen sportsman, Ben spends his spare time keeping fit by playing football, squash and basketball. He lives in North London with his wife and at time of writing, one child. Hard working but never one for corporate life, he founded 15 Marketing with the requirement of a relaxed dress code and an open plan office. He is known for regularly working 18 hour days, treating his laptop like he would his child and appearing in the office as early as 4am. He is a fanatical basketball fan who follows the NBA avidly, making trips to the USA whenever he can to watch a live game. Founded Jumpman Gaming, October 2012. Learn more about Ben Starr on Crunchbase…

Launched in 2009, 15 Marketing is a boutique agency 3.0 to the eGaming industry. Founded by Ben Starr, the company looks after many major Read more about15 Marketing on Crunchbase…

Keld van Schreven

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ KR1 plc

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Keld is cofounder of KR1 UKs leading crypto investment public company. First investors in Melonport, Funfair, Rocketpool and Etherisc. Keld is advisor to IXLedger and previously cofounder of several web startups since 1995. Learn more about Keld van Schreven on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKR1 plc on Crunchbase…

Parminder Basran

Co-founder and Managing Director @ Velos Partners

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Parminder Basran is the Founder & Managing Partner at VGC Partners. Learn more about Parminder Basran on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVelos Partners on Crunchbase…

Paul Thomas

Founder and Managing Director @ Lead Forensics

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Lead Forensics is the B2B software that identifies anonymous website visitors, providing full contact details and customer journey insight. Read more aboutLead Forensics on Crunchbase…

Michael Howard

Founder and Managing Director @ Frontier Software

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Michael founded Frontier Software in 1983 to deliver Human Resource and Payroll software from the first office in Melbourne, Australia. Michael concentrates on worldwide expansion that now includes offices in 7 countries. In May 2014, Michael celebrated the 31 year company anniversary in Melbourne, Australia. Learn more about Michael Howard on Crunchbase…

Frontier Software is Provider of integrated Human Capital Management & Payroll software/services. Read more aboutFrontier Software on Crunchbase…

Filipa Neto

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Chic by Choice

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Filipa Neto is co-founder and CEO of Chic by Choice, Europe’s leading luxury rental marketplace allowing women to rent the world’s best items sourced from brands and e-commerce platforms at a fraction of the retail price. Chic by Choice provides retailers a yield management solution that can help manage excessive stock in a clever way, providing an alternative that can generate up to 5 times more revenue than discounting or outlets. Filipa was able to raise €520k investment for the venture at the age of 23. The success of Chic by Choice later led to another €1.5m of investment to continue to grow the company in the UK and Germany. In July 2015, the company acquired Laremia, a German dress rental competitor, which already represents 20% of the company’s revenue. In little more than a year, Chic by Choice is established as the leading dress rental platform shipping to more than 15 countries in Europe and with outstanding month on month growth. Filipa currently manages a team of 16 with offices in London and Lisbon and she is also part of the Global Shapers community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum a network developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. Learn more about Filipa Neto on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutChic by Choice on Crunchbase…

Actar Arya

Founder and Managing Director @ DA Languages

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Actar is the Director of DA Languages and is extremely passionate about the language industry. In fact she had worked as a freelance interpreter prior to starting up DA Languages in 1998. Learn more about Actar Arya on Crunchbase…

DA Languages Ltd is a South Manchester based interpreting and translation agency working across the UK. Read more aboutDA Languages on Crunchbase…

Ed McDermott

Co-Founder and Managing Director, UK @ EMMAC Life Sciences

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Ed McDermott is the co-founder and managing director at EMMAC Life Sciences. Learn more about Ed McDermott on Crunchbase…

EMMAC is a medical cannabis company that works to join together the latest science and research with cutting-edge cultivation. Read more aboutEMMAC Life Sciences on Crunchbase…

Nick Corrie

CEO, Founder and Managing Director @ Trak Global Group

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An economics graduate, former RAF officer and experienced businessman. Founded Trak Global in 2009 and Carrot in 2011 and has led both businesses to market leading positions. Passionate about using technology to create real value for their partners and customers. Learn more about Nick Corrie on Crunchbase…

Trak Global Group provides its partners with the very latest in technology to enable and support telematics insurance propositions. Read more aboutTrak Global Group on Crunchbase…

Stephen Finch

Founder and Managing Director @ Vagabond Wines

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Stephen Finch is the Founder and Director of VAGABOND and BOXCAR Learn more about Stephen Finch on Crunchbase…

Vagabond Wines is owns and operates wine bars and shops in the United Kingdom. Read more aboutVagabond Wines on Crunchbase…

Jan Harley

Founder and Managing Director @ Singularity Venture Advisers

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Jan is a founder member of Unilever Ventures when it was set up in 2002. Jan’s focus is on technology companies that help Unilever improve its return on marketing investment, as well as consumer-facing businesses. Jan started his career in marketing 1989 and had over 12 years of marketing and sales experience with Unilever. He had a number of international marketing roles including European Marketing Manager for Persil and regional Marketing Manager for Oral Care for the Middle East and North Africa based in Dubai. Jan has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Cambridge University. Jan is a director of Froosh and Brandtone. Learn more about Jan Harley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSingularity Venture Advisers on Crunchbase…

Oliver Adderley

Founder and Managing Director @ Jobster

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Oliver Adderley is the founder and managing director at Jobster. Learn more about Oliver Adderley on Crunchbase…

Jobster is an online recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom Read more aboutJobster on Crunchbase…

Lukasz Kisiel

Founder and Managing Director @ Kisiel Ltd.

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A privately owned construction company specializing in residential refurbishment, renovation, extensions and new build construction. Read more aboutKisiel Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Sunny Miah

Founder and Managing Director @ CutPay Merchant Services

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Cutpay Merchant Services provides card payment online and offline. Read more aboutCutPay Merchant Services on Crunchbase…

Akshay Ruparelia

Founder and Managing Director @ Doorsteps

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Doorsteps is a UK-based online estate agents. Read more aboutDoorsteps on Crunchbase…

Struan Mackie

Co-founder and Managing Director @ North Point Distillery

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Struan Mackie is Scottish politician and entrepreneur from Thurso, in the Highlands. Co-founder and Managing Director of North Point Distillery, in West Caithness, Struan is a seasoned entrepreneur within the spirits industry. A regular media contributor and public speaker across the United Kingdom and abroad, he is a member for Thurso and Northwest Caithness for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. As a management consultant with global auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers, Struan has worked across the private and public sector within the firms advisory practice in London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Leeds. He now operates a boutique consultancy firm called MacDonald Mackie Consulting based in the Scottish Highlands. Throughout the 2015 General Election and 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections, Struan provided media contribution for the BBC across multiple platforms, including appearances on Good Morning Scotland, Newsnight, Victoria Derbyshire and the BBC World Service. He maintains a working relationship with the BBC and has contributed to debates around the economy, rural matters and the European Union. A Strathclyde University Business School Alumnus, Struan is primarily based in the Scottish Highlands with engagements across the United Kingdom as part of ongoing consultancy work. Learn more about Struan Mackie on Crunchbase…

The home of small batch, sustainable spirits. Wildly crafted on the rugged Caithness coast. Read more aboutNorth Point Distillery on Crunchbase…

Lucius Cary

Founder and Managing Director @ Oxford Technology Management

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Lucius Cary is the founder and managing director of Oxford Technology. He has a degree in engineering and economics from Oxford University, an MBA from Harvard Business School and was an engineering apprentice at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell. After forming and raising finance for his first business in 1972, he founded “Venture Capital Report” in 1978 and was its managing director for 17 years. In March 1996, he became chairman and reduced his day-to-day involvement in order to concentrate more fully on Oxford Technology Management’s investment activities. Oxford Technology Management raised its first fund to invest in start-up and early-stage technology companies in 1983. In 2003, he was awarded an OBE for services to business. Learn more about Lucius Cary on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutOxford Technology Management on Crunchbase…

Simon Cullen

Founder and Managing Director @ Risksave Technologies

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Simon Cullen is a founder of RiskSave, a financial technology and compliance firm. He has a first-class degree in mathematics and a masters in economics from Trinity College Dublin and is a qualified Financial Risk Manager (FRM). Simon worked for over fifteen years in banking and asset management, formerly being Head of Credit for Structured Debt for a large European Asset Manager. Simon has 15 years’ experience dealing with regulatory compliance and risk across banks and asset managers and oversees RiskSave’s compliance platform. Learn more about Simon Cullen on Crunchbase…

Risksave Technologies is a fast-growing provider of regulatory hosting services. Read more aboutRisksave Technologies on Crunchbase…

Shane Lake

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ hungryhouse

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Shane Lake is co-founder and managing director at Hungryhouse. Learn more about Shane Lake on Crunchbase…

hungryhouse is a U.K.-based online platform for takeaway and food delivery that provides a wide range of cuisines and dishes. Read more abouthungryhouse on Crunchbase…

Anna Szanto

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ The Goodness Project

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The Goodness Project is a highly regarded e-commerce platform offering quality free from gifts, subscription boxes. Read more aboutThe Goodness Project on Crunchbase…

Vernon Dias

Founder and Managing Director @ Made by Fire

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We create digital products for our ambitious clients with a team of over 100 specialists. Read more aboutMade by Fire on Crunchbase…

Paul Archer

Founder and Managing Director @ Duel

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World Record-breaking Adventurer, Best-selling Author and founder of Duel. Aside from his expeditions and writing, he has spent his career building technology, including the Daredevil Project app development studio, and consulting for advertising agencies and tech companies. He founded Duel to democratise and decentralise marketing for brands. Duel is solving the lack of emotional connection and social proof in often clinical looking online stores by rewarding customers for creating visual testimonials and advocating among their friends, rather than wasting millions on advertising to drive sales. Before this Paul conceived and implemented the It’s on the Meter Expedition to drive to London taxi around the World. The expedition broke two Guinness World Records, raised over £20,000 and passed through 50 countries after driving 80,000 miles from London to London in Hannah, a 1992 London Taxi bought of eBay. Paul is also an experienced speaker, moderator and a conference host. Including TEDx, SXSW, Festival of Media, Cannes Lions, Social Media Week, GenerationE, the Content Marketing Institute and Retail.Tech, as well as guest lecturing at the British School of Fashion. Learn more about Paul Archer on Crunchbase…

Brand Advocacy Platform that enables purpose-led brands to drive organic growth & retention through word-of-mouth & advocacy Read more aboutDuel on Crunchbase…

Tristan Hogg

Founder and Managing director @ Pieminister

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Moved quickly from washing dishes to becoming apprentice chef at a Broxton hall hotel in Cheshire and then jumped at the chance of moving to London to set up the kitchen at Jon Simons (My business partner and Brother in Law) newly opened bar. Headhunted a few years later to work on music tours, became a chef to bands such as The Rolling Stones, Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams. Learn more about Tristan Hogg on Crunchbase…

Pieminister is a Bristol-based family business known for making award winning pies. Read more aboutPieminister on Crunchbase…

Andrey Dobrynin

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ InvestEngine

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InvestEngine is an investment management company that builds smart applications to managed stocks, shares, and general portfolio accounts. Read more aboutInvestEngine on Crunchbase…

Tony Xu

Founder and Managing Director @ Perfocal

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Perfocal is the easiest way to hire an awesome photographer, on-demand. Read more aboutPerfocal on Crunchbase…

Chris Kelly

Founder and Managing Director @ Z Studios

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Chris Kelly is a Co-Founder at Bigballs Media. Learn more about Chris Kelly on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZ Studios on Crunchbase…

Mike Carter

Founder and Managing Director @ Ixis IT

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A Drupal expert, solutions architect and big fan of open source software and contribution. Learn more about Mike Carter on Crunchbase…

Ixis IT is a company providing Drupal services including development, hosting and support. Read more aboutIxis IT on Crunchbase…

Christopher Hird

Founder and Managing Director @ Dartmouth Films

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Read more aboutDartmouth Films on Crunchbase…

Steve Lucas

Founder and Managing Director @ Skillstream

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Skillstream is the leading contingent workforce management technology. Read more aboutSkillstream on Crunchbase…

Niki Beattie

CEO, Founder and Managing Director @ Market Structure Partners

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Market Structure Partners is a specialist, independent, strategic advisory firm. Read more aboutMarket Structure Partners on Crunchbase…

Robert Ambrose

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Caretta Research

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Read more aboutCaretta Research on Crunchbase…

Baris Ozel

Founder and Managing Director @ Ozel Tech

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Baris Ozel is the founder and Managing Director at Ozel Tech and CTO of DATAWD, a London-based IT companies developing technological products and applications. Baris Ozel is an entrepreneur, computer scientist and engineer, and holds an MBA degree. He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). In October 2011, he founded Ozel Tech Information Technologies Consultancy in London, United Kingdom. In August 2016, he founded DATAWD Information Technologies Consultancy in London, United Kingdom. Ozel Tech has been providing IT Consultancy and Support, E-Commerce Systems, Warehouse-Logistics Solutions. DATAWD has been providing Data Mining, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Information Security as well as bespoke software development for companies and individuals. Learn more about Baris Ozel on Crunchbase…

ÖZEL TECH is a business enterprise engaged in developing technological projects and applications in the field of Information Technologies. Read more aboutOzel Tech on Crunchbase…

Mark Bates

Founder and Managing Director @ Banana Moon Day Nursery Limited

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Mark is the Managing Director and founder of Banana Moon Day Nursery. After becoming frustrated with the shortage of good, high quality nurseries into which he would have been happy to place his own children, he decided to take matters into his own hands and build his own! Mark’s approach has always been from the point-of-view of a concerned parent and it is this approach which has led to Banana Moon developing such a unique and distinctive model. Whilst every nursery is clearly governed by current legislation, the Banana Moon system adds a whole new layer of experience on top of this and it is this approach which has resulted in the success that Banana Moon now enjoys. Learn more about Mark Bates on Crunchbase…

Banana Moon Day Nursery is the leading franchise in UK for best day care services which build up with quality environment of child care. Read more aboutBanana Moon Day Nursery Limited on Crunchbase…

Sean Schwarz

Founder and Managing Director @ RAFT Recruitment

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RAFT Recruitment is a recruiting firm that places executives, software, machine learning, and robotics engineers. Read more aboutRAFT Recruitment on Crunchbase…

James Mansfield

Co-founder and Managing Director @ Finance Earth

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Finance Earth is a fund manager and environmental impact investment adviser. Read more aboutFinance Earth on Crunchbase…

Graham Withe

Founder and Managing Director @ We Influence

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We Influence is a digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing and conversion rate optimization. Read more aboutWe Influence on Crunchbase…

Rebecca Terrell

Founder and Managing Director @ Tribeca Studios

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Rebecca Terrell is the founder and managing director of Tribeca Studios. Learn more about Rebecca Terrell on Crunchbase…

Tribeca Studios is a boutique fitness club that operates as a pay-as-you train studio. Read more aboutTribeca Studios on Crunchbase…

Mark Randall

Founder and Managing Director @ IOR Group

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Mark is the founder and Managing Director of IOR. His prime focus is on IOR’s strategic vision while nurturing client relationships. A graduate from Loughborough University, Mark has 30 years’ experience in the office services market, with in-depth knowledge of workplace and its impact on staff health, wellbeing and productivity. Mark is a member of the British Council for Offices (BCO),the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) and the Association of Interior Specialists (AIS). Loves: Radical cheese Learn more about Mark Randall on Crunchbase…

IOR Group provider of interior designing services intended for offices. Read more aboutIOR Group on Crunchbase…

Mark Randall

Founder and Managing Director @ IOR Group

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Mark is the founder and Managing Director of IOR. His prime focus is on IOR’s strategic vision while nurturing client relationships. A graduate from Loughborough University, Mark has 30 years’ experience in the office services market, with in-depth knowledge of workplace and its impact on staff health, wellbeing and productivity. Mark is a member of the British Council for Offices (BCO),the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) and the Association of Interior Specialists (AIS). Loves: Radical cheese Learn more about Mark Randall on Crunchbase…

IOR Group provider of interior designing services intended for offices. Read more aboutIOR Group on Crunchbase…

Andy Walters

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Quartix

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Quartix provides vehicle tracking systems and devices for site and field services, transportation, security, and other industries. Read more aboutQuartix on Crunchbase…

Andy Walters

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Quartix

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Quartix provides vehicle tracking systems and devices for site and field services, transportation, security, and other industries. Read more aboutQuartix on Crunchbase…

Joseph Devereux

Founder and Managing Director @ Third Wave Coffee Ventures

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Cool Cold Brew is a range of healthier chilled coffee drinks. Read more aboutThird Wave Coffee Ventures on Crunchbase…

Julia Austin

Founder and Managing Director @ Tyne Bank Brewery

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Tyne Bank Brewery’s growth has been based on our strong brand and focus on quality craft beers. Read more aboutTyne Bank Brewery on Crunchbase…

Jennifer Quigley Jones

Founder and Managing Director @ Digital Voices

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Jennifer is the Founder and Managing Director of Digital Voices, an Influencer and Content Marketing agency. Before starting Digital Voices, she worked at YouTube with UK creators. Digital Voices works with clients like Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force and Island Records to design social media campaigns. She believes in making content that your customers want to find. Whilst at Google, she taught UK creators and brands to grow organically – without spending money on advertising. The role involved data analysis to strategically advise brands on video – at the cutting edge of media and advertising. She advised over 500 partners from a variety of industries – from The Economist, to UNHCR, to music labels and even Facebook prankster Ben Phillips, on brand strategies, taking into account their business objectives. Prior to YouTube, she completed her Master’s at Harvard University in Middle Eastern Studies, on a generous full scholarship from the Kennedy Memorial Trust. Whilst there, she specialised in the Syrian crisis and worked with many non-profits and social enterprises, including the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations. Learn more about Jennifer Quigley Jones on Crunchbase…

Digital Voices is an Influencer marketing agency that specialises in youtube. Read more aboutDigital Voices on Crunchbase…

Michaela Reaney

founder and Managing Director @ Gradvert

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Michaela is the founder and MD of Gradvert. She drives the company’s strategic direction and commercial focus as well as staying close to many of our clients and universities. Michaela has a decade of experience in global talent management and recruitment with FTSE100 organisations. An authoritative figure in the news on education, employability and and policies effecting young people, she takes great pride in driving a brand and organisation that supports the development of professional skills and behaviours in our future leaders. Learn more about Michaela Reaney on Crunchbase…

UK’s leading graduate recruitment and training companies Read more aboutGradvert on Crunchbase…

Kirsty Trafford-Owen

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Druthers Search

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Kirsty has 18 years’ experience of recruiting senior to board-level executives across a number of different industries, including technology, banking and FMCG. She has over a decade’s experience in executive search, as well as extensive experience in talent acquisition, for business including Barclays and Coca Cola. Kirsty is passionate about diversity and inclusion and regularly hosts and attends events and training sessions across the UK and Europe. Learn more about Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Crunchbase…

Druthers helps candidates and companies with diversity & inclusion recruitment in the workplace. Read more aboutDruthers Search on Crunchbase…

Matthew Reed

Founder and Managing Director @ Equipsme

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Equipsme provides health insurance for UK business. Read more aboutEquipsme on Crunchbase…

Neil Cloughley

Founder and Managing Director @ Faradair Aerospace Limited

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Neil is a passionate and experienced Aviation and IT entrepreneur, utilising his market knowledge within the aerospace sector to create a team and company that is able to deliver an exciting new aircraft. In his 20 year career to date he has built key strategic relationships with some of the largest brands in aviation and the information technology sectors, creating a reputation for successfully closing opportunities and generating significant rates of return. He comes from a family background based in the security, policing and unmanned air vehicle sectors, setting him on a path to follow in his father’s footsteps, following a 20 year dream of creating a new aircraft and transitioning it into an exciting aviation start-up reality. His ability to spot new market opportunities is highlighted by his previous tablet computer and mobile communications solution where he partnered with Siemens, SUN Microsystems and others in 2001 to demonstrate one of the world’s first tablet computing opportunities, three years before of Apple invented their I-Pad. Over 280 million tablets have since been sold, despite venture capitalists telling Neil at the time that a ‘tablet’ would never take off – So Neil has now decided to create a product that literally will ‘take off’! He has first-hand experience working with high profile aviation start-up’s including Virgin Galactic and Virgin America, providing him with valuable insight as to the many pitfalls such businesses can encounter. His success selling various commercial aircraft, including regional jets, enables him to understand the requirements and problems of the aviation market better than many that are currently attempting to enter the urban aerospace sector. Learn more about Neil Cloughley on Crunchbase…

Faradair is a pioneering Hybrid/Electric aircraft development company. Read more aboutFaradair Aerospace Limited on Crunchbase…

Brandon Wu

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Markd

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Markd is a gaming industry that focuses on providing competitive games. Read more aboutMarkd on Crunchbase…

Lucy Kirkness

Founder and Managing Director @ Pandable

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Read more aboutPandable on Crunchbase…

Rachel Bridge

Founder and Managing Director @ Froglet Productions

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Read more aboutFroglet Productions on Crunchbase…

Charlie Thuillier

Founder and Managing Director @ Oppo Ice Cream

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Charlie Thuillier is the Founder & Managing Director at Oppo Brothers. Learn more about Charlie Thuillier on Crunchbase…

Oppo Ice Cream provides a wide range of ice creams such as madagascan vanilla, mint choc swirl, and salted caramel. Read more aboutOppo Ice Cream on Crunchbase…

Steve Bennett

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ WOOF & BREW Limited

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WOOF&BREW is a beverage company that produces healthy and herbal doggy teabags. Read more aboutWOOF & BREW Limited on Crunchbase…

John Bechtel

Founder and Managing Director @ Badger Pass

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Badger Pass focuses on technology consulting, business operations, processes and planning. Read more aboutBadger Pass on Crunchbase…

William Wright

Founder and Managing Director @ New Financial LLP

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New Financial is a new think tank and forum that makes the positive case for capital markets . Read more aboutNew Financial LLP on Crunchbase…

Sam Ford

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Tap2Tag

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Tap2Tag is seeking further investment for expansion plans into overseas markets. Read more aboutTap2Tag on Crunchbase…

Nik Plevan

Founder and Managing Director @ eTalent

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eTalent gives businesses access to an effective recruitment tool which includes personality and behavioural profiling. Read more abouteTalent on Crunchbase…

Duncan Davidson

Founder and Managing Director @ Rohallion

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Rohallion is a deliver digital services that can change your business. Read more aboutRohallion on Crunchbase…

Alex B. McKinley

Founder and Managing Director @ Share Talk

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Alex.B. McKinley is the Founder and Managing Director of Share Talk. Learn more about Alex B. McKinley on Crunchbase…

Share Talk is a free communications portal that gives users access to exclusive interviews, videos, blogs, iOS, and Android mobile Apps. Read more aboutShare Talk on Crunchbase…

Dominic Thorpe

Founder and Managing Director- Acting CEO and in charge of fundraising, strategy, and development @ Wireless Fitness

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The Wireless Fitness is an app that portable exercise studio in your phone Read more aboutWireless Fitness on Crunchbase…

Luke Rees

Founder and Managing Director @ AWE365

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AWE365 your gateway to action sport, outdoor activities and adventure travel discounts and articles. Read more aboutAWE365 on Crunchbase…

Paul Collins

Founder and Managing Director @ Spica Technologies

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Paul is a highly experienced, client centric technical leader, having previously founded and grown one of the UK’s most successful IBM Business Partners. Learn more about Paul Collins on Crunchbase…

SPICA Technologies is a specialist IOT Systems Integrator that uses a combination of technical assets, hardware (device). Read more aboutSpica Technologies on Crunchbase…

Stuart Millson

Cofounder and Managing Director @ Broker Compare

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Broker Compare is a price comparison tool that helps investors find the right online stockbroker for their needs. Read more aboutBroker Compare on Crunchbase…

José Francis

Founder and Managing Director @ Hamilcar Capital Limited

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José is an Investment Advisor. His main role is to screen the African market (Private and Listed Equity) to find the best investment opportunity on behalf of a consortium of selected investors Partner. José Solange Francis founded Hamilcar Capital Limited which is a regulated London Investment Boutique mainly dedicated for investment across the African continent. As a Principal Investment and Advisor Partner, he is surrounded with highly talented Expert Advisors. Mr J.S.Francis is global coordinator for deal sourcing, analysing and execution of direct equity investments. José brings to the growing business in Africa his 20 years’ extensive experience in financial markets on Equity and Derivatives products. He has a strong academic background in Finance and Economics. Prior to Hamilcar Capital Limited, he worked in London and Paris for well established financial institutions such as Paribas Asset Management, Natixis, Société Générale, GFI Group, Integra Capital. He covered different roles such as Fund Manager, Trader and Sales. Through his long experience, Mr J.S. Francis covered very large international institutions and also hedge fund clients by arranging deals on industrial participations and special situations. His responsibility was covering deals on IPO, Secondary Offerings, Block Trades, Repo Trade, Stocks Lending. He was also responsible for identifying attractive investment opportunities on equity event driven, M&A situations, distressed and restructuring stocks, large discounted stocks, managing equity and derivatives exposure. Mr J.S. Francis holds a Masters Specialized in Finance (ISG Business School, Paris) and a Bachelor degree in Economics, specializing in Mathematics and Statistics (University of Toulouse, France). Mr J.S. Francis is registered CF1 (Director) and CF30 (Customer) by the Financial Conduct Authority. He is trilingual in English, French (mother tongue) and Italian. He is currently learning Arabic. His motto “Never Give Up, just Carry On” Learn more about José Francis on Crunchbase…

Hamilcar Capital is an independent investment boutique focusing on private and listed equity in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Read more aboutHamilcar Capital Limited on Crunchbase…

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