Top Influencers: 63 UK Operations manager’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Production Operations Manager play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Production Operations Manager role. We have selected these Production Operations Manager’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Production Operations Manager’s. The list is in no particular order!

Joe Marshall

Production Operations Manager @ Morrisons

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Morrisons is a retailer that specializes in supermarket chain management in the UK. Read more aboutMorrisons on Crunchbase…

Erik Christian Hasselbalch

Senior Operations Manager @ Voi

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Read more aboutVoi on Crunchbase…

Sam Hopson

Operations Manager @ Bakedin

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Bakedin, a Basingstoke-based baking subscription service, provides premium home baking products featuring exclusive recipes by Michel Roux. Read more aboutBakedin on Crunchbase…

Clare Gleeson

Operations Manager @ Proveca

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Spoiler title
Clare is an accomplished Project & Programme Manager with a proven track record in delivering highly technical development projects in both Pharma and FMCG sectors. She has a BSC (Hons) science degree and 16 years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. She understands and can manage the full product lifecycle process from formulation development, manufacturing process development, product registration, supply, through to commercial launch and she is skilled in developing successful partnerships with 3rd party providers. She has held senior positions at Boots Healthcare International and Healthcare Brands International and has managed large-scale portfolio developments (£50+m) and a strategic re-engineering programme. As Auralis’s project manager, Clare was instrumental in delivering the first ever PUMA, for the epilepsy product Buccolam. Learn more about Clare Gleeson on Crunchbase…

Proveca Ltd is a UK based pharmaceutical company. Read more aboutProveca on Crunchbase…

Sarah Wilson

Senior Operations Manager @ North West Fire Control

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Spoiler title
Sarah Wilson has worked in a Control Room/Mobilising role for the Fire and Rescue Service for over 25 years. She joined Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service as a Fire Control Operator in 1991 and gradually worked her way through a variety of managerial roles until reaching Station Manager B (Control Manager). Throughout her career, Sarah has followed her interest in training, leadership and professional development. Sarah initially started her studies by achieving a Certificate in Education and expanded on this by becoming a part time lecturer in addition to her Control role. Sarah went on to further her studies, achieving a First Class Batchelor of Arts (Hons) in Education and Training and a Master of Arts in Professional Development (Education, Leadership and Management). In September 2012 Sarah transferred from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to North West Fire Control as the Senior Operations Manager and was promoted to Head of North West Fire Control in October last year. Learn more about Sarah Wilson on Crunchbase…

North West Fire Control is a public sector company set up exclusively by the Fire Services in the North West. Read more aboutNorth West Fire Control on Crunchbase…

Verity Halliday

Operations Manager @ Galen Myotherapy

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Galen Myotherapy is a type of massage therapy that promotes wellness and helps dogs with chronic muscle discomfort. Read more aboutGalen Myotherapy on Crunchbase…

Louise Chawich

Operations Manager @ BookingLive

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BookingLive provides powerful scheduling, reservation and purchasing experiences that create profitable customer relationships. Read more aboutBookingLive on Crunchbase…

Christine Duggan

Operations Manager @ 1st Stop Group

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Read more about1st Stop Group on Crunchbase…

Dave Wheels

Senior Operations Manager @ Little Dot Studios

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Little Dot Studios is one of the fastest growing next-generation media companies. Read more aboutLittle Dot Studios on Crunchbase…

Vicki Keirnan

Operations Manager @ Lyles Sutherland

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Lyles Sutherland providing web site design and development. Read more aboutLyles Sutherland on Crunchbase…

Mark Sanwell

Operations Manager @ Expede IT Solutions Limited

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Expede is proud to be the home of ‘yada’ – the next generation of mobile event app allowing a true 360-degree view of all your events Read more aboutExpede IT Solutions Limited on Crunchbase…

Gavin Phelps

Operations Manager @ Oddbox

FollowGavin Phelps on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Oddbox is a provider of fruit and veg box delivery service intended to reduce food waste. Read more aboutOddbox on Crunchbase…

Lucy Kennard

Operations Manager @ Concentric

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Read more aboutConcentric on Crunchbase…

Charlotte Hillman

UK Operations Manager @ Guester Technologies

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Read more aboutGuester Technologies on Crunchbase…

Si Jia Wen

Product Operations Manager @ Revolut

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Revolut is a financial services company that specializes in mobile banking, card payments, money remittance, and foreign exchange. Read more aboutRevolut on Crunchbase…

Kelsey McGrath

Company Operations Manager @ PixelPin

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Spoiler title
Kelsey is the Company Operations Manager for PixelPin, responsible for producing effective processes and successful working environments in all company offices. She has headed projects for internal company and employee development, such as Service Delivery certification and Cyber Essentials accreditation. Kelsey has previously spoken at events, winning the company the Disruptor of the Year award at Ticketing Business Forum 2019. Prior to PixelPin, her career brought her into experience in film, digital media and business management. Learn more about Kelsey McGrath on Crunchbase…

PixelPin builds a secure authentication system using pictures instead of passwords. Read more aboutPixelPin on Crunchbase…

Selby Cary

Technical Operations Manager @ TestCard Ltd

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TestCard is the medical technology company behind the eponymous at-home test kit. A partnering mobile app delivers immediate results. Read more aboutTestCard Ltd on Crunchbase…

Anna Maria Balint

Social Media Consultant & Operations Manager @ Caliston

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ROI-driven Digital marketing agency Read more aboutCaliston on Crunchbase…

Millie Glennon

HR & Operations Manager @ Bridges Fund Management

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Spoiler title
Before joining Bridges Ventures, Millie worked as a research assistant at Cambridge University and in Ireland at University College Cork, and before that worked in retail. In her current role, she is responsible for HR & Operations. She studied at University College Cork and has a BA Hons in Geography and Archaeology and an MPhil in Geography. Learn more about Millie Glennon on Crunchbase…

Bridges Fund Management is a specialist fund manager dedicated to sustainable and impact investment. Read more aboutBridges Fund Management on Crunchbase…

David McWha

Operations Manager @ Shnuggle

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Shnuggle is an innovative company that designs modern, clever baby products for the mid-high end of the market. Read more aboutShnuggle on Crunchbase…

Simon Skelton

Platform & Operations Manager (JL&P) @ John Lewis & Partners

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Spoiler title
Simon Skelton With over 25 years experience in IT, Simon has worked in both Retail and Insurance industries, with a wide range of roles including Programmer, Strategy & Architecture Manager, Service Desk Manager, Service Improvement Manager, and Online IT Operations Manager. After implementing ITIL across The John Lewis Partnership, Simon now leads the 250+ Applications Operations team in John Lewis, which supports £4.5bn in annual gross sales, with over £1.5bn being taken through the award winning website. Learn more about Simon Skelton on Crunchbase…

John Lewis is a retailer that operates department stores, home stores, supermarkets and convenience stores in the U.K. and internationally. Read more aboutJohn Lewis & Partners on Crunchbase…

Craig Godfrey

Rental Operations Manager @ CLM Fleet Management

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CLM Fleet Management offers smart-panel funding, rental, accident management and mobility services to corporate and public sector clients. Read more aboutCLM Fleet Management on Crunchbase…

Faye Woodcock

Area Operations Manager @ Bar Soba

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Bar Soba fast became a staple of the city’s burgeoning bar and restaurant scene. Read more aboutBar Soba on Crunchbase…

Charlotte Gibson

Operations Manager @ Barrecore

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Spoiler title
Charlotte Gibson is the Operations Manager at Barrecore. Learn more about Charlotte Gibson on Crunchbase…

Barrecore is the boutique fitness company Read more aboutBarrecore on Crunchbase…

Dan Williamson

Operations Manager @ Truemans

FollowDan Williamson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Truemans is your one stop shop for frames, glass, panels, composite doors, conservatory roofs, trims, silicone, fixings, cleaners and tools. Read more aboutTruemans on Crunchbase…

Luke Usher

Operations Manager @ Operatix

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Read more aboutOperatix on Crunchbase…

Iola Hopkinson

Operations Manager @ FeedStock Ltd

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FeedStock leverages AI and NLP technologies to enable financial services companies to satisfy both their compliance and commercial goals. Read more aboutFeedStock Ltd on Crunchbase…

Phylia Phoon

Operations Manager @ Felix Capital

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Spoiler title
Phylia is the Operations Manager and also the Team Assistant in Felix Capital. She enjoys the challenges that her roles bring her and is always on the look-out for more responsibilities and to learn about the different areas of the business. Phylia has been an executive assistant at Advent Venture Partners (technology), Cocosa (fashion ecommerce), Bauer Media (Radio, Magazine and Lifestyle Division), AOL Inc. and fish4 (digital media). Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Phylia is fluent in English, Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin. She has been living in London for over 19 years and is always on the look out for spicy food. Learn more about Phylia Phoon on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFelix Capital on Crunchbase…

Lindsay Scholl

Operations Manager @ Chic Retreats

FollowLindsay Scholl on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

A luxury travel marketplace using the latest in digital technology to connect our collection of independent hotels to affluent travellers Read more aboutChic Retreats on Crunchbase…

Georgia Derry-Evans

Events and Operations Manager @ Feast It

FollowGeorgia Derry-Evans on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Feast It is an online marketplace that allows its customers to book independent caterers for their work or social events. Read more aboutFeast It on Crunchbase…

Ben Faulkner

Finance & operations manager @ Speechmatics

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Powering applications that require mission-critical, accurate speech recognition Read more aboutSpeechmatics on Crunchbase…

Will Latus

Operations Manager @ Whey Box

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Whey Box is a food and beverages company that specializes in providing protein powder. Read more aboutWhey Box on Crunchbase…

Kieran Chappell

Operations Manager @ LifePsychol

FollowKieran Chappell on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

LifePsychol provides psychological services on parenting, child care, and mental health. Read more aboutLifePsychol on Crunchbase…

Anna Ferro-Bowden

Wayleaves Operations Manager @ Community Fibre

FollowAnna Ferro-Bowden on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Community Fibre provides up to 1,000 Mbps fiber broadband service. Read more aboutCommunity Fibre on Crunchbase…

Florence Snell

Operations Manager @ New Entrepreneurs Foundation

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Spoiler title
Florence graduated in 2010 from Durham University with a degree in Civil Engineering. Whilst at university, Florence was involved with a number of clubs and societies and in 2008, she co-founded her college’s ski and snowboard club which continues to run successfully. Florence has had experience in a variety of sectors, including a summer internship with Heidrick and Struggles. Florence joined the NEF in the very early stages and was excited about the challenge of being involved with a new and growing company. As Operations Manager, Florence manages the day to day running of the NEF office. She runs the foundation’s accounts, manages all the logistics for NEF workshops and events, manages meeting schedules for the team and attends some client meetings. Florence has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, is enthusiastic about sports and is enjoying experiencing what London has to offer. She is also NEF’s baker and cake maker in residence. Learn more about Florence Snell on Crunchbase…

The NEF was established to create a new generation of outstanding entrepreneurs. Read more aboutNew Entrepreneurs Foundation on Crunchbase…

Aleksandra Lament

Operations Manager @ ETF Partners

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Spoiler title
Aleksandra Lament serves as an Operations Manager at ETF Partners. Learn more about Aleksandra Lament on Crunchbase…

ETF Partners supports talented entrepreneurs and management teams with investment capital and experience. Read more aboutETF Partners on Crunchbase…

Sheila Nazir

Ad Operations Manager @ National Rail Enquiries

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Spoiler title
Sheila Nazir is Ad Operations Manager at National Rail Enquiries. Learn more about Sheila Nazir on Crunchbase…

National Rail Enquiries is the official source for train times and timetables in the U.K. Read more aboutNational Rail Enquiries on Crunchbase…

Chris Eyles

Operations Manager @ Presteigne Broadcast Hire

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Presteigne Broadcast Hire Read more aboutPresteigne Broadcast Hire on Crunchbase…

Steven Latchum

Operations Manager @ EcommerceHQ Limited

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EcommerceHQ, creators of the most popular module on OpenCart OpenBay Pro. Specialists in OpenCart Hosting and OpenCart Development projects. Read more aboutEcommerceHQ Limited on Crunchbase…

Hayley Moss

Operations Manager @ Few&Far

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Spoiler title
Hayley Moss is the operations manager at Few & Far. Learn more about Hayley Moss on Crunchbase…

Few&Far helps companies stand out, build teams, and set the foundation for growth. Read more aboutFew&Far on Crunchbase…

Christian Collins

Business Operations Manager @ Scape Technologies

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Read more aboutScape Technologies on Crunchbase…

Hannah Zeffert

Creative operations manager @ Image Source

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Spoiler title
With a BA (Hons) in photography and over 10 years’ experience within the photographic industry I’ve refined my skillset to specialise in people management, project delivery and workflow management. Day to day I troubleshoot technical and legal requests from our global distributor network and creative community. I offer 1-2-1 support and mentor our new signers. I ensure the bi-monthly global distribution of our content happens on schedule and follows the highest common standard within the industry. With the help of the tech team and user feedback I streamline our operational processes and improve the image ingestion tool. Learn more about Hannah Zeffert on Crunchbase…

Image Source is an independent Royalty Free and Rights Managed image agency. We hope our boards will inspire your creativity. Read more aboutImage Source on Crunchbase…

Claire Corbin

Partner & Operations Manager, Venture Investment @ Juno Capital Partners

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Spoiler title
Claire acts as Juno’s lynch-pin, building relationships with investors, portfolio companies, prospective investments, professional advisers, partners and the wider venture network. She contributes to Juno’s evolving strategy, is responsible for managing investments to completion, and overseeing all third party and outsourced relationships. Learn more about Claire Corbin on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutJuno Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Harini Marivannan

Operations Manager @ Provenance

FollowHarini Marivannan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Provenance is the leading software solution for sustainability communications Read more aboutProvenance on Crunchbase…

Louise Wyer

Operations Manager @ SoccerHubb

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SoccerHubb is a social network platform for football that includes social media suite, interactive multimedia, and live news feed. Read more aboutSoccerHubb on Crunchbase…

Gary Verster

Senior Marketing Operations Manager @ Trend Micro

FollowGary Verster on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Gary leads marketing operations for Europe and MMEA at Trend Micro. A marketing technologist and evangelist at heart, he sees himself as a ‘pragmatic strategist’ and is passionate about using data to drive decisions. Learn more about Gary Verster on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTrend Micro on Crunchbase…

Debbie Unerman

Operations Manager @ ArtOfBrands SA

FollowDebbie Unerman on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutArtOfBrands SA on Crunchbase…

Greg Hollingworth

Operations Manager, Different Strokes @ Pintrack Ltd

FollowGreg Hollingworth on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Pintrack Ltd is a tech company focused on software development. Read more aboutPintrack Ltd on Crunchbase…

Trupti Gardner

Operations Manager @ Social Tech Trust

FollowTrupti Gardner on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Trupti leads on all internal operations of the Trust to support the team, our Board and funded ventures. Trupti has veritable encyclopaedic knowledge of the Trust, having been here pretty much since we started, alongside a wealth of experience in systems and reporting from her background in finance. Learn more about Trupti Gardner on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSocial Tech Trust on Crunchbase…

Gina Hood

EIS Fund Operations Manager @ Mercia Fund Managers

FollowGina Hood on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Gina joined the Group in 2016 and works as part of the Investor Relations and Sales Team for the Mercia Fund Managers EIS and SEIS funds. As EIS Fund Operations Manager, her focus is on EIS compliance and investor relations; she provides support and communication to our growing investor base and intermediary partners, as well as assisting new investee companies through the advance assurance process and post-completion compliance statements. Learn more about Gina Hood on Crunchbase…

Mercia Fund Managers helps to scale innovative businesses across the UK regions by providing debt, equity and growth capital. Read more aboutMercia Fund Managers on Crunchbase…

Steve Slater

IS Operations Manager @ Wates Group

FollowSteve Slater on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The Wates Group is one of the largest privately-owned construction, development and property services companies in the UK. Read more aboutWates Group on Crunchbase…

Peter Wallerstein

Operations Manager @ Vert Rotors

FollowPeter Wallerstein on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

UK-based compressor manufacturing company. Read more aboutVert Rotors on Crunchbase…

Samantha Scott

International Operations Manager @ Scape Technologies

FollowSamantha Scott on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutScape Technologies on Crunchbase…

Nancy O’Leary

Operations Manager & Executive Assistant @ CivilGEO

FollowNancy O’Leary on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutCivilGEO on Crunchbase…

David Jackson

Operations Manager @ iMagicLab

FollowDavid Jackson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
With a unique background consisting of sales management, customer service and technical recruiting, David Jackson possesses over 6 years of operations and IT management experience. His broad experience is a benefit to him everyday as he runs iMagicLab operations behind the scenes. David plans to help iMagicLab grow by focusing on the development of iMagicLab’s technical support, implementation, customer service and business development platforms. Learn more about David Jackson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutiMagicLab on Crunchbase…

John Millington

Marketing & Operations Manager @ Rhetorik

FollowJohn Millington on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Technology sales & marketing intelligence platform serving UK and Europe Read more aboutRhetorik on Crunchbase…

Theo Litson

Research and Operations Manager @ Lumen Research

FollowTheo Litson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Lumen is a specialist eye tracking research agency based in London, who help optimise advertising across a number of platforms. Read more aboutLumen Research on Crunchbase…

Louise Jackson

Operations Manager @ Benjamin Ball Associates

FollowLouise Jackson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Benjamin Ball Associates offers financial presentation coaching, training, and advice. Read more aboutBenjamin Ball Associates on Crunchbase…

Eve Cotton

Operations Manager @

FollowEve Cotton on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The leading B2B platform for the Fashion Industry Read more on Crunchbase…

Alexandra Nguyen

Business Operations Manager @ bemoir

FollowAlexandra Nguyen on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Bemoir is a social media platform that enables its users to share their stories with photos and videos. Read more aboutbemoir on Crunchbase…

Xavier Senelle

Operations Manager @ Pennine

FollowXavier Senelle on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
As Operations Manager I am responsible for Pennine’s CRM, Accounting and Billing platforms, as well as managing the sales support team who process Pennine’s orders. From a customer perspective it’s important that our customers receive invoices that clearly outline the products and services they take from us, whether it’s a system sale, two-way radio accessory or mobile phone connection. Learn more about Xavier Senelle on Crunchbase…

Pennine is one of the UK’s independent business communication specialists. Read more aboutPennine on Crunchbase…

Luca Malaguti

Operations manager @ Gourmio

FollowLuca Malaguti on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Cook the food of Italy. Italian recipes and authentic ingredients delivered to your home. Read more aboutGourmio on Crunchbase…

Philip Gale

Ad Operations Manager @ Odyssey Mobile Interaction

FollowPhilip Gale on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
A passionate problem solver with keen interest in digital tech. After spending my early days planning and testing military aircraft systems I am now working at the leading edge of digital advertising technologies. My role involves advising the executive team on ad serving and tracking strategy and upgrading the technical infrastructure required to achieve the company growth objectives. My ability to code in HTML, CSS, JS and some level of PHP has helped me gain a thorough understanding of the ad serving process where I can provide input at both a tactical and strategic level. Learn more about Philip Gale on Crunchbase…

Odyssey Mobile Interaction is a technology and media provider helping advertisers target and engage with mobile audiences. Read more aboutOdyssey Mobile Interaction on Crunchbase…

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