Top Influencers: 59 UK Chief Strategy Officer’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Chief Strategy Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Chief Strategy Officer role. We have selected these Chief Strategy Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Chief Strategy Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Gerard Buggy

Chief Strategy Officer @ First Derivatives

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Gerry has twenty years experience within information technology crossing a wide spectrum, specialising in real-time enterprise software and data architectures. Highlights include Tibco, California, Head of Revenue, NEON/IBM IPO, Thomson Reuters – Head of Data Division and Strategy at First Derivatives (AIM listed). Gerry has also founded three companies with successful exits through onward sale to Capco, First Derivatives and Sybase/SAP. Currently he is CTO at First Derivatives PLC. Learn more about Gerard Buggy on Crunchbase…

First Derivatives is a provider of products and consulting services to the largest finance, technology and energy institutions. Read more aboutFirst Derivatives on Crunchbase…

Bobby Yerramilli-Rao

Chief Strategy Officer @ Microsoft

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Bobby Yerramilli-Rao is the Managing Partner at Fusion Global Capital, formerly Hermes Growth Partners. Bobby was formerly the Corporate Strategy Director and Internet Services Marketing Director of Vodafone Group. As part of these global roles Bobby was responsible for overall strategy and technology related acquisitions and served on the company’s investment committee. Bobby serves on the Boards of Directors of Instart Logic and Cambridge Epigenetix, is an observer on the Board of Fuze, and led investments in RingCentral and VeloCloud. Bobby is a former research engineer at Marconi and was a partner at McKinsey and Company in New Jersey and Palo Alto. Bobby holds a DPhil in Robotics from the University of Oxford and an MA in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Learn more about Bobby Yerramilli-Rao on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMicrosoft on Crunchbase…

Iryna Dubylovska

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ RD Capital Partners

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Iryna Dubylovska was a founding member of RD Capital Partners LLP (RDCP), and has served as a Senior Partner since the firm’s inception in 2015. Headquartered in London, RDCP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and manages both partners’ capital as well as institutional capital, investing in a way that responsibly creates enduring value, superior returns and shared outcomes for RDCP partners, investors, portfolio companies and their employees. Ms. Dubylovska leads the portfolio management function of the firm, spending her time managing and growing the business of RDCP’s portfolio companies. Ms. Dubylovska also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of RDCP Care, the firm’s healthcare subsidiary. Previously, Ms. Dubylovska led a career as an investment banker and a real estate investor. As a Partner at Irox, she has spent over seven years in the London real estate industry running managed accounts for HNWIs from France, Ukraine and Russia. She has also worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland as an Investment Banker. Ms. Dubylovska holds a BSc in Business Management from Kings College London (KCL) and a Masters in Economics from University College London (UCL). She is a fluent speaker of five languages. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). She mentors young companies and startups via Virgin StartUp’s mentorship program. Learn more about Iryna Dubylovska on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutRD Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Yi Luo

Chief Strategy Officer @ FreeUp

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Read more aboutFreeUp on Crunchbase…

Tara Austin

Chief Strategy Officer @ Kindred

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Tara Austin is Chief Strategy Officer at Kindred – a creative agency that specialises in delivering positive change across the public and private sectors. With a decade in brand strategy behind her at Publicis and Ogilvy, Tara considers herself fortunate to have been at the forefront of the revolution in applied behavioural science as one of the founding members of Ogilvy Change, the dedicated behaviour change practice. She won her first Gold Lion in 2012 for the agency’s inaugural behavioural experiment, which saw it paint the faces of local babies onto shop security shutters to bring down antisocial behaviour in Greenwich after the London riots. Having joined Kindred in 2018 Tara today leads the agency’s strategic offering, delivering integrated behaviour change campaigns for clients such as HM Government, the Post Office and the NHS. She is also a certified trainer of Edward de Bono’s lateral thinking techniques. Learn more about Tara Austin on Crunchbase…

Kindred wants products, movements and campaigns that stand for something. Read more aboutKindred on Crunchbase…

Mahdi Shariff

SVP & Chief Strategy Officer @ Biddingx

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Shariff serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Sunteng, a Big Data-driven marketing and analytics company which processes 28 billion impressions daily and delivers campaigns for IBM and Qualcomm. Fluent in Chinese, Shariff arrived in China in 2014 searching for an interesting startup in advertising technology. He hails from the United Kingdom where he worked as an investment banker covering Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) deals in London. . Learn more about Mahdi Shariff on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBiddingx on Crunchbase…

Jocelyn Braun

Chief Strategy Officer @ BABB

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Joy has over 20 years of experience in banking and finance, and has designed and launched financial services products, including banking services for the unbanked in emerging markets. She has built an expertise in the economics of blockchain and tokens, holds a Ph.D. in finance/economics (University of Kassel, Germany) and an MBA from London Business School. Learn more about Jocelyn Braun on Crunchbase…

BABB is a world bank for the micro-economy: a global marketplace for human innovation, financial autonomy and wealth creation. Read more aboutBABB on Crunchbase…

James Herbert

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) @ Hastee

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Founder & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Hastee. Learn more about James Herbert on Crunchbase…

Hastee is a mobile application that allows workers to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately. Read more aboutHastee on Crunchbase…

Hugo Amos

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ Black Swan Data

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Black Swan Data is one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies counting PepsiCo, Unilever, McDonald’s and Google amongst its clients. It combines cutting edge data science with publicly available social data to accurately predict trends in consumer behaviour. Hugo Amos works closely with clients to help them transform their insight, innovation and marketing programs through the application of Social Prediction technology. Prior to setting up Black Swan, Hugo spent 10 years in consumer and digital marketing for PepsiCo in both the UK and North America. Learn more about Hugo Amos on Crunchbase…

Black Swan’s SaaS solution uses data analytics to allow brands to more accurately predict future consumer trends Read more aboutBlack Swan Data on Crunchbase…

Ben Knight

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder @ Croud

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Ben is the Co-founder of Croud, Google’s fastest growing agency in the UK in 2013 and 2014 Having worked within search for over ten years, Ben realised that there was a gap within the industry to deliver a more innovative and creative service to clients that could rival other agencies. In 2011, Ben, founded Croud as a new concept in digital to deliver excellence to clients expertise to help their clients grow their businesses. Prior to Croud, Ben has worked for a number of prestigious search agencies. Ben spent his first 6 years at The Search Works where he joined a small team learning his trade and later heading up the financial search vertical, Ben was a key member of the team during it’s growth from 12 to over 100 people. Following the sale at TSW, he joined Harvest Digital as Head of Search in a full service digital agency where he was responsible for paid and natural search as well as social media and analytics, in the 2 and half years he spent at Harvest he grew the size of them team 7 fold and revenues 10 fold before leaving this role in early 2011. Outside of work, Ben is an avid but often disappointed Liverpool football fan. Learn more about Ben Knight on Crunchbase…

Croud is a digital marketing agency that provides services including SEO, PPC, content, programmatic, paid social, and analytics Read more aboutCroud on Crunchbase…

Richard Fulton

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ Raylo

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Raylo is on a mission to shake up the UK mobile sector. Read more aboutRaylo on Crunchbase…

Paul Nunn

Chief Strategy Officer @ SuperAwesome

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SuperAwesome offers kid-safe tools and technology for the children’s digital media ecosystem. Read more aboutSuperAwesome on Crunchbase…

Oscar Clark

Chief Strategy Officer @ Fundamentally Games

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Oscar is the bearer of one of the most recognizable hats in the games industry; and has a reputation for hosting, speaking and moderating at games industry events around the world. He has been working with online games since 1998 running BT’s online games platform, Wireplay. Since then he has been global lead for games for Hutchison Whampoa and their mobile operator Three in the UK, the most successful mobile games platform in terms of revenue per user in the world in 2005. He was also Home Architect for Sony’s Online Virtual World, Playstation Home and evangelist for Unity Ads, one of the most successful advertising networks in games. He literally wrote the book “Games As A Service” which was published in 2014 by Routledge. Learn more about Oscar Clark on Crunchbase…

Fundamentally Games is helps developers and organisations transform their games into services, from concept to live ops. Read more aboutFundamentally Games on Crunchbase…

Mark Montgomery

Chief Strategy Officer @ Simplify

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Simplify is an independent conveyancing and property services company. Read more aboutSimplify on Crunchbase…

Declan Ferguson

Deputy CFO and Chief Strategy Officer @ Starling Bank

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Declan Ferguson is the chief strategy officer at Starling Bank. Learn more about Declan Ferguson on Crunchbase…

Starling Bank is a mobile banking platform that offers personal, joint, and business accounts. Read more aboutStarling Bank on Crunchbase…

Tristan Woods

Chief Strategy Officer @ Safeguard Global

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Tristan has been a driving force in almost all areas of SafeGuard World through the years, including operations, implementation, the development of our Unity® platform and award- winning employee portal, solution consultancy and design. He remains passionate about all things payroll and helping our clients find pragmatic solutions to real global business challenges through deep understanding of how to help our clients navigate the changing global payroll landscape while strategically leveraging their workforce data. Learn more about Tristan Woods on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSafeguard Global on Crunchbase…

Wim Ponnet

Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Commercial Officer @ Endemol Shine North America

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Wim joined Endemol Shine Group from Yahoo EMEA where he was Senior Director, Strategy & Operations since 2011, overseeing the company’s strategic planning and business development across the region. This has included identifying and pursuing opportunities for M&A, commercial partnerships and expansion into new markets, whilst evaluating and exploiting trends in the marketplace. Wim’s previous roles have included a number of senior positions at Coca Cola, including managing projects and planning across host cities and venues for UEFA Euro 2008 and overseeing a portfolio of national and international accounts. As Group Director of Strategy & Commercial Development Wim is responsible for defining and implementing Endemol Shine Group’s global strategy, working closely with the company’s local leaders and partners around the world and reporting directly to CEO Sophie Turner Laing. This includes identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, including acquisitions and expansion into new markets, whilst tracking and leveraging market trends as well as driving the group’s digital endeavours. His remit includes overseeing the Group’s commercial, M&A, Endemol Beyond and research teams. Learn more about Wim Ponnet on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEndemol Shine North America on Crunchbase…

Colum Elliott-Kelly

Chief Strategy Officer and GM Filament North America @ Filament AI

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Colum Elliott-Kelly joined Blippar, the world’s leading augmented reality platform, to lead a dedicated strategic initiative into the education space. Blippar’s vision is to make learning environments interactive, and the scope of the strategy covers all levels and all geographies. Blippar’s powerful technology will enable educators to seamlessly enhance learning spaces and materials digitally – which students access using their smart device. The company is developing a range of products tailored to classroom use, working with content owners to deliver materials in a more engaging way and establishing pilots in school districts around the world to ensure that educators are closely involved in the process. Before joining Blippar in Summer 2014, Colum co-founded Massolit, an e-learning start-up which brings world class lecturers and content to UK secondary schools, and has volunteered for several UK-based education and literacy charities. He is currently in the early stages of launching a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting educational technology in the developing world. He has worked in strategy consulting, corporate finance and corporate communications, and was educated at the University of Oxford. Learn more about Colum Elliott-Kelly on Crunchbase…

Filament helps clients to build proprietary AI capability within their organisation, through consultancy, solutions and tooling Read more aboutFilament AI on Crunchbase…

Paul Trubridge

Chief Strategy Officer @ Dense Air

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Read more aboutDense Air on Crunchbase…

Sarah Kerruish

Chief Strategy Officer @ Kheiron

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Sarah Kerruish is the chief strategy officer at Kheiron Medical. Learn more about Sarah Kerruish on Crunchbase…

We’re going where no-one has ever gone before. — We’re fighting cancer. — Lives are at stake. Read more aboutKheiron on Crunchbase…

Kosten Metreweli

Chief Strategy Officer @ Sunlight.Io

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Kosten is an high growth technology company executive, experienced in creating and delivering strategies to win new markets. Learn more about Kosten Metreweli on Crunchbase…

Sunlight.Io develops products that virtualize any high-performance workload with bare-metal performance. Read more aboutSunlight.Io on Crunchbase…

Ian Jones

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder @ AMPLYFI

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Ian Jones is the Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder at AMPLYFI. Learn more about Ian Jones on Crunchbase…

AMPLYFI is a privately held company that provides software platform capable of intelligently harvesting open source data from the internet. Read more aboutAMPLYFI on Crunchbase…

Aileen Ryan

Chief Strategy Officer @ UltraSoC Technologies

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Aileen’s executive career spans software engineering, operations and strategy with a variety of firms including Huawei, TM Forum, Motorola and Alcatel. She is widely recognized as a leader in the global communications industry and has been named by Silicon Republic as one of the top 25 Irish leaders in the Sci-Tech world. Aileen serves on the editorial advisory board for VanillaPlus and IOTNow publications, and is a regular speaker and moderator at events globally. Aileen holds an M.B.A., an M.Sc. in Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Micro-electronic Engineering from University College Cork. Learn more about Aileen Ryan on Crunchbase…

UltraSoC Technologies provides SoC infrastructure to enable rapid development of embedded systems. Read more aboutUltraSoC Technologies on Crunchbase…

Daniel Horner

Chief Strategy Officer @ Appear Here

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Daniel Horner is the chief strategy officer at Appear Here. Learn more about Daniel Horner on Crunchbase…

Appear Here is an online marketplace for retail space. Read more aboutAppear Here on Crunchbase…

Justin Platt

Chief Strategy Officer @ Merlin Entertainments

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Merlin Entertainments is the largest European entertainments company operating in Europe. Read more aboutMerlin Entertainments on Crunchbase…

Kurt Pakendorf

Chief Strategy Officer & General Counsel @ FaceIT

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Kurt Pakendorf is a chief strategy officer and general counsel at FACEIT. Learn more about Kurt Pakendorf on Crunchbase…

FaceIT is the gaming platform for professional competitions within online multiplayer video games. Read more aboutFaceIT on Crunchbase…

Andrew Hocking

Group Chief Strategy Officer @ Network International

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Andrew Hocking is the Group’s Chief of Strategy and Analytics Officer. He leads market intelligence, strategy development, corporate development and analytics functions within Network International. Andrew Hocking has more than a decade of experience in senior leadership positions in the payments industry spread across commercial, operational and financial functions. Before joining Network International, Andrew Hocking was Head of Strategic Planning at Elavon working across North America, South America and Europe. Prior to this he held a number of positions at Barclaycard and Absa across both the issuing and acquiring covering Europe and Africa where he led the Absa Card’s strategy and change management function. Andrew Hocking holds an MBA from the University of Warwick. Andrew Hocking was appointed as Group Chief Strategy Officer in July 2017, management of the Analytics function was added to his portfolio in August 2018. Learn more about Andrew Hocking on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNetwork International on Crunchbase…

Nicola Whiting

Chief Strategy Officer @ Titania

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Chief Strategy Officer Nicola Whiting is named in SC Magazine’s Top 20 Most Influential Women working in cyber security – her specialist areas include autonomous mitigation and A.I. driven self-defending / self-healing systems. A bestselling author, she regularly contributes to magazines such as Huffington Post, Defence Contracts Bulletin, Defence News Online and SIGNAL. In 2017, she was also crowned an “Unsung Cyber Hero”, by her peers, for her Leadership & Mentoring work. Neurodiverse, she advocates for Diversity in all forms. Learn more about Nicola Whiting on Crunchbase…

Titania specialises in developing commercial software packages to enable organisations, auditors and consultants. Read more aboutTitania on Crunchbase…

Jon Summers

Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer @ Mudano

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Mudano, part of Accenture Applied Intelligence, is a data and machine learning company focused on financial services. Read more aboutMudano on Crunchbase…

Callum Jay

CFO & Chief Strategy Officer @ Green Man Gaming

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Green Man Gaming is a global pure play e-commerce and technology business in the video games industry. Read more aboutGreen Man Gaming on Crunchbase…

Piers Lea

Chief Strategy Officer @ Learning Technologies Group

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Piers founded LINE Communications Holdings Limited in 1989, which was acquired by LTG in April 2014. Piers has over 30 years’ experience in distance learning and communications and is widely considered a thought leader in the field of e-learning. He continues to aid clients in achieving results through the use of learning technologies. Learn more about Piers Lea on Crunchbase…

Learning Technologies Group is an e-learning services company. Read more aboutLearning Technologies Group on Crunchbase…

Christopher Elkins

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder @ MUSO

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Chief Strategy Officer since June 2017. 2015 – 2017 served as the Chief Commercial Officer for MUSO, the world’s leading content protection, data-analytics and audience connection company, responsible for global growth & commercial strategy. Co-founded MUSO and served as its co-CEO from 2008-2011. Previously founded tech b2c music portal Sound Generator, exiting in 2006 following acquisition. Learn more about Christopher Elkins on Crunchbase…

MUSO is a software company that provides anti-piracy solutions for enterprises. Read more aboutMUSO on Crunchbase…

Robert Hahn

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder @ Signol

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Bob is a visiting Professor and former Director of Economics at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford. He also has senior affiliations with Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution. Bob’s experimental research focuses on regulatory and economic issues in energy and transport. Previously, Bob worked for the US Council of Economic Advisers where he helped design an innovative market-based approach for reducing acid rain. Bob has served on the faculties of Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon University and recently served as a member of the U.S. Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking. Learn more about Robert Hahn on Crunchbase…

Signol develops software which focuses on fuel efficiency by analysing operational data. Read more aboutSignol on Crunchbase…

Carl Holmquist

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer @ Freespee

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Carl has over 10 years of entrepreneurial telco & software leadership experience. He launched cloud services for the Nordic Next Gen telco, As a senior consultant at, he spent a couple of months at each of the telco Giants as Swisscom, Belgacom, Telenor, Allstream, One, Telecom New Zealand. Carl holds a MSc from the Institute of Technology at Linköping and Institute Polytechnique de Grenoble. He is also the proud father of three beautiful daughters. Learn more about Carl Holmquist on Crunchbase…

Freespee is the most comprehensive conversation cloud in the market. Read more aboutFreespee on Crunchbase…

Matthew Mee

Global Chief Strategy Officer @ mediacom

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Chief Strategy Officer at mediacom. Learn more about Matthew Mee on Crunchbase…

MediaCom is one of the world’s leading media agencies. Read more aboutmediacom on Crunchbase…

James Brooks

Chief Strategy Officer @ Lightsource Renewable Energy

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James joined the company in 2016 and is based in the London office. His responsibilities include leading Lightsource’s corporate development, equity fundraising, and overall oversight of international operations. James is a member of Lightsource’s Investment Committee and a Board Director. Prior to joining Lightsource, James had an impressive career in private equity, spanning 13 years, with energy investment leadership roles at Advent International, First Reserve and most recently as co-head of Energy Investment in EMEA for Goldman Sachs MBD (formerly PIA). James received his Masters and BA degree in Physics from Merton College, University of Oxford. Learn more about James Brooks on Crunchbase…

Lightsource is a provider of ground and rooftop solar installations in the UK. Read more aboutLightsource Renewable Energy on Crunchbase…

Ross Sleight

Chief Strategy Officer @ Somo

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Respected throughout the digital industry for the breadth of his experience, his foresight and vision, and the quality of his strategic thinking, Ross is without doubt the Professor of Mobile! He has over 20 years’ experience in digital media with 5 years focused on mobile. As Somo’s CSO, Ross advises global brands such as Red Bull, Audi and Universal Music on how to harness the potential of mobile technologies. He was one of the founders of Virgin Games and has been called upon to advise 10 Downing Street and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on interactive media development. He has created award-winning digital strategies for clients including Reuters, Sony, British Airways and The Independent. Ross has been a founding member of six digital businesses throughout the last 15 years. Ross is an expert in consumer behaviour, mobile usage and changes in the market. He has been a judge in all the major creative and effectiveness awards in digital marketing and a frequent keynote speaker at global industry conferences and events. Learn more about Ross Sleight on Crunchbase…

Somo is a digital product agency, delivering digital ambitions at pace and scale for the world’s biggest brands and coolest start-ups. Read more aboutSomo on Crunchbase…

Karen Roy

Chief Strategy Officer & Member of the Board of Directors @ Phlexglobal

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Karen Roy graduated as a Pharmacist in South Africa and entered the Pharmaceutical Industry working for Eli Lilly in Sales. In 1992, she moved into Clinical Research in the UK with Chiltern International, initially managing the Clinical Development Department. Latterly she started up and globally managed a new and novel group, EDC Solutions. In 2007, Karen joined Phlexglobal as Chief Business Development Officer and moved into her current role as Senior Vice President, Client Solutions in 2015. With her clinical and EDC background, Karen has also taken on a lead role in Phlexglobal’s electronic Trial Master File initiative, to promote, develop and implement support of Client eTMF systems as well as Phlexglobal’s eTMF Solution – PhlexEview. Karen also co-chairs the DIA TMF Reference Model, an industry driven initiative to standardize the content, naming and structure of Trial Master Files. Learn more about Karen Roy on Crunchbase…

Established in 1997 Phlexglobal delivers a specialist comprehensive service for all administrative aspects of the clinical trial process Read more aboutPhlexglobal on Crunchbase…

Richard Beech

Chief Strategy Officer @ DriveTribe

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DriveTribe is a digital media platform that allows businesses to create & publish automobile-related contents to their customers. Read more aboutDriveTribe on Crunchbase…

David Sutter

Chief Strategy Officer @ TradeIX

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David Sutter is an experienced Fintech entrepreneur and a blockchain/DLT expert. He was one of the first to foresee the benefits DLT could bring to financial services and in particular trade finance. Over the past years he helped pioneer and design the technology’s application for trade finance. He joined TradeIX in 2017 as Head of Platform Strategy to develop a roadmap for the trade and working capital finance platform and for the Marco Polo Network. He devised an ambitious and ground-breaking vision for the Trade Finance Industry, for the Marco Polo Network and for TradeIX which fundamentally differentiates them from other players and networks in this field. As the Chief Strategy Officer, he will continue defining and designing the future of TradeIX and the Marco Polo Network. Learn more about David Sutter on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTradeIX on Crunchbase…

Praful Morar

Chief Strategy Officer @ Nuvei

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Praful Morar serves as Executive Vice President at SafeCharge International Group Limited and served as its General Manager of Safecharge (Uk) Limited at SafeCharge International Group Limited. Praful Morar served as Corporate Development and Strategy Director at SafeCharge International Group Limited. Praful Morar served as Vice President of Vertical Market Strategy at Worldpay, the global payment processing company. He has more than a decade of experience in the international payments industry. Learn more about Praful Morar on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNuvei on Crunchbase…

Rob Lough

Chief Strategy Officer / Co-Founder @ KidsKnowBest

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A full-service creative agency; driven by insights; powered by youth. Delivering effective and results-led solutions. Read more aboutKidsKnowBest on Crunchbase…

Rob Lough

Chief Strategy Officer / Co-Founder @ KidsKnowBest

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A full-service creative agency; driven by insights; powered by youth. Delivering effective and results-led solutions. Read more aboutKidsKnowBest on Crunchbase…

Kyohei Kiyota

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) @ WELMO

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Engaged in a wide range of businesses globally through a lot of experience such as strategies, operations, finance and human resource management as below. As a self-promotion, I am an active professional that excels in communication and interpersonal skills and developed strong organizational skills through working with the football club as a team granting me higher adaptability, sociability and patience. Also, Iam deeply intercultural in my mindset, and embrace similarities and differences around the world. Learn more about Kyohei Kiyota on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutWELMO on Crunchbase…

Bryn Balcombe

Chief Strategy Officer @ Roborace

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Roborace is a global race series for driverless electric cars. Read more aboutRoborace on Crunchbase…

John Spencer

Chief Strategy Officer @ Veridium

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John Spencer is a seasoned IT Executive with 30 years experience in the software industry. John’s focus is on the development of Veridium’s product offerings, as well as looking into the future and detailing the product roadmap. In recent years, John led European Engineering teams, as well as being chief technology officer for Citrix in Northern Europe. John has been instrumental in working with development teams to deliver commercially successful and award winning products, experiencing strong customer acceptance across multiple industry types. Learn more about John Spencer on Crunchbase…

Veridium is a leading provider of strong digital authentication platform Read more aboutVeridium on Crunchbase…

Sebastian Abdul

Chief Strategy Officer @ Favorey

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Read more aboutFavorey on Crunchbase…

Alex Hamilton

Chief Strategy Officer @ Ensemble Systems

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Alex Hamilton is the Chief Strategy Officer at Ensemble Systems. Learn more about Alex Hamilton on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEnsemble Systems on Crunchbase…

Verra Budimlija

Chief Strategy Officer @ Wavemaker

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Read more aboutWavemaker on Crunchbase…

Ben Kerr

Chief Strategy Officer @ Somethin’ Else

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Ben is one of the UK’s leading content and social strategists, helping brands and broadcasters navigate the evolving communications landscape. At Somethin’ Else, he has developed a planning and delivery model that mixes strategic expertise, production know-how, technical innovation and data insight to help brands build loyal audiences in the digital world. Clients have included Swarovski, Arcadia, BBC, Oxfam, BFI, BPI, PlayStation and Penguin Random House. Prior to joining Somethin’ Else, he led the creative output of Omnicom’s content agency, Drum for the likes of Sainsbury’s, Cadbury, PlayStation, Boots and The British Heart Foundation. It was a fun journey and they won a shelf’s worth of awards along the way including Cannes Lions, Campaign, The Marketing Society and even a Channel 4 Comedy Award. Ben was once a zoo keeper. He has a wife and three young children but no pets. Learn more about Ben Kerr on Crunchbase…

Somethin’ Else’re a content company, but we’re an audience business. Read more aboutSomethin’ Else on Crunchbase…

Sanjay Azim Nazerali

Global Chief Strategy Officer @ Dentsu Aegis Network

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Sanjay Nazerali is Chief Strategy Officer @ Dentsu Aegis Network. Learn more about Sanjay Azim Nazerali on Crunchbase…

Dentsu Aegis Network is the first digitally native network that specializes in media, digital and creative communications services. Read more aboutDentsu Aegis Network on Crunchbase…

Dom Boyd

Chief Strategy Officer @ Poke London

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Dom is a recent APG Chair and Publicis CSO where he moved after a decade at adamandeveDDB as Group Head of Strategy and winning IPA Effectiveness Agency of the Year in 2016, IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix winner in both 2016 & 2014, Marketing ‘New Thinking’ Agency of the Year in 2015 and Cannes Agency of the Year 2014. He’s led award-winning digital & brand strategy for the likes of Volkswagen, John Lewis Partnership, Mulberry and Tourism Ireland, regularly writes & judges awards including APG Creative Strategy, WARC Social Strategy, IPA Excellence Diploma, Effies, and is winner of five IPA Effectiveness Awards. He counts DJing and bringing up two kids as a continuous work in progress. Learn more about Dom Boyd on Crunchbase…

Poke London is a company that creates assorted digital and business strategy and development for their clients. Read more aboutPoke London on Crunchbase…

Raymond Low

Chief Strategy Officer @ AddVentures

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AddVentures develops software and online tools to improve management of companies from the fintech industry. Read more aboutAddVentures on Crunchbase…

Michael Lee

Chief Strategy Officer @ VCCP Group

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Michael joined VCCPme at the beginning of 2015 bringing with him over 20 years experience in integrated, digital and direct agencies. He is passionate about creating the new wave of direct; building ecosystems where the ideas combined with data and personalisation bring relationships to life. For Michael it’s all about the idea first and the channel second. He has worked on clients including Nokia, Three, Unilever, Skype, Heineken, GE, Expedia, Kia, Müller and Samaritans. Learn more about Michael Lee on Crunchbase…

VCCP Group provides directory for top marketers, agencies, media companies. Read more aboutVCCP Group on Crunchbase…

Jon Tipple

Chief Strategy Officer @ FutureBrand

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Jon is a brand strategist with international experience across a variety of creative businesses. He joined the Ogilvy & Mather graduate scheme from university and has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and businesses to drive growth through direct marketing, advertising, innovation and brand experience design. Prior to joining FutureBrand in 2012, his agency experience included Saatchi & Saatchi, FCB, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe (RKCR/Y&R) and McCann. His brand experience includes the London Olympic Games, Red Bull, Microsoft, Nestle, Danone, Virgin, AB InBev, Bacardi and the BBC and his creative industry awards include a D&AD Yellow Pencil, EPICA Effectiveness Agency of the Year and Grand Prix, IPA Effectiveness and the APG Grand Prix. Jon is responsible for strategy, corporate development and FutureBrand’s global methodologies. He is passionate about bringing category-redefining creativity to the world’s most significant brands and businesses. He has a Master’s degree in Marketing and is married with two daughters. Learn more about Jon Tipple on Crunchbase…

FutureBrand seamlessly combines expertise in brand strategy, identity, digital, retail, environmental, product and service design. Read more aboutFutureBrand on Crunchbase…

Max Chambers

Chief Strategy Officer @ Public

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Read more aboutPublic on Crunchbase…

Justin K Small

Chief Strategy Officer @ The Bio Agency

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Justin excels in defining and delivering best-in-class creative strategies for FTSE 100 clients. He combines his experience of planning, branding & UX design, strategic methodologies and management to convert business objectives and customer needs into strategies and experiences that achieve their digital aims. Justin has worked with multinationals including Standard Life Investments, National Grid, BBC, Visa, TfL, Vodafone, Sony, BAE Systems, BT and Lloyds Bank as well as many SMEs and start-ups. He recently led the redesign and global digital strategy for, the digital transformation of Bupa, and the full customer experience transformation of Greyhound USA. Learn more about Justin K Small on Crunchbase…

We are an award-winning digital agency consulting and delivering on customer experience-led innovation and transformation. Read more aboutThe Bio Agency on Crunchbase…

Will Hodge

Chief Strategy Officer @ Karmarama

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Karmarama is a full service communications agency, combining creative excellence with technology-inspired solutions Read more aboutKarmarama on Crunchbase…

Theresa Regli

Chief Strategy Officer @ KlarisIP

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Theresa Regli is a marketing and branding technology analyst, strategist, author and market watcher with 20 years of IT industry experience. As principal and managing partner with Real Story Group, she acts as a vehement anti-hype technology skeptic and buyer’s advocate, ensuring organizations don’t make poor technology choices, or over-spend on what they need to make their digital goals a reality. Theresa has deep expertise in the consumer product goods, publishing, retail, financial, cultural heritage, and ad agency industries, and is the primary author of Real Story Group’s 600+ page Digital & Media Asset Management Report, the definitive guide to the DAM industry and marketplace. Theresa’s advisory clients include CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, Innovation Directors, and global technology implementation teams from Novartis, Macy’s, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Ubisoft, IKEA, CapitalOne, Unilever, Oppenheimer Funds, Christie’s, Sesame Workshop, The University of Pennsylvania, Havas Worldwide, The British Museum, Mettler-Toledo, Net-a-Porter, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Learn more about Theresa Regli on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKlarisIP on Crunchbase…

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