Top Influencers: 52 UK CTO & Co-founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CTO & Co-Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CTO & Co-Founder role. We have selected these CTO & Co-Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CTO & Co-Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Emre Kazan

CTO & Co-Founder @ Plentific

FollowEmre Kazan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Emre Kazan is the co-Founder of Plentific. Learn more about Emre Kazan on Crunchbase…

Plentific is a SaaS platform that provides smart property management solutions for landlords and property managers. Read more aboutPlentific on Crunchbase…

Matt Holland

CTO & Co-Founder @

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Matt Holland is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Seedata. Learn more about Matt Holland on Crunchbase… is a cybersecurity platform that helps companies mitigate data leak incidents and crime threats. Read more on Crunchbase…

Tom Nimmo

CTO & Co-founder @ Ryde

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CTO of Gameplan Technology – B2B enterprise software for the facilities management sector. Formerly Co-founder and CTO of – mobile-driven, contingent workforce supplier for B2C cleaners. Sold to Learn more about Tom Nimmo on Crunchbase…

Ryde is the world’s leading fully integrated, last-mile delivery management platform Read more aboutRyde on Crunchbase…

Paddy Byers

CTO & Co-founder @ Ably Realtime

FollowPaddy Byers on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Ably is the platform to power synchronized digital experiences in realtime. Read more aboutAbly Realtime on Crunchbase…

Robert Simion

CTO & Co-founder @ EnzBond

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Robert holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University. He has more than 8 years of research experience with main focus on computational and organic chemistry. Robert has published several peer-reviewed papers and has consulted for companies within biotechnology. Learn more about Robert Simion on Crunchbase…

In-silico development of enzymes for pharma Read more aboutEnzBond on Crunchbase…

Rashid Mansoor

CTO & Co-founder @ Hadean

FollowRashid Mansoor on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Engineer & complex systems scientist with entrepreneurial expertise building and scaling deep-tech startups. Learn more about Rashid Mansoor on Crunchbase…

Deploy Cloud Native Applications Simply and Securely Read more aboutHadean on Crunchbase…

Prateek Bumb

CTO & Co-Founder @ Carbon Clean Solutions

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Prateek is responsible for day to day overall Technology and Operational strategy of the company. He is the principal innovator of new breakthrough technology to capture carbon dioxide from industrial gases. His expertise involves innovation and implementation of CO2 capture technology from idea to commercial stage. To date, he has international patents on the CO2 capture process and solvents and has published papers at several international conferences and in journals on carbon capture and storage technology. Learn more about Prateek Bumb on Crunchbase…

Carbon Clean Solutions develops CO2 separation technology designed for industrial and gas treating applications. Read more aboutCarbon Clean Solutions on Crunchbase…

James Powell

CTO & Co-Founder @ Sellar

FollowJames Powell on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Sellar is the new trade ordering experience for breweries selling beer directly to trade customers. Read more aboutSellar on Crunchbase…

Jakub Fijolek

CTO & Co-Founder @ Coinfirm

FollowJakub Fijolek on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Jakub Fijolek is Co-Founder and CTO of Coinfirm. An innovative IT and security specialist, has been analyzing and developing around blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their applications since 2010; the former head of multi-algorithm virtual currency mining farms. Learn more about Jakub Fijolek on Crunchbase…

Coinfirm is the global leader in regtech for digital currencies and the blockchain-based financial ecosystem. Read more aboutCoinfirm on Crunchbase…

Stefan Boronea

CTO & Co-Founder @ Proportunity

FollowStefan Boronea on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Proportunity is a financial services organisation made possible by technology. Read more aboutProportunity on Crunchbase…

Dom Marmont

CTO & Co-Founder @ FIXR

FollowDom Marmont on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

FIXR is a leading ticketing and event management platform built for fans and organisers. Read more aboutFIXR on Crunchbase…

Huss EL-Sheikh

CTO & Co-Founder @ 9fin

FollowHuss EL-Sheikh on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Hussam EL-Sheikh is the CTO & Founder at 9fin. Learn more about Huss EL-Sheikh on Crunchbase…

The leading data, news and predictive analytics platform for debt capital markets Read more about9fin on Crunchbase…

Danny Hawkins

CTO & Co-Founder @ Quiqup

FollowDanny Hawkins on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Danny Hawkins is the CTO and Co-Founder of Quiqup. Learn more about Danny Hawkins on Crunchbase…

Quiqup is a provider of on-demand, same-day, and scheduled delivery solutions to retailers and restaurants. Read more aboutQuiqup on Crunchbase…

Craig Johnston

CTO & Co-Founder @ ENOUGH

FollowCraig Johnston on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

ENOUGH is a foodtech startup producing protein through fermenting fungi using renewable feedstocks. Read more aboutENOUGH on Crunchbase…

Tim Boughton

CTO & Co-founder @ Mention Me

FollowTim Boughton on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The referral marketing platform fuelling growth for businesses around the world. Read more aboutMention Me on Crunchbase…

Ben Phillips

CTO & Co-Founder @ Thread

FollowBen Phillips on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Ben is the co-founder of and runs the development team there. Founded last year, Thread brings personal styling to everyone, and it’s free. Before Thread, Ben co-founded Playfire and scaled the site to over 1.5 million users. Ben also enjoys product and graphic design but leaves these things to the experts most of the time. Learn more about Ben Phillips on Crunchbase…

Thread operates as an online personal styling platform designed to help men find clothes. Read more aboutThread on Crunchbase…

Mike Curtis

CTO & Co-founder @ Multiply

FollowMike Curtis on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Multiply provides independent financial advice service. Read more aboutMultiply on Crunchbase…

Ashutosh Chauhan

CTO & Co-Founder @ Capexmove

FollowAshutosh Chauhan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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With 11+ years of professional experience developing software for global leaders. He leads the company’s technology strategy. Learn more about Ashutosh Chauhan on Crunchbase…

Capexmove is a platform to draft and digitise debt financing documents. Read more aboutCapexmove on Crunchbase…

Fabian Blaicher

CTO & Co-Founder @ Shipamax

FollowFabian Blaicher on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Shipamax provides seamless fleet and deals management for operators and brokers. Read more aboutShipamax on Crunchbase…

Tom Cohen

CTO & Co-Founder @ Popsa

FollowTom Cohen on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Tom Cohen joined Popsa as Co-Founder & CTO in 2016. Learn more about Tom Cohen on Crunchbase…

Popsa is a machine learning startup that automatically designs, makes, and delivers personalized physical products. Read more aboutPopsa on Crunchbase…

Peter Maude

CTO & co-founder @ Crisp Thinking

FollowPeter Maude on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Peter Maude serves as Chief Technology Officer of Crisp Thinking Ltd. Peter Maude oversees the entire product development and architecture for all Crisp solutions. As an experienced senior technologist with expertise in systems integration, security, advanced web technologies, CRM and mobile applications, Peter Maude ensures solutions are perfectly suited to its partner’s requirements. This experience coupled with his understanding of the latest technology environments including, Windows Vista and Symbian means he is perfectly positioned to make sure Crisp’s core technology meets the ever changing requirements of end-users and partner ISP’s. Learn more about Peter Maude on Crunchbase…

Crisp is the leading provider of social media brand safety and crisis monitoring services. Read more aboutCrisp Thinking on Crunchbase…

William Jones

CTO & Co-Founder @ Sano Genetics

FollowWilliam Jones on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Sano Genetics is a personalised medicine research platform with data privacy and transparency at its core. Read more aboutSano Genetics on Crunchbase…

Andrew Barraclough

CTO & Co-Founder @ Voxpopme

FollowAndrew Barraclough on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Read more aboutVoxpopme on Crunchbase…

John Davies

CTO & co-founder @ Velo Payments

FollowJohn Davies on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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CTO and co-founder of Velo Payments & Incept5 Previously CTO and co-founder of C24, founded in 2000, sold to Iona Technologies (on NASDAQ) in 2007 (which was then sold to Progress Software 2008). C24 bought back from Progress Software in 2011 and sold to Gresham Technologies (on UK Stock Exchange) in Oct 2016. C24’s product was payments integration technology for investment banks, predominately SWIFT, Fedwire, SEPA, ISO 20022, BOJNet etc. and used by the majority of the worlds largest banks as customers. C24’s [patent-pending] “binary Java” technology-enabled Vodafone to handle over a million messages per second; John was the inventor. John is also CTO of Incept5, leaders in innovation and the team behind Visa Checkout and the BBC’s new iPlayer. John was also designed and ran FX trading technology at Paribas, head of technology consulting in BNP Paribas and global head of architecture at JP Morgan, also an interim chief architect at several startups. John has co-authored 5 Java and architecture books and is a regular speaker at technical and financial services conferences. Learn more about John Davies on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVelo Payments on Crunchbase…

Robert Russell

CTO & Co-founder @ Senseye

FollowRobert Russell on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Rob is the Chief Technology Officer at Senseye, with a BEng in mechanical engineering. He has spent the last 15 years designing and deploying asset management and condition monitoring systems within the aerospace, defence and transport sectors. Having a mechanical engineering background in the software sector has enabled Rob to bridge the gap between the end user and the software teams he leads. His previous position was as CTO of Critical Software, an advanced software engineering company serving the aerospace and defence industries. Rob is passionate about maximising asset and equipment usage but believes in keeping things simple. Learn more about Robert Russell on Crunchbase…

Senseye is a cloud-based software for predictive maintenance. Read more aboutSenseye on Crunchbase…

Adrian Karl

CTO & Co-Founder @ Inspection2

FollowAdrian Karl on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Adrian has over 20 years’ experience working within the mobile telecommunications and Internet industry. Adrian joined Sky-Futures in 2014 to lead the delivery of a technology roadmap for Expanse® that aims to maximise the value and impact of the data captured by drones. Adrian has been involved in both the design and delivery of a wide range of high tech and business applications that have technology at the core. He now applies this experience and expertise to ensure Inspection² stay at the leading edge of AI technology with our software and sensor solutions. Learn more about Adrian Karl on Crunchbase…

Automate industrial asset management & inspection with Inspection2 an AI-powered asset management, data analytics and reporting software Read more aboutInspection2 on Crunchbase…

Chris Loy

CTO & Co-founder @ datasine

FollowChris Loy on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Chris has spent ten years in product development and software engineering, having led large engineering projects within leading technology teams across London, including at Ocado and the BBC. He holds degrees in Physics from Oxford and Machine Learning from UCL, with research efforts focused on using deep learning for complex frequency analysis. He has commercial experience spanning distributed system design, high-traffic web architectures, big data analysis and real-time engineering. Learn more about Chris Loy on Crunchbase…

We empower marketers with intelligent, data-driven insights to improve the performance of creative content. Read more aboutdatasine on Crunchbase…

Callam Poynter

CTO & Co-Founder @ Zentry

FollowCallam Poynter on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Zentry is a photo/video sharing mobile application and ticketing service that allows users to create collaborative albums with your friends. Read more aboutZentry on Crunchbase…

Mario Menti

CTO & Co-founder @ Ally Chatbot

FollowMario Menti on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Ally Chatbot is a civic and social organization that features a software platform that utilizes artificial intelligence. Read more aboutAlly Chatbot on Crunchbase…

Robert Taylor

CTO & Co-Founder @ Origin

FollowRobert Taylor on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Origin is the primary marketplace for fixed income borrowers and dealers. Read more aboutOrigin on Crunchbase…

Oliver Brooks

CTO & Co-founder @ MedicSpot

FollowOliver Brooks on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

MedicSpot gives patients convenient and quick access to healthcare using the latest advancements in telemedicine Read more aboutMedicSpot on Crunchbase…

Krzysztof Worsa

CTO & Co-Founder @ Gophr

FollowKrzysztof Worsa on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Co-Founder, CTO, Board Member at Gophr. Learn more about Krzysztof Worsa on Crunchbase…

We build technology for the same-day courier community that creates industry-leading delivery experiences Read more aboutGophr on Crunchbase…

Damon Hart-Davis

CTO & Co-Founder @ Vestemi

FollowDamon Hart-Davis on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Damon has a Masters in Computer Science with a focus on AI and 20 years of experience designing and optimising systems in the City. Previous start-ups included one of the UK’s first ISPs and a virtual credit company. He has also worked with DECC advising on energy efficiency from 2009. Learn more about Damon Hart-Davis on Crunchbase…

Vestemi is a new technology product company with a social purpose. Read more aboutVestemi on Crunchbase…

Luke Gardiner

CTO & Co-Founder @ REFSIX

FollowLuke Gardiner on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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REFSIX is a smartwatch and mobile app for Football Referees. Read more aboutREFSIX on Crunchbase…

Miguel Castro

CTO & Co-Founder @ Telleroo

FollowMiguel Castro on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Telleroo is one unified way for accountants & bookkeepers to make payments on behalf of clients Read more aboutTelleroo on Crunchbase…

Rachel Gawley

CTO & Co-Founder @ AppAttic Ltd

FollowRachel Gawley on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

AppAttic’s games engage users for positive behaviour change and provide data for research, potentially saving the health economy billions. Read more aboutAppAttic Ltd on Crunchbase…

Tim Wilson

CTO & Co-Founder @

FollowTim Wilson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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I’m the Chief Technical Officer at which provides predictive analytics in relation to digital content using machine learning and AI. In 2005 I sold a freeware games website/company aged 15, now over 10 years on I’ve developed a heavyweight skill set across internet-based services. Having worked in senior/lead roles in both client and server side development and user-behavioral analytics for large corporations from Amazon to Virgin, my understanding and passion for web platforms only continues to grow with the industry. Learn more about Tim Wilson on Crunchbase…

Read more on Crunchbase…

Sven Mischkewitz

CTO & Co-Founder @ ThinkSono

FollowSven Mischkewitz on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Sven is an award-winning software engineer from Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Germany. Before joining Entrepreneur First, he worked on annotation tools for brain cells on projects for the Max-Planck-Institute for Brain Research. He focused on the field of Human-Computer-Interaction during his studies. Learn more about Sven Mischkewitz on Crunchbase…

Cutting edge AI ultrasound software for detection of blood clots (DVT) Read more aboutThinkSono on Crunchbase…

Darius Jankauskas

CTO & Co-Founder @ Stylect

FollowDarius Jankauskas on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutStylect on Crunchbase…

Guillaume Lebedel

CTO & co-founder @

FollowGuillaume Lebedel on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. seamlessly merges simplicity and power by learning about relationships and patterns in your data sources. Read more on Crunchbase…

Jeremie Charlet

CTO & Co-Founder @ Trackener

FollowJeremie Charlet on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Trackener is revolutionising the equine care with data and technology. Read more aboutTrackener on Crunchbase…

Stuart Prestedge

CTO & Co-founder @ Workteam

FollowStuart Prestedge on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Provider of HR employee management SaaS offering Read more aboutWorkteam on Crunchbase…

Gareth Davies

CTO & Co-founder @ CloudApps

FollowGareth Davies on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Gareth is a founding member of CloudApps and is responsible for Product Development & Architecture, bringing with him a wealth of cloud computing platform knowledge to the role. Prior to joining CloudApps, Gareth was Chief Technical Architect at Astadia where he was responsible for helping clients to achieve success with the platform. During his tenure at Astadia he led numerous complex and highly successful cloud computing projects. Before joining Astadia, Gareth spent 7 years at Celerant where he was responsible for architecting the company’s enterprise. Gareth pioneered the early adoption of SaaS based technologies and led a team to create an integrated set of business applications based on these early cloud computing platforms. Prior to Celerant, Gareth spent several years developing his technical skills, using web and database technologies to create sophisticated business applications in a variety of roles. Gareth has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Sussex and a masters degree in Microwave Solid State Physics from the University of Portsmouth. Gareth is married and lives in Surrey, UK. Learn more about Gareth Davies on Crunchbase…

CloudApps increases sales performance by motivating more of your high-value, winning sales behaviours Read more aboutCloudApps on Crunchbase…

Antonio Reyes

CTO & Co-Founder @ Bidnamic

FollowAntonio Reyes on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Bidnamic is a machine learning platform that helps retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping. Read more aboutBidnamic on Crunchbase…

Will Harwood

CTO & co-founder @ Silicon:SAFE

FollowWill Harwood on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutSilicon:SAFE on Crunchbase…

Flávio Heleno

CTO & Co-founder @ Veridu

FollowFlávio Heleno on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Read more aboutVeridu on Crunchbase…

Jose Maria Peña

CTO & Co-Founder @ Lurtis Rules

FollowJose Maria Peña on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutLurtis Rules on Crunchbase…

Leon Pidgeon

CTO & Co-Founder @ Autographic Insight

FollowLeon Pidgeon on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Autographic Insight is a provider of digital marketing report software. Read more aboutAutographic Insight on Crunchbase…

Paul McGillivray

CTO & Co-Founder @ Code Assembly

FollowPaul McGillivray on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Code Generation SaaS Read more aboutCode Assembly on Crunchbase…

Chris Morris

CTO & Co-Founder @ Atlas Cloud

FollowChris Morris on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Chris Morris is a CTO & Co-Founder at Atlas Cloud. Learn more about Chris Morris on Crunchbase…

Atlas Cloud are a leading provider of cloud IT services based in Newcastle. Read more aboutAtlas Cloud on Crunchbase…

Josh Simpson

CTO & Co-founder @ The Medic App

FollowJosh Simpson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The Medic App gives you the ability to schedule medication reminders and track your adherence. Read more aboutThe Medic App on Crunchbase…

Andrew Whitfield

CTO & Co-founder @ inPRO

FollowAndrew Whitfield on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutinPRO on Crunchbase…

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