Top Influencers: 44 UK Founder and Chief Executive Officer’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer role. We have selected these Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Jonathan Seaton

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Twinkl

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Jonathan Seaton is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Twinkl. Learn more about Jonathan Seaton on Crunchbase…

Twinkl is a provider of teacher-created lesson planning, teaching, and assessment materials. Read more aboutTwinkl on Crunchbase…

Yves Guillemot

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Ubisoft

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Fresh out of business school, Yves Guillemot and his brothers embarked on an adventure in the nascent video game industry and founded Ubisoft in 1986. Early on, Yves understood that creating original content in-house and growing proprietary brands would be key to Ubisoft’s success. His vision to use technological breakthroughs as an opportunity to innovate, create brands and win over market share proved hugely successful over the years. With a strong focus on organic growth and efficiency, he has developed an organization recognized for its unrivalled collaborative mindset and for being highly competitive, with over two thirds of production based in cost-competitive countries. Yves has led Ubisoft’s evolution over the years with player engagement at the core of the company’s development. Ubisoft is one of the pioneers and a leader of the open world genre, which has become one of the industry’s most popular gaming segments. Ubisoft also develops successful multiplayer games and delivers state-of-the-art live operations that engage fans in the long term. Under Yves’ tenure, Ubisoft launched three of the world’s four best new videogame brands of all time ─ with Tom Clancy’s The Division leading the way ─ a remarkable achievement. The company’s unique capacity as a creator of blockbuster entertainment franchises has created massive value for Ubisoft’s shareholders. As the owner of its brands, Ubisoft today is in a unique position to broaden its franchises’ reach to a much wider audience through movies, TV shows, theme parks and consumer products. Under Yves’ direction, the company is taking an innovative approach by keeping creative control over its major projects ─ a first in the industry ─ to ensure consistency with the franchises’ DNA. Over the past 30 years Yves has led Ubisoft in its evolution from a local video game distributor, to a global entertainment leader. Yves has grown alongside the industry and has a deep understanding of what it takes to survive in a fast-moving, high-risk environment, at the crossroads of creation and technological disruption. His strong business acumen is sought out by multinationals such as Lagardère and Rémy Cointreau whose boards he sits on. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2009, and Glassdoor elected him one of the Top 3 most beloved CEOs in France in 2015. Learn more about Yves Guillemot on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutUbisoft on Crunchbase…

David Rutter

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ R3

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David founded R3 in 2015 and in his role of Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the strategic direction of R3. With over 30 years of experience leading some of Wall Street’s top institutions, David is a longtime creative thought leader in financial markets and innovation, and has played a significant role in the adoption of electronic trading in the global OTC derivatives industry. David served for ten years as the CEO of Electronic Broking at ICAP Plc, the world’s largest interdealer broker, where he led the BrokerTec fixed income and EBS foreign exchange platforms. Prior to ICAP, David was co-owner and CEO (Americas) of Prebon Yamane. Learn more about David Rutter on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutR3 on Crunchbase…

Alex Khein

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ BlueCove

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Alex Khein is a Chief Executive Officer at BlueBay Asset Management. Learn more about Alex Khein on Crunchbase…

BlueCove is a new scientific asset management firm. Read more aboutBlueCove on Crunchbase…

Hassan Waqar

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ MoneeMint

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Hassan Waqar has been recognised as one of the top 500 Global Leaders of the Islamic Economy 2018 by Islamica500. He’s a keen entrepreneur and pioneer whose establishing MoneeMint, a UK based digital platform that will provide shariah-compliant financial products and services to consumers. MoneeMint is built upon the foundations of ethical banking and accessibility for all. Fintech is changing the financial sector where Hassan and MoneeMint are helping write a new financial era. Learn more about Hassan Waqar on Crunchbase…

MoneeMint provides banking services. Read more aboutMoneeMint on Crunchbase…

Ilya Levtov

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Craft

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Ilya is the founder and CEO ofCraft providing data and analytics on thousands of companies for free to professionals researching their next career move or conducting business development. He started his career at Goldman Sachs in London, then received his MBA from Stanford. Later he joined venture capital firm Venrock in Menlo Park, and then joined Venrock’s portfolio-company Crunchyroll, as EVP. Ilya believes that access to more and better information for professionals and candidates about employers and opportunities, is a key to solving the talent challenges we face today. Learn more about Ilya Levtov on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCraft on Crunchbase…

Richard Downs

Founder and chief executive officer @ Iglu Cruise

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As Founder and CEO of Richard paved the way for Iglu to become the largest independent agent of ski and cruise holidays in the UK. Spearheading the company since 1998, Richard continues to motivate and inspire the growing and passionate teams behind Iglu’s UK and international presence. Learn more about Richard Downs on Crunchbase…

Iglu Cruise is an internet-based travel agency specializing in the sale of snowboarding and ski holidays, cruises and Christmas holidays. Read more aboutIglu Cruise on Crunchbase…

Lucienne Elms

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Horse Scout

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Lucienne Elms is a British, professional equestrian sportswoman Dr of Chiropractic, and equestrian specialist. Aluminum of BlackBoxVC Tech Accelerator Silicon Valley. As founder and CEO of Horse Scout, Lucienne is now utilising her 17yr deep Industry equestrian experience, tech understandings to fulfil her vision of creating the leading global equestrian commercial engines via Horse Scout Group. Learn more about Lucienne Elms on Crunchbase…

The Global Equestrian Network Read more aboutHorse Scout on Crunchbase…

David Glick

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Edge VC

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David Glick is an experienced venture capital investor in the creative industries sector who has been involved in investment in, mentoring of, and the sale and purchase of, multi-million pound entertainment and media assets, with a particular emphasis on music, television, film, sport, theatre and fashion, and enabling technologies. A former solicitor, he co-founded Eatons, a leading music and entertainment law firm, in 1990; in 2000, Eatons merged with law firm Mishcon de Reya where he became head of the entertainment and media group. In 2004, he formed the Edge group of companies as a specialist investment and advisory business for the entertainment and media sector, before selling the advisory business in 2011 in order to concentrate on venture capital investing. At Edge, he has brokered and advised clients on the sale and purchase of a range of entertainment and media related assets and businesses. Learn more about David Glick on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEdge VC on Crunchbase…

James Weatherill

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Arbor Education

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Education data evangelist. He co-founded Arbor Education after spending time as an analyst and corporate venture manager, and can’t wait until education has caught up with the digital age. Learn more about James Weatherill on Crunchbase…

Arbor helps schools transform the way they work Read more aboutArbor Education on Crunchbase…

Simon Riggs

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ 2ndQuadrant

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Simon Riggs is the Founder and CEO of 2ndQuadrant. Simon has worked with enterprise-class database applications and uses his operational experience to contribute to many features of PostgreSQL’s internal design and usability. He is also co-author of the “PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook” series. Learn more about Simon Riggs on Crunchbase…

2ndQuadrant provides solutions for mission critical PostgreSQL databases, ensuring high availability, backup & disaster recovery, & more. Read more about2ndQuadrant on Crunchbase…

Ronan Cunningham

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ BrainWaveBank

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Ronan has more than 20 years of experience in advanced engineering and product development. He was one of the founding members of ATA Engineering, an award-winning San Diego-based engineering company specializing in development of innovative hardware and software technologies for the aerospace and defence industries. His roles have included Director of Business Development and Director of New Technology Development. He is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence with the Northern Ireland Science Park. His expertise is in early stage technology development, innovation strategy, and technology commercialisation. He holds an MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. Learn more about Ronan Cunningham on Crunchbase…

BrainWaveBank makes it possible to measure and track brain activity and cognitive performance for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Read more aboutBrainWaveBank on Crunchbase…

Matija Zulj

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ AGRIVI

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Matija is the founder and CEO of Agrivi. Matija believes that if we provide knowledge and technology to all food producers, we can provide enough food for everyone and keep agriculture sustainable. He holds an MSc in computer science and an MBA. Agrivi is an agri-tech startup that is creating the global agricultural eco-system with vision to change the way food is produced. With an intelligent cloud farm management solution, we help farmers to increase their productivity and find buyers for produced food. Agrivi is the winner of World Startup Competition 2014 Learn more about Matija Zulj on Crunchbase…

AGRIVI is a global agritech company with the market leading farm management software Read more aboutAGRIVI on Crunchbase…

Mark Roberts

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Lightfoot

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Mark Roberts is a Founder and CEO at Lightfoot and Ashwoods Electric Motors. Learn more about Mark Roberts on Crunchbase…

Lightfoot is a fresh, vibrant, and highly innovative cleantech engineering company. Read more aboutLightfoot on Crunchbase…

Georg Ludviksson

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Meniga

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Georg is a co-founder and oversees Product Management activities at [UpDown]( Georg Ludviksson is an MBA candidate at the Harvard Business School and holds a BS degree in software engineering from the University of Iceland. Georg Ludviksson has over seven years of experience as an IT entrepreneur. In 1998 he co-founded Dimon Software, an Icelandic enterprise mobility company, which he helped guide to profitability as a major software provider to Nokia. From 2004 to 2006, he was the VP of Sales for Men & Mice, a provider of specialized network management software to many of the world’s largest organizations. Learn more about Georg Ludviksson on Crunchbase…

Meniga is a digital banking platform that helps banks, businesses, and individuals manage their financial data. Read more aboutMeniga on Crunchbase…

Jamieson Christmas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Envisics

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Founder and CEO of Envisics, Jamieson Christmas has over 300 patents and was awarded the prestigious SID Ben Sturgeon Award in 2013 for his significant contribution to the field of displays. An inspirational and passionate leader with a wealth of experience managing and developing teams. His unique multidisciplinary background in science, engineering and design has enabled this world-leading expert in the field of holographic technologies to push forward the commercial realisation of cutting edge technology. In 2009, Dr. Christmas founded Two Trees Photonics where he further developed holographic technology for the automotive industry. In 2018, Dr. Christmas founded Envisics with the intent to completely transform the in-car experience with its holographic technology. Learn more about Jamieson Christmas on Crunchbase…

Envisics develops a dynamic holography platform for cars, providing enhanced dashboards of information to drivers. Read more aboutEnvisics on Crunchbase…

Hugues Lepic

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Aleph Capital Partners

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Hugues Lepic is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aleph Capital Partners and the Chair of its Investment Committee. Prior to founding Aleph Capital Partners in 2013, he was the Head of the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs in Europe between 2009 and 2012 and the Head of the Principal Investment Area (PIA) of Goldman Sachs in Europe between 2006 and 2012. He joined Goldman Sachs in New York in 1990 and worked there for 22 years. He was a partner of the firm for 12 years. At Goldman Sachs, he spent most of his career building the Principal Investment Area and Merchant Banking franchises in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and established Goldman Sachs as one of the leading principal investors in Europe in private equity, credit and infrastructure investing. He was also a member of the European Management Committee between 2008 and 2012, and between 2002 and 2012, a member of the Investment Committee which supervises Goldman Sachs’ worldwide principal investing activities. He has served on the boards of the following publicly listed companies: Eutelsat Communications SA, Prysmian Spa, Groupe Eurotunnel SA, Iliad SA, Neuf Cegetel SA, PagesJaunes Groupe and Technicolor SA. He currently serves on the boards of Interoute Communications Holdings SA and Ekinops SA. He holds an M.Sc. from Ecole Polytechnique in France and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Learn more about Hugues Lepic on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAleph Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Jack Brewitt

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ 92 Degrees

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92 degrees is a micro-roastery and coffee shop that specializes in hand-roasted coffee. Read more about92 Degrees on Crunchbase…

Richard Fossett

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ TradeRiver

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TradeRiver provides UK businesses with unsecured revolving credit facilities to fund purchases of goods or services within 24 hours. Read more aboutTradeRiver on Crunchbase…

Ming Kong

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ TG0

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TG0 is an R&D start-up creating novel 3D controls. Read more aboutTG0 on Crunchbase…

David Grimes

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Sorted Group

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David Grimes is the founder and CEO of Sorted Group, formerly My Parcel Delivery Group. Learn more about David Grimes on Crunchbase…

Sorted Group is a global SaaS company that provides data-driven software for checkouts, warehouses, and shipping. Read more aboutSorted Group on Crunchbase…

Paul Domjan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ ENODA

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ENODA provides the transition to a zero-carbon energy system in a way that is economically sustainable for all. Read more aboutENODA on Crunchbase…

Bethany Koby

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Technology Will Save Us

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Bethany is a mom, CEO, designer, educator and art director interested in creating brands, businesses and experiences that help imagining a more positive and collaborative future. Bethany has been selected as one of the Designer’s that Matter by Wired Magazine, one of the Top 50 Creative Leaders by Creative Review and has spoken at TED Kids, Resonate and Maker Faire, to name a few. Learn more about Bethany Koby on Crunchbase…

Technology Will Save Us is a technology startup that offers DIY gadget kits, activities, and online resources for children. Read more aboutTechnology Will Save Us on Crunchbase…

Prask Sutton

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Onvi

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Mobile Order & Pay designed to boost your profits Read more aboutOnvi on Crunchbase…

Christopher Leburn

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Chromacity

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Dr. Christopher Leburn leads the growth of Chromacity. He is a former Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellow and holds a Ph.D. from the University of St Andrews in ultrafast solid-state lasers. He has previously held research and technical management roles at both Heriot-Watt University and the University of St Andrews, where he was Assistant Director of a £12M EPSRC ultrafast photonics consortium. Christopher submitted his business idea towards the 2012 Converge Challenge, a business competition designed to tease technology out of the research base and into the commercial sector. Having secured 3rd place in this competition, Christopher, along with his co-founders, incorporated Chromacity in early 2013. As the company formed Christopher undertook a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship to enhance his commercial capabilities. Christopher developed a range of skills that has allowed him to successfully secure investment and build a team that can design, manufacture and deliver highly reliable, compact, cost effective ultrafast laser sources for a range of different customers. Learn more about Christopher Leburn on Crunchbase…

Chromacity Lasers is a spin-out from Heriot-Watt University, one of the UK’s leading technical universities with a focus on photonics. Read more aboutChromacity on Crunchbase…

Cameron Shearer

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Superscript

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Cameron Shearer is the CEO and Co-Founder at Superscript. Learn more about Cameron Shearer on Crunchbase…

Superscript provides business insurance designed specifically to meet the fast-changing needs of small businesses. Read more aboutSuperscript on Crunchbase…

Lukas Lohove

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Zizzle

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Lukas developed his passion for understanding Chinese characters at UC Berkeley. When not learning Chinese, he enjoys riding boards – be it on snow, water or concrete. Learn more about Lukas Lohove on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZizzle on Crunchbase…

Rory Brown

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ AgriBriefing

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Rory co-founded Briefing Media in 2010. Prior to that, Rory has spent over 20 years in senior positions across a wide range of international business media companies.Rory began his career in marketing at commodities and financial information specialist Metal Bulletin before joining Emap to help develop a digital subscription business for the Middle East. After marketing director positions at Risk Waters Group and Incisive Media. Rory became a divisional managing director for Incisive Media in 2005 leading an acquired division in North America. Rory currently serves as the company’s CMO with specific responsibility for agribusiness content, price discovery, subscription development and the event portfolio. He is a former director of the Specialised Information Publishers Association. Learn more about Rory Brown on Crunchbase…

AgriBriefing is a business media company that specializes in pricing, data, marketing solutions, news, market intelligence, and insight. Read more aboutAgriBriefing on Crunchbase…

Xavier Bernal

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Findoc

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Xavier Bernal is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Findoc. Learn more about Xavier Bernal on Crunchbase…

Platform for booking appointments with healthcare professionals. Read more aboutFindoc on Crunchbase…

Jack Malin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Membr

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Membr’s innovative fitness platform connects the fitness industry with its members. Read more aboutMembr on Crunchbase…

Majed Chaaraoui

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Insurami

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Majed Chaaraoui and Arnor K. Davidsson founded Insurami in 2018, since which Majed has been serving as its Chief Executive Officer. Learn more about Majed Chaaraoui on Crunchbase…

Insurami offers a deposit guarantee platform for commercial real estate Read more aboutInsurami on Crunchbase…

David Page

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Viewture

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David began his career in public accounting, auditing and advising businesses on financial and operational improvements which led him to accepting a role as Finance Director and eventually Managing Director at Credit Acceptance, the UK subsidiary of a NASDAQ listed non-prime auto finance provider. In this role, David was instrumental in developing funding strategies, risk underwriting scorecards and operational efficiency models to increase profitability and economic value which made Credit Acceptance the leader in its field. In 2004 David co-founded Marlin Financial Services and as Chief Investment Officer was instrumental in developing and executing key strategies, processes, operational excellence and helped lead the executive management team to complete a partial sale of the business to a mid tier Private Equity institution in 2010 and in 2014 a trade sale to the UK market leader, owned by a US public company. David is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a frequent fund raiser for a local Children’s hospice, Chestnut Tree House. Learn more about David Page on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutViewture on Crunchbase…

Matt McNeany

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Code worldwide

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Code Worldwide helps clients invent a new future for their marketing using technology. Read more aboutCode worldwide on Crunchbase…

Ger O’Meara

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Spirable

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Building a future where video is always contextual, reactive, and inspires action. Read more aboutSpirable on Crunchbase…

Michaela Jeffery-Morrison

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Maddox Events

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Maddox Events is the world’s only B2B company exclusively dedicated to creating large-scale conferences. Read more aboutMaddox Events on Crunchbase…

Dolores Saiz

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ The Server Labs

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Dolores has been at the helm of the The Server Labs for over 10 years leading the company from startup to established IT architecture and software development player. She is the prime force to drive customer development and growth and setting the overall strategic direction of the business. With an MSc in Computer Science and a specialisation degree in Satellite communications Dolores also held various management positions in the European Space Agency (ESA), Deutsche Bank and Lucent Technologies. Learn more about Dolores Saiz on Crunchbase…

The Server Labs is specialized in the planning, design and development of IT architectures, enterprise integration Read more aboutThe Server Labs on Crunchbase…

Max Smith

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Hydrotherm

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A York, UK-based developer of a range of water heating products for off-grid energy. Read more aboutHydrotherm on Crunchbase…

David Jackson

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ EeBria

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David Jackson is a Co-Founder & CEO at EeBria. Learn more about David Jackson on Crunchbase…

EeBria is different from other websites. Read more aboutEeBria on Crunchbase…

Adam Kent

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Enado

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Adam is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in running technology-based businesses. Dynamic, visionary, enthusiastic, persuasive and energetic, he has a proven track record of creating profitable businesses that successfully fulfil gaps in the market, meet latent demand and are at the leading edge of market trends. Among his business creations, Adam founded one of the UK’s leading home automation installation companies a CCTV systems supply business and founded one of the pre-emminent manufacturers of Audio Visual racking. It is through his in-depth knowledge of these sectors that he identified the opportunity for Enado and brought its first embodiment to market. Learn more about Adam Kent on Crunchbase…

Enado is the result of several years of planning and development. Read more aboutEnado on Crunchbase…

Paul Broadhurst

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Technetix

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Technetix is designing, manufacture, source and supply critical broadband technology and solutions to major cable operators worldwide. Read more aboutTechnetix on Crunchbase…

Marcel Kooter

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Marcel Kooter Ltd.

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Marcel is a highly experienced senior business leader who specialises in commercial strategies for the downstream oil industry. He has great depth of knowledge in lubricants and fuels, ranging from molecule to consumer working across both B2B and B2C business models and has worked across all market segments including Power, Industrial, Automotive, Marine and Aviation. During a career path spanning general management, strategic and operational sales, and brand and marketing expertise Marcel has demonstrated an impressive track record of business growth and bottom line income delivery through innovative and astute commercial strategies. He has a particular strength in forming successful partnerships as part of the sales strategy, defining win-win solutions which drive revenue leading for example to award of the prestigious ‘supplier of the year’ award at Ford Motor Company and enabling development of partnerships to supply first fill and service fill business in challenging markets including Turkey, China, South East Asia and South Africa. An energetic and focussed individual, Marcel has a collaborative leadership style, inspiring and motivating teams to deliver outstanding results within a clearly defined framework that empowers colleagues and rewards success. Following a global career, he has become adept at working across multi-cultural stakeholders both internal and external to the organisation, building the type of relationships that underpin successful leadership Learn more about Marcel Kooter on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMarcel Kooter Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Henry Pinchbeck

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ 3D LifePrints

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Henry Pinchbeck is Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer of 3D LifePrints. Learn more about Henry Pinchbeck on Crunchbase…

3D LifePrints is the leading provider of Medical 3D Printing products and services with a unique in-hospital embedded model Read more about3D LifePrints on Crunchbase…

John Miles

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Inkpath

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John is Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Inkpath. John conceived and built the very first proof-of-concept prototype of Inkpath while at Oxford back in 2013 and has been developing the idea ever since. Before Inkpath, John was Training Officer for the Humanities Division at Oxford and a Research Associate at Wadham College. And before that he taught Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in the English Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he was Caroline Spurgeon Research Fellow. Learn more about John Miles on Crunchbase…

Inkpath is about people performance as well as course performance. Read more aboutInkpath on Crunchbase…

Martin Baker

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ One Team Logic

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One Team Logic provides high quality software, advisory services and training. Read more aboutOne Team Logic on Crunchbase…

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