Top Influencers: 36 UK CTO and Co-Founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CTO and Co-Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CTO and Co-Founder role. We have selected these CTO and Co-Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CTO and Co-Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Tom Carter

CTO and Co-Founder @ Ultraleap

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Tom started exploring ultrasound technology during a study in the final year of his Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. He further developed the initial concept to form the basis of his PhD studies, during which time he published numerous papers and filed various patents. Recognising the technology’s commercial viability, Tom founded Ultrahaptics in November 2013. Ultrahaptics has developed a unique technology that enables users to receive tactile feedback without needing to wear or touch anything. The technology uses ultrasound to project sensations through the air and directly onto the user. Users can ‘feel’ touch-less buttons get feedback for mid-air gestures, or interact with virtual objects. Learn more about Tom Carter on Crunchbase…

Ultraleap is working to create the most remarkable connection between people and technology. Read more aboutUltraleap on Crunchbase…

Mac Dziedziela

CEO/CTO and Co-Founder @ Screenable

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Screenable is a smart video interview platform designed for recruiters to streamline applicant screenings. Read more aboutScreenable on Crunchbase…

David Hoare

CTO and Co-founder @ Codat

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David Hoare is the CTO and Co-Founder at Codat. Learn more about David Hoare on Crunchbase…

Codat is an API platform that provides real-time connectivity to the financial software used by small businesses. Read more aboutCodat on Crunchbase…

Cameron Gordon

CTO and Co-Founder @ OnePulse

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OnePulse is a mobile app that connects people and businesses with opinions and reward them through PayPal. Read more aboutOnePulse on Crunchbase…

Neil Murray

CTO and Co-Founder @ Mimecast

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Neil Murray is one of the people who helped build Mimecast. Not just metaphorically, but literally. He’s led the development team from our inception – when he was the development team – overseeing the construction of our platform from the ground up. It’s thanks to him that Mimecast, uniquely, was conceived and built as a single, integrated platform rather a set of bolted-together services. Today he oversees the architecture of the service platform and sets out the overall technical vision and strategy for the service. Before Mimecast, Neil was the CTO of South African, JSE-listed, Global Technology Services, a provider of business information solutions, which had bought Pro-Solutions, a software development company he helped found in the early 90s. Neil’s 20 year-career also includes experience architecting and building leading software products for internet banking, messaging and rapid application development. Learn more about Neil Murray on Crunchbase…

Mimecast is a SaaS-based email management platform enabling companies to administer business communications and data. Read more aboutMimecast on Crunchbase…

Pablo Prieto Barja

CTO and Co-Founder @ Lifebit

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Lifebit CloudOS is the intelligent genomics platform that is the industry standard for unified, secure research over distributed big data. Read more aboutLifebit on Crunchbase…

Bilal Khan

CTO and Co-Founder @ Skwire

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Skwire provides an online tool to manage and acquire real estate investment. Read more aboutSkwire on Crunchbase…

Jiameng Gao

CTO and Co-founder @ Papercup

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Jiameng Gao is CTO and Co-founder at Jiameng has an MPhil in Machine Learning, Speech and Language Processing and an MEng in Information Engineering from the University of Cambridge. He was previously the first employee at Calipsa. Learn more about Jiameng Gao on Crunchbase…

Papercup translates videos using AI by generating voices that sound like the original speaker Read more aboutPapercup on Crunchbase…

Vlad Cealicu

CTO and Co-Founder @

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We bring you all the data in the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain in an easily digestible value added format. Read more on Crunchbase…

Marc Barry

CTO and Co-Founder @ Enclave Networks

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Marc Barry is the CTO and Co-Founder of Enclave Networks. He is a Master’s graduate in Information Security who builds, researches and secures computer networks. He has worked extensively with internet-based technologies, encryption and digital assurance, spending several years prior to Enclave Networks leading the security and infrastructure team of a large UK based digital media agency, delivering solutions to Government and enterprise. Learn more about Marc Barry on Crunchbase…

Connect all your computers, servers, cloud instances and containers across any infrastructure with effortless Zero Trust Network Access. Read more aboutEnclave Networks on Crunchbase…

David Kell

CTO and Co-founder @ GYANA

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David Kell is a scientist, technologist and nature lover. David has co-founded an ML startup before and was pursuing his PhD in AI in Oxford University when he ran into Joyeeta and her software prototype. Their combined vision of democratising access to data science is the powerful force behind Gyana. He is passionate about simplifying complexities. David is also a Math and Physics Olympiad winner and was a winner of the Gibbs Prize in Physics. He runs several CTO meetup groups and mentors women-in-tech related accelerator startups. Learn more about David Kell on Crunchbase…

No-code Data Analytics Read more aboutGYANA on Crunchbase…

Rajpal Wilkhu

CTO and Co-Founder @ Contingent

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Contingent is an enterprise supplier risk and resilience platform. Read more aboutContingent on Crunchbase…

Andrew Flatt

CTO and Co-Founder @ Archax

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Andrew has over 10 years’ experience in providing technology solutions to brokers and asset managers trading global markets. Prior to Archax, Andrew spent 6 years as CTO for Omni Partners, a $1.4billion hedge fund based in London, where he was responsible for managing all technology within the firm. Before that, Andrew held senior technology and support positions at Infinity Capital Markets, a proprietary trading house. Andrew has experience in designing, selecting, implementing, operating and supporting a wide variety of trading platforms and exchange connectivity systems across equities, commodities, FX, bonds, derivatives and digital assets globally. Andrew holds a BSc (Hons) in Information Systems from Staffordshire University and is also a member of the British Computer Society. Learn more about Andrew Flatt on Crunchbase…

Archax is a forthcoming global, regulated, digital securities exchange, brokerage and custodian based in London. Read more aboutArchax on Crunchbase…

Alesis Novik

CTO and Co-founder @ AimBrain

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Alesis Novik is CTO and co-founder at Aimbrain. With the vision to provide the market with a smart and transparent biometric experience, Alesis has helped to guide AimBrain to its position as a leading Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform. Alesis holds a degree from Vilnius University and an MSc in AI from The University of Edinburgh. During the course of his academic career, he participated in two Google’s Summer of Code programmes and was an intern at CERN. Alesis completed three years of PhD work at IPAB and most recently was recognised for his entrepreneurial vision through inclusion on the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for European technology talent. Learn more about Alesis Novik on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAimBrain on Crunchbase…

Christopher Doman

CTO and Co-Founder @ Cado Security

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Chris Doman is the CTO and Co-Founder of Cado Security. He joined the industry after winning a forensics and development competition run by the US DoD. Chris is known for building the popular threat intelligence portal ThreatCrowd, which subsequently merged into the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange, later acquired by ATT. Whilst working at PwC and ATT AlienVault in research and development, Chris published a number of widely read articles and papers on targeted cyber attacks. His research on topics such as the North Korean government’s crypto-currency theft schemes, and China’s attacks against dissident websites, have been widely discussed in the media. He has given interviews to print, radio, and TV such as CNN and BBC News. [email protected] Learn more about Christopher Doman on Crunchbase…

Cado Security is a cloud-native digital forensics platform for enterprises to investigate and respond to cyber incidents at cloud speed. Read more aboutCado Security on Crunchbase…

Nathan Flood

CTO and Co-Founder @ ClubSpark

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Nathan founded ClubSpark in 2012 alongside Dave. He provides the technical vision for the platform, overseeing its architecture and development while ensuring the team utilises the latest technology to continually enhance the product and its features. With over 20 years’ experience in technical development, Nathan has a passion for driving sports engagement and believes technology can play a key role in getting people more active. Learn more about Nathan Flood on Crunchbase…

ClubSpark is an award-winning, market-leading sports booking and management SaaS platform. Read more aboutClubSpark on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Whiteside

CTO and Co-Founder @ Building Blocks

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Jonathan Whiteside is the managing director for design and technology at Dept. Learn more about Jonathan Whiteside on Crunchbase…

Building Blocks helps global companies solve complex problems using digital technologies. Read more aboutBuilding Blocks on Crunchbase…

Hardeep Nagi

CTO and Co-Founder @ Yordex

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Hardeep is an experienced hands on architect, specialising in designing and implementing highly transactional and secure applications. Hardeep has delivered several multimillion production software working as an architect that codes whenever needed. Learn more about Hardeep Nagi on Crunchbase…

Smart Spend Management Software, SaaS, B2B Payment Service Read more aboutYordex on Crunchbase…

Vijay Vashistha

COO, CTO and Co-founder @ 99home

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Vijay, an MBA (IT) with over 17 years experience in Cloud Technology, Software Development, QA, IT Infrastructure and Support. Vijay has worked in telecommunication, media and service industries. Vijay has a passion for property market and his dedication to building better experiences for property sellers, buyers, landlord and tenants grew and by founding 99Home he has combined these passions with his early experiences in the property Learn more about Vijay Vashistha on Crunchbase…

99home is a hybrid agency that provides a one-stop shop service for clients. Read more about99home on Crunchbase…

Tim Oakes

CTO and Co-Founder @ ViCentra

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From a young age, Tim could usually be found surrounded by tools and prototypes, building his own boats and rigging elaborate zip lines in his garden. Now an award-winning design engineer, Tim has over seven years’ experience in the medical device field, working on projects as diverse as drug delivery platforms to laparoscopic surgical instruments. Having grown up with a father with Type 1 diabetes, Tim has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of trying to incorporate complex medical devices into daily life and is driven by a deep desire to create products that help make life easier. Learn more about Tim Oakes on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutViCentra on Crunchbase…

Jon Beer

CTO and Co-Founder @ Zapnito

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Zapnito is the SaaS online community platform for intelligence-driven organizations. Read more aboutZapnito on Crunchbase…

Andreiko Kerdemelidis

CTO and Co-founder @ Teragence

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Teragence delivers competitive network analytics as a service. We benchmark any mobile network, anywhere, any time – in real time Read more aboutTeragence on Crunchbase…

Dennis Sandmark

CTO and Co-Founder @ CargoMate Technologies

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Dennis has six years experience as a full-stack software engineer working for global companies such as Spotify, Sky and McKinsey. Learn more about Dennis Sandmark on Crunchbase…

CargoMate Technologies saves millions in fuel costs by helping container ships leave port early. Read more aboutCargoMate Technologies on Crunchbase…

Derek Stemple

CTO and Co-Founder @ Camena Bioscience

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Derek Stemple is the CTO and co-founder of Camena Bioscience. He previously held senior positions at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and was a lab head at the National Institute for Medical Research. Derek holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology. Learn more about Derek Stemple on Crunchbase…

Camena Bioscience is a synthetic biology company that develops tools to engineer new synthetic biology applications. Read more aboutCamena Bioscience on Crunchbase…

Philip Sibson

CTO and Co-Founder @ KETS Quantum Security

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Philip is arguably the world leader in integrated photonic systems for quantum communications. He is the lead developer behind the world’s first chip-to-chip QKD demonstration and the main inventor on both of KETS’ patents. He is a QTEC alumni fellow and a key contributor to the UK’s Quantum Communications Hub. Learn more about Philip Sibson on Crunchbase…

KETS Quantum Security is developing a range of future-proof, cost-effective technologies for quantum-secured communications. Read more aboutKETS Quantum Security on Crunchbase…

Steve Hurcombe

CTO and Co-Founder @ Enterprise Study

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In 1983 Steve was described by the Guardian newspaper as a computer whizz-kid – and this is what a whizz-kid becomes when they grow up. He loves technology and grew up programming Dragon 32 and Sharp MZ-80K home computers, but of course eventually the PC reigned supreme. He later took up Bjarne Stroustroup’s C++ using the Zortech C++ compiler to write Windows 16 bit applications. All of this was a hobby until 2000 when it became the day job, and in 2002 Steve co-founded Enterprise Study. Now, moving with the times, Steve works with Internet technologies, ASP.Net 4.5 and the latest Javascript libraries to develop the numerous products that the company now boasts. Steve’s hobbies are DIY, being husband and a father to 3 young (and very excitable) children. Generally the (2nd from) last to be picked at sports, sport and the gym are definitely not his cup of tea! Learn more about Steve Hurcombe on Crunchbase…

Enterprise Study is a cloud-based system that offers learning and compliance management, and training administration services. Read more aboutEnterprise Study on Crunchbase…

Mike Mace

CTO and Co-Founder @ Gripable

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Gripable is develops simple digital therapy tools, combining them with mobile games, motivating physically impaired patients. Read more aboutGripable on Crunchbase…

Martin Challand

CTO and Co-Founder @ Zentraxa

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Leads technology and product research and development. Martin has a master’s degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Chemical Biology, both from the University of Southampton and over 9 years R&D experience across academia and industry working at the interface of chemistry and biology. In 2015 he took up a post-doctoral research position in Synthetic Biology at the University of Bristol to lead the development of the Zentide technology and subsequently co-founded Zentraxa in 2017. Learn more about Martin Challand on Crunchbase…

Zentraxa has specialise in the design, production and testing of complex novel peptides. Read more aboutZentraxa on Crunchbase…

Dan Harrison

CTO and Co-Founder @ Snaptrip

FollowDan Harrison on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Snaptrip is a marketplace for people to discover the best last minute cottage holiday deals in the UK. Read more aboutSnaptrip on Crunchbase…

Alex Bradbury

CTO and Co-Founder @ lowRISC

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lowRISC is a non-profit community interest company Read more aboutlowRISC on Crunchbase…

Colin Macandrew

CTO and Co-Founder @ Transparity

FollowColin Macandrew on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Colin Macandrew is the CTO and Co-Founder of Transparity. His passion and dedication to excellence has built one of the fastest growing Microsoft Cloud consultancies in the UK, focused on delivering outstanding Azure, Modern Workplace and Intelligent Cloud solutions. Learn more about Colin Macandrew on Crunchbase…

Transparity are a leading Microsoft Gold and Direct CSP Partner delivering business transformation through public, private. Read more aboutTransparity on Crunchbase…

David McCreary

CTO and Co-Founder @ Eastnine

FollowDavid McCreary on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Eastnine are on a mission to banish the ‘not today’ from daily fitness. Read more aboutEastnine on Crunchbase…

Rob Herridge

CTO and Co-Founder @ Social360 Ltd

FollowRob Herridge on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Social360 Ltd operates a social media monitoring and analysis platform for corporate communications and public affairs. Read more aboutSocial360 Ltd on Crunchbase…

Peter J Bentley

CTO and Co-founder @ Kazoova

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Marketplace for quirky activities Read more aboutKazoova on Crunchbase…

Ignat Thorovsky

CTO and Co-Founder @ Poptop Entertainment Booking Platform

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Poptop helps event planners find and book entertainment professionals quickly, easily and safely. Read more aboutPoptop Entertainment Booking Platform on Crunchbase…

Mark Howitt

CTO and Co-Founder @ Storelectric

FollowMark Howitt on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Storelectric is a developer of projects using two highly efficient forms of Compressed Air Energy Storage Read more aboutStorelectric on Crunchbase…

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