Top Influencers: 26 UK Head of Design’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CTO & Head of Design Team play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CTO & Head of Design Team role. We have selected these CTO & Head of Design Team’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CTO & Head of Design Team’s. The list is in no particular order!

Azeem Akhtar

CTO & Head of Design Team @ BT Global Services

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An articulate, highly driven and infectiously enthusiastic professional currently serving as the CTO on one of the BT’s largest outsource contracts. Technically and commercially adept with a proven track record of complex solution sales in the most challenging commercial environments globally. A finally astute problem solver with a high degree of commercial acumen focused on delivering bottom-line benefit. Very experienced in formulating market entry strategies, commercial analysis, writing business cases, and contract negotiation. A genuine team player that inspires through thought leadership, challenging the status quo and empowering team members. Multi-lingual and adept at using strong interpersonal skills to develop trusting relationships to drive business benefit. Undertakes a voluntary non-executive director role as Chairman of Active Essex. Learn more about Azeem Akhtar on Crunchbase…

BT Global Services plc is a division of United Kingdom telecommunications operator BT Group. Read more aboutBT Global Services on Crunchbase…

Roan Lavery

Chief Product Officer & Head of Design @ FreeAgent

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Roan Lavery is a Chief Executive Officer at FreeAgent. Learn more about Roan Lavery on Crunchbase…

FreeAgent provides online accounting and money management software for small businesses and freelancers. Read more aboutFreeAgent on Crunchbase…

Archie Leeming

Head of Design & UX @ Timbuktu

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Spoiler title
Having grown up in the Scottish mountains, Archie is a keen photographer and has a relentless addiction to motorbikes. He has explored the length of Africa on two wheels, from the depths of the Congo, the islands of the Okavango Delta. Archie is focused on designing the user experience and making Timbuktu purr. Learn more about Archie Leeming on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTimbuktu on Crunchbase…

David Tait

Head of Design @ Ocean Outdoor

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David Tait is a Head of Design at Ocean Outdoor. Learn more about David Tait on Crunchbase…

Ocean is a media advertising company specialized in designing iconic landmark large-format digital banners in super-premium locations. Read more aboutOcean Outdoor on Crunchbase…

Frank Sedivy

Head of Design @ ClearScore

FollowFrank Sedivy on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

ClearScore is a financial technology company that provides credit scoring services and a marketplace. Read more aboutClearScore on Crunchbase…

Charles Duffy

Founder, Head of Design and Engineering @ Digital Kinematics

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Digital Kinematics makes Plexus, high performance VR gloves for the masses Read more aboutDigital Kinematics on Crunchbase…

Matt Loft

Head of Design @ PensionBee

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PensionBee: the clever way to find and combine all your old pension plans in one good-value, online plan Capital at risk. Read more aboutPensionBee on Crunchbase…

Grant Harris

Head of Design @ Beamery

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Beamery is a talent acquisition, engagement, and retention platform that manages sourcing, hiring, and retaining of people. Read more aboutBeamery on Crunchbase…

Chris Hayward

Head Of Design @ Gro

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Spoiler title
Chris Hayward is the Head Of Design at Gro. Learn more about Chris Hayward on Crunchbase…

Gro develops protocols or autonomous programs designed for a simple and friendly DeFi experience. Read more aboutGro on Crunchbase…

Leda Liakopoulou

Co-Founder Head of Design and Communication @ Oseven Telematics

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Insurance telematics and driving behavioural analytics Read more aboutOseven Telematics on Crunchbase…

Emma Farrow

Head of Design @ Finery London

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Aspirational contemporary brand with a unique British sensibility offering a high-quality, design-driven collection at affordable prices Read more aboutFinery London on Crunchbase…

Rob Heasley

Head Of Design, DIgital Ventures @ Pizza Hut UK

FollowRob Heasley on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Pizza Hut UK is a franchise of an American restaurant chain known for Italian-American cuisine including pizza and pasta. Read more aboutPizza Hut UK on Crunchbase…

Tom de Gay

Head of Design @ Quantemplate

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Spoiler title
A core member of the founding team, Tom gained his MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins, where he specialised in wayfinding – helping people navigate spaces. He subsequently worked for architects, designing signage systems for hospitals and schools. Tom’s mission at QuanTemplate is to create a frictionless user experience, bring clarity to complex functions and ensure every pixel is considered. He is a Visiting Lecturer in Leeds and serves as a design advisor to two London gallery spaces. In a previous life he was a rock climber, and is still occasionally sighted on the gritstone. Learn more about Tom de Gay on Crunchbase…

Insurance data integration, automation & analytics Read more aboutQuantemplate on Crunchbase…

Ib Warnerbring

Head of Design @ Ingress One

FollowIb Warnerbring on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Ingress One is a SaaS-based platform that eases building entry by using an application. Read more aboutIngress One on Crunchbase…

Will Tarpey

Head of Design & UX @ Push Doctor

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Push Doctor is creating the future of healthcare. Read more aboutPush Doctor on Crunchbase…

Andy Ainger

Head Of Design @ Yoti

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Yoti is a digital identity platform that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and in person. Read more aboutYoti on Crunchbase…

Drew Eldridge

Head Of Design @ Mirum

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Spoiler title
Drew Eldridge is the Head Of Design at Mirum Agency. Learn more about Drew Eldridge on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMirum on Crunchbase…

Ben Strutt

Partner, Head of Design and Front End Innovation @ Cambridge Design Partnership

FollowBen Strutt on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Cambridge Design Partnership is a successful research and development consultancy. Read more aboutCambridge Design Partnership on Crunchbase…

Claire Morris

Head of Design @ Founders Factory

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Read more aboutFounders Factory on Crunchbase…

Daniel Smith

Head of Design @ Monolith

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Monolith is a decentralised banking alternative that integrates the DeFi economy into your daily life. Read more aboutMonolith on Crunchbase…

Joey Scully

Co-Founder/Head of Design & Product @ Stowga

FollowJoey Scully on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Stowga is the on-demand marketplace for buying and selling warehousing and logistics services. Read more aboutStowga on Crunchbase…

Javier Fábrega Guadalupe

Co-Founder & Head of Design @ Cycloshield

FollowJavier Fábrega Guadalupe on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutCycloshield on Crunchbase…

Lauren Saunders

Head of Design & Marketing @ Crowdstacker

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Crowdstacker is a curated debt based investment platform. Read more aboutCrowdstacker on Crunchbase…

Matia Gobbo

Head Of Design @ DataTiger

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Spoiler title
Head of Design @datatiger. Previously Lead product designer @GeniacBusiness, @capitalisers. Learn more about Matia Gobbo on Crunchbase…

A marketing-orchestration platform to individually optimize the marketing journeys for your customers in real-time across all channels. Read more aboutDataTiger on Crunchbase…

Primoz Planko

Head of Design,. UX/UI Designer @ BuckleUp

FollowPrimoz Planko on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
I’m a designer, focusing on UI/UX design, defining problems and solving them. A good UI should look good while being easy to understand and intuitive to use. I started my journey in design working on projects in print and packaging design, branding and advertising in print. Here I made my first steps into the digital domain working on ads and video for the web. Since then I have transitioned completely into the digital realm. Learn more about Primoz Planko on Crunchbase…

Date Nearby & Now! BuckleUp With Every Gender & Sexuality! BuckleUp still Works When & Where other Apps don’t! Read more aboutBuckleUp on Crunchbase…

Aris Stonkus

Head of Design @ Mars Spiders Digital

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Spoiler title
Aris is the expert of all things visual. He founded our new photography project Learn more about Aris Stonkus on Crunchbase…

We are a London digital agency specilized in Web and App development and design. Read more aboutMars Spiders Digital on Crunchbase…

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