Top Influencers: 101 UK Founder & Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Founder & Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Founder & Director role. We have selected these Founder & Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Founder & Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Will Brooks

Founder & Director @ Portfolio Ventures

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Henry Wigan

Founder & Director of Investment @ Mustard Seed

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Henry is Co-Founder and Director of Investment at Mustard Seed. Henry is a frequent panelist on impact investing; Google Campus, Imperial, INSEAD, IESE, LBS, Oxford Skoll Centre, amongst others. Henry was formerly a Director and Portfolio Manager at BlackRock in London, having started his career at Goldman Sachs. Henry is a recipient of the Goldman Sachs Global Leadership scholarship for social entrepreneurship. Henry has a First Class Honours degree from London School of Economics in Economics and Economic History, and has authored a private paper on Impact Investing in Frontier Markets. Mustard Seed seeks to enable the creation of world-class businesses that generate positive and sustainable outcomes in the areas of economic inclusion, education, environmental sustainability, health, and family and the community. Learn more about Henry Wigan on Crunchbase…

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Mike Lebus

Founder & Director @ Angel Investment Network

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Mike Lebus is the Co-Founder and Director of Angel Investment Network Ltd, the world’s largest business angel network with over 400,000 members and 30 networks covering over 80 countries worldwide. He is also a regular author and blogger on topics related to angel investing and raising capital. He has a Master’s Degree in German and French from the University of Edinburgh. Learn more about Mike Lebus on Crunchbase…

Angel Investment Network angel investment platform, funding platform, startup investment, entrepreneurs, angel investors, Read more aboutAngel Investment Network on Crunchbase…

Margo Polishchuk

Co-Founder & Director @ proSapient

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Margo Polishchuk is the Co-Founder & Director at proSapient. Learn more about Margo Polishchuk on Crunchbase…

proSapient is a research platform that gathers networks of insights from executives and SMEs via global consultations and surveys. Read more aboutproSapient on Crunchbase…

Lorna Gradden

Co-founder & Director @ Valideus Ltd

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Lorna is co-owner and Operations Director of Com Laude. She has been working in domain name management since 1994 and co-founded Com Laude with Nick Wood. She is known for having client interests at heart in all aspects of her work and ensures all aspects of Com Laude run smoothly, taking responsibility for order fulfilment, registry relationships and information systems. A regular speaker at industry events, Lorna loves the ever-changing nature of the domain name space. She previously co-founded Net Searchers with Nick Wood, a company described by Legal Business magazine as “possibly the best domain name management company in the world and certainly the first to treat domains as IP, not IT”. After Nick and Lorna sold Net Searchers, she joined VeriSign DBMS in 2003 as head of client management for EMEA. For Lorna, job satisfaction comes from getting to work with fantastic people and when she’s not dreaming of domains, Lorna can be found tending vegetables on the South Coast of England. She says that her law degree is not quite as useful today as it was during the five years she spent managing a successful band. Learn more about Lorna Gradden on Crunchbase…

Valideus Ltd is supply consultancy and management solutions to brand and community registry operators. Read more aboutValideus Ltd on Crunchbase…

Caspar Woolley

Founder & Director @ FREE NOW

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Caspar Woolley is the founder and president of [Hailo](, an easy-to-use smartphone application that allows passengers to find taxis. Previously, he was the chief executive officer of Woolley holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and economics from the University of Cambridge. He lives in London, United Kingdom. Learn more about Caspar Woolley on Crunchbase…

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Pip Witheridge

Founder & Director @ Grove

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Grove is unlock business success through the power of leading-edge cloud computing, custom software development, cybersecurity & analytics. Read more aboutGrove on Crunchbase…

Dr Edward Jackson

Co-Founder & Director @ Oxford Dynamics

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Oxford Dynamics is a growing team of tech innovators that work in a dynamic, agile way to provide solutions to tough technical challenges. Read more aboutOxford Dynamics on Crunchbase…

Mark Roberts

Founder & Director @ Beer Hawk

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Mark Roberts, co-founder of Beer Hawk, the UK’s leading craft beer retailer, is a rare breed of entrepreneur who masters uniting board-level B2C marketing experience with e-commerce and digital innovation. Before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey, Mark built his commercial and innovation skills at a number of global and blue-chip companies including Direct Wines, Lloyds Banking Group, HBOS and Procter & Gamble. He has led Beer Hawk on a consistent fast-track growth trajectory over the past 7 years from nothing to a turnover of £20million this year. In 2016 Beer Hawk became part of ZX Ventures. Learn more about Mark Roberts on Crunchbase…

Beer Hawk is a specialist online retailer of bottled beer. Read more aboutBeer Hawk on Crunchbase…

Audrey Mandela

Founder & Director @ Mandela Associates

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Mike Lawton

Co-Founder & Director @ Oxford Dynamics

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I’m a serial entrepreneur, which is code for the fact I bear a few scars​ from getting things wrong slightly less often than I get things right… I enjoy building early-stage high technology businesses in demanding commercial environments: taking an idea from concept stage, raising external investment & building motivated teams that focus on delivery. I’m currently excited about commercial opportunities in so-called ‘new space’​ – a sector in which my latest venture Oxford Space Systems is making great progress. I’m firm believer in actively promoting STEM subjects and regularly present in schools, colleges and universities with the aim of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurial engineers and scientists. I also frequently present at events in the UK and overseas on my entrepreneurial experiences and the process of raising equity finance for technology focused businesses. I (or more correctly the smart guys in my team) have won numerous business and technical awards both in the UK and overseas. I consider myself a pragmatic and enthusiastic leader with a hands-on approach who believes in direct reward for achievement. I have a pathological hatred for bureaucracy, preferring tangible progress in preference over shuffling paper. Learn more about Mike Lawton on Crunchbase…

Oxford Dynamics is a growing team of tech innovators that work in a dynamic, agile way to provide solutions to tough technical challenges. Read more aboutOxford Dynamics on Crunchbase…

Shefali Sharma

Co-Founder & Director @ Oxford Dynamics

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I’m a creator & a dreamer. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about creating ‘something of value’. With a Masters Degree in Engineering, I have spent the last 7+ years working with technical start-ups to gain a better understanding of how successful businesses are built. In a nutshell, what I have learnt can be best summarised by Ed Catmull; “If you give a good idea to a mediocre team, they will screw it up. If you give a mediocre idea to a brilliant team, they will either fix it or throw it away and come up with something better”. I am a big believer in following your instincts and taking unique approaches to life. So, I’ve now embarked upon my own entrepreneurial journey by co-founding not one but two companies, a Healthtech start-up called OXLABS; as well as a Space start-up called Oxford Dynamics (OD). At both these companies, we’re developing inspiring & accessible technologies by working with those that share our values and passion for making the world a better place. Though still in a fledgling state, its an absolute joy & honour to be working with people / friends who are equally passionate & committed to the OXLABS & OD journey as I am. We dream big, work hard and believe anything is possible. We’re currently in stealth mode for both our businesses but please do follow our pages as we’ll be breaking cover soon – your support really matters to us 🙂 Last but not the least, I’m really proud to be selected as a Global Young Innovator by Innovate UK as one of the few entrepreneurs (under 30) across the UK & South Africa who are solving global challenges with their ground-breaking ideas. Learn more about Shefali Sharma on Crunchbase…

Oxford Dynamics is a growing team of tech innovators that work in a dynamic, agile way to provide solutions to tough technical challenges. Read more aboutOxford Dynamics on Crunchbase…

Joshua Nino De Guzman

CEO, Co-Founder & Director @ Dexerto

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Joshua Nino De Guzman is the CEO & Co-Founder at Dexerto Learn more about Joshua Nino De Guzman on Crunchbase…

Dexerto is the world’s largest digital esports and gaming lifestyle platform news platform. Read more aboutDexerto on Crunchbase…

Henry Thomson

Co-Founder & Director @ Phasor Solutions

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Henry Hyde-Thomson is Co-Founder at Phasor Solutions. He is Founder & Chairman at Anglo Scientific. Learn more about Henry Thomson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPhasor Solutions on Crunchbase…

David Currie

Founder & Director @ Codex Capital Partners

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David Currie is a Founder And Director at Codex Capital Partners. He is currently the Chairman at 1Rebel UK, Foster Denovo, Blippar, ANTIDOTE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, and Lantum. Mr. Currie is a former Head of Investment Banking and Securities at Investec. David studied at Loughborough University and University of Oxford. Learn more about David Currie on Crunchbase…

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Ewan Kirk

Co-founder & Director @ Turner Kirk Trust

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Ewan Kirk is a technology entrepreneur and Chairman of the Management Committee of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. An investor in early-stage science and technology companies in Cambridge and London, he has also been involved in philanthropy since 2007 through the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust, which supports science, technology, engineering, mathematics and conservation causes. The Trust is one of the largest private funders of fundamental mathematics research in the UK. Ewan is best known for founding Cantab Capital Partners, a science-driven quantitative investment management firm that uses data analysis to research, test and implement systematic investment strategies. Between 2007 and 2016, Cantab grew from a team of two with £30m AUM to 60 people with £4.5bn AUM. Over that period, Cantab was consistently ranked as one of the top-performing quant funds. Ewan credited the rapid growth of Cantab to the “scientific rigour” of the business. Based in Cambridge, the company is close to the University and the city’s cluster of high-tech companies. Its work resembles “that of a scientific research organisation” more than a London City trading firm. Most of the members of the team hold advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, statistics or computer science. In 2016, Cantab was acquired by GAM Investments and Ewan was appointed CIO of its new systematic investment business, GAM Systematic Cantab. In 2020, he was appointed as President of GAM Systematic Cantab. He went on to serve as President of GAM Systematic Cantab until 2021. Between 1992 and 2005, he was a Partner at Goldman Sachs. He was responsible for leading their 120-strong quantitative technology group, made up of mathematicians, scientists and statisticians, which tested systematic investment strategies and was responsible for the bank’s quantitative technology in Europe. He considers the success of Goldman Sachs in quantitative investment to have been due to its dual commitment to both employing top academic talent and investing in cutting-edge technology, a lesson that he carried forward to Cantab Capital Partners. This approach to business builds on his own academic background. Ewan holds a Ph.D in General Relativity from the University of Southampton; an M.A.St in Mathematics (Part III, Mathematical Tripos) from Queens’ College, Cambridge; and a B.Sc in Natural Philosophy and Astronomy from the University of Glasgow. Whilst at university, Ewan founded his first business, DaLEK Software, which developed the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) package MicroDraft for Amstrad CPC and PCW computers. After graduation, he became Director of Innovation at Scientific Generics, a consultancy providing cutting-edge scientific solutions to business problems. In 2007, he co-founded the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust with his wife Dr. Patricia Turner. The Trust supports both fundamental research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and standalone projects that seek to leverage STEM research to solve intractable problems, especially in environmental conservation. In 2015, the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust provided a £5m gift to the University of Cambridge to establish the Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information. The couple have said that they support fundamental mathematics research because it is “uniquely hard to raise money for”. In 2013, Ewan and Patricia provided a £500k endowment to the Isaac Newton Institute to establish the Turner-Kirk Visiting Fellowship to bring leading international mathematicians to Cambridge. This was followed by a further gift of £250k in 2019 to establish the Kirk Distinguished Fellowship Programme for senior female mathematicians. They have also provided a £90k gift to SolarAid to launch an innovation hub in Africa to research ways of getting solar-powered lights into more households at a fair market price, and a £20k gift to SotonUAV to research how unmanned aircraft can be used to monitor and collect data on remote and difficult to access environmental locations for conservation purposes. Ewan is also a supporter of science, business and EU-related political causes in the UK, and was part of the official campaign making the pro-science case for remaining in the European Union in the 2016 EU referendum. He is also a member of the Liberal Democrats Business and Entrepreneurs Network. Brought up in Glasgow, Scotland, where he attended Greenfaulds High School, Ewan now lives in Cambridge. He is married with two daughters, and he is a fan of music, professional cycling and film. Learn more about Ewan Kirk on Crunchbase…

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Alexander Pitt

Co-Founder & Director of Growth @ Mustard Seed

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Dr. Martin Spollen

Co-Founder & Director @ Yedup Limited

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Martin M. Spollen joined Yedup AI Labs as Co-Founder & Director in 2015. Learn more about Dr. Martin Spollen on Crunchbase…

Yedup develops real-time, continually adaptive AI technology for high value, ultra-low latency capital markets applications. Read more aboutYedup Limited on Crunchbase…

Alastair Moore

Co-Founder & Director @ Satalia

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Alastair Moore is a UCL PhD computer scientist with 10 years experience in AI/ML, UX design, marketplaces, mobile and early stage tech innovation. He was on the founding team of UCL spin-out and venture backed Alastair Moore activities at UCL include helping create The Mobile Academy and the set up IDEALondon innovation centre at the heart of TechCity with Cisco and DC Thomson. He have been a member of the Special Group for Entrepreneurship for the British Computer Society and have mentored at the Wayra Academy, Springboard Mobile (now Techstars London) & Startupbootcamp IoT. Learn more about Alastair Moore on Crunchbase…

Algorithms | Intelligence | Optimization Read more aboutSatalia on Crunchbase…

Wil Benton

Cofounder & Director @ Metta

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Wil Benton is Cofounder & Director at Metta. Learn more about Wil Benton on Crunchbase…

Metta company supports startups, industry & governments with sustainable technology. Read more aboutMetta on Crunchbase…

Mike Kent

Co-Founder & Director @ Dexerto

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Dexerto is the world’s largest digital esports and gaming lifestyle platform news platform. Read more aboutDexerto on Crunchbase…

Melvin D’Souza

Co-founder & Director @ Soul Tree Wine

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Melvin co-founded Soul Tree with Alok in 2009, after completing his MBA at the University of Oxford. He was born and brought up in sunny India, right in the heart of the Indian wine country, and is still adjusting to the British weather! He moved to the US briefly for his undergraduate degree and following that, between 1995 and 2007, he headed Marketing and Sales for his family’s poultry genetics business in India, covering all of South Asia and the Middle East. In 2007 he took a sabbatical from work to complete his MBA at the University of Oxford where he met Alok and decided to leave behind the lucrative world of genetics behind to change the fortunes of the Indian wine industry – and those of the grape farmers in his home town of Nasik. Melvin is the creative, sometimes whimsical, brains in the team. Learn more about Melvin D’Souza on Crunchbase…

Soul Tree is a rapidly growing brand with distribution all across the UK, and a growing international footprint. Read more aboutSoul Tree Wine on Crunchbase…

Glyn Povah

Founder & Director Global Product Development Smart Digits @ Telefonica

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Read more aboutTelefonica on Crunchbase…

Paul Hunter

Founder & Director @ Pet Food UK

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Paul Hunter is Director at Pet Food UK. Learn more about Paul Hunter on Crunchbase…

The company behind the Barking Heads, Meowing Heads and AATU brands. Read more aboutPet Food UK on Crunchbase…

Kate Jackson

Co-Founder & Director @ silkfred

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Kate Jackson is a Co-Founder at silkfred. Learn more about Kate Jackson on Crunchbase…

SilkFred is a luxury retail platform that helps independent brands and emerging designers get their products to market. Read more aboutsilkfred on Crunchbase…

Dee Harvey

Founder & Director @ Controvert

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Over 20 years experience in interactive media production at the highest level, and a graduate of NYU. Learn more about Dee Harvey on Crunchbase…

Controvert creates and develops media content using immersive technology. Read more aboutControvert on Crunchbase…

Thomas Arundel

Co-Founder & Director @ Precision Microdrives

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Precision Microdrives is a manufacturer of miniature electric motors. Read more aboutPrecision Microdrives on Crunchbase…

Ian Balcomb

Founder & Director @ Bow Resources

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Ian has worked in the oil and gas sector for over 15 years. He has held senior positions such as regional director, business development director and country manager; supplying project manpower solutions to some of the world’s largest oil and gas operators. Learn more about Ian Balcomb on Crunchbase…

Bow Resources is a manpower solutions provider focussed on the energy market; specialising in renewables,oil and gas. Read more aboutBow Resources on Crunchbase…

Tim Chambers

Co-Founder & Director @ InspiraFarms

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InspiraFarms™ supplies modular, FOOD-SAFE certification ready modular processing and cold storage technology. Read more aboutInspiraFarms on Crunchbase…

Tom Williams

Co-founder & Director of Business Development @ Rota

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Tom Williams is a co-founder of Rota, a mobile app that connects a variety of hospitality venues with trained and vetted staff, offering better working conditions, value and quality to all stakeholders. Learn more about Tom Williams on Crunchbase…

SAAS Mobile and desktop Apps to provide Total Workforce Technology for the whole workforce (internal and external) Read more aboutRota on Crunchbase…

Issac Qureshi

Founder & Director Of Client Services @ Ogilvy & Haart

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Issac Qureshi is a Director of Client Services and Founder of Ogilvy & Haart. He knows the business well enough to take it apart and reconstruct it. He specializes in adaptation to the world of commerce: while he surely can run a company, he makes it a point to learn the language of a company that is already established, note its strengths, spot its weaknesses, and turn the whole establishment over to discover its untouched potential. After years of diligent work in his education and in the field, Issac Qureshi knows how to find and run a company built for success in an ever-changing market. Accorded with the LloydsTSB Asian Jewel Award, EMBF Rising Star Award, the Tiger Award, and Royal Mail’s title of Regional Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year, it is no surprise that NW Business Insider Magazine recognized Qureshi in their “Top 42 Under 42” list in 2006. Issac contribution to business and excellence put him at the top of this list, as well as on the radar as one of the best businessmen in the UK. The year he earned his BA and Honors in Social & Economic History from Liverpool University in the UK, Qureshi hit the ground running as an Account Executive at Kaleidoscope ADM in 1995. Starting his career right out of college allowed him to get his foot in the door, and see what the business world consist of. He adjusted the way of the business world quickly, acquiring tools like advertising, design, and marketing strategy which he would later employ. Completing his formal education, Issac Qureshi obtained his diploma from Manchester University Institute of Direct Marketing in 1998, and graduated with an MA in Marketing from Canterbury University in Ontario, Canada, in 2003. He later went on to graduate first honors with his Bachelor of Laws from The London School of Economics and Political Science. He completed his Master of Laws, with a focus in International and Commercial Trust Law, from UCL, also first honors. Issac always put education first, and strived to be at the top of his class. He believes those who worked hard in their education will be greatly rewarded in the future. Wasting no time, Qureshi co-founded Urban Logic UK in 2004, a professional authority in property investment. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of his own company for two years, honing his skills in marketing programs, customer services, income maximization, and intercompany relationships, here he learned valuable skills that come with running your own company. A few years later, and well-versed in company management, Issac Qureshi began as the Chief executive Officer of LAKAS Investments PLC, dedicated to retail investment. With a background in strategy and management, Qureshi can adapt to any type of business and strengthen it for profitability. Before founding his own enterprises, he moved on to Marvel Marketing as a Non-Executive Director, and exercised his prowess in fundraising, campaign analysis, and working with shareholders and brokers. In 2014, he founded the highly successful Ogilvy & Haart, a wealth management and taxation consultancy. This was the cultivation of all Issac Qureshi’s hard work. Almost 20 years after graduating from college, he was able to create a company that embodied all the education that he had received previously. Having worked as the Ambassador for a charity Karma Nirvana and Mix-d, he works best in communities. It is easy for him to see the value in an organization with which he has had no previous experience, which explains his ability to raise more than 7m in fundraising for companies he has no personal affiliation with. Issac Qureshi knows the importance of fundraising for companies after being apart of so many, he understands that funding is what makes the company successful in the long term. So, he’s able to use his expertise to help organisations as he’s helped his own companies. With experience in asset protection, stock market strategy, and marketing technique, Qureshi is an unparalleled expert in his field, who continuously acquires up-to-date knowledge and readjusts his view of the market for optimal outcomes. In the kinetic and ever-changing business world, Isaac Qureshi is a prime developer. Qureshi prides himself on not only his mastery of the business field, but his ability to see a company’s strengths and flaws so clearly that he can create a new and fool-proof marketing plan catered to the respective enterprise’s profile. Follow Issac Qureshi’s innovative ideas on LinkedIn, and his personal website for ideas and discussion that you can bring to your own business. Learn more about Issac Qureshi on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutOgilvy & Haart on Crunchbase…

Adam Rimmer

Co-Founder & Director @ FloodFlash

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FloodFlash is a tech-enabled flood insurance provider. Read more aboutFloodFlash on Crunchbase…

Giles Andrews

Co-founder & Director @ Zopa

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Giles Andrews, CEO and co-founder Zopa, the world’s first P2P lending and borrowing marketplace. Giles has led the company through a period of dramatic growth that has seen it established as a real threat to traditional players, reaching over 2% market share and £160m in loans. Giles spent the first ten years of his career in the motor industry pursuing his interest in all things automotive. This included co-founding Caverdale in 1992, a start-up taken to a £250m revenue motor retailer and sold in 1997. After an MBA at INSEAD he set up his own consultancy business whose clients included Tesco and Tesco Personal Finance and which also provided start up advice and early stage funding for new businesses, until co-founding Zopa in 2004. Learn more about Giles Andrews on Crunchbase…

Zopa offers peer-to-peer loans with low rates, flexible terms, and no early repayment fees. Read more aboutZopa on Crunchbase…

Alastair Barrow

Co-Founder & Director @ Generic Robotics

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Alastair Barrow has over 10 years’ experience in the fields of haptics, robotics and simulation. Between 2004-2010 he worked as a research associate on simulation projects at the Universities of Reading and King’s College London alongside obtaining a PhD in Cybernetics from the University of Reading. During this time, he developed the technology behind the hapTEL project, a virtual learning platform that used haptics to train clinical skills in dentistry. This became the forerunner to one of Generic Robotics’ key products, SimuTouch. In 2011, Ally joined Dr Fernando Bello’s simulation group at Imperial College London, where he collaborated on a number of clinical training simulators and was awarded a research fellowship to explore the use of advanced haptic technologies. He joined Generic Robotics in 2013 as one of two directors and helped secure funding to propel the development of a range of training solutions combining VR and haptics. Alongside managing the multiple roles involved in running a start-up, Ally acts as Applications Lead within GR where he is responsible for the delivery of the SimuTouch clinical workstation and core software technology. Learn more about Alastair Barrow on Crunchbase…

SimuTouch is the first general purpose clinical skills training platform. Read more aboutGeneric Robotics on Crunchbase…

Jan Farrarons

Founder & Director @ Judopay

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Judopay is a mobile-first payments platform. Read more aboutJudopay on Crunchbase…

Sharon Reed

Co-Founder & Director @ Framestore

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Framestore is a creative studio that offers production, pre-production, and post-production services for its users. Read more aboutFramestore on Crunchbase…

Ben Whitaker

Head of Innovation, Founder & Director @ Masabi

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Ben Whitaker Co-Founder of Masabi, Ben is the company’s product evangelist, focussing primarily on business development at the company. He is a familiar face on both the mobile and train industry circuits, regularly invited to interviews and speaking slots at major industry events worldwide. A classic visionary, Ben helped define the UK rail mobile ticketing standard and move the weight of industry opinion behind it. He is also a security expert with a strong engineering background, designing Masabi’s award-winning encryptMe product. Prior to founding Masabi, Ben worked at IBM, Xerox and Raytheon (Encrypted Radar Systems) on projects ranging from computer interface usability to military cryptography. Ben has an MEng degree in Engineering and Management (MET) from Cambridge University. Learn more about Ben Whitaker on Crunchbase…

Masabi is the global leader in transport mobile ticketing and payments. Read more aboutMasabi on Crunchbase…

Lee Pittaway

Co-Founder & Director @ Fourteen Asset Finance

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Read more aboutFourteen Asset Finance on Crunchbase…

Jennifer Hersch

Co-Founder & Director @ Ethos

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Read more aboutEthos on Crunchbase…

Leo Castellanos

Founder & Director @

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Leo Castellanos is Founder & Director at Learn more about Leo Castellanos on Crunchbase…

Read more on Crunchbase…

Alok Mathur

Co-founder & Director @ Soul Tree Wine

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Alok met Melvin at Oxford while completing his own MBA. He was brought up in various parts of India and after completing his undergraduate degree in Engineering he joined the Tata Group’s automotive division in 1993, and since then had worked in various positions handling and running operations in India and in the UK. A desire for new challenges and an ambition to directly influence the fortunes of Indian wine find him revelling in the wine industry. Learn more about Alok Mathur on Crunchbase…

Soul Tree is a rapidly growing brand with distribution all across the UK, and a growing international footprint. Read more aboutSoul Tree Wine on Crunchbase…

Jez Clark

Co-founder & Director @ Eden Smith

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Jez is a Co-founder and Director of Eden Smith, a specialist European data and analytics staffing company. Realising this market requires more than a job matching service Jez and Co-Founder Matt incorporated the company with one primary objective, to support businesses and help job seekers make sense of the #BigDataRevolution by sharing information, facilitating introduction and offering un-bias talent strategy and consulting services. Jez has been successful as a Consultant and Director in the staffing industry just shy of twenty years, he has helped many businesses adopt innovative strategies to attract niche talent and helped job seekers position themselves for hire. Ultimately the team at Eden Smith & their data and analytics consulting partners act in an advisory capacity, ensuring successful engagement between businesses and job seekers. We are here to help. Learn more about Jez Clark on Crunchbase…

Eden Smith is a specialist data & analytics staffing and consulting business based in central London. Read more aboutEden Smith on Crunchbase…

Tim Linssen

Co-Founder & Director of Product @ Quiqup

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Quiqup is a provider of on-demand, same-day, and scheduled delivery solutions to retailers and restaurants. Read more aboutQuiqup on Crunchbase…

Livio Hughes

Co-Founder & Director @ Postshift

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Postshift is a digital transformation consultancy that helps organisations become 21st Century businesses Read more aboutPostshift on Crunchbase…

Dennis Helderman

Co-Founder & Director @ RENTUU

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A resourceful VC backed serial entrepreneur leading teams to design the future for hiring event equipment through technology. Learn more about Dennis Helderman on Crunchbase…

Cloud-based technology platform and franchise network for the multi-billion pound sterling equipment hire industry. Read more aboutRENTUU on Crunchbase…

Maria Baibakova

Founder & Director @ Baibakov Art Projects

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Read more aboutBaibakov Art Projects on Crunchbase…

Tim Perkins

Co-Founder & Director @ Nudge Global

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Read more aboutNudge Global on Crunchbase…

Darren Callcott

Founder & Director @ StreetDots

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Darren Callcott is co-founder of StreetDots. Learn more about Darren Callcott on Crunchbase…

StreetDots creates smart street-trading platform. Read more aboutStreetDots on Crunchbase…

Dan Sutch

Co-founder & Director @ CAST

FollowDan Sutch on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

CAST is growing the supply and demand of technology for social impact. Read more aboutCAST on Crunchbase…

Nivi Jasa

Founder & Director @ I AM NUT OK

FollowNivi Jasa on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

I AM NUT OK develops vegan-friendly alternatives to dairy food. Read more aboutI AM NUT OK on Crunchbase…

Ian Clethero

Founder & Director @ 1Hub Media Ltd

FollowIan Clethero on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Ian Clethero is the founder of 1Hub Media (London) and Platform8 Asia (Hong Kong). These are online media companies publishing platforms for two verticals: music education and choirs. Platform8 Asia is reponsible for marketing the projects in Hong Kong, SE Asia and the wider region. 1Hub Media takes the same role for the UK and European markets. The aim is to build MUSIC:ED and Chorally into ‘go-to’ global resources for their respective sectors. Each platform efficiently links individual users with organisations and businesses. The platforms combine independent media (news, magazine articles) with directories and listings (classifieds, project profiles, jobs, resources). Online membership, social networks and iOS/Android mobile apps will be launched in 2019 to provide new benefits for platform users, boosting overall engagement and traffic. MUSIC:ED is designed for students, educators, performers and parents as end-users. Advertisers include education providers (including university and college music departments, international schools, private music schools), music and software publishers, providers of specialist services, charities, government departments and arts councils, membership organisations and performance venues. Chorally serves the global choral sector, a market of an estimated 2m performing groups and 60m singers. The platform brings together choirs, singers and audiences in one place (the idea for Chorally came from Ian Clethero’s extensive experience as a church musician). From mid 2019, choirs will be able to create profiles and add jobs, events and news to Chorally. Both platforms are monetised through advertiser subscriptions, individual listing fees (eg for summer schools and jobs) and individual membership subscriptions (from 2019). Additional revenue is derived from sponsorship and affiliate commissions from sales originated on the platforms. The projects have bases in both Europe and Asia. Ian Clethero’s aim is to expand MUSIC:ED and Chorally in these regions. After this, the projects will be extended worldwide including to North and South America. Learn more about Ian Clethero on Crunchbase…

Publisher of digital information platforms, MUSIC:ED ( and Chorally ( Read more about1Hub Media Ltd on Crunchbase…

Hugh Scantlebury

Founder & Director @ Aqilla

FollowHugh Scantlebury on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
From roots firmly established in the IT revolution of the 1980s working for Kewill Systems plc, Hugh Scantlebury went on to join Systems Union in 1992. As EMEA Channel Sales Director he led a team managing a £30 million market which generated in excess of £11 million pounds worth of net revenue from channels selling integrated financial and business solutions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. At Sage, working as General Manager for the Corporate and European Division, he launched two new business initiatives focusing on OLAP and e-Business development services. In 2002 Hugh took up the role of managing director for a 3i-backed business, Foundation Systems, which specialised in the supply, implementation and support of integrated financial and business management. This business became a wholly owned subsidiary of Systems Union Group in December 2003, which in turn was subsequently acquired by Infor, a US$2.1 billion corporation backed by Golden Gate Capital in 2006. Learn more about Hugh Scantlebury on Crunchbase…

Aqilla is the developer of web-based accounting solutions designed for medium-sized businesses and organisations. Read more aboutAqilla on Crunchbase…

Chris Marsh

Co-Founder & Director @ Dexerto

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Dexerto is the world’s largest digital esports and gaming lifestyle platform news platform. Read more aboutDexerto on Crunchbase…

Ian Bartholomew

Co-founder & Director @ FloodFlash

FollowIan Bartholomew on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

FloodFlash is a tech-enabled flood insurance provider. Read more aboutFloodFlash on Crunchbase…

Jeremy Beament

Co-Founder & Director @ Nudge Global

FollowJeremy Beament on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutNudge Global on Crunchbase…

Mark Naldrett

Co-founder & Director @ MyLiveGuard

FollowMark Naldrett on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

MyLiveGuard is a software solution platform for smartphone-enable Home Automation, CCTV and Security home hub. Read more aboutMyLiveGuard on Crunchbase…

Glen Walker

Co-Founder & Director @ Trouva

FollowGlen Walker on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Trouva, the online destination for unique products from the best curators around the world Read more aboutTrouva on Crunchbase…

Andrew Barker

Co-Founder & Director @ Intelligent Ultrasound

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Spoiler title
Andrew Barker is the Chairman at Oxford Brain Diagnostics . Learn more about Andrew Barker on Crunchbase…

Intelligent Ultrasound develops software that improves the quality, reliability, and diagnostic power of medical ultrasound. Read more aboutIntelligent Ultrasound on Crunchbase…

Simon Kelton

Co-Founder & Director @ pepperhq

FollowSimon Kelton on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Simon is a relentlessly determined, passionate and ambitious entrepreneur, writer, film producer and angel investor with twenty-five years of broad-ranging creative and business experience. With an exceptional international network of friends, colleagues, investors and commercial contacts, Simon is able to combine his visionary creativity and communication skills as a professional writer to guide and sell his companies strategic goals and products. He has founded, financed and managed eight companies in entertainment, technology, publishing, event management and the snowsports industry. He has Master’s Degrees from Oxford, Stanford and UCLA and is a member of the British Academy of Film and TV. As a professional writer, Simon has published two books, written more than thirty screenplays for Hollywood including the British hit comedy EDDIE THE EAGLE starring Hugh Jackman and produced by Matthew Vaughn, and penned numerous articles for the likes of TIME, the Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph, Harpers and Queen, and An avid and competitive sportsman, Simon represented Oxford University at golf, is a member of the Royal & Ancient G.C. and the Queen’s Club, has ski guided for the Ski Club of Great Britain, and taken part in the British and World Extreme Snowboarding Championships. Learn more about Simon Kelton on Crunchbase…

The Pepper platform supports white label apps for mobile payment, discovery, digital loyalty, social media marketing, and actionable data. Read more aboutpepperhq on Crunchbase…

Robert Robinson

Co-Founder & Director @ Notes Coffee

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Notes is a collection of coffee shops & wine bars with 5 prime London locations in Canary Wharf, the City & the West End. Read more aboutNotes Coffee on Crunchbase…

Rob Harlow

Co-Founder & Director @ G33K

FollowRob Harlow on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

G33K Holdings is a UK based group of technology businesses providing marketing, technical and creative services to a progressive world. Read more aboutG33K on Crunchbase…

Dumi Oburota

Founder & Director @ Disturbing London

FollowDumi Oburota on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Founder and Managing Director of Disturbing London an entertainment and lifestyle company, which in addition to artist management, has a record label and fashion brand of the same name. Learn more about Dumi Oburota on Crunchbase…

Disturbing London is an entertainment company. Read more aboutDisturbing London on Crunchbase…

Mark Maclaine

Co-Founder & Director of Education @ Tutorfair

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Spoiler title
A tutor for 16 years, and awesome at it. Students are inspired by his energy and enthusiasm. He instils a love of learning which goes far beyond the Maths & Science he teaches. We love Mark … and all his stories. He’s responsible for making sure this works for tutors and is ruthless about vetting tutors to ensure we’ve got the best. Mark is equally passionate about our social mission and ensuring that it really makes a difference. Learn more about Mark Maclaine on Crunchbase…

Tutorfair is a marketplace for tutors that makes great tutors available to all Read more aboutTutorfair on Crunchbase…

Nisha Patni

Founder & Director @ HCE Service

FollowNisha Patni on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

HCE Service provides innovative mobile-centric digital card accounts solutions. Read more aboutHCE Service on Crunchbase…

Ben Woodward

Co-Founder & Director of Talent @ Code Red Esports

FollowBen Woodward on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Code Red Esports is a full service esports agency. Read more aboutCode Red Esports on Crunchbase…

Mervyn Miles

Co-Founder & Director @ NuNano

FollowMervyn Miles on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Mervyn is Professor of Physics at the University of Bristol. His research over the last 25 years has focused on the development and application of new scanning probe microscopes, including the invention of two new types of high-speed AFM and the use of nanotools controlled by holographic optical tweezers to act as a new type of AFM probe. Mervyn has also co-founded Infinitesima Ltd, to bring high-speed AFM to the semiconductor industry. He is also Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Institute of Physics Publishing and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (London) in 2011. Learn more about Mervyn Miles on Crunchbase…

NuNano is a UK manufacturer of AFM probes and bespoke cantilever sensors. Read more aboutNuNano on Crunchbase…

Joanna Montgomery

Founder & Director @ Little Riot

FollowJoanna Montgomery on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Joanna Montgomery started her own company, Little Riot, to develop a product called Pillow Talk. In the last few years, the company has grown from strength to strength, securing vast amounts of funding and winning several awards. Learn more about Joanna Montgomery on Crunchbase…

Little Riot mission is to alleviate loneliness and empower people to use technology to communicate without staring at a screen. Read more aboutLittle Riot on Crunchbase…

Chris Forbes

Co-Founder & Director @ The Cheeky Panda

FollowChris Forbes on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The Cheeky Panda is a sustainable bamboo tissue manufacturer. Read more aboutThe Cheeky Panda on Crunchbase…

Kevin Patrick Sharkey

Co-founder & Director @ Key Land Capital PLC

FollowKevin Patrick Sharkey on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Kevin Patrick Sharkey is a seasoned expert in the realms of property development and finance. Located in Birmingham, Kevin was first inspired to pursue his current career path by his father, who had seen success in a similar capacity. So, upon graduating with honors and a degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics from the University of Manchester in 2003, Kevin undertook his first development project. Although it was a singular house-flipping project, Kevin saw great success in his efforts and, as such, expanded his scope. Soon enough, Kevin was investing in empty plots of land on which he could build the homes he painstakingly designed from the ground-up. Given the passion he possesses for his job, as well as his entrepreneurial acumen, Kevin Patrick Sharkey involved himself in countless business ventures. However, the most notable is certainly Key Land Capital PLC, the independent property investment firm he co-founded in August 2017. Since its inception, the company has thrived, providing its clients with unique opportunities to invest in a growing portfolio of high-quality property development projects. To learn more about Kevin Patrick Sharkey and his career pursuits, be sure to visit his website! Learn more about Kevin Patrick Sharkey on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKey Land Capital PLC on Crunchbase…

Kevin Homeyard

Co-Founder & Director @ Funeral Guide

FollowKevin Homeyard on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Kevin Homeyard is the Managing Director at Set2Recruit Learn more about Kevin Homeyard on Crunchbase…

Funeral Guide is a one-stop shop for the bereaved. Arranger is software for funeral directors. Memoria keeps memories alive. Read more aboutFuneral Guide on Crunchbase…

Dirk Mischendahl

Co-Founder & Director @ Northern Bloc

FollowDirk Mischendahl on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Dirk Mischendahl currently works as the Co-Founder and Director for Northern Bloc. He previously worked at Logistik as the Founder and Joint Managing Director. Learn more about Dirk Mischendahl on Crunchbase…

Northern Bloc is an ice cream brand. Read more aboutNorthern Bloc on Crunchbase…

David Floyd

Co Founder & Director @ Bullitt Group

FollowDavid Floyd on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Bullitt Group offers go-to-market solutions for brands that wish to extend into mobile or audio products. Read more aboutBullitt Group on Crunchbase…

Gavin Jones

Co-Founder & Director @ Urban Change

FollowGavin Jones on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Urban Change provides consultation solutions and services for the built environment industry. Read more aboutUrban Change on Crunchbase…

Ben Carlisle

Founder & Director @ Bow Resources

FollowBen Carlisle on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Ben has been working with small to large oil and gas operators for more than six years. An expert in the industry, he largely specialises across Africa and has signed commercial terms with clients to assist in the delivery of major international projects. Learn more about Ben Carlisle on Crunchbase…

Bow Resources is a manpower solutions provider focussed on the energy market; specialising in renewables,oil and gas. Read more aboutBow Resources on Crunchbase…

Graham Mills

Founder & Director @ StaySafe

FollowGraham Mills on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Graham Mills is a Founder at StaySafe. Learn more about Graham Mills on Crunchbase…

StaySafe Personal GPS tracker app is your personal safety guardian. Read more aboutStaySafe on Crunchbase…

Pete Trainor

Founder & Director of HCD @ Nexus Chile

FollowPete Trainor on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Pete Trainor is an author, technologist, accidental polymath, mental health campaigner and co-founder of US Ai in London. He talks all over the world on creative & social technologies, data, artificial intelligence and the physiological & psychological effects on their audiences. Over the last three years, Pete has helped to pioneer an entirely new approach to Ai focused services, one that looks at ‘self-evolving systems’ and ‘minimum viable personality’ to help solve societal and human issues. His recently published, bestselling, book, “Hippo – Human Focused Digital” takes a philosophical look at technology and design, challenging us to look inwardly at the self when designing future technologies. Pete regularly appears in UK national and international press as an analyst on emergent technologies, and tech markets. Pete also chairs the Ai Think Tank for The British Interactive Media Association. He has a very simple philosophy: Don’t do things better, do better things. Learn more about Pete Trainor on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNexus Chile on Crunchbase…

Simon Clark

Co Founder & Director @ Metis

FollowSimon Clark on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutMetis on Crunchbase…

Pip Black

Co-founder & Director @ Frame

FollowPip Black on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Pip Black is Co-founder and Director at Frame. Learn more about Pip Black on Crunchbase…

It was put on Earth to make sure keeping fit and healthy never feels like a chore. Read more aboutFrame on Crunchbase…

Donald MacIver

Founder & Director @ MindGenius

FollowDonald MacIver on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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A software development firm specializing in business productivity software to help capture ideas and simplify project delivery Read more aboutMindGenius on Crunchbase…

Dominic Maxwell

Co-Founder & Director @ The Primal Pantry

FollowDominic Maxwell on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The Primal Pantry a real food snack brand, using the finest ingredients to craft snack and and high-protein bars. Read more aboutThe Primal Pantry on Crunchbase…

Jimmy Kyriacou

Founder & Director @ Unbox

FollowJimmy Kyriacou on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Spoiler title
Jimmy Kyriacou is the creator of #BehindTheFace and UNBOX, which is a collective of like minded entrepreneurs, creatives, scientists, artists and film makers with a shared vision of the future. UNBOX merges art, music & cutting edge technology with a specific focus on Augmented Reality. Enquiries & INFO : [email protected] Learn more about Jimmy Kyriacou on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutUnbox on Crunchbase…

John Keefe

Co Founder & Director @ Draw and Code

FollowJohn Keefe on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Draw and Code is a software company that is engaged in a variety of technology based projects. Read more aboutDraw and Code on Crunchbase…

Cathy White

Founder & Director @ CEW Communications

FollowCathy White on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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CEW Communications is a specialist that partners with tech and digital businesses to help them scale. Read more aboutCEW Communications on Crunchbase…

Charlie Ryan

Founder & Director @ Moshhh Ltd.

FollowCharlie Ryan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Spoiler title
I’m the Founder of Giguana, a new kind of streaming service that rewards fans for supporting the bands they love. I have an 11 year background in Design and Development, and worked with a number of big name clients before joining the team at football statistics startup Squawka to build the initial product. I exited Squawka in 2014 to try and disrupt the music industry with Giguana. Learn more about Charlie Ryan on Crunchbase…

Giguana is new kind of streaming service that rewards fans for supporting the bands they love. Launching Soon! Read more aboutMoshhh Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Margaret McPherson

Founder & Director @ Intelligent Office UK Ltd

FollowMargaret McPherson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Intelligent Office UK Ltd is a business process outsourcing group. Read more aboutIntelligent Office UK Ltd on Crunchbase…

Vicky Keyworth

Founder & Director @ Savvy – The smarter way to move

FollowVicky Keyworth on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

A truly local Estate Agent that provides an honest approach to buying and selling property. We even pay your legal fees! Read more aboutSavvy – The smarter way to move on Crunchbase…

Esi Yankey

Founder & Director @ Poetry Prescribed

FollowEsi Yankey on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Esi is a British/Ghanaian Performance Poet, who founded ‘Poetry Prescribed’, a therapeutic workshop promoting poetry as an effective way to manage mental health and wellbeing. Sit back, and get comfortable about being uncomfortable. Learn more about Esi Yankey on Crunchbase…

Poetry Prescribed provide therapeutic workshops promoting poetry as a self healing tool. Read more aboutPoetry Prescribed on Crunchbase…

David Ford

Founder & Director @ Ingenica Solutions

FollowDavid Ford on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
With more than 20 years’ experience in the global medical device industry, David is an experienced international board executive and entrepreneur who is active in developing new healthcare focused businesses. Previously responsible for the worldwide healthcare and testing activity for the British Standards Institution (BSI), David was also the custodian of the world-recognised ‘Kitemark’. Over the years David has also supported governments on policy formation for medical devices and their associated therapies. He has also represented the UK at the World Health Organization, the FDA and the European Commission in developing policy and regulations for medical devices. At Ingenica David brings all that expertise to the business, focusing on managing strategic partnerships, interpretation of government policy & direction and specifically is heading up our team for the development of data-capture hardware. Learn more about David Ford on Crunchbase…

Ingenica Solutions is a IT solution provider company. Read more aboutIngenica Solutions on Crunchbase…

Bengu Atamer

Co-Founder & Director @ BuzzMyVideos

FollowBengu Atamer on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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BuzzMyVideos is leading martech company that drives hyper-growth & new revenue from and on YouTube. Read more aboutBuzzMyVideos on Crunchbase…

Gil McVean

Co Founder & Director @ Genomics

FollowGil McVean on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Gil McVean is Professor of Statistical Genetics at the University of Oxford and Head of Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. After an undergraduate training in Zoology, he obtained a PhD with Laurence Hurst in Cambridge and worked with Brian and Deborah Charlesworth in Edinburgh before joining Oxford in 2000. His research focuses on understanding the molecular and evolutionary processes that shape genetic variation in populations and the relationship between genetic variation and phenotype. He has made contributions to our understanding of areas including recombination hotspots, historical patterns of natural selection, the male mutation rate, human genetic variation, the role of HLA in complex disease and genealogical processes. He has played a leading role in the HapMap and 1000 Genomes Projects and currently works on organisms from HIV to malaria. Learn more about Gil McVean on Crunchbase…

Genomics plc aiming to lead the genomic transformation of healthcare. Read more aboutGenomics on Crunchbase…

Alison Keeling

Co-Founder & Director @ Jobtrain

FollowAlison Keeling on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Streamline recruitment and secure top-talent through Jobtrain’s innovative applicant tracking system and online candidate management. Read more aboutJobtrain on Crunchbase…

Massimo Bernardoni

Co-Founder & Director @ Airlite

FollowMassimo Bernardoni on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Massimo Bernardoni is co-founder and director at Airlite® / AM Technology Ltd. Learn more about Massimo Bernardoni on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAirlite on Crunchbase…

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