Top Influencers: 101 UK COO’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Managing Director and COO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Managing Director and COO role. We have selected these Managing Director and COO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Managing Director and COO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Scott Collins

Managing Director and COO @ Summit Partners

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Scott Collins is the Managing Director at Summit Partners. Scott joined Summit Partners in 1996. Scott manages the firm’s London office, which he founded in 2001. Scott is active in Summit’s investment activities in North America, Europe and Asia. During his 17 years with Summit Partners, Scott has served on the board of directors of more than 25 companies. Currently he is a director of 360T Group, Acturis Limited, AVAST Software, Bigpoint, and Welltec International. His prior directorships include Dorn Technology Group (acquired by Policy Management Systems Corporation), Elumen Solutions (acquired by Computer Task Group), Hittite Microwave Corporation (NASDAQ: HITT), Jamba! AG (acquired by VeriSign), Ogone (acquired by Ingenico), SafeBoot Holdings (acquired by McAfee) and Web Reservations International (acquired by Hellman & Friedman). Prior to Summit, Scott worked as a Strategy Consultant with McKinsey & Company in the financial institutions group. Scott also served in a variety of U.S. federal government positions, including at the White House and Department of Justice. Scott holds an A.B. degree in Economics, magna cum laude, from Harvard University and a J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, Scott was captain of the varsity football team and later served as managing editor of the Harvard Law Review. Scott is a former director of the Harvard Alumni Association and remains active in Harvard-related activities. Scott was a founding Trustee of the Private Equity Foundation, a leading venture philanthropy in the U.K. dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged youth and he served on the board from 2007 to 2012. Scott holds British and U.S. dual citizenship. Scott’s personal interests include sport and fitness, the arts, and spending time with his children. Learn more about Scott Collins on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSummit Partners on Crunchbase…

Tej Lalvani

COO @ Vitabiotics

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Vitabiotics is a company that provides health products for all ages and all needs. Read more aboutVitabiotics on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Biggs

COO & CFO — London @ Accel

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Jon Biggs joined Accel in 2001 and is Accel London’s chief operating officer. Jon runs the operations of the London office. He sits on the judging panel of the UK Private Business Awards and was instrumental in working with NACUE in its efforts to champion employment in early stage companies for new graduates. Prior to Accel, Jon worked at AXA Investment Managers, and before that worked at Deutsche Bank and Mirabaud & Cie in London. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant at PWC. Jon is from the South of England and graduated from the University of Bristol. Learn more about Jonathan Biggs on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAccel on Crunchbase…

William Saad

Co-Founder & COO @ IHS Towers

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Willam is responsible for shaping IHS’s long-term technology vision and driving innovation across the company.William has 18 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. He has played a key part in the development and roll-out of Nigeria’s telecom sector, including building the first turnkey sites that marked the beginning of the country’s GSM revolution. Before establishing IHS, William was the Operations Director at CELIA Motophone Nigeria Limited. His responsibilities included designing, implementing and operating Motophone GSM, PNL and V-SAT networks in Nigeria. His achievements at CELIA include successfully implementing in 24 months the planned network expansion for one million subscribers. Before joining CELIA, William served as project manager at Lintel SAL where he designed and implemented GSM projects and was a Site Survey and Implementation Engineer at Libancell. William has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Communication Engineering from the American University of Beirut. Learn more about William Saad on Crunchbase…

IHS is a mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider. Read more aboutIHS Towers on Crunchbase…

Daniel Sagi

COO @ Kape Technologies

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Kape Technologies is an online distribution and digital product hub. Read more aboutKape Technologies on Crunchbase…

Hugo Pingray

COO & Founder @ Alpha Blue Ocean™

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Hugo Pingray is a Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Alpha Blue Ocean. He covers all aspect of the business, managing the firm’s operational risk and its financial planning while originating and closing PIPE’s transactions – with an emphasis on emerging markets. To this date, he has assisted in deploying over EUR 200 Million across the world, oftentimes successfully implementing complex financially engineered solutions for issuers in jurisdictions that had never seen them before. Born and raised in Martinique, Hugo has always been a creative and strategic thinker. In addition to his work, he is a sports enthusiast and one of the most successful poker player of his generation. He captured a World Champion title in 2014, and his game theory approach to the game allowed him to earn millions online in tracked earnings. Before co-founding ABO, Hugo co-founded the Bracknor Investment Group, a Dubai based family office. Earlier he had been an Investment analyst at a London based alternative investment firm. Hugo studied in IESEG School of Management, holds a Bachelor of Science from Vatel Business School as well as a certificate in Corporate Finance from HEC Paris and is fluent in French, English, and Spanish. Learn more about Hugo Pingray on Crunchbase…

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Austin Kimm

COO, Co-Founder @ Crypterium

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Former CEO of Renaissance Life and Pensions (Russia & Ukraine) and CEO Renaissance Insurance Group. Austin led company to #1 Position for Life Insurance in Russia (by written premium – approx $250m per annum) and Top 10 Position for voluntary pensions in Russia ($800m assets under management. Company was sold for approx $200m in 2013. Former CEO of Workle, a high-profile digital startup with over $30 million business turnover and 200 000 active users in 2015, specializing in creating sales forces via online training and support systems Director for Strategy at PayQR, an electronic payment systems pioneer with a market valuation exceeding $20 million. Learn more about Austin Kimm on Crunchbase…

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Shefali Roy

COO @ TrueLayer

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Until recently, Shefali Roy was the COO and CCO of TrueLayer. She is the former Chief Compliance Officer (Europe) and MLRO for Stripe. Prior to Stripe, she led compliance, business conduct and risk across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa for Apple. She was the Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer for Christie’s worldwide, and was responsible for private wealth compliance for Goldman Sachs across Europe and the Middle East. She currently sits on the Boards of Adas List, MakerDAO, and the Barefoot College. Learn more about Shefali Roy on Crunchbase…

TrueLayer is a fintech platform utilized to build financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions. Read more aboutTrueLayer on Crunchbase…

Jack Bekhor

COO and Director @ WorkAngel

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Joe Bonnaud

Global Markets COO and Head of Engineering @ BNP Paribas Private Equity

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Read more aboutBNP Paribas Private Equity on Crunchbase…

Romain Saint Guilhem

Co-Founder and COO @ Zebra Fuel

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Read more aboutZebra Fuel on Crunchbase…

Stuart Chapman

COO & Managing Partner @ Molten Ventures

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Prior to joining Esprit in Febuary 2005 Stuart was a Partner of 3i Ventures. He was also a founding partner of 3i US, based in Menlo Park, CA. Stuart had 13 years of venture capital experience with 3i in Europe and the USA. While he was at 3i US he was responsible for 3i’s investments in Still Secure, CollegeNet and Appshop. Following his return from the US in October 2003 he was responsible for 3i’s investments in The Cloud, Telecity and Searchspace, the IPO of Pixology and the sale of Magic 4 to Openwave. Stuart is a member of the British Venture Capital Association Council. Prior to 3i, Stuart was involved in software and systems implementations in the Banking sector. He is a graduate of Loughborough University. Learn more about Stuart Chapman on Crunchbase…

Molten Ventures is Europe’s largest listed tech VC firm. We inject the most visionary companies with energy to help them transform and grow. Read more aboutMolten Ventures on Crunchbase…

Amrit Dhangal

Co-Founder and COO @ Tagove

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Amrit Dhangal is COO & co-founder at Tagove. Learn more about Amrit Dhangal on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTagove on Crunchbase…

Jason Pinto

Co-founder & COO @ Pace Revenue

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Jason is a co-founder at Pace. Pace has built the first solution that gives hotels real-time forecasting, price sensitivity analysis and automation. We use machine learning and statistics to turn pricing into a real-time exploration how to optimally match supply and demand. Our algorithms are proprietary and actively worked on by our science team. Prior to co-founding Pace Jason was a Partner at Amadeus Capital where he focused on opportunities in online services and fintech. Since joining the firm as an associate in 2007, he has worked closely with several Amadeus companies including Edgeware and Liquavista, helping Edgeware to a public listing on the NASDAQ Stockholm market and Liquavista to a sale to Samsung. He was also an active observer on the board of Unruly helping it exit to News Corp. Jason started his tech career as a lead member of a technology and product development team at E Ink Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he worked on commercialisation of the world’s first electronic ink display. The technology has been widely deployed in a range of consumer products most notably Amazon’s Kindle electronic book. Jason holds Engineering and Science degrees from MIT, Stanford University and Cambridge University. Jason is mostly Trinidadian with a bit of Jamaican and American added in for good measure. Learn more about Jason Pinto on Crunchbase…

Pace is revolutionising revenue management with a suite of tools to deliver science, real-time and automation. Read more aboutPace Revenue on Crunchbase…

Ivan Griffin

COO & Co-Founder @ BenevolentAI

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Ivan joined NESTA in March 2009. He makes and manages investments in the Healthcare sector. Prior to joining NESTA Ivan spent four years at IP Group where he was predominantly focused on healthcare and life science businesses. At IP Group his role encompassed all aspects of technology commercialisation, including identification of investment opportunities, spin-out company formation, business and corporate development as well as private and public equity financings and trade sales. Before joining IP Group Ivan spent two years at Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust, and a year in post-doctoral research where he published several scientific papers. Learn more about Ivan Griffin on Crunchbase…

BenevolentAI is a developer of artificial intelligence and computational medicine technologies. Read more aboutBenevolentAI on Crunchbase…

Rosie Dallas

Co-Founder & COO @ Fat Llama

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Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace which allows people to rent spare items to others nearby, fully insured. Read more aboutFat Llama on Crunchbase…

Carl Uminski

COO & Co- Founder @ Somo

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Carl is an internet industry pioneer with over 16 years’ experience creating new products, platforms and executing scalable growth strategies for businesses across the globe. Carl’s impact on the mobile industry was recently acknowledged by The Drum, who named him the most influential person in mobile.As COO & Co-Founder, Carl takes hands on leadership for the delivery of all Somo’s products and advertising businesses, splitting his time between our international offices. Carl has a unique knowledge of the mobile industry ranging from technical challenges to the commercial opportunities for brands to succeed in mobile. He has advised and executed for over 60 international brands on their mobile strategy, working with the leaders of companies including Audi, Groupon, Zynga, Fidelity Investments & BP. Prior to founding Somo, Carl was co-founder at Overture Europe, the company to pioneer the multi-billion dollar pay-per-click advertising industry into Europe. As CTO, he was integral in leading the business to success in 15 European countries, and its eventual sale to Yahoo! for $1.63 billion in 2003. A leader in search and social networking, he was headhunted to the Silicon Valley, where he created the Yahoo! One Search mobile platform, working with some of the world’s largest mobile brands. Previously, Carl was responsible for running real-time systems such as aircraft parking, flight information and security at seven British airports including London’s Heathrow Airport. Learn more about Carl Uminski on Crunchbase…

Somo is a digital product agency, delivering digital ambitions at pace and scale for the world’s biggest brands and coolest start-ups. Read more aboutSomo on Crunchbase…

Will Phillipson

Co-Founder and COO @ SilverRail Technologies

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Will is the co-founder of SilverRail Technologies and driver behind SilverRail’s product. Will brings 15 years of travel technology and product experience in a number of successful companies. Prior to co-founding SilverRail, Will was the VP Product Strategy and technical lead for distribution platforms at ITA Software, which involved building a next-generation GDS platform for airline distribution, and advising on aspects of ITA’s forthcoming Airline Reservation, Inventory and re-accommodation Systems. Prior to the travel industry, Will started several companies focusing on document management, documents on demand and eventually digital rights management. Will has a computer engineering degree from McGill University and has served on various boards, including the Board of Governors of McGill University. Claim to fame: First solo airline trip to South Africa — at age 5. Since then he has circumnavigated this planet several times. Learn more about Will Phillipson on Crunchbase…

SilverRail offers best-in-class technical solutions that help railways and travel distributors easily connect with each other. Read more aboutSilverRail Technologies on Crunchbase…

Christopher Varin

COO @ Cazana

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Cazana data helps motor retailers, insurers and lenders digitally transform with big data and machine learning technology Read more aboutCazana on Crunchbase…

John Marsland

COO, Investments @ Schroders

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Schroders is an asset management company. Read more aboutSchroders on Crunchbase…

John Robson

COO @ Moonbug

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Moonbug is a global digital-first entertainment company for kids. Read more aboutMoonbug on Crunchbase…

Varun Sahni

Co-Founder & COO @ CreditEnable

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Varun Sahni has built and operated multiple successful companies over the past 20 years across emerging and developed markets ranging across financial services, healthcare and high technology firms. He is co-founder of Impact Investment Partners a UK based FCA regulated asset manager which operates across multiple markets and sectors. Prior to which he was head of Acumen India and has worked with Unilever, CARE and Oxfam to build up their SME portfolios. Varun is on a range of global advisory boards and fund investment committees focused on emerging markets and sustainable investing. He has been widely quoted in international media over the years and is a Chevening Scholar from the London School of Economics, a TED Fellow and an Asia Society Global Young Leader. Varun has an MA from Columbia University, and is also a Chevening Scholar. Learn more about Varun Sahni on Crunchbase…

CreditEnable provides data analytics, deep learning, AI and technology to build solutions to financial challenges. Read more aboutCreditEnable on Crunchbase…

Andrew Newington

COO & CIO @ Actis

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Andrew started his professional career as a lawyer specialising in cross border transactions, including in Asia and the Middle East, before moving into private equity with BT Capital Partners after completing his MBA at Columbia.He then spent 13 years with BC Partners, a leading global investment firm, latterly as Managing Partner and co-head of their London office. At Actis, Andrew has operational responsibility for the firm as well as sitting on all of the firm’s investment committees. Learn more about Andrew Newington on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutActis on Crunchbase…

Imam Hoque

COO, CPO & Co-founder @ Quantexa

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Imam has spent 28 years in the IT services and software industry and now specialises in large data driven solutions with a focus on financial crime. He worked as a developer, project manager and technical architect before becoming the CTO of an internet solutions start-up and then founding Detica NetReveal. He grew Detica NetReveal to a team of more than 300 specialists and then as a managing board director went on to acquire and integrate Norkom AML. Prior to Quantexa, Imam led the SAS Financial Crime practice for EMEA/AP. Learn more about Imam Hoque on Crunchbase…

Quantexa develops network analytics tools for the detection and prevention of financial crime. Read more aboutQuantexa on Crunchbase…

Peter Harris

Partner & COO @ Generation Investment Management

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Peter is a Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Generation Investment Management. Previously, Peter was part of Goldman Sachs Global Operations Division, where he was responsible for global operations infrastructure projects, and management of the North American operations and latterly international operations for Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Prior to that, Peter established the Marketable Securities Division Operations Department at CIN Management Ltd, before it was acquired by Goldman Sachs in 1996.Peter is qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant. Learn more about Peter Harris on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGeneration Investment Management on Crunchbase…

Novo Abakare

Co-Founder & COO @ Syft

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Syft is the UK’s market leading flexible staffing platform. Read more aboutSyft on Crunchbase…

Charlene Chen

COO @ Lantum

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Charlene Chen is a serial startup/scaleup COO, first at global fintech AZA and now healthtech Lantum. She loves solving problems, organizational design and how to grow and scale operationally optimized teams. Learn more about Charlene Chen on Crunchbase…

Lantum is the online platform that enables healthcare providers to manage their clinical workforce. Read more aboutLantum on Crunchbase…

Jack Waley-Cohen

COO, Co-founder & Chief Corporate Development Officer @ what3words

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Jack led the operations of translation company Lingo24 for 8 years: during that time he led its growth from 5 home-workers to 150+ staff on 4 continents. At the same time, his passion for quizzes led to him founding QuizQuizQuiz, the UK’s largest quiz event business. Immediately prior to what3words, Jack was involved in the creation of Property Detective, a service to help people make better decisions about moving home. Learn more about Jack Waley-Cohen on Crunchbase…

what3words is a mapping technology startup that creates a proprietary geocode system for logistics firms. Read more aboutwhat3words on Crunchbase…

Sam Fromson

Co-founder & COO @ YuLife

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YuLife is a provider of life insurance and policies providing income in the event of critical illness. Read more aboutYuLife on Crunchbase…

Azahara Egea

Co-Founder/COO @ Find Exchange

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Co-Founder and COO at sync. A self-directed and a capable decision maker who manages and works with the team. I ensure that the business has the best working environment and processes needed for optimum operational efficiency by creating a performance culture with clear KPIs, employee reviews and pro-active improvements. I’m a primary director of event planning, recruitment and communication and I keep all departments coordinated and I’m heavily involved in determining the strategy and future goals of the company. Learn more about Azahara Egea on Crunchbase…

Find.Exchange is a worldwide search and comparison engine for Travel Money, Online Money Transfers and Travel Currency Cards. Read more aboutFind Exchange on Crunchbase…

Andrey Dokuchaev

Founder & COO @ ClauseMatch

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Andrey is the COO of ClauseMatch. He has been with the company since March 2014. He also works as director for StickerRide. Earlier in life, he worked for Financial Advisory as audit manager. He has been with KPMG Moscow as senior auditor. Andrey attended The University of Texas at Dallas and studied bachelor of science and master of science in accounting. Learn more about Andrey Dokuchaev on Crunchbase…

ClauseMatch is a financial technology company that provides software-as-a-service platform for smart document management. Read more aboutClauseMatch on Crunchbase…

Nikhil Chouguley

Global COO Sustainable Investments @ Citi

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Read more aboutCiti on Crunchbase…

Henry Obi

COO, Partner, Public & Regulatory Affairs, Member of Investment Committee @ Helios Investment Partners

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Mr Obi has 21 years of relevant professional experience, and is head of Public & Regulatory Affairs. He was previously the firm’s COO. Prior to joining Helios in September 2006, Mr Obi was a Partner and Investment Committee member at Aureos Capital Partners Ltd., a manager of private equity funds in Africa and other emerging markets. At Aureos, he was responsible for monitoring the performance of the firm’s funds in Africa and Central America and their compliance with investment policy. Prior to Aureos, he was a Senior Investment Executive in the Assets Group at Actis, before which he was an Investment Executive in that firm’s Infrastructure Group. He started his investment career in the power investment team at CDC Group, the UK’s Development Finance Institution, and also worked at Dynegy, a US energy trader. Mr Obi serves on the Board of Directors of Eland Oil & Gas, and has also served on the Boards of Directors of Zambia Capital Partners, Central America Investment Managers (Mauritius) and Zuami Limited (Kenya). He is a member of the Emerging Market Private Equity Association’s Africa Council, a board member of the African Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, a board member of Advanced American Style, Inc., and sits on the Advisory Board of Maris Capital. Mr Obi, a Nigerian and Irish national, received a BS and MS in Architecture from the University of Nigeria, a BArch from University of Nottingham and an MBA in Finance from the London Business School. He is a fluent Igbo speaker. Learn more about Henry Obi on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHelios Investment Partners on Crunchbase…

Danvers Baillieu

COO @ InfoSum

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Danvers is a qualified solicitor, and worked in corporate law firms in London for over 10 years. Learn more about Danvers Baillieu on Crunchbase…

InfoSum provides a decentralized platform designed to remove the trust barriers between progress and privacy. Read more aboutInfoSum on Crunchbase…

Ramiz Hasan

Co-Founder, COO @ Samena Capital

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Hasan is a Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Director and member of the Executive Committee of Samena Capital. He is also the Senior Executive Officer of Samena Capital Investments Limited in Dubai. He is a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of RAK Logistics and a member of the Investment Committee of the Samena Special Situations Funds. He has 27 years of financial investment experience with a particular focus on Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Prior to establishing Samena Capital, he founded Invicta Investment Management. Prior to setting up Invicta he was the Japanese portfolio manager at Hermes Pension Fund (London) managing in excess of US$1 billion. Prior to this he spent 4½ years at Orbis (a US$19 billion hedge fund) as head of Japanese equities research. He is a Chartered Accountant (England and Wales) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (AIMR). Mr Hasan was educated at Eton College and has a BSc degree in Monetary Economics from the London School of Economics. Learn more about Ramiz Hasan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSamena Capital on Crunchbase…

Steffen Tjerrild

COO, CFO and Co-Founder @ Synthesia

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Synthesia is an AI video avatar platform that creates professional videos from a text in different languages. Read more aboutSynthesia on Crunchbase…

Sunil Oberoi

COO @ Laika Network

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Laika Network helps content owners manage and monetize their online videos. Read more aboutLaika Network on Crunchbase…

Ry Morgan

Co-Founder, COO & Product Strategy @ Unmind

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• Entrepreneurial rapscallion with a background highly attuned to tech, product and enterprise. Founded, built and grown several successful (and less successful!) ventures to-date. x Learn more about Ry Morgan on Crunchbase…

Unmind is a B2B mental health platform providing clinically-backed tools and training. Read more aboutUnmind on Crunchbase…

Thishani Nadesan

COO @ Cleo

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Thishani Nadesan currently works as COO at Cleo AI. Learn more about Thishani Nadesan on Crunchbase…

Cleo is a financial assistant designed for Gen-Z that is fighting for the world’s financial health. Read more aboutCleo on Crunchbase…

Philip Ellis

Co-Founder ,CEO & COO @ Beryl

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Phil is here to make sure that it happens. Phil approaches cycling with the same ripped down simplicity he does most outdoor pursuits, look good and go fast. In his case one or the other is usually achieved but rarely both. With a law degree, accountancy qualifications and consulting experience, Phil brings a triple threat of legal, financial and operational experience to Blaze. Learn more about Philip Ellis on Crunchbase…

The UK’s leading micromobility company Read more aboutBeryl on Crunchbase…

Victor Dillard

Founder , COO & CEO @ Desktop Genetics

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A former chemical engineer keen on seeing personalized treatment realized, Victor has spent the past three years leading Desktop Genetics’ business development and CRISPR genome-editing initiatives. He has closed several partnerships with leading life science companies, placing Desktop Genetics at the forefront of CRISPR therapeutics research. Informed by his previous experience at P&G, GlaxoSmithKline, Flagship Ventures, Victor believes that software will be the key to unlocking the full potential of biotech R&D. He holds MEng, Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge. Learn more about Victor Dillard on Crunchbase…

Desktop Genetics is an international company to help researchers discover and treat the root genetic causes of human disease. Read more aboutDesktop Genetics on Crunchbase…

Kunal Sharma

Cofounder & COO @ AppsPicket

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Kunal is a serial entrepreneur having cofounded iRunway- an intellectual property firm that helped clients drive successful outcomes in excess of $1.5 billion. Also part of founding team at Pangea3 and Evalueserve. He has studied entrepreneurship from London Business School, and has done his Masters and Bachelors from IIT Delhi. Learn more about Kunal Sharma on Crunchbase…

Frictionless secure two factor authentication based on innovative cryptographic protocol. Read more aboutAppsPicket on Crunchbase…

Adit Trivedi

Co Founder, COO @ Lingumi

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Co-founder & COO of Lingumi who are providing the world’s best teaching service to children all around the world through Technology. Learn more about Adit Trivedi on Crunchbase…

Lingumi is an edtech startup that teaches English to kids aged 2 to 6 using an app and a range of physical products. Read more aboutLingumi on Crunchbase…

Paul Henry

COO @ Funding Xchange

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Paul Henry is the Chief Operating Officer at Funding Xchange. He is a former Managing Director of Experian pH and Director of Client Services at The pH Group. Mr. Henry graduated from the University of Oxford with a master of arts in Chemistry. Learn more about Paul Henry on Crunchbase…

Funding Xchange is transforming and connecting the SME funding eco-system through digital eligibility and affordability assessment tools. Read more aboutFunding Xchange on Crunchbase…

Jennifer Coyle Byrne

COO @ G-Research

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Jennifer Coyle Byrne is the Chief Operating Officer at G-Research. Learn more about Jennifer Coyle Byrne on Crunchbase…

G-Research is a research and technology company that specializes in Quantitative Research and IT Infrastructure. Read more aboutG-Research on Crunchbase…

Delia Pedersoli

COO, MultiPay Global Solutions @ MultiPay Global Solutions

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MultiPay Global Solutions is a payments technology company that enables large merchants across the world to accept any payment, anywhere. Read more aboutMultiPay Global Solutions on Crunchbase…

Diego Prada

Senior Principal and COO @ Metric Capital Partners

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Diego focuses on the operational improvement of the companies in Metric’s portfolio. Prior to joining Metric, Diego managed the turnaround of and successful exit from the fourth largest European manufacturer of electric motors for white goods. He was also the President of Ana Holding, one of Romania’s largest business conglomerates. Before that, he was the Head of Operations at the McKinsey Investment Office, the fund that manages McKinsey & Co.’s pension plan and its partners’ contributions. Before that he was a senior engagement manager at McKinsey & Co. based in New York. Diego holds a dual degree MBA (Cum Laude)/Master in International Affairs from Columbia University, and a B.Sc. in Economics from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. Learn more about Diego Prada on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMetric Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Sash Jeetun

COO @ Spherium.Finance

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Sash is a London based investor, advisor and co-founder, he has been involved in blockchain since 2014 and is a big believer in DeFi, he comes with degrees in business management and international business as well as vast background in research, advisory, crypto funds and fundraising. Sash has led investments rounds into several projects as a business angel before deciding to take a plunge into founding spherium. Learn more about Sash Jeetun on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSpherium.Finance on Crunchbase…

Alexander Dunaev

Co-Founder & COO @ ID Finance

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In 2007, Alexander Dunaev graduated with honors bachelor degree from the University of Warwick with a degree in economics. In 2008, he received a master’s degree from the Imperial College London with a degree in mathematical finance. Alexander Dunaev is the Co-Founder of IDF Eurasia. In 2012, Alexander Dunaev left post occupied at Deutsche Bank and launched online lending service MoneyMan, and a year later he has founded fintech company ID Finance. Alexander is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). Learn more about Alexander Dunaev on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutID Finance on Crunchbase…

Alexander Jevons

COO @ Hummingbird Technologies

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Hummingbird is a drone and satellite enabled imagery analytics business for precision agriculture. Read more aboutHummingbird Technologies on Crunchbase…

Mike Warriner

COO @ Spitfire Audio

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Spitfire Audio is a British music technology company producing high quality virtual instruments and sample libraries. Read more aboutSpitfire Audio on Crunchbase…

Bilal Al-Qureshi

Co-Founder and COO @ Krowd

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Krowd to help people sift through the millions of products and services online. Read more aboutKrowd on Crunchbase…

Shahar Tamari

Co-Founder & COO @ Global-e

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Highly motivated businessman with more than 20 years experience in financial institutions, eCommerce and Payments. Specializing in online and ecommerce payment processing of credit cards and alternative payment options, ePayments operations and Payments platforms management. Business development of digital delivery channels, E-Banking, Mobile Banking, online and off line payments systems, Specialties: online Banking, Credit cards, Debit cards, payments, e Payments, Card acquiring, alternative payment options, e Wallets, e Banking, Mobile Banking, e Business, business development, risk management, eCommerce, conversion, optimization. Learn more about Shahar Tamari on Crunchbase…

Global-e is cross-border e-commerce enablement platform that enables brands and retailers to deliver purchase experiences to customers. Read more aboutGlobal-e on Crunchbase…

Sophie Newton

Co-Founder and COO @ Brainlabs

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Sophie Studied mathematics at Oxford and graduated top of her year, winning the Gibbs Prize. She first Worked in strategy consulting, Where She Advised FTSE 100 boards on Their executive remuneration packages, Ensuring alignment with company strategy. After a year at galas directing Reviews some of the UK’s Largest goings, Including the Royal Opera House, she Moved in to the exciting world of PPC. As a Director and Head of Innovation at Brainlabs, her task is to revolutionize paid search marketing through mathematical. Sophie has-been Invited to speak at SMX East and HeroConf, Where She Was named ‘most actionable speaker’, and has-been Recognised as a leading woman in advertising, Recently winning the Women of Tomorrow awards. Learn more about Sophie Newton on Crunchbase…

Brainlabs is a data-led marketing agency, helping businesses build experimentation-led marketing through display, CRO and analytics. Read more aboutBrainlabs on Crunchbase…

Sacha Carton

Co-Founder & COO @ Airfinity

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Sacha is co-founder & COO at Airfinity – a science information and analytics company. He is a data, tech and media entrepreneur who previously co-founded ad pepper media (FRA: APM), Adbrain (sold to NSDQ: TTD), Scala Ventures and advisory firm Ogmenta and has been an investor, advisor and director in multiple media, data, adtech, PE and M&A companies in Europe and the US. Learn more about Sacha Carton on Crunchbase…

Airfinity is a science information and analytics company Read more aboutAirfinity on Crunchbase…

Brad van Leeuwen

Co-Founder and COO @ Cledara

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Brad van Leeuwen is the Co-Founder and COO at Cledara. Learn more about Brad van Leeuwen on Crunchbase…

Cledara helps teams understand, manage and control the SaaS they use so they can scale operations, comply with regulations and save money. Read more aboutCledara on Crunchbase…

Oliver Breach

Founder & COO @ Pupil

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Pupil is changing the world of data capture, creating immersive 3D experiences through revolutionary technology. Read more aboutPupil on Crunchbase…

Nicholas Dart

COO @ Kyra Entertainment

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An entertainment company harnessing the power of Gen Z. Read more aboutKyra Entertainment on Crunchbase…

Saasha Celestial-One

Co-Founder & COO @ OLIO

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OLIO is a global food sharing app connecting neighbors, volunteers, and businesses. Read more aboutOLIO on Crunchbase…

Elizabeth Swanton

Co-Founder and COO @ Feedr

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Elizabeth Swanton is the founder and COO of Feedr, a scalable technology platform empowering healthy and artisan food vendors to produce and supply meals for the workplace. Learn more about Elizabeth Swanton on Crunchbase…

Feedr is an enterprise food technology platform that gives corporate customers software to support healthier daily eating in workplaces Read more aboutFeedr on Crunchbase…

Joe Bachle-Morris

Co-Founder and COO @ Admix

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Admix is the first programmatic monetisation platform for in-game advertising Read more aboutAdmix on Crunchbase…

Maroof Ahmed

COO & Co-founder @ Quit Genius

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Maroof Ahmed is the COO of Quit Genius. Learn more about Maroof Ahmed on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutQuit Genius on Crunchbase…

Uruthra Kumar Sreedharan

COO @ DSSC Digital Software Solutions Ltd.

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Accomplished and versatile technology executive with 20+ years of experience of delivering outstanding results across the e-commerce, mobile payments, financial services, technology, telecommunications and business process outsourcing industries. A global citizen with a deep cultural empathy and ability to bring together high performing teams across organizational and temporal barriers to create innovative solutions, driving growth and delivering value based on a deep understanding of consumer needs and market opportunities. Strongly focused on leveraging networks and relationships to provide the best service capabilities to clients and partners. A technologist with a keen head for business and new opportunities. Specialties: Business Development, Client Management and Negotiations, Systems Architecture and Development, Senior Management Roles in Technology, Solutions Design, Call/Contact Center, Customer Relationship Management and Business Process Outsourcing, Financial and Banking Solutions in Remittance, Mobile and E-Wallet Platform Solutions Learn more about Uruthra Kumar Sreedharan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutDSSC Digital Software Solutions Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Tarne Bevan

COO @ Greencoat Capital

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Tarne Bevan is the interim COO at Greencoat Capital. Learn more about Tarne Bevan on Crunchbase…

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Jeremy Phillips


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Customisable Search Platform for Asset Managers/Banks Read more aboutKITE EDGE LTD on Crunchbase…

Benjamin Hay

Co-Founder & COO @ Collective Benefits

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Benjamin Hay is co-founder at Collective Benefits Learn more about Benjamin Hay on Crunchbase…

Insurance and benefits to make independent work, work for everyone. Read more aboutCollective Benefits on Crunchbase…

James Doyle

Co-Founder and COO @ Orka Technology Group

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James Doyle is the Co-Founder and COO at Orka Technology Group. Learn more about James Doyle on Crunchbase…

Orka Technology Group develops solutions that help hourly workers with sourcing, on-boarding, and getting paid for work. Read more aboutOrka Technology Group on Crunchbase…

Manish Mittal

Partner and COO @ Mid Europa Partners

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Manish Mittal is the Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Chief at Mid Europa Partners LLP since September 10, 2012. Previously, Manish Mittal served as the Finance Director at Kennet Partners Limited. He was responsible for finance, administration, and investor relations. Previously, Manish Mittal served as the Financial Controller at Advent Venture Partners where he was primarily responsible for the accounting and administration of two private equity funds and two venture capital trusts listed on the London Stock Exchange. Prior to that, he spent three years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the business assurance practice. Manish Mittal is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor. Manish Mittal holds an M.Sc. in Finance from the University of Leicester and a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Sheffield. Learn more about Manish Mittal on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMid Europa Partners on Crunchbase…

Krasina Mileva

COO, Legal Counsel & Founder @ DOVU

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Register European lawyer with over 11 years of experience in Contract and Commercial Law. Krasina has headed an international legal department in a law firm, having to deal with various civil and international matters. Then she became a sole-practitioner, focused mainly in Contract, Commercial and Company Law, whilst co-founding a construction business in Belgium. As Head of Legal at a million dollar ad-tech company she discovered her passion around Data protection, Privacy and Smart legal agreements. Being part of the Company Secretariat team in Associated British Ports gave her an additional layer of Corporate Governance expertise. Learn more about Krasina Mileva on Crunchbase…

DOVU is a global rewards platform for smart travel, powered by cryptocurrency. Read more aboutDOVU on Crunchbase…

Veronique Merriam Barbosa

Co-Founder, COO @ Flux Systems

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Flux Systems develops software platform that keeps a track of payment receipts by automatically linking them to payment cards. Read more aboutFlux Systems on Crunchbase…

Tom Mundy

Co-Founder and COO @ Goodlord

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Tom co-founded Goodlord as a renter in 2014 after becoming frustrated with the inefficiencies in the tenancy process and discovering letting agents were fed up with it, too. Now Goodlord is a leading player in the UK Proptech community and with over £18m of funding they are on mission to make renting simple and transparent for all. Learn more about Tom Mundy on Crunchbase…

Goodlord offers a cloud-based software to help estate agents, landlords, and tenants manage the rental process. Read more aboutGoodlord on Crunchbase…

Michelle Kingsley

COO @ Showroom

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Michelle runs the teams and processes that commercialise and scale the Showroom network. She has a senior level background in negotiating and closing high value commercial transactions, and in project management. She is responsible for operations, leadership of sales and business development, and legal and contracts. Previously a senior corporate lawyer in London, Michelle holds degrees from the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics. Learn more about Michelle Kingsley on Crunchbase…

Showroom is a distributed marketplace, allowing products to be sold wherever there is a relevant audience for them. Read more aboutShowroom on Crunchbase…

Chris Rennoldson

COO, Co-Founder, Head of Operations and Finance @ Pasta Evangelists

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Pasta Evangelists is freshly made by Italian hands every day. Read more aboutPasta Evangelists on Crunchbase…

James Turford

Co-Founder & COO @ Nested

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James originally trained as an architect at Aedas before moving to McKinsey & Co and then private equity firm PEP. Learn more about James Turford on Crunchbase…

Nested operates as a data-driven estate agency enabling customers to be chain-free buyers. Read more aboutNested on Crunchbase…

Richard Groves

Founder & COO @ UXCam

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Read more aboutUXCam on Crunchbase…

Kit Tse

COO @ Lemonaid Health

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Kit Tse currently works as Chief Operating Officer at Lemonaid Health UK. Learn more about Kit Tse on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLemonaid Health on Crunchbase…

Richard Matthews

COO and Partner @ Augmentum Fintech

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Richard has 17 years venture capital and private equity experience in the technology, retail and leisure sectors on both sides of the fence. Having studied economics at the University of Manchester, Richard started his career as a Chartered Accountant at Coopers & Lybrand before leaving in 1999 to join Tim at (now Betfair) as CFO. In 2002 following the merger with Betfair he left to join Benchmark Capital Europe (now Balderton Capital), one of the early investors in Betfair. At Benchmark he worked on early stage technology investments both in the investment phase and assisting the investee companies post funding. He then joined Manzanita Capital in 2005, where he spent 5 years investing in the retail and leisure sectors globally before leaving to form Augmentum Capital. In 2018 Richard and Tim successfully launched Augmentum Fintech on the main market of the London Stock Exchange, in the process becoming the first Fintech focused public VC in Europe. Away from the office Richard enjoys spending time with his family, watching Arsenal and playing golf, though in the case of the latter 2 the word “enjoys” is used in its loosest sense. Learn more about Richard Matthews on Crunchbase…

Augmentum Fintech is a FinTech fund that invests in early and later-stage FinTech companies. Read more aboutAugmentum Fintech on Crunchbase…

Tom O’Connor

COO @ Thrillz

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Personalised celebrity video messages and live experiences Read more aboutThrillz on Crunchbase…

Simon Cox

President & Chief Executive Officer, Molson Coors Europe @ Molson Coors

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A Master Brewer by training, Simon previously served as the Managing Director of the UK and Ireland for Molson Coors. He has held a number of senior leadership positions with Carlsberg and Molson Coors since he joined the industry in 1989. Simon joined Molson Coors in 2005 as Director of Supply Chain Strategy, based in Burton-on-Trent and developed increasing responsibility through senior positions as strategy director, then Managing Director – Independent On Premise, before taking over the UK & Ireland business in 2012. Learn more about Simon Cox on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMolson Coors on Crunchbase…

Thomas Fleming

Co-Founder & COO @ Arctoris

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Thomas Fleming is an award-winning chemist, cancer researcher, and SME Leader of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Tom is the Co-Founder & COO at Arctoris. Learn more about Thomas Fleming on Crunchbase…

Arctoris is a tech-enabled platform company in biotechnology, combining robotics & data science to accelerate drug discovery. Read more aboutArctoris on Crunchbase…

Nicola Stronach

COO @ Merian Global Investors

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Nicola has over 20 years of experience within asset management, having spent 15 years at Credit Suisse Asset Management, as director of global investment operations and five years at Bank of New York Mellon, where she was managing director within the asset servicing division. She joined the company in 2016 as chief administration officer before her role was extended to chief operating officer. Learn more about Nicola Stronach on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMerian Global Investors on Crunchbase…

Lachlan Gillies

COO & Co-founder @ Sherpa

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Sherpa provides perfectly personalised insurance in one simple account for one payment Read more aboutSherpa on Crunchbase…

Aiden Berry

COO & Co-Founder @ Pesky Fish

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Rebuilding the global seafood supply chain through tech and the transparency it enables. Currently based in UK. Read more aboutPesky Fish on Crunchbase…

Filippo Cardini

Managing Director, COO and General Counsel @ TowerBrook Capital Partners

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Filippo Cardini is COO, General Counsel and a Managing Director of TowerBrook. He is a member of the Management Committee as well as being responsible for investor relations for the firm. He was previously a Partner, COO and General Counsel at Soros Private Equity. He focuses on the Italian market and is extensively involved in structuring and executing all of TowerBrook’s transactions. Previously, he was a senior solicitor at the London-based law firm, Ashursts, in the Private Equity Group in London and Milan. He earned his LLB from Brunel University and completed his Law Society Finals at the College of Law in London. He holds the Series 7, 24, 63, 79 and 99 licenses. Learn more about Filippo Cardini on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTowerBrook Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Stefan Catoiu

Co-Founder & COO @ Vita Mojo

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Stefan Catoiu joined Vita Mojo as Co-Founder and COO in 2015. Learn more about Stefan Catoiu on Crunchbase…

Vita Mojo’s menu allows anyone to eat for anyones’ individualized needs. Read more aboutVita Mojo on Crunchbase…

Srikant Chakravarti

Co-Founder & COO @ Curio

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Listen to the world’s best journalism on the go Read more aboutCurio on Crunchbase…

Grant Wyatt


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Miracl enables security solution and managed service providers to meet strong authentication needs of businesses in regulated industries. Read more aboutMIRACL on Crunchbase…

Ksenia Bobkova

COO and Compliance Officer and Partner of Fusion Group @ Fusion Asset Management

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Ksenia is overseeing business infrastructure, compliance and legal matters for Fusion Group. Ksenia is also a COO and Compliance Officer and Partner of Fusion Asset Management LLP. She has been with the firm since its foundation in 2004 and has participated in the growth and development of Fusion Group. Ksenia graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Edinburgh in 1998. She is qualified to practice as a solicitor in England and Wales and as an attorney in the state of New York. Prior to joining Fusion Asset Management, Ksenia worked in the banking department at the international law firm Allen & Overy LLP (2001-2004). She also worked in the legal department of Credit Suisse First Boston specializing in derivatives. Learn more about Ksenia Bobkova on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFusion Asset Management on Crunchbase…

Aleksandra Pedraszewska

Co-Founder and COO @ VividQ

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Aleksandra M. Pedraszewska is a Co-Founder and COO at VividQ. She received a bachelor of arts in Land Economy (Law, Economics, Environment) at the University of Cambridge and earned a master of philosophy in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School. Learn more about Aleksandra Pedraszewska on Crunchbase…

VividQ powers the revolution in digital display with Computer-Generated Holography. Read more aboutVividQ on Crunchbase…

Chris Cater

COO @ YunoJuno

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Online platform connecting freelancers and clients in the creative and technology sectors Read more aboutYunoJuno on Crunchbase…

Bill Simmons

COO, CFO and Director @ Crowdcube

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Bill has over 15 year’s experience in the online, digital and technology sectors holding various financial, strategic and management positions. A chartered management accountant, Bill has held FD and CFO positions at Ask Jeeves, Myspace and Rated People, and more recently has applied his skills & knowledge at a number of start-up and early stage businesses. He understands how difficult it is to raise finance for new companies and is passionate about the role we have helping finance businesses. Learn more about Bill Simmons on Crunchbase…

Crowdcube enables individuals to invest in small companies in return for equity or an annual return. Read more aboutCrowdcube on Crunchbase…

Gemma Timms

Founder & COO @ VitaeVR

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Gemma Timms is an executive at Hakluyt and the co-founder of Vitae VR. Learn more about Gemma Timms on Crunchbase…

Medical devices for early diagnosis of cognitive disease Read more aboutVitaeVR on Crunchbase…

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