Top Influencers: 101 UK Commercial Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Group Commercial Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Group Commercial Director role. We have selected these Group Commercial Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Group Commercial Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Simon Daglish

Group Commercial Director @ ITV

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Spoiler title
After leaving school Simon decided that University was not for him and joined the army. This was followed by work in Venezuela, America and Australia before returning to the UK in 1991 to start work on the ‘new’ Daily Telegraph, which had recently been purchased by Conrad Black. Having managed the launch of the Saturday Magazine in 1995 he decided to set up his own publishing company, and in 1998 sold it to Tony O’Riley’s Independent Magazines. Simon then joined the fledgling Classic FM and within 4 years it had grown into the biggest commercial radio station in the UK and the most profitable. In 2005 Classic FM and its parent company GWR merged with Capital Radio and Simon became the Group Commercial Director. On the sale of GCap Media to Global, Simon left and joined the early social media revolution working for MySpace as Commercial Director. Simon joined ITV plc in January 2011 as Group Commercial Sales Director and was promoted to Deputy Managing Director, Commercial in January this year. In his free time he has rowed across the Irish Sea and walked to the South Pole, unsupported on both trips. He has also led an expedition to the North Pole with 4 wounded soldiers and HRH Prince Harry. Simon completed his second South Pole challenge in December 2013 for Walking With The Wounded, a charity which he founded and he has raised nearly £3 million for various charities. Learn more about Simon Daglish on Crunchbase…

ITV is an integrated producer broadcaster, operating the largest commercial family of channels in the UK. Read more aboutITV on Crunchbase…

Andy Davidson

Founder & Commercial Director @ Lucid Games

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An independent videogame developer in Liverpool, UK. Read more aboutLucid Games on Crunchbase…

Sarah Larner

Commercial director @ Wejo

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Sarah has 20 years’ experience in the insurance and financial services market, including five years managing motor insurance partnerships and data products at Moneysupermarket. Her focus is product development and execution within data and telematics. Learn more about Sarah Larner on Crunchbase…

Wejo gathers & analyzes car data from connected cars to help car manufacturers improve their products through data driven descisions. Read more aboutWejo on Crunchbase…

George Ball

Commercial Director @ Citywire

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Spoiler title
George joined Citywire in 2003 and heads up the company’s 20-strong sales team. A golf fanatic and keen rugby fan, George previously held senior sales and publishing posts at Financial News, Asiamoney and Euroweek magazines. Learn more about George Ball on Crunchbase…

Citywire provides news, information and insight for professional advisers and investors around the world. Read more aboutCitywire on Crunchbase…

Peter Lelliott

Commercial Director @ Danburykline

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Danburykline is a software company and provider of the SOROS web application to the UK rail industry. Read more aboutDanburykline on Crunchbase…

Ian Stewart

Commercial Director, General Manager Performance Solutions (IOT, Digital performance & growth) @ Finning International

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Read more aboutFinning International on Crunchbase…

Mark Elwig

Co-Founder and Commercial Director @ Staff Heroes

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Spoiler title
Proven Commercial leader with a track record of driving growth through technology sales with Enterprise customers across multiple sectors including Hospitality, Retail, Travel and Entertainment. Experienced go-to market strategist and sales leader. Deal brokering at a global level. International experience within EMEA and US. Focus, drive and great people skills having lead several sales, business development and client account teams for both Fortune 500 and start-up organisations. Experience in setting up and building out sales and marketing teams from scratch and most recently co-founding and running the commercial arm of an innovative staffing marketplace start-up, operating within the Hospitality sector in the UK. Specialties: Business development, Sales, business strategy, account management, client services, licensing, white label, B2B partnerships, European & Global sales, SaaS software sales, launching a start-up. Learn more about Mark Elwig on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutStaff Heroes on Crunchbase…

David Ferreira

Commercial Director, Travel and Home Testing @ Cignpost Diagnostics

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CEO of Tasker. Web developer. Entrepreneur. Worked at Vodafone, Estrela Sustentável, Net Affinity. Learn more about David Ferreira on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCignpost Diagnostics on Crunchbase…

Dominic Moran

Commercial Director @ Zenith

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Spoiler title
Dominic leads Zenith’s corporate commercial function. With over 20 years’ experience in the leasing industry, he has driven many strategic projects and managed the relationships with some of our biggest corporate accounts. Learn more about Dominic Moran on Crunchbase…

Zenith is an independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing business. Read more aboutZenith on Crunchbase…

Tom Squire

Commercial Director @ Shieldpay

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Shieldpay is a settlement engine and escrow facility that secures high value transactions between individuals and entities. Read more aboutShieldpay on Crunchbase…

Dean Cussell

Commercial Director @ Statiq

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Statiq identifies relationships between people and places over time, enabling digital marketers to make better-informed decisions. Read more aboutStatiq on Crunchbase…

James Minkin

Owner ,Commercial Director & Founder @ Purity Brewing Co

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Spoiler title
James Minkin is the Founder & NED at Purity Brewing Co. Learn more about James Minkin on Crunchbase…

Purity Brewing Company is an award winning craft brewery established in 2005. Read more aboutPurity Brewing Co on Crunchbase…

Shaun Hanrahan

Commercial Director and Executive Director @ Epwin Group

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Epwin Group Plc is a leading supplier of low maintenance, sustainable and energy efficient products to the new build. Read more aboutEpwin Group on Crunchbase…

Sophie Malone

Commercial Director @ Zinc Systems

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Zinc Systems offers data-driven insights and creative solutions to help organizations grow. Read more aboutZinc Systems on Crunchbase…

Albert Marshall

Co-Founder & Commercial Director @ QuizTix Limited

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QuizTix is a knowledge entertainment company. In May 2014 it launched QuizTix, a fun and original series of social quiz games. Read more aboutQuizTix Limited on Crunchbase…

Simon Barter

Commercial Director @ Proveca

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Spoiler title
Simon Barter is a commercial director at Proveca. Simon is an experienced pharmaceutical professional having held several significant senior level roles including the head of Global Marketing capability for AstraZeneca, the head of the Global Commercial Innovation function. He has a track record of delivery in global marketing, innovation, corporate and portfolio strategy and operating company delivery. He has broad therapeutic experience having led the commercial therapy areas for Pain, Anaesthesia, Infection and Oncology. Simon has lived and worked across several European countries in sales and marketing roles, amassing first hand experience of several healthcare systems. Simon has a BSc (Hons) from London University and a Masters in Science of Management from Boston University. Learn more about Simon Barter on Crunchbase…

Proveca Ltd is a UK based pharmaceutical company. Read more aboutProveca on Crunchbase…

Robert Hartill

Commercial Director @ Epwin Group

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Epwin Group Plc is a leading supplier of low maintenance, sustainable and energy efficient products to the new build. Read more aboutEpwin Group on Crunchbase…

Kevin Bird

Commercial Director @ PayByPhone Technologies

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Spoiler title
Kevin is Commercial Director, PayByPhone UK, with the objective of driving new business development in the UK mobile parking environment. Before joining PayByPhone, Kevin ran a successful mobile interactive consultancy specializing in B2B and B2C interactive solutions, mobile marketing and mobile advertising with a broad base of blue chip media clients. Kevin has a strong passion for new media and is an expert in delivering innovative interactive solutions to businesses. Kevin was also Commercial Director of new media at UTV Radio BG from 2004 to 2009 and had his own radio talk show in South Africa in the late 1990’s. He is passionate about motorcycles having ridden extensively in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and in South America, combining both his interest for travelling and motorcycle ownership. Learn more about Kevin Bird on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPayByPhone Technologies on Crunchbase…

Rebecca Woodley-Jones

Commercial Director @ Swellaway

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Swellaway is manufactures electronic medical rehabilitative device which offers wireless/mobile patient monitoring. Read more aboutSwellaway on Crunchbase…

Peter Ferry

Commercial Director @ Wallet.Services

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Spoiler title
Peter’s background as a software developer spanned the societies’ adoption of the PC and the Internet. As a hotshot techie he co-founded Microsoft Scotland and spent much of the dot com boom incarcerated in large financial services institutions, consulting on scary web, infrastructure and security projects. Peter’s corporate career continued ultimately leading Microsoft’s Cloud and Partner programs and running the Microsoft Technology Centre in Scotland demonstrating the business impact of disruptive tech. Peter gets very excited about leapfrog technologies that reshape the world. That’s why he founded Wallet.Services – to simplify and realise the potential of blockchain technologies for Business and Government. Peter has a passion for Digital Technology’s positive impact on society, learned during a few years in Estonia – Europe’s Baltic breakaway Digital Nation. He served on the board of ScotlandIS from 2013 to 2015, is on the Westminster All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain, and was primary author of “Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy: Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services”. Peter was appointed the Honorary Consul for the Estonian Republic, a global leader in digital public services, in July 2017. Learn more about Peter Ferry on Crunchbase…

Connecting and protecting business and society. Read more aboutWallet.Services on Crunchbase…

Hugh Hudleston

Commercial Director & Co-Founder @ FIXR

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Spoiler title
Hugh is a founding Director of FIXR. He most recently spent a year doing his MBA at Cambridge University before joining FIXR full time in June 2014. Hugh started his financial career at Matrix Corporate Capital in equity sales. Following Matrix, Hugh became a partner of a corporate advisory boutique, Hawkwood Capital, raising money for private companies. He is also Director of a fast growing visual recognition company, WeSee. Past exploits included launching 2 magazines. He is a keen sailor. Learn more about Hugh Hudleston on Crunchbase…

FIXR is a leading ticketing and event management platform built for fans and organisers. Read more aboutFIXR on Crunchbase…

Andrew Morgan

Commercial Director @ E1 Brew

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E1 Brew develops and manufactures alcoholic beers and brand products. Read more aboutE1 Brew on Crunchbase…

Paul Ogiliev

Commercial director @ Coppice Alupack

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Paul Ogiliev is the commercial director of Coppice Alupack. Learn more about Paul Ogiliev on Crunchbase…

Coppice Alupack is a manufacturer of aluminium and board containers for the food sector. Read more aboutCoppice Alupack on Crunchbase…

Mark Turner

Clinical and Commercial Director @ Peacocks Medical Group

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Peacocks Medical Group is foot orthotic optimisation via finite element analysis and additive manufacturing. Read more aboutPeacocks Medical Group on Crunchbase…

Scott Wattie

Co-Founder and Group Commercial Director @ iDefigo

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Scott has a passion for innovation development and product commercialisation in the security and wireless sectors. Scott has held leadership roles within software development, carriers and consultancy businesses. Additionally he has played leadership roles within the New Zealand wireless industry, including a period as President of the New Zealand Wireless Forum. Scott has the ability to think both strategically and executionally as the need dictates. Scott has a strong bottom line orientation and he is a positive leader. Scott spends his time travelling between New Zealand, Australia, America and Europe, developing strategic partnerships within the Telecommunication industry and evangelising the business. Learn more about Scott Wattie on Crunchbase…

iDefigo offers M2M surveillance solutions that help monitor and protect assets for global enterprise and government customers. Read more aboutiDefigo on Crunchbase…

Gill Howard

Commercial Director @ Pod Point

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We’re building the infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK & Europe. Read more aboutPod Point on Crunchbase…

Patrick Lewis

Commercial Director @ Maddox Events

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Maddox Events is the world’s only B2B company exclusively dedicated to creating large-scale conferences. Read more aboutMaddox Events on Crunchbase…

Anne Neatham

Commercial Director – Office of the CTO @ Ocado Technology

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Read more aboutOcado Technology on Crunchbase…

Tony Dimech

Commercial Director @ Layer 8

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Layer 8 empowers security managers to deliver and sustain effective cyber security culture. Read more aboutLayer 8 on Crunchbase…

Keith Biddlestone

Group Commercial Director @ HCA International

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HCA is one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services. Read more aboutHCA International on Crunchbase…

Mark Carter

Commercial Director @ EXCEL ESPORTS

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Spoiler title
Mark’s expertise is in delivering strategic and innovative solutions to global markets by utilizing his wealth of experience in sales, marketing, and product development within the financial and tech sectors. He has worked in the USA, Europe, and the Philippines, and is responsible for driving the global growth of fastacash. Mark was part of the team that took Skrill through two acquisitions in 2 years, resulting in the sale to Optimal Payments in August 2015 for $1bn and has been involved in both the buy and sell-side of M&A transactions. Passionate about delighting consumers whilst delivering real and tangible business benefits to clients, he has delivered business differentiating solutions to start-ups, SMEs, and global businesses. He is a weekend farmer and classic car enthusiast. Learn more about Mark Carter on Crunchbase…

EXCEL ESPORTS is a competitive gaming culture brand that uses its platform to have a positive impact on the gaming and esports community. Read more aboutEXCEL ESPORTS on Crunchbase…

Joe Twigg

Co-Founder and Commercial Director @ GradTouch

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A fast growing graduate careers platform helping 18-24 year olds transition from university life into a young professional. Read more aboutGradTouch on Crunchbase…

Jo Cox

Commercial Director @ Hive Home

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Hive Home create beautifully simple products and services that let you control your connected home anytime, anywhere. Read more aboutHive Home on Crunchbase…

Thomas Hamilton

Commercial Director @ Weedingtech

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Spoiler title
Thomas Hamilton joined Weedingtech as Chief Commercial Officer in 2021. Learn more about Thomas Hamilton on Crunchbase…

Weedingtech is a British company that designs and manufactures innovative weed control technologies for the amenity and utility markets. Read more aboutWeedingtech on Crunchbase…

Richard Thompson

Commercial Director @ Guscio plc

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Richard has worked with a number of public and private companies during the last 25 years. His early career began with Hillsdown Holdings plc, and he later became involved in a number of smaller public companies in various sectors. He has also had an active involvement in the sports sector, having been chairman of Queens Park Rangers Football Club and Windsor Race Course as well as having been director of Leeds Sporting plc. In recent years he has focussed on a number of private company investments across sectors that include retail, technology, media and property. Learn more about Richard Thompson on Crunchbase…

Guscio, a technology company focused sports data. Read more aboutGuscio plc on Crunchbase…

Lee Weymouth

Commercial Director @ Ebuyer

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This is the official Pinterest for! Read more aboutEbuyer on Crunchbase…

Vicki Gavin

Commercial Director @ The Chelsea Magazine Company

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The Chelsea Magazine Company is an award-winning publisher of specialist magazines. Read more aboutThe Chelsea Magazine Company on Crunchbase…

Kim Gelling

Head of Making Deals (Commercial Director) @ Ella’s Kitchen

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Ella’s Kitchen’s mission is to improve children’s lives through developing a healthy relationship with food. Read more aboutElla’s Kitchen on Crunchbase…

James Quickfall

Commercial Director, Europe @ The ai Corporation

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Spoiler title
James Quickfall is the Global Accounts Director at The ai Corporation Learn more about James Quickfall on Crunchbase…

The ai Corporation is a provider of advanced products for fraud detection. Read more aboutThe ai Corporation on Crunchbase…

Chris White

Commercial Director @ Karro Food Group

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Spoiler title
Chris joined Karro in July 2014 and was promoted to the board as Commercial Director for the group in January 2016. Having been in commercial roles for over 18 years within the food industry he has extensive knowledge of our customer base. Latterly Chris was an Account Director at Cranswick PLC and has over 12 years’ experience in the pork industry. He is responsible for the management of our commercial, marketing and product development functions ensuring we are delivering at all levels for our customers. Learn more about Chris White on Crunchbase…

Karro Food Group is meat processors with pork processing plants. Read more aboutKarro Food Group on Crunchbase…

Anna King

Commercial Director @ Health Innovation Network

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Anna is the Commercial Director of the Health Innovation Network, the South London Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and founder partner of DigitalHealth.London. Anna has been instrumental in establishing the Health Innovation Network at the forefront of the spread and adoption of innovation in the NHS. She has lead on the development of relationships between the Network and industry and the development of evidence – based interventions to improve the health and care for Londoners. She designed and developed the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Programme and is currently building engagement of the NHS and industry in that programme. Prior to joining the Health Innovation Network, Anna held a number of senior regional commercial and improvement riles in the NHS. Anna qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and spent 13 years working there, primarily providing corporate finance advice to a wide range of health and social care clients, including GSK, Roche and Aventis. Learn more about Anna King on Crunchbase…

he Health Innovation Network is the Academic Health Science Network (#AHSN) for south London. Read more aboutHealth Innovation Network on Crunchbase…

Kush Rawal

Commercial Director @ Thames Valley Housing Association

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TVH is a Registered Social Landlord providing over 14,000 homes across London and the South East. Read more aboutThames Valley Housing Association on Crunchbase…

Chris Chapman

Commercial Director @ Intelligence Squared

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Intelligence Squared is a forum for debate and intelligent discussion. Read more aboutIntelligence Squared on Crunchbase…

Wayne Meikle

Commercial Director @ Onix Solutions Limited (“OnixS”)

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OnixS is a specialist technology business providing high performance Direct Market Access (DMS) solutions for automated trading. Read more aboutOnix Solutions Limited (“OnixS”) on Crunchbase…

Oliver Cummings

Commercial Director @

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Oliver is the Partnerships Manager at MarketInvoice, one of Europe’s largest peer-to-peer fintech platforms. We’ve helped more than 1,000 UK small businesses raise over £400m in funds since launch in 2011. The British Business Bank uses MarketInvoice as part of its programme to stimulate funding to UK businesses, and has lent over £50m on our platform. Oliver has a wide network in venture capital, corporate finance and the UK startup community from his experience at Nauta Capital Venture Capital Partners, Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance, HSBC and EY. “Cash is king” and Oliver loves helping growing companies solve their cash flow hurdles via various funding methods from Venture Capital to their own sales ledger. Learn more about Oliver Cummings on Crunchbase…

Capitalise uses a little funding magic to identify the best financing options available for your business. Read more on Crunchbase…

Pippa Halliday

Commercial Director @ Igloo Vision

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Igloo Vision is the shared VR company. We create 360° immersive solutions and all of the enabling technologies. Read more aboutIgloo Vision on Crunchbase…

Suzanna Chaplin

Commercial Director @ ESBConnect

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An email advertising marketplace, focused on acquisition, allowing a brand to buy email audiences & communicate with them via any channel. Read more aboutESBConnect on Crunchbase…

Mark Gordon

Commercial Director @ Agilisys

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Spoiler title
As the Commercial Director for Agilisys, Mark is responsible for client satisfaction and commercial growth. Mark has previously worked for Agilisys in the AGMA region. Mark brings a wealth of external experience to the Commercial Director role from a variety of positions in the consulting, contracting and outsourcing industries. His background encompasses global, PLC and private equity businesses. Learn more about Mark Gordon on Crunchbase…

Agilisys is an innovative IT and business software and services providers. Read more aboutAgilisys on Crunchbase…

David Jackson

Agency Commercial Director @ United Drug plc

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Read more aboutUnited Drug plc on Crunchbase…

David Jackson

Agency Commercial Director @ United Drug plc

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Read more aboutUnited Drug plc on Crunchbase…

Dave Inman

Commercial Director @ AppLearn

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Dave Inman is a commercial director at AppLearn. Learn more about Dave Inman on Crunchbase…

AppLearn help businesses to adopt digital transformation, as a provider of software adoption solutions for enterprise organizations. Read more aboutAppLearn on Crunchbase…

George Sanger

Commercial Director @ Onyx Group

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Onyx Group is a UK-based provider of business continuity, cloud computing, and datacenter services. Read more aboutOnyx Group on Crunchbase…

Leandra McPhillips

Commercial Director @ Global Reach Group

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Read more aboutGlobal Reach Group on Crunchbase…

Matthew Pearch

Commercial Director @ iProov

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Matthew’s career in telecommunications, IT and technology spans more than 25 years in Europe and Asia Pacific where he has been working in sales, marketing and managment roles for companies including Mars, Compuware and mBlox. Learn more about Matthew Pearch on Crunchbase…

iProov is a London-based startup that focuses on user-friendly strong identity authentication. Read more aboutiProov on Crunchbase…

Lynda Locke

Commercial Director @ DisplayPlan

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DisplayPlan is specialists in delivering retail display programmes for the world’s most prominent brands and retailers. Read more aboutDisplayPlan on Crunchbase…

Stuart Knight

Commercial Director @ Quintessential Promotions

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Quintessential Promotions focuses on events production, experiential, events, branding, and conferences. Read more aboutQuintessential Promotions on Crunchbase…

Paul Sutherland

Commercial Director @ BankBI

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BankBI is a Business Intelligence and Analytics for financial institutions. Read more aboutBankBI on Crunchbase…

James Mcdougall

Commercial Director @ Outfield

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Spoiler title
Jim McDougall joined Outfield Technologies as Commercial Director in 2016. Learn more about James Mcdougall on Crunchbase…

Bringing the future to fruit farming Read more aboutOutfield on Crunchbase…

Mark Catchpole

Commercial Director @ Conductive Transfers

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Conductive Transfers is a British smart technology brand. Read more aboutConductive Transfers on Crunchbase…

Andrew White

Commercial Director @ Ellis Whittam

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Ellis Whittam is an Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety support for UK employers. Read more aboutEllis Whittam on Crunchbase…

Thomas Ogden

Group Commercial Director @ Cocogreen

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Spoiler title
Thomas Ogden and Sudesh Fernando founded Cocogreen in September 2007, since which Thomas has been serving as its commercial director…. Learn more about Thomas Ogden on Crunchbase…

Cocogreen® is a leading international brand of speciality coir substrates for edible crops. Read more aboutCocogreen on Crunchbase…

John Burke

Co-Founder and Commercial Director @ Craft Clubs

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Craft Clubs offers quality food and drink brands a powerful new way to reach consumers, both in their homes and online. Read more aboutCraft Clubs on Crunchbase…

Armin Talic

Commercial Director @ Komodo Design

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Bosnian-born. British-bred. Maker of lemonade. Director @komododigital. “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Learn more about Armin Talic on Crunchbase…

We help great teams build exceptional digital products that people prefer to use. Read more aboutKomodo Design on Crunchbase…

Stephen Attenborough

Commercial Director @ Virgin Galactic

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Spoiler title
Stephen Attenborough is the Commercial Director for Virgin Galactic, joining the company as its first full-time employee in 2004, with responsibility for laying the commercial foundations and framework for the organization, including spearheading ongoing sales, business development marketing, PR, promotional and customer retention initiatives. Learn more about Stephen Attenborough on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVirgin Galactic on Crunchbase…

Mark Holdsworth

Commercial Director/Incubation @ Bacardi

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Read more aboutBacardi on Crunchbase…

Ian Morgan

Commercial Director @ Plastiserve

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Spoiler title
Ian’s background is in marketing and finance. With several years’ experience running his own successful digital marketing agency, he is a relative newcomer to the plastics industry but is already helping Steve support customers as well as overseeing Plastiserve’s marketing and accounts. Learn more about Ian Morgan on Crunchbase…

Plastiserve Ltd is a completely independent wholesaler and distributor. Read more aboutPlastiserve on Crunchbase…

Paul Livsey

Commercial Director @ AutoConvert

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AutoConvert specializes in finance, insurance and CRM solutions for dealers, brokers and car supermarkets. Read more aboutAutoConvert on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Betts

Global Commercial Director @ Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

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CCDC is a non-profit, charitable institution focused on the advancement & promotion of chemistry & crystallography. Read more aboutCambridge Crystallographic Data Centre on Crunchbase…

Dave West

Founder & Commercial Director @ Drainology

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Drainology is a waste management company. Read more aboutDrainology on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Lee

Commercial Director @ Think Again Growth

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Think Again Growth is a business growth expert that delivers game-changing growth fuelled by brain science. Read more aboutThink Again Growth on Crunchbase…

Jon O’Donnell

Commercial Director @ ESI Media

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The commercial department of the London Evening Standard, The Independent, i and London Live. Read more aboutESI Media on Crunchbase…

Angus Smith

Commercial Director @ Micheldever Tyre Services

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Spoiler title
Angus joined Micheldever in January 2012 and re-structured the Purchasing, Pricing functions and introduced a heavy onus on Business Development. He previously spent 23 years at Continental Tyres, in various management roles ultimately as Sales Director for the UK and ROI over the latter 10 years, where he took them from being ranked 4th to market leader in that period. Learn more about Angus Smith on Crunchbase…

Micheldever Tyre Services operates as an wholesaler and retailer of tires. Read more aboutMicheldever Tyre Services on Crunchbase…

Jason Cole

Commercial Director @ UK Finance

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UK Finance is the collective voice for the banking and finance industry. Read more aboutUK Finance on Crunchbase…

Richard Grimes

Commercial Director @ Wireless Infrastructure Group

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Spoiler title
Richard has spent over 15 years at WIG and is responsible for managing WIG’s day-to-day relationships with our 100+ customers. This includes the efficient upgrade of our assets for customer roll-out of 4G and customers gaining new asset access for network deployment. Learn more about Richard Grimes on Crunchbase…

Wireless Infrastructure Group is an independent infrastructure company. Read more aboutWireless Infrastructure Group on Crunchbase…

Jay Bourike

Co-Founder and Commercial Director @ Pentasec

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Pentasec is a cyber security firm based in Peterborough, United Kingdom. Read more aboutPentasec on Crunchbase…

Andy Santoni

Co-Founder and Commercial Director @ Equipsme

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Equipsme provides health insurance for UK business. Read more aboutEquipsme on Crunchbase…

Christopher De Silver

Commercial Director @ Permissionmachine

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Read more aboutPermissionmachine on Crunchbase…

Steve Lane

Commercial Director UK & Europe @ Quanta

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Quanta develops an advanced haemodialysis systems for use in the home and clinic. Read more aboutQuanta on Crunchbase…

Adrian Lewis

Commercial Director @ Codel Software

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Codel Software specializes in providing business software solutions, bespoke software development, system integration & support services. Read more aboutCodel Software on Crunchbase…

Chris Earnshaw

Commercial Director @ Tommy

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Tommy is a digital creative communications agency. Read more aboutTommy on Crunchbase…

Harry Hardisty

Commercial Director @ OnSerro

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OnSerro provides community management software for companies to engage with customers and clients. Read more aboutOnSerro on Crunchbase…

Tom Davies

Commercial Director @ Xantura Limited

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Xantura Limited is an application software that helps to improve outcomes for vulnerable people by using data. Read more aboutXantura Limited on Crunchbase…

Norman Liley

Commercial Director @ Zilift Limited

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Zilift develops innovative artificial lift solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry. Read more aboutZilift Limited on Crunchbase…

Philip West

Commercial Director @ Bandvulc

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I joined Bandvulc in 1982 working in Telesales and Distribution. The company then sponsored me to go back to school where I studied Business Law for two years followed by a Management Degree for three years. I graduated in 1990 – on the day that Chris Waddell famously missed the decisive penalty in England’s World Cup! My first sales visit was in 1992 and I became Sales Director in 1997. I thoroughly enjoy my role and have seen many exciting changes and developments over my 34 years. The way the company has evolved and the trust our customers place in our hands makes me really proud of what we have achieved as a team. My pastimes include playing tennis, walking the dog and reading. Learn more about Philip West on Crunchbase…

Bandvulc key retailers, supermarkets and logistics companies. Read more aboutBandvulc on Crunchbase…

Mike Tanousis

Commercial Director @ Pintrack Ltd

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Mike pent many years in the commercial side of entertainment business working for Sony music. After training as an accountant, he first got involved in start-ups when he created his own record label. His in depth knowledge of the music industry lead him eventually into journalism where he wrote for a number of major music and related publications. After watching a close family member lapse into dementia, he decided to take his powerful journalistic skills into the Healthcare sector. He started and built up his own flagship magazine ‘Middle East Healthcare’ which he still controls. Mike holds numerous directorships including the boards of Janus Medical Singapore, Global Healthcare Resourcing, and Norjitsa Holdings Learn more about Mike Tanousis on Crunchbase…

Pintrack Ltd is a tech company focused on software development. Read more aboutPintrack Ltd on Crunchbase…

Danny Clarke

Commercial Director @ add3

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At the epicentre of add3’s success, Danny is responsible for developing add3’s commercial offerings and then taking them to market to find, win and retain new business. He achieves this by clearly articulating solution road maps to customers in a way that helps them understand and picture the ultimate business benefit. Danny’s technical expertise is second to none; as one of the first certified App-V consultants in the UK he is also one of only a small number of App-V trainers in the UK, whilst boasting the delivery of some of the largest deployments in the UK during his 22 year career. Highly regarded among peers, partners and customers, Danny’s primary focus is on delivering the right solution to add3’s clients over and above that of pushing specific products – at all times Danny has his eye trained on the end result, a trait that has ensured considerable customer loyalty and reference ability. Learn more about Danny Clarke on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutadd3 on Crunchbase…

Alan Cottrill

Founder & Commercial Director – Fleet @ Trak Global Group

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Having forged a successful career in the automotive and fleet sectors spanning 20 years, Alan’s vision in co-founding Trak Global was to build process based systems that allowed users to drive real operational savings from telematics data. Enthusiastic about ensuring fleet operators use telematics to improve their efficiencies and operating costs, he has been pivotal in developing solutions such as Trak Global’s industry-leading impact recognition technology and 24 hour security team. Learn more about Alan Cottrill on Crunchbase…

Trak Global Group provides its partners with the very latest in technology to enable and support telematics insurance propositions. Read more aboutTrak Global Group on Crunchbase…

Jim Walters

Commercial Director @

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Jim has over 30 years’ experience working at different tiers of advanced manufacturing supply chains. He has founded two manufacturing engineering SMEs and has worked for global tier 1 aerospace companies. Jim is following his passion and developing a global partnership network to sell, support and innovate the collaborative platform around the world. Learn more about Jim Walters on Crunchbase… enables global manufacturing customers, suppliers and partners to connect, collaborate and increase competitiveness. Read more on Crunchbase…

Simon Pickess

Commercial Director @ G-volution

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G-volution provides Multi-Fuel technology, which enables engines to simultaneously combust diesel with gas and other fuels. Read more aboutG-volution on Crunchbase…

Simon Stone

Commercial Director @ LoopMe

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LoopMe is closing the loop on brand advertising, using AI, attribution and analytics to deliver measurable uplift in brand outcomes. Read more aboutLoopMe on Crunchbase…

Michael Bush

Commercial Director @ Climb Online

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With over ten years’ experience in digital marketing, He is responsible for managing the entire sales operation for Climb Online. From coordinating and driving team members to succeed, to devising innovative digital marketing strategies to aid client growth. Learn more about Michael Bush on Crunchbase…

Digital Marketing Agency Read more aboutClimb Online on Crunchbase…

Henning Brazer

Commercial Director @ Reporo

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Reporo is a global mobile Ad Network with over 15 Billion impressions per month on its Banner, Pop-Under and Pop-Under eXchange networks. Read more aboutReporo on Crunchbase…

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