Top Influencers: 101 UK CMO’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CMO and Global Partnerships play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CMO and Global Partnerships role. We have selected these CMO and Global Partnerships’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CMO and Global Partnerships’s. The list is in no particular order!

Simon Dunlop

CMO and Global Partnerships @ Instreamatic

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Read more aboutInstreamatic on Crunchbase…

Aris Papageorghiou

Co-Founder & CMO @ Intelligent Ultrasound

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Aris Papageorghiou is the Professor of Fetal Medicine at University of Oxford. Learn more about Aris Papageorghiou on Crunchbase…

Intelligent Ultrasound develops software that improves the quality, reliability, and diagnostic power of medical ultrasound. Read more aboutIntelligent Ultrasound on Crunchbase…

Luke Lang

CMO & Co-founder @ Crowdcube

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Luke has worked in blue-chip brands as well as for start-up companies. He also ran his own marketing consultancy before launching Crowdcube with Darren Westlake in February 2011. Luke was named by Debrett’s as one of Britain’s 500 most influential people in 2016. As CMO Luke regularly speaks at high-profile events and provides comment to the national and global media on topics such as the future of finance, entrepreneurs, the changing profile of investors and the regulatory environment. Learn more about Luke Lang on Crunchbase…

Crowdcube enables individuals to invest in small companies in return for equity or an annual return. Read more aboutCrowdcube on Crunchbase…

Francisco Hein

Co-Founder & CMO @ Fever

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Read more aboutFever on Crunchbase…

Ian McCaig

CMO, Co-Founder @ Fiit

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Fiit offers a real-time performance feedback and live leader boards that allows users to challenge their friends from around the world. Read more aboutFiit on Crunchbase…

Sydney Thiam

Co-founder/CMO @ Beespoke

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Read more aboutBeespoke on Crunchbase…

Anna Ferenczy

CMO @ Codecool

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Read more aboutCodecool on Crunchbase…

Maya Poulton

Co-Founder & CMO @ Safara

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Co-Founder & CMO of Safara. Formerly Marketing and Partnerships @ Mr & Mrs Smith,,, Spring, ASMALLWORLD, and JETSETTER. 13 years growing and scaling startups, with a focus on travel, e-comm, subscription businesses, and mobile. Learn more about Maya Poulton on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSafara on Crunchbase…

Karl Turley

CMO @ Fuel3D

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Karl Turley provides strategic and creative direction to our marketing. Moving from award-winning agency Geometry Global where he worked with international brands in Technology, Retail and Solutions including Vodafone, Kimberly-Clark & PWC. He brings over 10 years’ consultancy experience to Fuel3D and plays a leading role in ensuring that everything we do is truly customer centric. Learn more about Karl Turley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFuel3D on Crunchbase…

Hideki Hashimura

CRM Transformation Strategist and CMO @ REDK Software Engineering

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Hideki is a Digital Transformation expert driven by customer strategy (CX, CRM and Customer Centric Strategic Development). Project director for enterprise CRM software and digital architecture implementation projects. With more than 10 years of experience delivering successful CRM projects and consulting to build customer-centric strategies and the technology frameworks to support them. Value orientated and highly skilled at conceptualising, creating, mapping and carrying out CRM solutions. Learn more about Hideki Hashimura on Crunchbase…

Open Source solutions Read more aboutREDK Software Engineering on Crunchbase…

Léa Bourratière

Co-Founder & CMO @ Live2Leave

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Building brands, generating impactful content and breakthrough communications, that is what I am known for, and passionate about! Learn more about Léa Bourratière on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLive2Leave on Crunchbase…

Giles Humphries

Founder, CMO @ Mindful Chef

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Mindful Chef delivers all the fresh ingredients you need to create delicious, heathy meals. Read more aboutMindful Chef on Crunchbase…

Nir Debbi

Co-Founder and CMO @ Global-e

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Co-founder, CRO Nir has vast experience in strategic planning and business development, working for over 10 years in managerial positions in the high-tech and financial sectors. Before co-founding Global-e, Nir served as SVP and Head of Strategy and Business Development at Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest bank, following a term as Head of Retail Strategy. He holds an MBA and a B.Sc. in Economics, both from the Tel-Aviv University. Learn more about Nir Debbi on Crunchbase…

Global-e is cross-border e-commerce enablement platform that enables brands and retailers to deliver purchase experiences to customers. Read more aboutGlobal-e on Crunchbase…

Peter Grinbergs

CMO and Co-Founder @ EQL

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EQL specializes in the fields of AI, machine learning, physiotherapy, insurance, heathtech, and digital health. Read more aboutEQL on Crunchbase…

Andrew Davies

Co-Founder & CMO @ Idio

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Andrew is currently the Head of Brand & Digital at Episerver, after it acquired Idio in November 2019, the business he co-founded. He also advises, supports & invests in early-stage startups, helping them problem-solve around proposition development, people & teams, and B2B/SaaS marketing. Previously, he co-founded Idio, serving as CMO and also leading people ops. He helped build the business to a market-leader in B2B personalization, with a very successful B2B SaaS account-based-marketing approach, a superb team in NYC, SF & London, and enterprise clients including IBM, BNY Mellon and Fitch Group. Idio raised $13m+ from angels & institutional investors. He also sits on the board of Ninety, an agile digital transformation consultancy with clients including Generali, Axa, Allianz & Zurich. Ninety is a social enterprise, with 90% of distributable profits given to alleviate global poverty. Learn more about Andrew Davies on Crunchbase…

Idio makes buyer-centric marketing possible for global B2B enterprises. Read more aboutIdio on Crunchbase…

Zoe Clapp

CMO @ Google

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Read more aboutGoogle on Crunchbase…

Giles Rhys Jones

CMO @ what3words

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Giles has spent 20 years in advertising, the last 10 at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Specialising in global digital strategy his clients included Unilever, Dove, IBM, HP, British Airways, Cisco & Philips. With them, he won awards for ground-breaking integrated, digital, mobile, social and outdoor campaigns, and developed a brand-inspired prime time entertainment TV show. He loves taking innovative approaches to help set up teams, divisions and agencies, including Saatchi Vision,, AgencyRepublic, Ogilvy Labs UK, Ogilvy Entertainment UK. Learn more about Giles Rhys Jones on Crunchbase…

what3words is a mapping technology startup that creates a proprietary geocode system for logistics firms. Read more aboutwhat3words on Crunchbase…

Christine Bailey

CMO @ Passfort

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PassFort is a turnkey compliance solution for onboarding customers in regulated markets. Read more aboutPassfort on Crunchbase…

Viktor Nebehaj

CMO & Cofounder @ Freetrade

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Freetrade is a challenger stockbroker that offers free share trading in mobile phones. Read more aboutFreetrade on Crunchbase…

Diane Perlman

CMO @ Blis

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As CMO, Diane is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of Blis’ global marketing and advertising initiatives. Diane is an established marketing leader with big brand experience at Microsoft, as well as startup, scaleup and agency-side experience. She is an American who relocated to London over 18 years ago with a startup and has worked primarily with tech and telecoms companies during her London career, which spans Grey London, Wheel (acquired by Digitas/LBi), Microsoft and Unruly, as well as her own virtual agency. While at Microsoft, Diane led UK marketing communications for Windows Phone and later created and ran the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, graduating nearly 40 startups. She was subsequently the CMO at global startup accelerator MassChallenge. Diane spent the past 9 months as Interim CMO (maternity cover) at video ad tech company Unruly, one of the hottest tech scaleups in London’s TechCity. Learn more about Diane Perlman on Crunchbase…

Blis is the leading privacy-first, location-powered programmatic advertising partner. Read more aboutBlis on Crunchbase…

Sally Mortimore Doherty

CMO & VP Marketing @ Graphcore

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Graphcore develops a microprocessor designed for AI and machine learning applications. Read more aboutGraphcore on Crunchbase…

Paul Bolt

CMO UK @ Microsoft

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Paul has over 20-years experience in the technology sector across a variety of VP and GM roles. Most recently Paul was appointed as CMO at Microsoft UK after running their UK SMB business and sits as a NED on the board of a SaaS start up. His passions lie in building engaging workplace cultures, understanding how technology drives transformation, collaboration and creates compelling customer experiences. You can find Paul on all the usual platforms if you want to get social. Learn more about Paul Bolt on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMicrosoft on Crunchbase…

Andrey Eliseev

CMO @ BeMyEye

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BeMyEye is a European crowdsourced in-store data as a service (DAAS) provider. Read more aboutBeMyEye on Crunchbase…

Gokhan Celebi

Co-Founder and CMO @ Delphisonic

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Read more aboutDelphisonic on Crunchbase…

Michael Liburd


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4NEW is a United Kingdom company that owns and operates Waste to Energy treatment plants. Read more about4NEW on Crunchbase…

Ben Wood

Chief Analyst & CMO @ CCS Insight

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Ben joined CCS Insight in May 2006. He has over 20 years’ experience in the mobile sector, including research vice president at Gartner, where he led a global team of analysts. Prior to that he was a director of Mobile Streams, and has held positions at Lucent Technologies and Vodafone, where he was involved in launching SMS and mobile data. Ben is passionate about all aspects of technology and a widely respected commentator or smart home solutions. He has a very extensive smart home solution in his own house. Ben is frequently quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Business Week. He regularly appears on the BBC, Bloomberg TV and others. Learn more about Ben Wood on Crunchbase…

Industry analyst firm CCS Insight is a leading research and advisory company focused on the mobile communications sector. Read more aboutCCS Insight on Crunchbase…

Finn Lagun

Co-Founder & CMO @ Pasta Evangelists

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Pasta Evangelists is freshly made by Italian hands every day. Read more aboutPasta Evangelists on Crunchbase…

Lise Arlot

Co-Founder & CMO @ Feral Horses

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Feral Horses is an online platform that makes it easy to discover, experience, and care for art. Read more aboutFeral Horses on Crunchbase…

Neal L Millar

Co Founder & CMO @ Causeway Therapeutics

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Neal is an Academic Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in shoulder surgery having completed fellowships in Sydney and New York and is an expert in human tendinopathy. Learn more about Neal L Millar on Crunchbase…

A bio pharmaceutical spin out emerging. Read more aboutCauseway Therapeutics on Crunchbase…

Adrian Niculescu

CMO EMEA @ CloudCoin

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Adrian is the CMO EMEA at CloudCoin Consortium, and the Regional Director for the UK & Romania at Faster Capital Dubai. Adrian has 20 years of experience in building and developing companies, and 10’000 students in his online and offline marketing and business courses since 2013. He mentored 30 tech start-ups since 2014, spoke at 500 gig events, and has been coaching, consulting, and mentoring on all continents since 2010. He completed 250 real estate transactions since 2008. He also possesses copywriting skills, notably in sales pages, e-mails, funnels, facebook ads, and ads on other platforms. His tech skills include Blockchain, RAIDA, Marketing automation expert, Clickfunnels, Sales Manago, Infusionsoft, Leadpages, and Facebook. His marketing skills include marketing, product, and startup launch strategies. He is addicted to personal development and continuous improvement, loves to speak at events about subjects he has practical experience, while keeping as primary focus to add value to the audience. Learn more about Adrian Niculescu on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCloudCoin on Crunchbase…

Josh Graham

Co-Founder & CMO @ Airtime Rewards

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Airtime Rewards is an innovative loyalty platform pioneering unique rewards solutions with mobile operators. Read more aboutAirtime Rewards on Crunchbase…

Dom Wolf

Co-Founder & CMO @ investUP

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Read more aboutinvestUP on Crunchbase…

Jide Akindele

Founder-CMO @ Mobile Media Info Tech Global Limited

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Mobile Media Info Tech (MMIT) is a mobile payment processing company. Read more aboutMobile Media Info Tech Global Limited on Crunchbase…

Paul Leeson

CMO @ Ultromics

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Paul is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford and and Director of the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility. Following a MB/PhD at Cambridge and research at UCL in London, he moved to Oxford and set up a clinical research programme to pioneer the use of novel imaging approaches for prevention of cardiovascular disease. He is also involved in some of the largest cardiovascular imaging research studies in the world and is lead author of Echocardiography, the best selling training handbook for echocardiographers. Learn more about Paul Leeson on Crunchbase…

Ultromics clinicians and engineers working together to set new standards for world-class cardiovascular diagnostic tools. Read more aboutUltromics on Crunchbase…

Carolina Molossi

Co-Founder & CMO @ Bookalook

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Bookalook is the platform for the new generation of fashion professionals. Read more aboutBookalook on Crunchbase…

Nick Baker


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Just Develop It (JDi) is a Hampshire based investment company that specialises in early stage and growth capital across. Read more aboutJUST DEVELOP iT on Crunchbase…

Richard Bambury

Co-Founder & CMO @ ONCOassist® (Portable Medical Technology Ltd.)

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Richard is a medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. He is heavily involved in patient care and academic research. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the the Ainsworth Scholarship from UCC in 2012, the John Quale Travel fellowship in 2013 and is a lead co-investigator on a Prostate Cancer Foundation-Movember Challenge Award worth $1 million in 2014. In his career to date he has presented over 40 original research abstracts at national and international oncology conferences including ESMO, ASCO and ASCO GU. His work has been published in peer reviewed journals including the New England Journal of Medicine. He is dedicated to improving cancer patient care through ongoing innovation and research. Learn more about Richard Bambury on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutONCOassist® (Portable Medical Technology Ltd.) on Crunchbase…

Natalie Staub

Co-Founder & CMO @ radd.

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Natalie Staub is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at Radd. Learn more about Natalie Staub on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutradd. on Crunchbase…

Nicola Anderson

CMO @ MyTutor

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Nicola Anderson is VP Marketing at GoCardless, a next generation payments company making it cheap and simple for anyone to take payments online using Direct Debit After deciding against being a vet, Nicola switched from studying animals to humans and happened upon a career in digital marketing. During her 15 years in the industry she has worked in a variety of sectors from sport and gambling to printing and beauty. Prior to GoCardless Nicola worked at MOO (the closest she got to working with animals) as GM, International. This is her third visit to Odonien, one of the highlights of her year. Learn more about Nicola Anderson on Crunchbase…

MyTutor offers affordable 1-to-1 tutorials online by connecting tutors from the UK’s best unis with pupils at home and in schools Read more aboutMyTutor on Crunchbase…

Mark Lowdell

CSO, Founder & CMO @ INmuneBIO

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Read more aboutINmuneBIO on Crunchbase…

Shobhit Patil

Co-Founder & CMO @ CommVersion

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An Entrepreneur with passion & enthusiasm for all things digital. With faith in the power of digital, Shobhit help companies to communicate better via the Internet. Learn more about Shobhit Patil on Crunchbase…

CommVersions is an online chat support service that improves a website visitor’s digital experience. Read more aboutCommVersion on Crunchbase…

Claire Cronin

SVP Marketing & CMO @ Virgin Atlantic Airways

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Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British airline serves over 30 fabulous destinations worldwide. Read more aboutVirgin Atlantic Airways on Crunchbase…

Salwan Al-zyadi

CMO @ Follow Alice

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We make adventure travel a truly holistic and personal client experience by blending technology with human interaction. Read more aboutFollow Alice on Crunchbase…

Stuart McClure

Founder & CMO @ Love the Sales

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Much of the initial idea for Love the Sales comes from Stuart’s background. A father at 18, he spent many hours trawling sites to find the best offers on products his family wanted to support their lifestyle. His background covers digital marketing, e-commerce and web over the last 15 years, working for companies including The Caravan Club and T.M. Lewin. Learn more about Stuart McClure on Crunchbase…

Love the Sales takes the sales on many websites and puts them on one website. Read more aboutLove the Sales on Crunchbase…

Fredrik Andersson

Co-Founder and CMO @ Tailify

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Tailify provides a one-stop-shop for Influencers & Brands by offering high technological solutions. Read more aboutTailify on Crunchbase…

Alan Gleeson

CMO @ NorthRow

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Alan is a B2B Marketing Consultant based in London. Alan previously established Palo Alto Software’s UK subsidiary, which focused on the sales and marketing of Business Plan Pro, the best selling business planning software product. In recent years Alan has been heavily involved in the transition to a SaaS offering called Prior to that Alan was a business development manager at Barclays Plc the leading global financial services provider. He joined Barclays on their graduate programme in 1998 from University College Cork, Ireland and spent 5 years there, including time at Clearlybusiness a London-based innovation unit within Barclays. Alan has an MBA from Oxford University, an MSc and B.Comm from University College Cork, Ireland and a Post Grad Diploma in eCommerce from Birkbeck College, University of London. He is also on the board of the Irish International Business Network ( You can follow Alan on Twitter @alangleeson or view his website at Learn more about Alan Gleeson on Crunchbase…

NorthRow helps businesses to efficiently protect themselves from financial crime, from failures to comply with related legislation. Read more aboutNorthRow on Crunchbase…

Mark Little

Co-Founder, COO & CMO @ Pynk

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Pynk is where everyday people invest better together. Read more aboutPynk on Crunchbase…

Tom Mursell

CMO @ Timeular

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Read more aboutTimeular on Crunchbase…

Pat Geary

Chief Evangelist & CMO @ Blue Prism

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Pat Geary is the Chief Evangelist at Blue Prism and has over 30 years of international marketing experience across a range of large multinational and start up software and hardware businesses. Pat was CMO at Searchspace, the world’s first enterprise AI platform, launched the worlds first 64-bit computer at DEC and also launched the world’s first global Internet TV platform at Livestation. Pat joined Blue Prism in 2008 as Chief Marketing Officer when it was a small start up and he invented the term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2012 which has now become a global IT software category of which Blue Prism is the market leader. Pat is a member of the Advisory Board of the CMO Council, a winner of CMO of the Year 2016, a member of the NOA “A list” 2016 and he holds an honours degree in Computer Science. Learn more about Pat Geary on Crunchbase…

Blue Prism is an intelligent robotic process automation company that develops a digital workforce for enterprises. Read more aboutBlue Prism on Crunchbase…

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Co-founder & CMO @ Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

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Antavo is the leading customer loyalty technology for fashion and retail. Read more aboutAntavo Loyalty Management Platform on Crunchbase…

David Miller

CMO @ Mercaux

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David Miller is the Chief Marketing Officer at Mercaux Learn more about David Miller on Crunchbase…

Mercaux brings the benefits of digital into retail stores to drive sales uplift. Read more aboutMercaux on Crunchbase…

John Humpish

CMO @ tibit

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pocket change for the internet — tips and tiny payments spent without a second thought. Read more abouttibit on Crunchbase…

Juliet Warkentin

CMO @ Trouva

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Juliet Warkentin is the CMO of Trouva. Learn more about Juliet Warkentin on Crunchbase…

Trouva, the online destination for unique products from the best curators around the world Read more aboutTrouva on Crunchbase…

Patrick Brady Grant

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) @ Arkadia Lending

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Investment platform connecting SMEs in developing markets with crowdfunding, measuring impact on local prosperity, people and the planet. Read more aboutArkadia Lending on Crunchbase…

Vivek Patkar


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Vivek Patkar is a Founder & Chief Medical Officer at DEONTICS. Learn more about Vivek Patkar on Crunchbase…

Deontics was set up to commercialise Clinical Quality and Clinical Decision Support Technologies Read more aboutDEONTICS on Crunchbase…

Patrick O’Reilly

Co-Founder & CMO @ LearnCube

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Patrick O’Reilly is a Founder at LearnCube. Learn more about Patrick O’Reilly on Crunchbase…

LearnCube is a Virtual Classroom Software and eLearning platform. Read more aboutLearnCube on Crunchbase…

Judy Chang

CMO @ Mailjet

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Judy Chang is CMO at Mailjet. Learn more about Judy Chang on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMailjet on Crunchbase…

Sally Scott

CMO @ Advanced

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Sally Scott is Chief Marketing Officer at Advanced, having been promoted to the role in December 2015. She had previously been marketing director of its Business Solutions division, delivering a breadth of back office and specialist CRM solutions to the mid and enterprise market. Sally is now responsible for aligning the company’s marketing initiatives and brand awareness to its ambitious growth plans. Sally is passionate about ensuring that marketing makes a real and measurable contribution to sales revenue and is responsible for delivering the company’s integrated new brand, launched in April 2016 as part of the company’s transformation process. Sally brings over 15 years of senior marketing experience to Advanced. Prior to Advanced, she was head of marketing at UNIT 4. Learn more about Sally Scott on Crunchbase…

Advanced provide software & services for commercial, public and third sector organisations that make the complex simple. Read more aboutAdvanced on Crunchbase…

David Bush

Founder and CMO @ Dronecloud

FollowDavid Bush on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Dronecloud is a platform created to manage a complex drone operation with ease from start to finish. Read more aboutDronecloud on Crunchbase…

Lex Bradshaw-Zanger

CMO, UK & Ireland @ L’Oreal

FollowLex Bradshaw-Zanger on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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As CMO for L’Oréal UK & Ireland, Lex leads all things consumer, the group digital transformation, media and the eCommerce acceleration teams. The CMO community supports the deployment of eCommerce, CRM and all the digital and social marketing activities as well as data science and media planning across the L’Oréal portfolio of over 30 brands. Between his work at L’Oréal and being with his family, Lex finds the time to help both small businesses and charities navigate the digital world. He is the Chief Digital Officer for the ‘social’ Airbnb, We Like The World and its B2B cousin Trip4Good; he also consults with numerous small enterprises breaking out of their traditional business and cracking their digital models. Before joining L’Oréal, Lex established and led the digital strategy practice for McDonald’s in Europe. He built a team covering digital marketing and media, along with social strategy, listening and engagement technology as well as CRM and data science, growing to over 60 people across 39 markets. He was previously a Client Partner within the Business Partnerships team at Facebook in Paris, France, Where he worked with a select group of clients who partner with Facebook to drive better ROI on their marketing investments. Before moving into the role at Facebook, Lex spent over ten years in the advertising business across Europe, North America and the Middle East – most recently as the Regional Director for Digital Strategy & Innovation for Leo Burnett MENA. In this role he engineered the fusion of ATL and BTL agencies, Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide into a holistic brand agency and the acquisition of Flip Media by the Publicis Groupe – now rebranded to Sapient Middle East. He oversaw the digital, direct and CRM competencies for the region, covering clients from General Motors to McDonald’s and P&G to du Telecom. Learn more about Lex Bradshaw-Zanger on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutL’Oreal on Crunchbase…

Alex Nicolaica

CMO @ The Extra Dish

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The Extra Dish is the online marketplace for talented home cooks. Read more aboutThe Extra Dish on Crunchbase…

Alexander Fairfax

CMO @ Huq Industries

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Spoiler title

Huq is building the world’s largest consumer research network, helping businesses understand their offline markets with digital precision. Read more aboutHuq Industries on Crunchbase…

Alastair MacKinnon

CMO and Co-Founder @ Mereo Biopharma

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Alastair joined the team in 2005. He serves as Board Observer for Albireo and Chroma. Further to these he has been actively involved in the investments in OncoMed (OMED), Proteolix and Nabriva. Prior to joining, Alastair was a practising physician, with a breadth of experience across cardiovascular and oncology surgery and intensive care. He holds a Physiology BSc (Hons) and MBBS from King’s College London, is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Ed) and hold s a Diploma in Corporate Finance from the London Business School. Learn more about Alastair MacKinnon on Crunchbase…

Mereo is a new UK-based speciality biopharmaceutical company. Read more aboutMereo Biopharma on Crunchbase…

Phil Spilsbury

Founder and CMO @

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Phil Spilsbury has been in the Tech and Software Industry for over 30 years. He’s worked for a number of software companies building world class software systems used across the world in leading Retail and Logistics companies. Since 2011 he’s been running his own businesses, at first offering high end software consultancy for international and UK goverment clients but now taking his 30 years experience and expertise in the online and tech space to build world-class products for the internet age. Currently focusing down on his latest SaaS project with his co-founder Ron Perkins. Helping people and companies marketing and advertising online to use any online content to drive focused, targeted traffic to their business and services, and helping them build targeted advertising audiences 24-7 on auto-pilot using Learn more about Phil Spilsbury on Crunchbase… Driving Traffic via Content. Don’t Just Share it, zubbit! Read more on Crunchbase…

Maria Garmel

CMO @ Studio 6B

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Read more aboutStudio 6B on Crunchbase…

Tom Osborne

Founder @Rouse and CMO @KidED @ KidED

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Read more aboutKidED on Crunchbase…

Matthew Barwell

CMO @ Britvic

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Matthew Barwell is the CMO at Britvic Soft Drinks. Learn more about Matthew Barwell on Crunchbase…

Britvic manufactures, markets, and distributes soft drinks alongside its subsidiaries. Read more aboutBritvic on Crunchbase…

Ola Szaran

CMO & Head of Marketing @ Blackbullion

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Award winning platform serving a fintech solution to higher education Read more aboutBlackbullion on Crunchbase…

Scott Hitchins

CMO @ Interact

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Read more aboutInteract on Crunchbase…

Seral Sofi

CMO @ Lemeno

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Lemeno is the world’s first instant-planning™ app where you’ll never have to waste time messaging about what to do a Read more aboutLemeno on Crunchbase…

Bjorn Laku

Director & CMO @ Cashbook Finance

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Mr. Laku is an experienced Business Development Manager skilled in Project and Brand Management, Strategic Planning, Data Analysis and Digital Marketing. Past industry experiences include “Big 4” Management Consulting, Telecommunications, Specialty Foods, and the Digital Industry. Learn more about Bjorn Laku on Crunchbase…

FCA registered company offering Invoice Finance & Factoring services in the UK. Read more aboutCashbook Finance on Crunchbase…

Yvonne Mather

CMO @ Shopest

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Shopest makes discovering nearby retail as fast and as simple as online. Read more aboutShopest on Crunchbase…

Tim Hadley

CMO @ Captini

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Tim Hadley is the Communications Director at ROXi. Learn more about Tim Hadley on Crunchbase…

Captini transforms Guest WiFi networks into an automated marketing service that increases customer return rates. Read more aboutCaptini on Crunchbase…

Pippa Pennycook


FollowPippa Pennycook on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. is a new student property rating website that provides ratings and opinions of student properties around UK. Read more on Crunchbase…

Epistimi Sachitzi

CMO and Co-founder @ Blueline

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BlueLine is a startup aiming to revolutionize primary healthcare using mobile tech to connect patients with healthcare professionals. Read more aboutBlueline on Crunchbase…

Matt Boyles

Director of Sales and Marketing & CMO @ Wireless Fitness

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The Wireless Fitness is an app that portable exercise studio in your phone Read more aboutWireless Fitness on Crunchbase…

Jonny Laughton

CRO / CMO ‘on demand’ @ Expand Venture

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Enabling tech companies scale through technology, experience, leverage and capital. Read more aboutExpand Venture on Crunchbase…

Anita Allott

CMO @ NquiringMinds

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Anita specialises in the Marketing of advanced technologies, previously she was Corporate Marketing Manager for Roke Manor Research (Siemens) where she implemented the marketing and communications strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Before Roke Anita was a Director at Corporata Communications where she ran Marketing projects for a number of high profile clients, including the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Anita has long standing experience of the financial services sector through her work with PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Anita has a large body of published work including business plan, speeches, government consultation responses, executive reports, magazine and newspaper articles, academic papers. Anita was the winner of a national competition on management writing which granted a full scholarship to attain her Executive MBA from Henley Management College (2005-2008), awarded by the Financial Mail on Sunday. Anita has a BA in economics from Nottingham University. Learn more about Anita Allott on Crunchbase…

NquiringMinds data sharing and data analytics company Read more aboutNquiringMinds on Crunchbase…

Tanya Fooks


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PinEventz offers a platform for Event organisers not to just promote or sell tickets but to continue the conversation where its stop. Read more aboutPinEventz on Crunchbase…

Jason Hemingway

CMO @ Thunderhead

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Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub is a market leading conversation-driven customer engagement platform Read more aboutThunderhead on Crunchbase…

Mark Barrett

CMO @ Blu Wireless

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Mark brings over 30 years of experience in wireless technology and product development to Blu Wireless Technology. In particular, he has founded and played key leadership roles – including operational, business and market development – for several startups. He began his career with Philips Research, working on millimetre wave radar and signal processing. During the 1990’s, Mark led the development of several applications of array antennas and digital beamforming to satellite, radar and mobile communications (Smart Antennas) applications. He instigated and led the TSUNAMI series of multi company European projects, which demonstrated the use of Smart Antennas for 2G and 3G mobile systems. He has also either led or been involved in the design of over a dozen mixed signal SoCs. In 2001 he founded Mansella Ltd who developed the world’s first Bluetooth cordless telephone, including the development of three complex SoCs. He holds a degree in Electronics from Nottingham University. Learn more about Mark Barrett on Crunchbase…

Blu Wireless Technology is a silicon IP company developing wireless technology with a faster transmission rate. Read more aboutBlu Wireless on Crunchbase…

Luca Comunian

CMO and Co-Founder @ PeopleTrip

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Equity Derivatives Marketer @ BNP Paribas – MSc Graduate @Bocconi University Learn more about Luca Comunian on Crunchbase…

Peopletrip helps travellers simplify their lives, by accessing a targeted community Read more aboutPeopleTrip on Crunchbase…

Sarra Mander

CMO @ The Small Robot Company

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The Small Robot Company is delivering per plant farming for the world’s largest crops. Read more aboutThe Small Robot Company on Crunchbase…

Alan Davies

CMO @ Edinburgh Molecular Imaging

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Over 25 years-experience as a Medical Director in the pharmaceutical and med tech industry, working globally to address major health issues including early cancer detection, most recently as CMO for GE Healthcare. Learn more about Alan Davies on Crunchbase…

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging is a developer of optical molecular imaging technology. Read more aboutEdinburgh Molecular Imaging on Crunchbase…

Kevin Tewis-Allen

CMO @ Printt App

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Printt is a mobile application that connects people to a network of printing facilities across the UK Read more aboutPrintt App on Crunchbase…

Leonardo Gubinelli

Co-founder and CMO @ Inspired Challenge

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Leonardo is a passionate social entrepreneur and marketer with a solid background in online marketing and business development. At an early age he had the fortune to go on a month-long trip in Brazil, where he immersed himself in various tropical landscapes, Rio’s inner local lifestyle, and got to know the poorest people living in the favelas, which triggered a passion for learning and discovering what the world has to offer. Hence his decision to move to the UK, where he went on studying Marketing and International Business at the London Metropolitan University. While studying, he started exploring his entrepreneurial ideas and successfully launched his first business, an online travel portal. After selling the business, he decided to join the corporate environment and started working in the advertising department of Expedia. In 2011, he could no longer restrain his passion for travel, curiosity for life and excitement for the unknown and he decided to leave his position at Expedia to go travelling all over South East Asia. Learn more about Leonardo Gubinelli on Crunchbase…

Their aim is to inspire people to see and use travel differently. Read more aboutInspired Challenge on Crunchbase…

Alexander King

CMO @ Fixflo

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Fixflo is a repair reporting and maintenance management software system. Read more aboutFixflo on Crunchbase…

Mark Magnacca

CMO @ Unbolted

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Unbolted is a UK leader in personal asset financing through peer to peer lending (P2P). Read more aboutUnbolted on Crunchbase…

Adam Pawson

Founder & CMO @ Chef Database

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Adam Pawson is the founder and CMO at Chef Database. Learn more about Adam Pawson on Crunchbase…

Chef Database A place which connects Chefs with those in the industry that matter to them. Read more aboutChef Database on Crunchbase…

Zoe Laycock

CMO @ Navmii

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Read more aboutNavmii on Crunchbase…

Ryan Gruss

CMO @ Showzee

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Showzee allows people to create & share mini stories around their interests & experiences Read more aboutShowzee on Crunchbase…

Pavel Pisa

CMO @ Crescendo Biologics

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Before joining Crescendo, Pavel was the Head of Translational Medicine at Roche and Genentech where he led over 50 programs through early and late clinical development. As both a physician and a scientist, he has in-depth knowledge of the real-life experimental and clinical challenges associated with delivering highly innovative medicines and has successfully translated scientific findings into transformative medicines such as Avastin and Gazyva, leading to significant improvement in the lives of cancer patients. Pavel has a distinguished academic, clinical and scientific career at world-leading medical institutions. He was Professor of Clinical Experimental Oncology at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and has held positions at NIH, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Scripps Research Institute. He is the author of 115 highly-cited publications and patents within tumour immunology. Pavel holds a medical degree and a doctorate in medicine in Natural Killer Cells in the clinic from Charles University, Prague, as well as a PhD in Immunology from the Karolinska Institutet. Learn more about Pavel Pisa on Crunchbase…

Crescendo Biologics is engaged in the development of a proprietary drug portfolio based on their VH antibody fragment platform. Read more aboutCrescendo Biologics on Crunchbase…

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