Top Influencers: 101 UK CEO & Founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CEO & Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CEO & Founder role. We have selected these CEO & Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CEO & Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Callum Negus-Fancey

CEO & Founder @ Pollen

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Pollen builds, curates, and delivers the best travel experiences. Read more aboutPollen on Crunchbase…

Jamie Burke

CEO & Founder @ Outlier Ventures

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Jamie Burke is the chief executive officer of Outlier Ventures. Learn more about Jamie Burke on Crunchbase…

The World’s Leading Open Metaverse Accelerator Read more aboutOutlier Ventures on Crunchbase…

Philip Belamant

CEO & Founder @ Zilch

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Philip Belamant is the CEO and founder of Zilch. Learn more about Philip Belamant on Crunchbase…

Zilch is a buy now, pay later app that allows its customers to shop wherever Mastercard is accepted. Read more aboutZilch on Crunchbase…

James Fabricant

CEO & Founder @ Emoticast

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James is CEO at Emoticast where we are on a mission to bring the universe of popular culture (music, sounds, interactive content, you name it) into your chat stream making the communication more engaging and emotive. Formerly James was the Founder of IdeaPlane and served as its CEO. Prior to founding IdeaPlane, he was one of four founders of MySpace International and played an integral part in its global expansion, which included launching MySpace sites in 17 languages across 30 countries. He qualified as a corporate finance and private equity attorney at leading international law firm Linklaters which included a secondment at Merrill Lynch. Mr. Fabricant holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Law from Cambridge University. Learn more about James Fabricant on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEmoticast on Crunchbase…

Subhranil Banerjee

CEO & Founder @ YOcoin

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Subhranil Banejree is a qualified, highly sought after expert in financial and investment strategy. He understands the structure of the commercial world and is ambitious to revolutionise the industry. Subhranil Banerjee has been exploring the best crypto currencies to achieve information and value communication within different decentralized ledger systems for years to solve real world problems. He is also the host of a television show called “Dollars with Sense”, educating people about current financial and legal matters. Indeed, his entrepreneurship and vision will lead Yocoin to another level. Learn more about Subhranil Banerjee on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutYOcoin on Crunchbase…

Jez San

CEO & founder @ FunFair Technologies

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Read more aboutFunFair Technologies on Crunchbase…

Josh Rathour

CEO & Founder @ UNiDAYS

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Josh Rathour is the founder and CEO of UNiDAYS. Before starting UNiDAYS in 2011, Josh worked as a commercial real estate agent, while learning everything he could about online verification and shopping apps. Under his leadership and vision, UNiDAYS has grown into the world’s leading Student Affinity Network, connecting the most recognizable brands and services to millions of students worldwide. In 2018, UNiDAYS was named the fastest-growing tech company in the UK by the Sunday Times, after winning a host of awards including the Lloyds Bank Digital Business of the Year and the coveted Digital Innovation of the Year Award. Josh looks forward to building even more products and technology to help Gen Z college students prepare for their futures, and empowering them to make every experience more valuable and rewarding. A sought-after speaker in the UK and the US, Josh is highly regarded for his strategic leadership and innovation. In 2017, Josh was named Rising Star at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in real estate management. Learn more about Josh Rathour on Crunchbase…

UNiDAYS is the world’s leading Student Affinity Network that connects a verified global student audience with relevant brands and services. Read more aboutUNiDAYS on Crunchbase…

Oz Alashe

CEO & Founder @ CybSafe

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CybSafe is a behavioural security platform. It transforms the way you manage people-related cyber risk. Read more aboutCybSafe on Crunchbase…

Nick Hynes

CEO & Founder @ Somo

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A true business visionary, Nick has established some of the most successful fast-growth digital companies of the last two decades. In recognition of his contribution to the digital industry, he was recently shortlisted as one of the top 20 most influential and inspirational Britons in the BIMA Digital Hall of Fame. Nick founded Somo in 2009 with Carl Uminski to help companies make sense of the huge opportunities and the disruptive potential of mobile technology. In his role as CEO, Nick defines the overall strategy, has recruited the team, and shaped the culture of Somo, establishing corporate-scale governance in this rapid-growth business. Nick was formerly CEO and owner of The IMW Group, comprising search marketing agency, The Search Works, and digital tech business, The Technology Works. He launched operations across Asia, with offices in Tokyo and Seoul, and established The Search Works as Europe’s largest search agency, before the group was acquired by TradeDoubler AB in 2007 for $112 million. Before that, Nick was founder, CEO and President of Overture Europe. Here he launched the paid search industry in Europe, building Overture from a start up to an established billion dollar business across 16 countries, in just 30 months. Acquiring AltaVista FAST Technology Search along the way, Overture secured exclusive, multi-year distribution deals with every premium portal and ISP in Europe. The company was sold for $1.63 billion to Yahoo! in 2003 and became Yahoo! Search Marketing. In his early career, Nick created the electronic points system for Air Miles, transforming a struggling paper voucher business into a $62 million per annum profitable business in four years. Nick developed and implemented Air Miles loyalty schemes across NatWest, BT and Vodafone (building their first customer database). He also introduced the world’s first national Smart Card programme for Shell, and the ‘Reward’ loyalty scheme for Sainsbury’s. Nick’s career began as a fast-track graduate at British Airways, where he led a number of global initiatives. Appointed as BA’s youngest senior manager at the age of 29, he was sponsored by the airline to complete an MBA at the University of Bath in 1992. Learn more about Nick Hynes on Crunchbase…

Somo is a digital product agency, delivering digital ambitions at pace and scale for the world’s biggest brands and coolest start-ups. Read more aboutSomo on Crunchbase…

Dan Hubert

CEO & Founder @ AppyWay

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Dan initially founded AppyParking after experiencing first-hand the pain of parking caused by a fragmented and broken market when trying to park near the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. From this was born the AppyParking mobile app, but more questions quickly arose… What if we could digitise parking spaces? And not just spaces – but all of the UK’s kerbs? What opportunities would that unlock? How could a digitised, dynamic kerb not only meet the ever-growing demands of urban transport today – but shape that of tomorrow? From that lightbulb moment onwards, Dan was hooked and with AppyWay, he’s leading the charge to help cities thrive, from the kerb up. Learn more about Dan Hubert on Crunchbase…

AppyWay is a kerbside management & technology firm enabling intelligent mobility for cities. Read more aboutAppyWay on Crunchbase…

Faisal Khalid

CEO & Founder @ Bits

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Faisal is the Founder and CEO of Renters Union, a popular chatbot ‘lawyer’ that provides free, instant, personalised legal advice to Londoners. It has been covered in TechCrunch, TimeOut, EveningStandard and numerous legal blogs, and been hailed by users as ‘something the Mayor should have built’, ‘BRILLIANT’ and ‘totally rubbish.’ Faisal previously built and sold a fintech venture, and spent several years in banking and private equity, before learning to code and moving to tech. Faisal holds a BA from Harvard University, and MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and lives in London. Learn more about Faisal Khalid on Crunchbase…

Bits helps people build their credit score by providing them with a digital credit card that they pay off every month. Read more aboutBits on Crunchbase…

Pierre Vannineuse

CEO & Founder @ Alpha Blue Ocean™

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Pierre is a Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Blue Ocean, an international alternative investment firm having representations in London, Geneva and Victoria. He leads the investment strategy and represents the company on all fronts. He has created an innovative financing philosophy which aims at switching from direct market risk toward model risk while guarantying the adequate financing of a given company. Since the beginning of his career, he has actively implemented billions of dollars in direct and optional commitments for international businesses and projects whether public or private. Before the creation of the Blue Ocean Investment Group, Pierre was the Founder and CEO of the Bracknor Investment Group, a family office based in Dubai. Under his leadership over EUR €400 millions have been deployed through international and cross-border transactions over 2 years. Previously, he worked as an Investment Professional in a small alternative investment boutique based in London. Pierre was involved in all transactional aspects from origination and structuring to the monitoring of transactions once executed. Prior to this, Pierre worked as a Financial Advisor for Mergers and Acquisitions within ENGIE (ex-GDF SUEZ) in Paris during which time he structured and closed over 12 wind project finance deals, and participated in legal tenders for energy production assets and impairment tests effectively processing over EUR 1’000 Millions of transactions whether on both buy and sell side. Pierre has two degrees from NEOMA Business School in France. Before graduating as Valedictorian in 2013 of a postgraduate Specialized Master in International Finance with a major in Advanced Econometrics, he graduated with a BSc. in International Business Administration. He is fluent in French, English, and German. His areas of expertise and focus are: Healthcare (Biotech & Medtech), Energy & Information Technologies. Learn more about Pierre Vannineuse on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAlpha Blue Ocean™ on Crunchbase…


CEO & Founder @ Plutus

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A fintech entrepreneur within the payments industry. His vision is to create the next generation payment system and has been active in the groundbreaking blockchain and bitcoin ecosystem since 2013. Learn more about DANIAL DAYCHOPAN on Crunchbase…

Plutus combines the ease of modern banking with access to crypto currencies. Read more aboutPlutus on Crunchbase…

Benoy Berry

CEO & Founder @ Contec Global Inc.

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As CEO and managing director of Continental Transfer Technique Limited (Contec Global), Benoy Berry leads a Chicago firm that engages in ventures around the globe in hospitality, secure technologies, infrastructure, and research and development. In recent years, Benoy Berry has emphasized investments in the energy sector, and his firm maintains a longstanding presence in the African oil, gas, and power markets. His company also pursues alternative technology projects, including the development of an electric automobile in China and an ammonia-powered vehicle. Benoy Berry has a degree in economics from Delhi University along with an MA in finance from the same institution. He pursued doctoral studies in communication arts at the World Open University. His professional accomplishments include earning the Nigeria Association of Science’s Outstanding Achievement in Technology Award in 2011. Benoy Berry supports a number of humanitarian causes, and he also received an award for sponsoring the National Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign. Learn more about Benoy Berry on Crunchbase…

Continental Transfer Technique Limited (CONTEC), a biometric technology and secured system organization. Read more aboutContec Global Inc. on Crunchbase…

Ashley Friedlein

CEO & Founder @ Guild

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Guild is the platform for professional communities and networking. Read more aboutGuild on Crunchbase…

Ilyas Khan

CEO & Founder @ Cambridge Quantum Computing

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Ilyas Khan is the founder of Cambridge Quantum Computing. Ilyas is also the Chairman and a founding Trustee of The Stephen Hawking Foundation, and the Leader in Residence at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School where he is also a Fellow in Management Practice. He is also a Fellow of St Edmund’s College Cambridge. Ilyas started his career in merchant banking with J Henry Schroder Wagg, and worked and lived in Hong Kong from 1989 to 2008. He has been an active investor in early stage companies since 1999, having built and then sold two start up companies of his own. Since 2013 has been instrumental in backing the Judge Business School’s highly regarded business accelerator programme. He is the Senior partner in a non executive capacity at Stanhill Capital Partners, and has a small number of other non executive positions. The Stanhill Foundation that was established by Ilyas supports research and scholarship in a number of areas and currently funds a number of doctoral and post doctoral students in the area of mathematics, quantum mechanics and philosophy. Learn more about Ilyas Khan on Crunchbase…

CQCL develops tools for the commercialisation of quantum computers by understanding quantum protocols and also quantum algorithms. Read more aboutCambridge Quantum Computing on Crunchbase…

Nadeem Siam

CEO & Founder @ Fund Ourselves

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Nadeem Siam is the Founder & CEO of Fund Ourselves. The first fully automated short-term credit marketplace. Nadeem graduated from Canfield University in the UK and Lulea University in Sweden with two masters of science degrees in Astronautics and Space Engineering and Space Technology; respectively. Learn more about Nadeem Siam on Crunchbase…

Short-term credit from the people to the people. Read more aboutFund Ourselves on Crunchbase…

Aron Alexander

CEO & Founder @ WeGift

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Serial entrepreneur with a background in retail, technology and payments. Incorrigibly curious. Continually learning. Driven by solving problems, building value and getting stuff done. Learn more about Aron Alexander on Crunchbase…

WeGift’s cloud-based, open API solutions allow businesses to transfer value to consumers, in real-time and globally. Read more aboutWeGift on Crunchbase…

Louise Birritteri

CEO & Founder @ Pikl

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Louise Birritteri is the CEO and Founder of Pikl and also the Pricing Director of Heuristics Consulting Limited. Prior to joining Pikl, She was the Head of Pricing at The Co-operative Group and Sainsbury’s Bank. Louise received a bachelor science in Mathematics & Statistics and a master of science in Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery at the University of East Anglia. Learn more about Louise Birritteri on Crunchbase…

Pikl provides specialist Insurance for the Sharing Economy and “On Demand” Economy. Read more aboutPikl on Crunchbase…

Kevin Brown

CEO & Founder @ FanCircles

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Reach followers and fans through your own fan club platform built for music artists, YouTubers, television shows and celebrities Read more aboutFanCircles on Crunchbase…

Ian O’Rourke

CEO & Founder @ Adthena

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Ian has been involved in technology businesses and start-ups for over 22 years and has built businesses in Australia, Taiwan, Silicon Valley and the UK. One of these, Oovie, became Australia’s largest DVD kiosk operator before being acquired by Hoyts, the country’s top entertainment group. Another venture, Treeview Estates, has created a 148-home retirement village outside of Sydney. Formerly Ian was based in San Francisco heading Asian sales for Intershop, an eCommerce software start-up. From the early stages through a successful Nasdaq IPO and beyond. He established Intershop’s Asian operations growing sales from zero to US$8m in under three years. Ian has grown Adthena since 2012 to its current position as the premier global provider of competitive intelligence. Recent key achievements include a growth rate up from 50% to greater than 100% and a 92% increase in sales value as well as staff engagement scores exceeding 80%. Ian has also secured significant investment from Candy Crush entrepreneur Mel Morris, who now brings unmatched experience to Adthena’s board as it expands its operations in the US, UK and Australia. Ian likes to foster a culture of great products, getting things done, responsibility, freedom and continuous improvement. While Adthena itself has won many major industry awards, Ian’s entrepreneurial determination has also been recognised with the Developing Entrepreneur Award at the WCIT Enterprise Awards – commonly regarded as the ‘Oscars for technology entrepreneurs’. A double graduate of the University of Queensland, Ian is also a fluent Chinese speaker having lived and studied in Taiwan. He is married with two children and is an avid rock climber. Learn more about Ian O’Rourke on Crunchbase…

Adthena is a competitive intelligence solution for search marketers. Read more aboutAdthena on Crunchbase…

Phil McGriskin

CEO & Founder @ Vitesse PSP

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Vitesse is the smart way to make secure global money transfers. Read more aboutVitesse PSP on Crunchbase…

Matt Ovenden

CEO & Founder @ Borrow A Boat

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Matt is an entrepreneur who is passionate about building teams and successful businesses to meet market opportunities on the forefront of technological or consumer trends. A Chartered Mechanical Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, with MSc in Innovation & Design for Sustainability, Matt established leading energy & sustainability company Bright Green Shoots in 2009 to help organisations embrace sustainable “green” innovation as the UK makes the transition to a low carbon economy. Bright Green Shoots has acted as a focus point for activity in this industry for 7 years during which Matt has spun out two more companies, Free Wind Ltd in 2011 a prominent UK wind development company and Free Island Energy in 2014 a pioneer of remote renewables, eco-island and microgrid projects. Matt’s latest project is launching the new online peer-to-peer boat charter marketplace Learn more about Matt Ovenden on Crunchbase…

Borrow A Boat is a Peer-to-peer boat charter and charter aggregator site. Read more aboutBorrow A Boat on Crunchbase…

Pilgrim Beart

CEO & Founder @ DevicePilot

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DevicePilot provides Service Monitoring for connected devices Read more aboutDevicePilot on Crunchbase…

Paulina Chilarska

CEO & Founder @ Cambridge Biolabs

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Chilarska’s cutting-edge work at the University of Cambridge was funded by the prestigious 4-Year Wellcome Trust PhD award in Stem Cell Biology. Already at the age of 21 she worked with the Nobel Prize winner Sir Professor Paul Nurse on the cell cycle thus investigating the mechanisms underlying carcinogenesis. Dr Chilarska is an expert in the molecular basis of ageing and strongly believes that ageing is a disease which can be prevented and treated. She is currently wirting a book describing her revolutionary approach to Ageing Prevention and Ageing Reversal. She is fluent in five languages and has international consulting experience. Learn more about Paulina Chilarska on Crunchbase…

Biotech-meets-tech startup developing personalised skincare solutions Read more aboutCambridge Biolabs on Crunchbase…

Igor Chugunov

CEO & Founder @ Credits

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12 years in business, including IT fintech projects, bank and credit e-services, affiliate marketing company for banks and PDL companies. Four years of experience in the blockchain business. Working with CREDITS platform since 2016. Learn more about Igor Chugunov on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCredits on Crunchbase…

Paul Walsh

CEO & Founder @ Infinity

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Paul founded Infinity in 2010, and has a 20 year history of successfully launching tech-based companies. Learn more about Paul Walsh on Crunchbase…

Infinity is a call tracking and hosted PBX service provider. Read more aboutInfinity on Crunchbase…

Chris Gibbons

CEO & Founder @ Laced

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Laced is a marketplace for the buying and selling of authentic sneakers, connecting thousands of buyers and sellers worldwide. Read more aboutLaced on Crunchbase…

Steven Novick

CEO & Founder @ Farmstand

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Previously built 2 billion-dollar businesses and climbed the 7 Summits including Everest. Beating cancer made him passionate about health + the environment and growing up working class has made him appreciate affordability + convenience. Learn more about Steven Novick on Crunchbase…

Farmstand cooks & delivers fresh meals direct-to-consumers and businesses with maximum nutritional value and net zero carbon impact. Read more aboutFarmstand on Crunchbase…

John Michael

CEO & Founder @ iStorage

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With 32 years within the Data Storage Industry, John Michael has been running successful innovative businesses throughout his working life. With John’s extensive knowledge and experience within the industry, he recognised early on that data was becoming a precious commodity. John’s vision of creating secure solutions to protect sensitive data led him to develop a range of ground-breaking industry leading products, consisting of USB Flash, Hard Disk and Solid-State Drives, which have been certified to the highest government accreditations! Learn more about John Michael on Crunchbase…

iStorage is the trusted global leader of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage devices. Read more aboutiStorage on Crunchbase…

Lorena Puica

CEO & Founder @ SYD

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Born in Romania to father quantum physicist and mother entrepreneur, Lorena has achieved 5 degrees in mathematics, economics and finance, published a book on Microfinance as a tool for empowering individuals towards Sustainable Growth, created a decade-long career in strategy and investment management with global institutions working with portfolios of over £200billion while also being a extreme athlete with 2 world record events. Following 7 years of personal health challenges Lorena founded as a Preventive Precision Health platform poised to leverage research, ML technology and creativity to empower 1bn people to take charge of their health everyday and lifelong. Speaker at World Government Summit ( ) , Global Wellness Forum ( ) , UK Government Missions Globally , etc . Learn more about Lorena Puica on Crunchbase…

Predictive population analytics for enterprise & AI virtual companion for employees Read more aboutSYD on Crunchbase…

Kenny Ewan

CEO & Founder @ Wefarm

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Kenny Ewan is originally from Scotland and he studied architecture at Dundee University, before moving to Peru to work for an international NGO for seven years. While he was in Peru he worked closely with local farmers and indigenous communities on sustainable agriculture projects,where he learned about the power of grassroots innovation. After his time in Peru he joined Cafedirect Producers Foundation, an independent UK charity that works with a network of more than 280,000 smallholder farmers. As part of their start-up team he led the development of WeFarm from 2010 to 2014, before launching it as an independent social enterprise in 2015. WeFarm connects smallholder farmers in Africa and Latin America to vital information on agriculture via SMS. Farmers can ask questions on farming and receive crowdsourced answers from farmers around the world on even the most basic mobile phone, without having internet access or leaving their farm. In November 2015 we have 32,000 farmers using our system. Learn more about Kenny Ewan on Crunchbase…

Wefarm is a farmer-to-farmer digital network that enables users to share information via SMS. Read more aboutWefarm on Crunchbase…

James Field

CEO & Founder @ LabGenius

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James is founder and CEO of LabGenius. James completed his PhD studies at Imperial College London where his research was focused on re-engineering protein nanocages for biotechnological applications. Prior to his PhD, James completed a BSc in Biology with Microbiology and an MRes in Systems and Synthetic Biology, at Imperial College London. James is an active member of the synthetic biology community having participated in the iGEM competition both as an undergraduate (2009), advisor (2011) and judge (2016). In 2017, James was awarded the BBSRC Innovator of the Year award for early career impact. James is also a fellow of the prestigious Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program (LEAP). Learn more about James Field on Crunchbase…

LabGenius is a biopharmaceutical company developing protein therapeutics using a machine learning-driven evolution engine. Read more aboutLabGenius on Crunchbase…

Paul Sheedy

CEO & Founder @

FollowPaul Sheedy on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. is digital engagement through our Smart card long-range card detection, data interrogation and communication protocols. Read more on Crunchbase…

Stuart Hearn

CEO & Founder @ Clear Review

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Stuart has over 20 years’ HR experience and has spent the last 12 years specialising in performance management and technology. He was formerly International HR Director at Sony Music and later co-founded a specialist performance and talent management consultancy. Learn more about Stuart Hearn on Crunchbase…

Clear Review is an award-winning, Continuous Performance Management and Engagement System. Read more aboutClear Review on Crunchbase…

Teresa Potocka

CEO & Founder @ Potocki Communications Company

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Teresa Potocka is the CEO and Founder of The Potocki Communications Company, a content positioning, production and marketing communications business. Potocki took part in the UK Trade Mission to MIPTV in April 2017. Potocka has ten years’ of senior management experience and deep operational expertise from developing organisational structures, brands and businesses in EMEA and also the Gulf, from scratch. She has significant experience of working collaboratively for success within and alongside Boards, Business and Government Leaders and Managers for past and present Fortune 500 companies, leading brands, SMEs, corporates and start-ups. Previously, she was part of the founding team at First Connex, the directory service, and helped develop the business model that secured the first license in the world (outside of Finland). Before starting her company, she held a number of positions across industry. It was at JPMorgan Chase in Treasury Services she began her career in the culture change business. She made regular appearances in the media and across TV channels internationally and recently moderated the panel at TVConnect on Big Opportunities for Data in Creating Business Value, previously she chaired a panel on Rules of Audience Engagement, has spoken of The New Millennial TV habits, discussed storytelling at the first Annual UK Web Series Festival (UK WEB FEST), and stressed the importance of the need for authorities to tackle piracy to afford greater protection to content creators in the creative industries during a panel discussion on trade in 2016. She’s been featured in The Economist and Television. Previously, she was a regular guest on Radio Orla’s London Bridge as a futurologist and has also given speeches in the presence of business and political leaders and audiences of 150+ and the Iron Lady herself. In 2011, she was awarded the Pro Memorial Medal. Learn more about Teresa Potocka on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPotocki Communications Company on Crunchbase…

Rebecca Harding

CEO & Founder @ Coriolis Technologies

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Dr. Rebecca Harding is an independent economist specialising in trade and trade finance and is CEO of Coriolis Technologies, providing data as a service to the trade finance and banking sectors. She is the co-author of the acclaimed “The Weaponization of Trade: the Great Unbalancing of Policy and Economics.” She frequently appears on The Ian King Show, Sky News, BBC World and BBC Radio 5 live, Newsnight and Radio 4. She is frequently cited in the Broadsheet press, including recent articles in the Financial Times, Telegraph and CityAM. She advises the Council of the Society of Professional Economists and until February 2017 was the Chief Economist of the British Bankers’ Association. Her senior roles in business an academic institutions include Founder and CEO of Delta Economics, CEO of Equant Analytics, Senior Fellow at London Business School, Global CEO of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Head of Corporate Research at Deloitte, Chief Economist at the Work Foundation, Senior Lecturer at the Science Policy Research Unit and currently a Fellow at Offenburg Institute for Trade and Innovation. She was a Specialist Advisor to the Treasury Select Committee and Chief Economic Advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship. Learn more about Rebecca Harding on Crunchbase…

Coriolis Technologies is the source of data and analytics as a service for trade professionals. Read more aboutCoriolis Technologies on Crunchbase…

Ali Moiyed

CEO & Founder @ Aerobit Health

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Breathing New Life Into Asthma Care Read more aboutAerobit Health on Crunchbase…

Paul Preuveneers

CEO & Founder @ Uncommon

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Uncommon designs and develops merchandise and teamwear. Read more aboutUncommon on Crunchbase…

Zara Riahi

CEO & Founder @ Contilio

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CEO and Founder of Contilio, a cutting-edge deeptech startup that uses 3D vision, deep learning and BIM to turn construction site data into real-time, intelligent insights on project progress, performance KPIs and risks. 12 yrs global management, commercial, entrepreneurial and engineering experience driving growth and productivity for multi-nationals and startups in North America, Europe and Australia. Prior to Contilio, executed infrastructure (PE) and tech investments (VC/M&A deals) at UBS, London and Westpac, Australia and was lead engineer and project manager for billion dollar construction projects in North America. I sit on the board of an early-stage VC, have advised many CEOs and boards on growth, digital transformation and operations initiatives and was head of business development for a round-A Silicon Valley startup. MBA from London Business School, MASc in Earthquake Engineering (minored in advanced computational methods) from the University of British Columbia, Founder of LBS Construction & Infrastructure Club. Learn more about Zara Riahi on Crunchbase…

3D AI construction analytics platform that provides actionable intelligence in real-time, unlocking $Bn savings & automated payments. Read more aboutContilio on Crunchbase…

Calum Brannan

CEO & Founder @ Howsy

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Howsy is a real estate management platform that provides repairs management and renewal services for landlords and tenants. Read more aboutHowsy on Crunchbase…

Simon Hill

CEO & Founder @ Wazoku

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Simon Hill is the CEO of Wazoku. Learn more about Simon Hill on Crunchbase…

An Enterprise Innovation Platform comprising: Idea Management, Open Innovation Marketplace, Innovation Consulting, Portfolio Management Read more aboutWazoku on Crunchbase…

Sebastian Steinhauser

CEO & Founder @ Parcelly

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CEO & Founder at Parcelly. Most recently building an international last- and first-mile logistics tech platform. Prior to that, Sebastian spent 7+ years in London’s City with some of Europe’s leading financial institutions. Learn more about Sebastian Steinhauser on Crunchbase…

The tech platform that enables retailers and carriers to resolve last-mile delivery and first-mile fulfilment challenges Read more aboutParcelly on Crunchbase…

Brett Shanley

CEO & Founder @ Knoma

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Brett is the Founder and CEO of Knoma, the Knowledge Market, offering a payment solution and marketplace for lifelong learning. He passionate about equipping people for the future of work and providing sound financial options. Learn more about Brett Shanley on Crunchbase…

Knoma offers a payment solution and marketplace for lifelong learning. Read more aboutKnoma on Crunchbase…

Jeff Kofman

CEO & Founder @ Trint

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Jeff Kofman is the CEO and founder at Trint. Jeff is a 32-year veteran journalist, Jeff Kofman is an Emmy-winning foreign and war correspondent with ABC News, CBS News and CBC News. His experience shapes the vision and later on founded Trint. He knows manual transcription too well: he has transcribed thousands of hours of interviews. He bears a degree in political science and government. Learn more about Jeff Kofman on Crunchbase…

Trint reinvents transcription extending automated-speech-to text so that users can trust the output. Recorded content becomes searchable. Read more aboutTrint on Crunchbase…

Mark Nathan

CEO & Founder @ Zipari

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Mark is focused on making health insurance easier for consumers to understand and maintain. He’s worked in health insurance for the last twelve years of his 20 year career, and prior to Zipari was responsible for launching the cloud-based health insurance platform that became the Zipari platform. At Guardian Life, Mark was responsible for leading a $110M Customer Experience program modernizing Guardian’s health and dental insurance platforms. At Apple and NeXT, Mark led enterprise professional services sales for the Northeast Region. He completed his Electrical and Computer Engineering BS and MS studies at University of Colorado at Boulder, where he also worked for NASA’s Center for Space Construction Learn more about Mark Nathan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZipari on Crunchbase…

Daniel Allen

CEO & Founder @ Sipcom

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With a proven entrepreneurial track record, Daniel is an acknowledged business leader and innovator in the Communications and Collaboration services market. An experienced board level executive for over 18 years, Daniel was Sales Director for a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 company in 2005 & 2006 and was a finalist in the NatWest sponsored Entrepreneur of the Year and Fastest Growing Company in 2010. Daniel held senior positions with a number of leading technology providers before forming Sipcom in 2006. In 2018, Daniel was also recognized as one of the Top 40 under 40 Jewish Entrepreneurs in New York by the Young Jewish Professionals Organisation. In 2020, Daniel also led Sipcom to its inclusion in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 – the list for Britain’s fastest growing technology companies. Learn more about Daniel Allen on Crunchbase…

Communications and collaboration on any scale. Read more aboutSipcom on Crunchbase…

James Varga

CEO & Founder @ The ID Co.

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James Varga founded The ID Co. (previously miiCard) with a mission to create trust online through the miiCard Digital Passport for consumers and its B2B service DirectID. The core premise of The ID Co. is that by leveraging an individual’s trusted relationship with their bank, it can extend trust online to open up new opportunities globally and instantly. This layer of trust on the Internet will make it possible to change our understanding and experience of the world by allowing everyone to more easily and securely interact and transact with more people. Over his more than 20-year career in technology, James has held a number of senior level positions in marketing, technology and management roles. Most recently, he served as a co-founder and director of Money Dashboard, the UK’s leading personal finance management tool. He also created beblu, the first mini-component computer system designed for the living room; led a knowledge assessment service; a digital agency for websites and financial service applications named lightershade; and founded Squarepeg, an eBusiness consultancy specializing in CRM and sales management. James is an acknowledged expert in online identity, a respected business leader and a serial entrepreneur. He is also active in a number of local and global efforts to help people do more online, including the StartEDIN collective of companies in Edinburgh’s tech ecosystem and Trust In Digital Life (TDL) whose mission is to create a trusted ecosystem that protects data and assets of citizens and enterprises across Europe. Most recently, James co-chaired the data subgroup of the Open Bank Working Group (OBWG) with the HM Treasury to explore how data could be used to help people transact, save, borrow, lend and invest their money. Learn more about James Varga on Crunchbase…

The ID Co. help businesses onboard their customers using Open Bank data to solve business pains such as credit risk and affordability. Read more aboutThe ID Co. on Crunchbase…

Sandip Sekhon

CEO & Founder @ Go Get Funding

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Go Get Funding is a personal fundraising website. Read more aboutGo Get Funding on Crunchbase…

Clive Nation

CEO & Founder @ Cennox Inc

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Former Director of the Travelex Corporation during its rapid growth to a $2 billion Global business. Clive is founder and head of the Cennox Group, with its offices spread across the world. Learn more about Clive Nation on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCennox Inc on Crunchbase…

Gideon Lask

CEO & founder @ Buyapowa

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Buyapowa is the global leader in referral marketing. Your customers have friends, let’s make them customers too. Read more aboutBuyapowa on Crunchbase…

Sam Amrani

CEO & Founder @ Olvin

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Founder & CEO of and Founder of, interested in and focussed on AI, geo-spatial data, real-world intelligence, analytics, communication and insight. Learn more about Sam Amrani on Crunchbase…

Olvin helps real-world businesses get proactive through its AI powered predictive analytics platform. Read more aboutOlvin on Crunchbase…

Panos Skliamis

CEO & Founder @ SPIN Analytics

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Panos Skliamis is the CEO and founder of Spin Analytics. Learn more about Panos Skliamis on Crunchbase…

SPIN Analytics is an innovative provider of credit risk modelling and analytics solutions for Banks and Digital Banks. Read more aboutSPIN Analytics on Crunchbase…

Dave Carruthers

CEO & Founder @ Voxpopme

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Dave has been involved in technology businesses for the last 10 years and has been behind a number of successful startups. An entrepreneur with a passion for mobile technology he leads the VoxPopMe team. Learn more about Dave Carruthers on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVoxpopme on Crunchbase…

Kizito Okelue

CEO & Founder @ KODGAV

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Kizito is the Founder of KODGAV. Before structuring KODGAV as limited liability company in October 2019, he worked as a sole proprietor developing business strategies. Beyond being an Entrepreneur he’s a fitness avid and creative. Learn more about Kizito Okelue on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKODGAV on Crunchbase…

Anna Rasmussen

CEO & Founder @ Open Blend

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Anna Rasmussen is the CEO & Founder at OpenBlend. Learn more about Anna Rasmussen on Crunchbase…

The People Platform for People Managers. Our software facilitates coaching led one-to-ones to support an individual’s development journey Read more aboutOpen Blend on Crunchbase…

Gerard Rubio

CEO & Founder @ Kniterate

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Kniterate is an affordable and compact digital knitting machine for your workshop. Read more aboutKniterate on Crunchbase…

Seb Robert

CEO & Founder @ Gophr

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We build technology for the same-day courier community that creates industry-leading delivery experiences Read more aboutGophr on Crunchbase…

Martin Macmillan

CEO & Founder @ Pollen VC

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Martin has 20 years’ experience in launching and building technology businesses in FinTech, music and media sectors, and a prior career in Investment banking as a bond trader. Having experienced first-hand the growth challenges facing tech start-ups and the lack of financing options open to developers, he saw the to marry his traditional financial markets and technology experience to create a disruptive new business model for the digital industry. Prior to Pollen, Martin was CEO at Soniqplay, CEO at Level Four (acquired by clear2pay) and a Director of UBS in London, where he ran the short term credit trading group and conceived and delivered UBS’ first client-facing electronic debt trading platform. Learn more about Martin Macmillan on Crunchbase…

Pollen VC provides credit facilities to app and game developers Read more aboutPollen VC on Crunchbase…

Tom Smith

CEO & Founder @ GWI

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GWI is the leading supplier of target audience insight to the global marketing industry. Read more aboutGWI on Crunchbase…

Thomas Delgado

CEO & Founder @ Pollution Solution

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Read more aboutPollution Solution on Crunchbase…

Terry Walby

CEO & Founder @ Thoughtonomy

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Terry Walby joined IPsoft in 2010 after spending eight years as a director at Computacenter, where he built the consulting practice, created the Datacentre Services business, had responsibility for the Technology Solutions portfolio and was Country Manager for Luxembourg. Prior to Computacenter, Terry was Enterprise Solutions Director at GE Capital IT Solutions and also worked for IBM and Granada Computer Services. He earned a degree in electronics and electrical engineering from University College in Canterbury. Learn more about Terry Walby on Crunchbase…

Thoughtonomy is a software company with multi-award winning automation technology platform. Read more aboutThoughtonomy on Crunchbase…

Piers Linney

CEO & Founder @ Moblox

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Moblox is a tech and tool platform for owner-led businesses. Read more aboutMoblox on Crunchbase…

Erhan Korhaliller

CEO & Founder @ EAK Digital

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EAK Digital is a leading tech PR agency that works with clients to help them achieve mass media coverage, brand recognition and visibility driven growth. Erhan was recently the main stage Host/MC at the Austria Blockchain Summit and is a regular Host/MC/Moderator at major blockchain conferences. Erhan is also the presenter of EAK TV, interviewing blockchain’s thought leaders, including exclusives with Changpeng Zhao of Binance, Charles Hoskinson of IOHK and Johnson Zhao of NEO. Learn more about Erhan Korhaliller on Crunchbase…

EAK Digital Turning Local Experts into Global Influencers. Get writing for major publications. Grow your influence today. Read more aboutEAK Digital on Crunchbase…

Paul Joyce

CEO & Founder @ Geckoboard

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Paul is the founder and CEO of Geckoboard. Geckoboard create live TV metrics dashboards to make data useful to everyone in an organisation. Before that he designed and builtdata warehouses for technology companies and investment banks. Learn more about Paul Joyce on Crunchbase…

Professional KPI dashboards. No hassle. Build a real-time dashboard in minutes. With Geckoboard, it’s that simple. Read more aboutGeckoboard on Crunchbase…

Diane Roberts

CEO & Founder @ XPinnovates

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XPinnovates is a management consulting firm that offers business planning, development, sales, marketing, investment and funding services. Read more aboutXPinnovates on Crunchbase…

Alister Rollins

CEO & Founder @ MoveGB

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Alister Rollins is the founder and CEO of MoveGB, a free online platform that enables fitness operators to offer their services to a network of thousands of active people in the UK. Think ‘Netflix’ for physical fitness outlets. Prior to MoveGB Alister ran The Retention People, the fitness industry’s leading loyalty solutions business, where he used data from over 15 million member records to make predictions about their behaviour and recommend intervention strategies so that clubs could improve member experience and retention. Alister answers the following questions on where he believes the market is going wrong and what clubs could do to enhance their retention rates. Learn more about Alister Rollins on Crunchbase…

MoveGB allows you to exercise how, when, and where you want. Read more aboutMoveGB on Crunchbase…

Ian Broom

CEO & Founder @ Fliplet

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Enterprise app platform to create, manage and securely distribute apps without writing code or creating designs. Read more aboutFliplet on Crunchbase…

John E. Milad

CEO & Founder @ Quanta

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John is CEO of Quanta Dialysis Technologies, where he was both a founding board member and an original investor through NBGI Ventures. He had the belief and vision that the initial technology concept of a novel fluid management system could be transformed into a disruptive medical product addressing the unmet needs of the $73 billion global dialysis market by using innovation to empower patients and deliver better outcomes. John’s career spans more than twenty years, with extensive international experience in building and growing successful healthcare companies as an executive manager, board member, private equity investor and corporate financier. He is currently a member of the i4i selection panel at the NHS National Institute for Health Research and an Advisory Board member of Digital Health Forum. In addition, he is a regular speaker and panellist at global medtech and investment conferences. Prior to his role as CEO of Quanta, John was Investment Director at NBGI Ventures, where he was closely involved with a range of innovative medical technology companies in Europe and the US, both as a board member and an investor. Previously, John has also held senior positions at Nitec Pharma AG (now Horizon Pharma plc), Atlas Venture and Nomura international. He has also served on the Board of Directors at Cellnovo Ltd, Symetis SA, BoneSupport AB and Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics Inc. He holds a BA in Political Science from The University of Chicago. Learn more about John E. Milad on Crunchbase…

Quanta develops an advanced haemodialysis systems for use in the home and clinic. Read more aboutQuanta on Crunchbase…

Alfie Cheyne

CEO & Founder @ ACE Winches

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Alfie is CEO and founder of ACE Winches. Graduating with a Marine Engineering Apprenticeship, Alfie worked as a Downhole Valve Specialist in the oil industry. In tandem he opened a marine and hydraulic engineering workshop manufacturing deck equipment, to service the fishing industry. As the fishing business took a down turn, Alfie looked to new markets, primarily offshore oil and gas for ACE winches and deck machinery. ACE Winches is the trading name of Alfred Cheyne Engineering Limited and over the last fifteen years Alfie has seized opportunities to establish engineering, hire equipment, hire personnel, service and winch academy divisions. Alfie was named Scottish CEO of the Year 2013 at the Scottish Business Awards and the 2012 Institute of Directors’ Global Director of the Year. A series of prestigious awards for ACE Winches has been attained over the years including two prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade. Learn more about Alfie Cheyne on Crunchbase…

A global leader in the design, manufacture and hire of winches. Read more aboutACE Winches on Crunchbase…

Nikolaus Suehr

CEO & Founder @ Kasko

FollowNikolaus Suehr on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Kasko is an insurance distribution network that allows you to quickly and easily integrate insurance products into a site, service, or app. Read more aboutKasko on Crunchbase…

Mikus Opelts

CEO & Founder @ Giraffe360

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Get high-quality property photography in one cost-efficient streamlined process Read more aboutGiraffe360 on Crunchbase…

Andrius Balkunas

CEO & Founder @ ParcelABC

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ParcelABC is a logistics company that unites thousands of local and international delivery companies. Read more aboutParcelABC on Crunchbase…

Dean Jacobs

CEO & Founder @ Wibbu

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Wibbu is an award-winning education-entertainment studio specialising in engaging language-learning tools for the classroom. Read more aboutWibbu on Crunchbase…

Daniela Cecilio

CEO & Founder @

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Spoiler title

Read more on Crunchbase…

Ajay Rathor

CEO & Founder @ Maxatta Limited

FollowAjay Rathor on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
17 years experience in Quant Portfolio Management and Trading including positions as Executive Director and Vice President across Equities, FX and Credit. Pioneered Machine Learning at ING Bank in 2007 for Global Risk Arbitrage Group. Strategic and Technical Leadership at Maxatta. Ajay is responsible for leading and executing the Company’s long term strategy to create shareholder value. Ajay held leadership positions across both Hedge Funds and Banks, with a deep understanding of asset management, technology and data science. MD, Realedge Associates, Head of Algorithmic Trading at Systematic Hedge Fund Sunofia Advisors, Algorithmic Strategist at ING Bank. Learn more about Ajay Rathor on Crunchbase…

Maxatta is a leader in Robotic Process Automation and the delivery of AI through automation for Front Office Financial Markets. Read more aboutMaxatta Limited on Crunchbase…

Ian Hooper

CEO & Founder @ Scooch

FollowIan Hooper on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Scooch is a mobile application that encourages individuals to reach a medically recommended level of movement. Read more aboutScooch on Crunchbase…

David de Min

CEO & Founder for Velapp @ Velapp

FollowDavid de Min on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Velapp is a worlds first live video editing application. Edit as you shoot with patent pending technology. Read more aboutVelapp on Crunchbase…

Alessandra Di Lorenzo

CEO & Founder @ LM Forward

FollowAlessandra Di Lorenzo on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

LM Forward is a marketing services company that offers media and content activations. Read more aboutLM Forward on Crunchbase…

Alistair Cohen

CEO & Founder @ OnCare

FollowAlistair Cohen on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

OnCare use software to make care easier for everyone: care agencies, care workers, clients, and their families. Read more aboutOnCare on Crunchbase…

Matt Norbury

CEO & Founder @ Instant Access Technologies

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Matt is a technology entrepreneur who setup his first start-up in 2002 whilst at school. Matt now has 17 years of hands-on experience creating innovative digital solutions for a wide range of clients across multiple sectors. Learn more about Matt Norbury on Crunchbase…

Instant Access Technologies is developing software products for saving money in online shopping. Read more aboutInstant Access Technologies on Crunchbase…

Rob Ward

CEO & Founder @ Forward Food

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Forward Food working with AgTech and FoodTech businesses that provide access to commercial support with investment. Read more aboutForward Food on Crunchbase…

Ben Panter

CEO & Founder @ Blackford Analysis

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Ben Panter is a CEO & Founder at Blackford Analysis. Learn more about Ben Panter on Crunchbase…

Blackford Analysis develops software solutions for the worldwide medical, oil and gas, and defense industries. Read more aboutBlackford Analysis on Crunchbase…

Piotr Grudzień

CEO & Founder @ Incentivai

FollowPiotr Grudzień on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Piotr spent years building Machine Learning products for fraud detection at Featurespace, then for Natural Language Processing applications at Microsoft. He graduated from University of Cambridge specialising in Computer and Information Engineering. Learn more about Piotr Grudzień on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutIncentivai on Crunchbase…

Adam Theobald

CEO & Founder @ MyPlayer

FollowAdam Theobald on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

MyPlayer is a retail based company. Read more aboutMyPlayer on Crunchbase…

Alex Khakbiz

CEO & Founder @ Accrosoft

FollowAlex Khakbiz on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Accrosoft is a software as a service company with two products currently in the market. Read more aboutAccrosoft on Crunchbase…

Bahman Nedjat-Shokouhi

CEO & founder @ Medefer

FollowBahman Nedjat-Shokouhi on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Bahman Nedjat-Shokouhi is a Co-Founder at Medefer. Learn more about Bahman Nedjat-Shokouhi on Crunchbase…

At Medefer, we want to be the world’s most patient-focused virtual health service Read more aboutMedefer on Crunchbase…

Manuela Seve

CEO & Founder @ Alpha’a

FollowManuela Seve on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutAlpha’a on Crunchbase…

James Blake

CEO & Founder @ HelloSoda

FollowJames Blake on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Before SODA, James headed up the global sales divisions at 2 of the World’s biggest credit data reference agencies; Experian and Callcredit. With clients including Bank of America, HSBC, William Hill, Wonga and Google, James oversaw a 64% growth trend across his last 5 years in a corporate environment. James now brings his proven track record and extensive contact list to the world of FinTech startups, with HelloSODA, and aims to replicate his huge successes all over again. Learn more about James Blake on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHelloSoda on Crunchbase…

Osvaldo Spadano

CEO & Founder @ Akoova

FollowOsvaldo Spadano on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Spoiler title
Osvaldo Spadano is Founder and CEO of Elastera (, the high performing retailers’ best kept secret, for brands like like Boohoo, Graze, Byredo, Time Out and Piazza Italia. He is a Technology Executive with over two decades of Internet Industry experience and on his 4th startup. Previously CTO of AlexandAlexa, YOOX, and Co-founder and CTO of Venda, the pioneer SaaS commerce acquired by NetSuite. Learn more about Osvaldo Spadano on Crunchbase…

Akoova provides the ultimate Magento cloud environment on the AWS for Merchants like Boohoo, Graze, TimeOut, Byredo & Piazza Italia.​ Read more aboutAkoova on Crunchbase…

Nadeem Abbas

CEO & Founder @ Love2Laundry

FollowNadeem Abbas on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Founded in 2014, Love2Laundry is a digital laundry and dry-cleaning delivery service. Read more aboutLove2Laundry on Crunchbase…

Rupert Sellers

CEO & founder @ Barometa Talent

FollowRupert Sellers on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Barometa Talent is a pre-screened talent platform designed for people in hospitality. Read more aboutBarometa Talent on Crunchbase…

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