Top Influencers: 101 UK CEO and Founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CEO and Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CEO and Founder role. We have selected these CEO and Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CEO and Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Gilbert Verdian

CEO and Founder @ Quant Network

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Gilbert is building the Internet of Trust by converging Blockchain and Cybersecurity as the Founder and CEO of Quant Network, tasked with connecting the world’s networks to blockchains. Having over 20 years of industry experience and C-level accountability, he has worked across Government in Downing St, HM Treasury, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice and NSW Health and private sector at CSC, EY and HSBC. Having a keen interest in disruptive technology, he’s the author behind the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 initiative and is the Chair of the UK’s national committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies (DLT/1). He also sits on committees in the Federal Reserve, the EU’s Blockchain Observatory, PayUK’s Cybersecurity board and UK Government’s DLT committees. He’s actively working to advance technology in the areas of AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Fintech & Health. Learn more about Gilbert Verdian on Crunchbase…

We’re unleashing the power of networks as connected as the world we live in. Read more aboutQuant Network on Crunchbase…

Alex Cheatle

CEO and Founder @ Ten Lifestyle Group Plc

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Alex Cheatle set up the world’s first lifestyle concierge service in 1998 and Ten Group now supports millions of the world’s High Net Worth and Mass Affluent households, working behind branded partners including HSBC, RBC, City National Bank, Coutts, Barclays and Scotia bank. Ten’s partners can expect to see deeper customer engagement and increases in key metrics from AUM to acquisition and retention, as well as improved Net Promoter Scores. Ten Group operates from 22 offices globally, including 5 in North America. Ten Group developed and launched the world’s first digital concierge platform. This is integrated with expert lifestyle managers, in areas from dining and travel to event tickets and luxury retail. Prior to Ten Group, Alex worked in various positions at Procter & Ga Learn more about Alex Cheatle on Crunchbase…

Ten Lifestyle Group Plc is a technology enabled lifestyle and travel platform company. Read more aboutTen Lifestyle Group Plc on Crunchbase…

James Henry Blake (Entrepreneur)

CEO and Founder @ Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency

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James Henry Blake (Born 1993) is a Northern-Irish entrepreneur, award winning businessman/ notable digital marketer and Internet personality. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vindicta Digital – One of the UK’s leading digital marketing companies. James also is the managing director of Black Holdings Group and is an official council member of Forbes Agency Council. Learn more about James Henry Blake (Entrepreneur) on Crunchbase…

Vindicta Digital provides web design, SEO and digital marketing services. Read more aboutVindicta Digital Marketing Agency on Crunchbase…

Anne Boden

CEO and Founder @ Starling Bank

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Anne Boden is the CEO and Founder of Starling Bank, a UK mobile challenger bank. She is a banker and technologist with more than 30 years of experience building and running global banking and payments businesses.
 Before Starling she was the Chief Operating Officer of Allied Irish Banks Plc with responsibility for returning the bank to profitability. Prior to this she headed Europe, Middle East & Africa across 34 countries for Global Transaction Banking at RBS & ABN Amro. Anne was awarded an MBE in June 2018 for services to Financial Technology and in July 218 an honorary Doctorate from Middlesex University. Learn more about Anne Boden on Crunchbase…

Starling Bank is a mobile banking platform that offers personal, joint, and business accounts. Read more aboutStarling Bank on Crunchbase…

Adil Mohammed

CEO and Founder @ Virtuoso

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Virtuoso develops a next-gen digital QA platform to enable users to deliver tomorrow’s QA and test automation solutions. Read more aboutVirtuoso on Crunchbase…

Julian Mash

CEO and Founder @ Vision Capital

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Julian is the Chief Executive and Founder of Vision Capital. He holds overall responsibility for all strategic and operational decisions, is Chair of the Investment Committee and Chair of the board of Vision Capital LLP. He heads up the firm’s leadership team, which is the main decision making body, and consists of the Partners and senior specialists in the London and New York offices. Julian founded the firm in 1997, following prior roles at H&M Partners, Smith Barney and Goldman Sachs. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MA in Economics. Learn more about Julian Mash on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVision Capital on Crunchbase…

Tijl Vuyk

CEO and Founder @ Redwood Software

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Under his leadership as founder and CEO, Tijl has grown and moulded Redwood Software over 25 years into a company that’s agile, profitable and a world leader in process robotics software and automation. Always innovating, his vision for the future is to help companies achieve ‘The Robotic Enterprise™’ so they can improve efficiencies and direct resources toward front office customer facing activities. Learn more about Tijl Vuyk on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutRedwood Software on Crunchbase…

Frederic Nze

CEO and Founder @ Loal

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Frederic Nze is the founder and CEO of Oakam, a digital micro-lender that is expanding credit access for the UK’s 12 million financially-excluded consumers. Oakam has captured the opportunity presented by the rapid democratization of smartphone technology to disrupt micro-lending by making borrowing more affordable and accessible for the working class. Prior to founding Oakam, Frederic spent his career in credit risk management and consumer finance at firms including American Express, Barclays and GE Capital. He first came across the UK’s micro-lending opportunity while working on a pilot project at Barclays to evaluate product offerings for lower income customers, and realizing the potential of this market, decided to found Oakam in 2006. Raised in Cental Africa, Frederic saw firsthand how informal community lending helped to jumpstart entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses. With global ambitions for Oakam, Frederic’s ultimate goal is to bring the concept back to the developing world. Learn more about Frederic Nze on Crunchbase…

Loal equips those poorly served by mainstream providers to build their credit profiles and live life on another level Read more aboutLoal on Crunchbase…

John Lunn

CEO and Founder @ Gr4vy

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John Lunn is the Senior Global Director of Developer and Startup Relations for PayPal and Braintree. John is focused on innovation, ensuring that developers and startups around the globe have access to the features, functionality and mentorship that they need. Prior to his current work at PayPal, John spent 15 years building systems for payment and fraud detection at several successful start ups. Learn more about John Lunn on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGr4vy on Crunchbase…

Angus Elphinstone

CEO and Founder @

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Worked in transport and removal sector for the last 8 years launching White Van Gentlemen in 2006, a personable yet professional removal and storage company based in central London. Starting with 1 vehicle and one employee from inception growing to 10 vehicles and 300 containers by 2013. Leaving the daily management of the company in 2009, I started in order to change the dynamics of the transport industry with the growing necessity for an online marketplace allowing the consumer to dictate the market value. Launched in Q4 2009, AnyVan’s sole aim was to create a product that is synonymous with ‘everything’ moving. AnyVan is a reverse auction process saving the consumer money and CO2 emissions while at the same time increasing revenues for the transport providers by utilising empty capacity. With a user-base of currently over 1,200,000, AnyVan is making inroads into disrupting the industry by means of a more competitive price point, efficiency, ease of use and giving the user the ability to compare suppliers by way of customer reviews. Learn more about Angus Elphinstone on Crunchbase…

AnyVan moves anything anywhere in the UK and Europe Read more on Crunchbase…

Ben Stephenson

CEO and Founder @ Impala

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Impala’s API connects room sellers and hotels, instantly. We empower you to build, innovate and sell. Read more aboutImpala on Crunchbase…

Duncan Grierson

CEO and Founder @ Clim8 Invest

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Duncan Grierson is a Entrepreneur with VC experience in Paris, London, Silicon Valley & Chicago. He is a Founder CEO of 2 ventures backed by over £50m from likes of Goldman Sachs, Fidelity et al. Learn more about Duncan Grierson on Crunchbase…

Clim8 Invest provides an app that allows individuals to invest in industries that work towards fighting climate change. Read more aboutClim8 Invest on Crunchbase…

Constantin Bjerke

CEO and Founder @

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Based in the UK for 10 years, Constantin Bjerke is a Founder and CEO of, the first online video magazine with emphasis on contemporary culture. Constantin started his career working in TV and film production and was involved in Emotional Brand Building at an Omnicom agency. He has worked with a host of international clients including FIFA World Cup, Mercedes Benz, Laureus World Sports Awards, Orascom, Deutsche Telekom and Pro7Sat1. In the past, he also worked in Finance across various positions at companies including UBS, Lazard and most recently, Citigroup in London and Madrid. Constantin holds a Diplôme de Grande Ecole and a Master’s from ESCP-EAP. Learn more about Constantin Bjerke on Crunchbase… is a contemporary-culture video magazine, focusing on arts, design, style, food and travel around the world. Read more on Crunchbase…

Ali Rezaei Haddad

CEO and Founder @ NeuroNav

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Ali is a neurosurgical resident in London and an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. Prior to this, he completed his Academic Foundation Training in the Medical Sciences Division at the University of Oxford undertaking research in the field of neuroimaging. He graduated with first class honours in Neurosciences BSc at Imperial College London, and he holds honorary research positions at the University of Oxford and St George’s Medical School. Ali co-founded the internationally acclaimed GoodSAM app used by the NHS, in which clinically trained individuals sign up as volunteers to respond to life-threatening emergency calls. He also directed and curated the Imagining the Future of Medicine at the Royal Albert Hall in partnership with TEDMED, attended by a live audience of 5,000 people. Inspired by the lack of user friendly and affordable neuronavigation solutions worldwide, he founded NeuroNav to democratise access to neurosurgery navigation solutions. Learn more about Ali Rezaei Haddad on Crunchbase…

An augmented reality neuronavigation platform powered by computer vision and machine learning. Read more aboutNeuroNav on Crunchbase…

Inty Grønneberg

CEO and Founder @ Ichthion

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Inty is a co-founder of Ichthion and Ph.D. researcher at Imperial College London. He is a designer, maker, and entrepreneur interested in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (IEEs), with a special focus on clusters of hardware and tangible technologies. Inty has a strong industrial background, as a result of his work with several companies in South America, Asia and Europe since 2007. He has also been involved as a co-founder in other initiatives, such as EvoT, Fusehunt, PHD Network and SOSEcuador. In the industrial sector, he worked in several senior roles, such as Manufacturing Operations Manager, Senior Specialist Manufacturing Engineer, among others. He was certified instructor of process improvement techniques for Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors. Learn more about Inty Grønneberg on Crunchbase…

Ichthion engaged in Development of cutting-edge technology to restore the ocean environment. Read more aboutIchthion on Crunchbase…

Bryan Christie Teeth Whitening

CEO and Founder @ Megawhite Teeth Whitening

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Bryan Christies, born in Scotland 1982, attended Inveralmond High School. I have successfully completed an apprenticeship over 4 years (Bathgate Tech) in Design Manufacturing and Engineering process. Founder of Dentawhite Ltd (2007 -2012) I am passionate about brand awareness and have a very positive outlook to live and business. I have the ability to adapt to every changing situation. Intelligent and knowledgeable. I am a kind, caring and considerate. Visionary, I believe that anything is possible. Honest and Hardworking, inspirational character. Compelled to helping others. Achievements with Details: Over the last 6 years I have provided an affordable teeth whitening product that is available in 40 different countries worldwide and in over 200 salons throughout the UK. I have designed, manufactured and devolved the first pre-loaded whitening tray with air pocket technology, which holds our own unique exclusive formula. This has then leaded me to selling the rights to different countries, having the product branded internationally, and created employment. Our product has helped businesses generate revenue and profit. This has also introduced new customer and dynamic to existing businesses. Interests: I enjoy traveling around the world, experiencing different cultures, and understanding the History and Art of different countries. I have achieved one of my many goals of wanting to be an Entrepreneur. My hobbies are extreme sports, cars, collecting watches, charity organization and health and well being. Design and manufacturing is my passion, and I am always interested in new business startups, helping local communities. Design, develop and improve along with problem solving. Learn more about Bryan Christie Teeth Whitening on Crunchbase…

Megawhite has licensees all over the world and offers people an opportunity to improve their existing business. Read more aboutMegawhite Teeth Whitening on Crunchbase…

Laurence Kemball-Cook

CEO and Founder @ Pavegen

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Laurence is CEO and Founder of Pavegen Systems – a clean-technology company that generate electricity from footsteps. Winner of over 20 awards, including International Businessman of the Year at the PEA Awards 2013, Laurence is a renowned thought leader and worldwide speaker on entrepreneurship and innovation. He is acclaimed by The Guardian for “shifting perceptions of renewable energy.” Having spoken at more TED talks than any other technology company, Laurence’s TEDxBerlin presentation was featured among TED’s top talks on envisioning cities of the future and changing attitudes to fossil fuels. Clients include Google, Cisco, Nike, Adidas and the Federal US government and technology has been adopted in over 200 sites around the globe. Learn more about Laurence Kemball-Cook on Crunchbase…

Pavegen is the global leader in harvesting energy and data from footfall. Read more aboutPavegen on Crunchbase…

John David

CEO and Founder @ Amnick

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John is the Chair for the Telegraph newspaper Tech and Innovation task force, and also chair for the Industrial Internet of Things for Central and South Europe Council. Current initiatives John is leading on: Buying and selling best technologies and solutions from solution providers across the world – including IoT, Digital, Blockchain, Cyber, AI. Creation of a Digital University for 2020 with Tech and solution providers helping to train industry specialist as part of Amnick certificate/degrees International Collaboration team made up of city leaders, mayors, 110 tech companies, municipalities and universities from across the world ( This initiative focuses on city challenges – digital inclusion, commercialisation – bringing in more money, connecting smaller cities, social mobility and intelligent transportation systems. Smart Cities magazine – where city leaders/tech sector/universities can all contribute at John is also being appointed onto the Scientific Advisory Board for the Chinese Government. And is also working with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Learn more about John David on Crunchbase…

Amnick is a collection of senior ex-local authority staff, as well a consortium of local authority and private sector-partnering org. Read more aboutAmnick on Crunchbase…

Richard Metcalfe

CEO and Founder @ Arkk Solutions

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As Arkk’s founder, Richard leads the strategy for Arkk’s continued success, driving the company forward to the next ambitious phase of growth. Passionate about the culture of the workplace, he is a firm believer in getting the right people in the right roles to build on Arkk’s success. Richard is also the President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and partners with various charities to develop the next generation of business leaders. Richard lives and breathes Arkk’s core values, and his positivity and authenticity is contagious. A true believer that the best is yet to come for Arkk Solutions, Richard is totally committed to further evolving the business. He hopes to switch his reading list from business books to novels (or at least strike up a better balance) and is an avid supporter of England’s fine cricket team. Learn more about Richard Metcalfe on Crunchbase…

Cloud based digital financial reporting Read more aboutArkk Solutions on Crunchbase…

Matthew Warren

CEO and Founder @ Veeqo

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Matthew Warren is Founder & CEO at Veeqo. Learn more about Matthew Warren on Crunchbase…

Inventory and shipping platform for ecommerce companies. Read more aboutVeeqo on Crunchbase…

Jamila Jamani

CEO and Founder @ Modist

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Jamila Jamani is the founder and CEO of Modist. She is also a business development director at Village Supermarket Ltd. Jamila holds a master’s degree in fashion and luxury brand management. Learn more about Jamila Jamani on Crunchbase…

Modist is a digital platform that gives sales teams one access point to e-commerce, client, inventory, and digital marketing information. Read more aboutModist on Crunchbase…

Lidor Revah

CEO and Founder @ Imperium Jets

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Read more aboutImperium Jets on Crunchbase…

Nishul Saperia

CEO and Founder @ Beachfix

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Co-Founder of $5bn financial services firm Markit, launching multiple products across London and New York. Currently launching Learn more about Nishul Saperia on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBeachfix on Crunchbase…

Aynsley Damery

CEO and Founder @ Clarity HQ

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Aynsley is the CEO of business advisory platform, Clarity. He was also the CEO and founder of Tayabali Tomlin, a multi-award-winning advisory led practice based in Cheltenham, UK. Aynsley is a chartered accountant, accoladed entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. He has advised thousands of businesses around the world and sits as an advisory board member on a number of companies and charities. Aynsley is considered one of the most influential accountants in the UK and has co-authored an international best seller. Learn more about Aynsley Damery on Crunchbase…

A global business advisory platform that empowers accountants, bookkeepers and advisers to help small business owners achieve success. Read more aboutClarity HQ on Crunchbase…

Clare Johnston

CEO and Founder @ The Up Group

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Clare is the Founder and CEO of The Up Group, a leading international executive search and networking firm focused on the digital and technology sectors. She has an extensive global network and hosts regular sector events attracting some of Europe’s most exciting investors, entrepreneurs as well as executives from start-ups through to global corporates. Clare’s earlier career was as a Management Consultant for Detica, an international technology consultancy, as well as being co-Managing Director of an executive search firm. Having self-funded and grown The Up Group from the ground up to a twenty person business shortly opening its Berlin and New York offices, Clare was recognised in Management Today’s influential ‘35 Women under 35’ list, as well as listed on Growing Business Young Guns 2012 awards. Clare graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Management Sciences from The University of Warwick. Learn more about Clare Johnston on Crunchbase…

The Up Group company provides online recruitment, professional placement, and career consulting services. Read more aboutThe Up Group on Crunchbase…

Steve Callanan

CEO and Founder @ WIREWAX

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Steve was once the youngest TV producer in the UK, creating his first six-part series with record-breaking audience share while still at university. He established his first production company in 2001 and was also producing over 400 hours of branded, short-form content for the four biggest UK lifestyle publishers. During this time, he proposed that online video content should be as “connected” as the rest of the web; linking pixels to people, products and information was the goal. He engineered the world’s first “shoppable” video tool, which led to the most powerful interactive video platform to help hundreds of global brands realise their connected-video potential. Learn more about Steve Callanan on Crunchbase…

WIREWAX is the leading interactive video technology company. Read more aboutWIREWAX on Crunchbase…

Aaron Ralby

CEO and founder @ Linguisticator

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I am a scholar and linguistic passionate about learning languages and helping others do the same. I hold a PhD in Medieval Studies from Cornell University, an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from Cambridge, and a BA in Modern Language sand English from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I know 20+ languages to varying degrees of fluency and founded my startup Linguisticator in 2013 in order to share my love of languages with others. The inspiration behind my startup lies with the memory techniques used by medieval monks to recall reams of scripture. Learners who use Linguisticator’s courses are taught how to build a memory palace in which to store the entire grammar of the language they are learning. In 2013, the UK’s Ministry of Defence gave us a grant to develop a scalable English language course for use in North Africa. This was trialled successfully in Tripoli, Libya, and actually performed better than traditional classroom-based instruction. Our English course is currently available free of charge to Arabic-speaking refugees who want to learn English. We have since created courses for Arabic (MSA), French, German, Italian and Spanish. We are working on courses for Farsi, Portuguese and Russian at the moment. Learn more about Aaron Ralby on Crunchbase…

Linguisticator designs rigorous and intensive online language courses for adult and young adult learners. Read more aboutLinguisticator on Crunchbase…

Tarika Marshall

CEO and Founder @ Humankind Technologies

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12+ years digital commerce – cross sector (ecommerce, fintech, gaming, health, education) in Europe and Asian markets. Founder of 2 award winning tech start ups, scale up and corporate experience. Built commercial divisions with 100% YOY revenue increase, closed industry-first strategic partnerships and led innovative product strategies including awarded ‘Top 50 Most disruptive UK business’. Tarika’s expertise lies in helping businesses identify opportunities, nurture strategic partnerships and execute operationally with impact. Tarika currently heads Humankind Technologies (consultancy), a Zinc VC backed company, building impactful digital products. Previous roles include Co-founder @Cahootsy (ecommerce), Innovation Director @MEF (mobile policy), Global Content Head @Zed (mobile entertainment), Head of Digital Acquisition @PlayerX (gaming), Business Development Director @Jump: Reliance (gaming & licensing). Tarika is an active mentor for startups in the tech space and part of the tech alumni for incubators @ZincVC @MassChallenge @Google Learn more about Tarika Marshall on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHumankind Technologies on Crunchbase…

Luc Delany

CEO and Founder @ Delany & Co

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Luc Delany is the CEO of the ISGA. Luc is also the Founder and CEO of Delany & Co, a public policy and communications agency. He is a former policy executive at Google and Facebook, a Fellow of the British American Project, and sits on the University of Maastricht External Advisory Board of the Faculty of Arts and Science. Learn more about Luc Delany on Crunchbase…

Delany & Co. is a public policy and strategic communications agency that helps innovative tech organisations to achieve their objectives. Read more aboutDelany & Co on Crunchbase…

Pavlo Tanasyuk

CEO and Founder @ BlockVerify

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Pavlo is a technology entrepreneur and CEO of BlockVerify. Previously was the CEO and co-founder at Monexy payment system. Pavlo holds MPhil in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge Business School and Certificate in General Management from Stanford University. Pavlo was Editor-In-Chief of Information Systems Journal at the London School of Economics. Pavlo is active as a researcher on blockchain technology and its social implications. He presented his work at a number of major international conferences including World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Learn more about Pavlo Tanasyuk on Crunchbase…

BlockVerify offers a Blockchain-based anti-counterfeit solution. Read more aboutBlockVerify on Crunchbase…

Colin Stephens

CEO and Founder @ Better Bathrooms

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Colin Stevens, Founder & Leader, on a boost in confidence There is a big difference, there is a big difference because you walk in a room now and people know of you. Before, you’d walk in a room and people would like… they might know you, they might not know you but only through introductions. Learn more about Colin Stephens on Crunchbase…

Bathroom retailer based in the United Kingdom Read more aboutBetter Bathrooms on Crunchbase…

Ab Banerjee

CEO and Founder @ ViewsHub

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Realtime feedback for teams. Share feedback and ratings with every team in your organization and work better together!! Read more aboutViewsHub on Crunchbase…

Andy Hibbert

CEO and Founder @ Car & Away

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An experienced senior executive of the travel sector who has led, grown and sold travel-related businesses that were private equity backed. Most recently led Reed & Mackay through 9 years of EBITDA growth +20% CAGR. Led the sale of the business from Living Bridge to ECI Partners returning 4.8x returns. Grew the business for 4 further years resulting in the sale of the business from ECI to Inflexion at 3.4x returns. Previous experience as Head of Ancillary for easyJet, Online / Commercial Director for STA Travel and a combination of Management, Commercial, Pricing, and Aircraft trading roles at British Airways. Learn more about Andy Hibbert on Crunchbase…

Car & Away offers peer-to-peer car lending and renting. Read more aboutCar & Away on Crunchbase…

Aritra Chakravarty

CEO and Founder @ Dozens

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dozens is a trading name of Project Imagine Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (No. 11153882). Read more aboutDozens on Crunchbase…

David Rowe

CEO and Founder @ Black Green Capital

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Former CEO and founder of Easynet Group, a highly profitable $350m global Enterprise Cloud services business built from scratch over the course of 18 years including private, and public ownership. Easynet was sold to BSkyB in 2006, and David joined the management team there responsible for B2B operations. Subsequently, David helped to finance the buy out from BSkyB of the Enterprise part of Easynet and left it to start up Black Green Capital in 2013. Learn more about David Rowe on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBlack Green Capital on Crunchbase…

Beni Ngwamah

CEO and Founder @ WEKA

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Beni has a proven leadership and entrepreneurial track record with over 3 years of financial experience at Barclays Investment Bank. A multi-award winning entrepreneur “Beni has been featured as amongst The Top 10 Best Black Student in the UK”. Beni is passionate about diaspora driven development in Africa as well as the role of disruptive technology in combatting poverty. Learn more about Beni Ngwamah on Crunchbase…

WEKA is an online impact-investing platform. Read more aboutWEKA on Crunchbase…

Martin Buhr

CEO and Founder @ Tyk

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I’m the CEO and Founder of Tyk Technologies, A popular open source API Management platform that powers some of the worlds largest brands including USA Today, AXA Insurance and United Health Group. I’m a digital hippie, maker, gopher and a passionate advocate of open source. Learn more about Martin Buhr on Crunchbase…

Tyk is an open source API gateway and management platform that provides on-premises, cloud/multi-cloud, and enterprise. Read more aboutTyk on Crunchbase…

Laurent Christen

CEO and Founder @ e2y

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Laurent Christen is a digital entrepreneur, mentor & investor. Prior to founding companies, Laurent gained 10+ years of experience managing strategy, marketing and eCommerce of Fortune 500 companies including Dell, LEGO and Nikon in European and global roles. Learn more about Laurent Christen on Crunchbase…

e2y is an award-winning digital experience consultancy, delivering solutions for firms aiming to improve their customer experience. Read more aboute2y on Crunchbase…

Andrew Gore

CEO and Founder @ Soccer Manager

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Over 17 years’ experience in the games industry, working on numerous successful football titles such as FIFA before co-founding Soccer Manager with his brothers in 2004. Learn more about Andrew Gore on Crunchbase…

Soccer Manager, a Preston, UK-based developer of an online football game. Soccer Manager allows players to manage their favourite team. Read more aboutSoccer Manager on Crunchbase…

Raoul-Gabriel Urma

CEO and Founder @ Cambridge Spark

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Raoul-Gabriel Urma is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. His research centers on programming languages and software engineering. He is an author of the upcoming book Java 8 in Action: Lambdas, Streams, and functional-style programming published by Manning. In addition, Raoul has written over 10 peer-reviewed articles and given over 20 technical talks at international conferences. He has worked for large companies such as Google, eBay, Oracle, and Goldman Sachs, as well as for several startup projects. Learn more about Raoul-Gabriel Urma on Crunchbase…

Cambridge Spark is a leader in personalised Data Science training. Read more aboutCambridge Spark on Crunchbase…

Alban Mackay

CEO and Founder @ Eppik

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Entrepreneur with a passion for family storytelling. Learn more about Alban Mackay on Crunchbase…

Eppik helps in safeguarding, sharing, and showcasing family stories by digitizing and storing old family photo albums online. Read more aboutEppik on Crunchbase…

Amanda Cai

CEO and Founder @ Icontract Ventures Ltd.

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iContract connects professional contractors with recruiters to match jobs Read more aboutIcontract Ventures Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Andrew Toumazi

CEO and Founder @ BLOC-X

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BLOC-X is a provider of electronic trading software for OTC Oil Block Future markets that reduces your transaction costs by up to 90%. Read more aboutBLOC-X on Crunchbase…

Wendy McDougall

CEO and Founder @ Firefish Software

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Wendy McDougall is the CEO and founder of Firefish Software. Prior to that, Wendy served as a regional director at TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement). She was the founder and managing director at 9-20 Recruitment. Learn more about Wendy McDougall on Crunchbase…

Firefish Software is a recruitment and marketing SaaS platform that helps recruiters reach, engage, and recruit top candidates. Read more aboutFirefish Software on Crunchbase…

Julia Salasky

CEO and Founder @ Legl

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Julia Salasky is the Founder and CEO of Legl and CrowdJustice , is a non-practising solicitor who was an associate at Linklaters in London, before working as a lawyer for the United Nations in Vienna and the Hague. She has also worked at a legal aid clinic in London Learn more about Julia Salasky on Crunchbase…

Legl provides cloud-based solutions bringing law firms into the digital-first world. Read more aboutLegl on Crunchbase…

Malcolm Glaister

CEO and Founder @ SiriusInsight.AI

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Real-Time Intelligence: Sea, Land, Cyber Read more aboutSiriusInsight.AI on Crunchbase…

Mark Richer

CEO and Founder @ StarLeaf

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StarLeaf is the cleanest business tool for teams to effortlessly connect using messaging, meeting and calling. Read more aboutStarLeaf on Crunchbase…

Chris Elrin

CEO and Founder @ Attachment London

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Attachment London is a start-up works directly with the biggest talent to help brands unlock opportunities “that would never be possible”. Read more aboutAttachment London on Crunchbase…

Tim Ford

CEO and Founder @ PriceSynergy.IO

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20 Years of experience within software development, system architecture and eCommerce Platforms, successfully launched a business portfolio of 6 website revenue streams, running with exceptionally streamlined automated processes. Founded PriceSynergy.IO an amalgamated price management and advertising platform, sponsored by Microsoft For Startups completely based on Azure run on a global scale. Learn more about Tim Ford on Crunchbase…

Delivering powerful online adverting data to make informed decisions. Read more aboutPriceSynergy.IO on Crunchbase…

Fuad Fatullaev

CEO and Founder @ Bringit

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Key Expertise: Strategy, Business Development, Logistics&Operations, Team Building Learn more about Fuad Fatullaev on Crunchbase…

The very latest and most advanced on-demand food and groceries delivery service in London, UK Read more aboutBringit on Crunchbase…

Wahab Ahmad

CEO and Founder @ TimeAway

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Enriching family holidays, tried and tested by like minded mums Read more aboutTimeAway on Crunchbase…

Konstantin Fominykh

CEO and Founder @ Tenviz

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Konstantin Fominykh is the founder of TenViz. Learn more about Konstantin Fominykh on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTenviz on Crunchbase…

Edoardo Narduzzi

CEO and founder @ Bookiedom

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Edoardo Narduzzi is the Founder and Chairman at mashfrog group. Learn more about Edoardo Narduzzi on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBookiedom on Crunchbase…

Pier Paolo Mucelli

CEO and Founder @ eOffice

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eOffice is provides workspace and meeting facilities for businesses and professionals. Read more abouteOffice on Crunchbase…

Adam Beaumont

CEO and Founder @ Aql

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Aql is an Ofcom-regulated telecommunications operator. Read more aboutAql on Crunchbase…

Kathryn Brett Goldman

CEO and Founder @ Cybermaniacs

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Spoiler title
Kathryn Brett Goldman is the Director of KBG Solutions, a London-based consultancy focusing on IT/Business Convergence, innovative IT demand management processes, and developing modern IT Leadership. With over two decades of experience in IT relationship and leadership skills, ranging from ‘in-the-trenches’ IT, implementations and transformations, to the ‘other side’ in sales, consulting, training- she’s seen all sides of the modern IT equation. Kate has spent the past 8 years working with with both global and mid-sized organizations on IT Business engagement, Soft Skills development, and transformation projects. She also maintains agile certifications and serves on the board for a small number technology startups in the US and the UK. Her versatilist approach and insatiable curiosity means her knowledge and expertise ranges through multiple discipline areas, industries, and functional approaches. Kate is known for her practical, energetic and street-savvy style, bringing ‘in-the-trenches’ business experience to life, and a unique ability to connect with teams, IT leaders, and Business stakeholders at an intense and individual level. Learn more about Kathryn Brett Goldman on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCybermaniacs on Crunchbase…

Andrey Insarov

CEO and Founder @ Intis Telecom

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Powerful SMS software with web-based interface and gateway API to help you grow your business with mobile messages Read more aboutIntis Telecom on Crunchbase…

Ray Watson

CEO and Founder @ Bizuma

FollowRay Watson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Bizuma offers cloud based e-commerce software that enable manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to grow and optimize sales. Read more aboutBizuma on Crunchbase…

Krishan Ramdoo

CEO and Founder @ Tympa Health Technologies LTD

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Krishan Ramdoo is the CEO and Founder of TympaHealth Technologies. Learn more about Krishan Ramdoo on Crunchbase…

TympaHealth are a team of doctors and technology experts united in their vision of helping the world to hear. Read more aboutTympa Health Technologies LTD on Crunchbase…

Anouk Agussol

CEO and Founder @ Unleashed

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Anouk Agussol is the CEO and Founder of Unleashed. Learn more about Anouk Agussol on Crunchbase…

Unleashed works with early-stage start-ups and scale-ups to build a better and more successful business. Read more aboutUnleashed on Crunchbase…

Eli Luzac

CEO and Founder @ Tagdox

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Eli Luzac is the CEO and Founder of TagDox. Learn more about Eli Luzac on Crunchbase…

Tagdox is a document analysis company developing a game changing technology in the document space for professional services. Read more aboutTagdox on Crunchbase…

Sam Cockerill

CEO and Founder @ Libertine FPE

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Sam Cockerill was previously an independent management & technical consultant to the renewable energy industry & public sector. Sam was a member of the senior management team of Ensus, which he helped to develop from a project financed startup business in 2007 into one of Europe’s major bioethanol producers and successfully sold to CropEnergies in 2013. Sam has over 20 years’ experience in automotive engineering, consumer product development and strategy consulting. He is a chartered mechanical engineer and has an MBA from INSEAD. Learn more about Sam Cockerill on Crunchbase…

Libertine FPE designs and manufactures linear generator and piston power systems. Read more aboutLibertine FPE on Crunchbase…

Maysam Rizvi

CEO and founder @ Elifinty

FollowMaysam Rizvi on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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With numerous roles leading enterprise teams and initiatives at some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, plus multiple award wins to boot, Elifinty Founder & CEO Maysam has consistently driven innovation and change throughout two decades in banking. His last role as Head of Change for Global Trade & Loans at J.P. Morgan, saw him tackle some of the biggest challenges in banking. Maysam’s career is defined by problem solving and tapping fruitful new areas of opportunity. He is a keen advocate for the fair use of technology in finance and is a thought leader on open banking and artificial intelligence. Maysam is a Financial Health Fellow (2017) of the Financial Innovation Lab and holds an MBA. He is passionate about personal finance and financial inclusion. Learn more about Maysam Rizvi on Crunchbase…

Elifinty is a financial app that helps individuals take control of their finances and create a better tomorrow. Read more aboutElifinty on Crunchbase…

Navid Akhtar

CEO and Founder @ Alchemiya Media Limited

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Alchemiya Media is a subscription based Video on Demand service, offering video content about Islam and Muslims. Read more aboutAlchemiya Media Limited on Crunchbase…

Daniel White

CEO and Founder @ Signol

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Dan is a behavioral and environmental expert with extensive experience of devising and delivering successful innovations. Over the last 10 years, Dan has been at the forefront of applied behavioral science and has conducted several water and energy field experiments. Dan also lectures at University College London in applying field experiments to change energy consumption behavior. Learn more about Daniel White on Crunchbase…

Signol develops software which focuses on fuel efficiency by analysing operational data. Read more aboutSignol on Crunchbase…

Jack Tang

CEO and Founder @ Funky Panda Games

FollowJack Tang on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Jack is working in game industry for many years and served companies like Playfish and Product Madness at very early stage. He was involved in many successful projects like Sims Social, Pet Society, Hotel City, Sims City Social, and Heart of Vegas. He is now working on his own start-up and continue on his adventure as an entrepreneur with a small but talented team. Jun. 2012 – Dec. 2014 | Head of Client-side Development | Product Madness, Aristocrat Sep. 2009 – Jun. 2012 | Senior Game Developer | Playfish, Electronic Arts MSc Advanced Computer Science | University of Manchester Learn more about Jack Tang on Crunchbase…

We are a small, talented team with a big dream to become one of the best RPG game makers in the world. Read more aboutFunky Panda Games on Crunchbase…

Roisin Meehan

CEO and Founder @ Verifoxx

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Róisín Meehan is the CEO and Founder of Verifoxx. Learn more about Roisin Meehan on Crunchbase…

Verifoxx is an AIoT blockchain company that enables easy and secure identity verification of customers. Read more aboutVerifoxx on Crunchbase…

Mark Larkin

CEO and Founder @ Vitaccess

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Mark Larkin founded Vitaccess in 2017, after more than 15 years in consultancy, with the aims of harnessing the power of digital technology to better represent the voice of patients in drug development and market access. Mark has a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK. Learn more about Mark Larkin on Crunchbase…

Digital healthcare company providing biopharma clients with real-time insights into patients’ lives via innovative global studies Read more aboutVitaccess on Crunchbase…

Helen Disney

CEO and Founder @ Unblocked Events

FollowHelen Disney on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Helen Disney is the CEO and Founder of Unblocked, a hub for Blockchain events, education and information. She was listed in Innovate Finance’s 2016 Women in Fintech Powerlist and has been referred to by Barclays as a “Blockchain guru”. She is co-chair of the British Blockchain Association’s committee for Policy, Governance and Public Good, sits on the Advisory Board of the Distributed Ledger Foundation, and is also a member of techUK’s DLT working group. In March, she gave evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain and she was recently listed in BCB Engage’s Women to Watch in Crypto and Blockchain. Unblocked Events makes Blockchain technology accessible for a non-technical audience, allowing business leaders, philanthropists, investors and those in public life to harness the potential of Distributed systems and understand the emerging trends surrounding Blockchain. Previously, Helen set up Blockchain Intelligence, a global platform for news, networking and conferences about Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers and worked on outreach at the Bitcoin Foundation, leading/organising a programme of strategic events to communicate the innovative potential of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers and thought leaders. Bitcoin2014, held in Amsterdam was the first major flagship 3-day event to launch the concept of cryptocurrency into the mainstream of European debate. Learn more about Helen Disney on Crunchbase…

Unblocked Events makes blockchain technology accessible for a non-technical business audience. Read more aboutUnblocked Events on Crunchbase…

Antony Dobrzensky

CEO and Founder @ Food Ink

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Food Ink is the world’s first 3D-printing restaurant. Read more aboutFood Ink on Crunchbase…

Louis-James Davis

CEO And Founder @ VST Enterprises

FollowLouis-James Davis on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

VST Enterprises has been widely recognize for its development of VCode. Read more aboutVST Enterprises on Crunchbase…

Gary Haycock-West

CEO and Founder @ Blue Cube Security Ltd

FollowGary Haycock-West on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Gary has over 38 years business experience running multiple organisations and he founded Blue Cube Security in 2000 after identifying the cyber threat landscape was on the increase. Gary applied his skills learned from his IT career to build the company which is now one of the country’s leading providers of independent advice for IT and cyber security solutions. With his vast of experience, Gary can identify business opportunities and market needs that have the potential to deliver excellence, success and thereby profit by combining efficient operational structure and strategic drive. Gary has challenged himself with many activities and throughout his career has built a portfolio of businesses where he used his skills, expertise and knowledge to make them become best in their fields. Gary is very well recognised and respected within his industries and shares his expertise to help other companies succeed. As a Business Coach, he currently works with a mixture of start-ups, mature companies and local and national charities to help identify positive change. He also shares his expertise as deputy chairman at his local rugby club. Learn more about Gary Haycock-West on Crunchbase…

Blue Cube Security are one of the UK’s largest independent Information and Cyber Security solution providers. Read more aboutBlue Cube Security Ltd on Crunchbase…

Jon Slade

CEO and Founder @ ENSEK

FollowJon Slade on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

ENSEK provides organisations in the energy market with technology, outsourcing and advisory services to improve their business performance. Read more aboutENSEK on Crunchbase…


CEO and Founder @ Capella BioScience

FollowSTEVE HOLMES on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Capella Bioscience engages in the discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies. Read more aboutCapella BioScience on Crunchbase…

Sophie Rochester

CEO and Founder @ Yodomo | Making Made Easy

FollowSophie Rochester on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Founder of Yodomo, the creative experience platform. Improving wellbeing and supporting sustainability through making. Sophie is a digital content specialist with over 20 years experience across the digital and publishing sectors. She has worked at Random House. 4th Estate and Good Technology, and consulted for Pan Macmillan, Hachette, Penguin Random House, Nesta, British Council and Royal Society of Literature. Listed as one of the Top 10 Creative Entrepreneurs in the UK by the British Council and in the UK’s Top 100 ‘most influential and innovative’ in the Guardian Professional’s hClub 100 list, Sophie has global contacts across publishing and technology and has also consulted on a large number of digital publishing start-ups through her award-winning company The Literary Platform. In 2015, The Literary Platform was listed as #10 on the Fortuna 50 list of the UK’s fastest-growing women-led small businesses. Sophie has successfully raised funding through Arts Council England, National Lottery, Bath Spa University, Queensland University of Technology and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation for a number of digital content initiatives. She has spoken about the future of digital content at UNESCO Paris, Editech Milan, MIX Conference (Opening Keynote), Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, O’Reilly’s Tools of Change New York, London Book Fair, Bologna Book Fair and UKTI / British Council ‘Crossing the River’ digital conferences across Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. A keen maker herself, she lives in the heart of London’s designer maker community and understands the community that is Yodomo’s marketplace. Her professional network gives her access to the right tutors, businesses, brands – and staff – to bring to the Yodomo platform. Learn more about Sophie Rochester on Crunchbase…

The Marketplace for Making. Discover online courses, live workshops and kits from our artists and makers. Read more aboutYodomo | Making Made Easy on Crunchbase…

Niklas Palaghias

CEO and Founder @ Quadible

FollowNiklas Palaghias on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Dr Niklas Palaghias is the CEO and Founder of Quadible, offering a game-changing AI-based continuous behavioural authentication solution. He has a native interest in human behaviour recognition and cyber security. He was a PhD Researcher at the Home of 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey, where he received his PhD in understanding different aspects of human behaviour by using mobile devices. He was working as a software engineer for 4 years in telecommunications consultancy at UIT Athens Learn more about Niklas Palaghias on Crunchbase…

Quadible provides the easiest and most secure way to authenticate your phone. Read more aboutQuadible on Crunchbase…

Douglas Heidergren

CEO and Founder @ Hyber

FollowDouglas Heidergren on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

[custom-twitter-feeds screenname=”doggeheider”]

Read more aboutHyber on Crunchbase…

Robert Walters

CEO and Founder @ Robert Walters

FollowRobert Walters on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Robert Walters is a global, specialist professional recruitment consultancy. Read more aboutRobert Walters on Crunchbase…

James Eddleston

CEO and Founder @ GigList

FollowJames Eddleston on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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GigList is a music discovery site that brings fans closer to their next favourite artists and a world of live music. Read more aboutGigList on Crunchbase…

Benjamin Gedeon

CEO and Founder @ MatchPlace Limited

FollowBenjamin Gedeon on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

New generation Fintech platform. Integrating Financial Services solutions, bridging the gap between Financial Institutions and SMEs Read more aboutMatchPlace Limited on Crunchbase…

Chris Sahota

CEO and Founder @ Ciesco

FollowChris Sahota on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Corporate finance advisors to technology-enabled media and marketing businesses Read more aboutCiesco on Crunchbase…

Gee Mann

CEO and Founder @ Kiva Solutions

FollowGee Mann on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Kiva Solutions Book meetings in real-time without the hassle, expense and wasted time of RFP’s and proposals. Read more aboutKiva Solutions on Crunchbase…

Agnis Stelingis

CEO and Founder @ EF EVE

FollowAgnis Stelingis on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

EF EVE™ is the World’s most loved volumetric capture software, editing and distribution tools for volumetric video. Read more aboutEF EVE on Crunchbase…

Pavel Tashev

CEO and Founder @ DeepSource

FollowPavel Tashev on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutDeepSource on Crunchbase…

Dave Watson

CEO and Founder @ Trendalyze

FollowDave Watson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Dave Watson is CTO and Co-Founder of Trendalyze and works on developing the database search and analytics platform for various IoT projects. He holds number of UK and US patents and has led engineering in database middleware, OLAP and time series databases in the past. Learn more about Dave Watson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTrendalyze on Crunchbase…

Dinis Guarda

CEO and Founder @ Ztudium

FollowDinis Guarda on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Spoiler title
Dinis Guarda, author, CEO, and founder of the companies ztudium, techabc, and open business council platform. Dinis Guarda is also the founding member of the Ubuntu Tribe impact platform that is creating access to basic financial services & wealth creation opportunities to solve global poverty trap. Dinis Guarda has a Master’s degree in new media. Dinis Guarda is an author, writer, artist, academic, B2B2C tech influencer, inventor and serial entrepreneur. Dinis is a world-renowned thought leader, strategist, futurist and speaker, an International Bestselling Author, and a media personality who covers the pressent and future of business, technology and society. Dinis is a World Class Leader in multiple fields and has a passsion to push ideas, action and technology together to create better solutions, narratives and paths. Dinis Guarda specialises in the crossroad between strategy, ideas, business, poetry, technology and how 4IR, AI, Fintech, digital transformation and Blockchain are changing Humanity. Dinis Guarda has decades of experience in international business, C level positions and digital transformation. Dinis has worked with new tech, cryptocurrencies, drive ICOs, regulation, compliance, legal international processes, and has created a bank, and been involved in the inception of some of the top 100 digital currencies. Dinis Guarda has created various companies such as ztudium tech platform a digital and blockchain startup that created the software Blockimpact (sold to Glance Technologies Inc) and founder and publisher of,,,, and Dinis has been working with the likes of UN / UNITAR, UNESCO, European Space Agency, Davos WEF, Philips, Saxo Bank, Mastercard, Barclays and governments all over the world. Dinis Guarda has been a guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Group INSEEC/Monaco University, where he has been coordinating executive Masters and MBAs. Dinis Guarda is ranked as one of the most influential people in Blockchain in the world by Right Relevance as well as being listed in Cointelegraph’s Top People In Blockchain in 2019 and Rise Global’s The Artificial Intelligence Power 100. He is also listed on multiple lists on global top leaders on Fintech, digital transformation and Technology at large. Dinis Guarda has been collaborating with multiple governments and global leading companies and organisations. An example is the collaboration with the newly-appointed Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) chairman Datuk Rais Hussin collaborating in the concept of Malaysia 5.0 as a new narrative for the country. “MDEC will no doubt play a leading role in introducing emerging technologies which are essential tools in the new Malaysia 5.0 digital economy. If such a policy is missing from our national strategy, Malaysia will be left behind and excluded from digital ecosystems and workforces,” Rais said in his inaugural statement. Touting his personal passion for digital transformation, he referred to the book 4IR: Reinventing a Nation which was co-authored with blockchain / AI / Fintech expert Dinis Guarda and launched in October last year, is meant to be a blueprint of sorts to assist governments of developing nations in their digital transformation agenda. More here Learn more about Dinis Guarda on Crunchbase…

ztudium is maker of the industry 4.0 technologies for the future present: blockchain, AI and digital transformation solutions Read more aboutZtudium on Crunchbase…

Andrew Thatcher

CEO and Founder @ Flagstone

FollowAndrew Thatcher on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Flagstone is a UK starup developing a cash deposit marketplace that gives users easy access to hundreds of cash deposit accounts. Read more aboutFlagstone on Crunchbase…

Michael Pan

CEO and Founder @ China Ventures

FollowMichael Pan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

[custom-twitter-feeds screenname=”china_venture”]
Spoiler title
CEO and Founder, a China Specialist, has been working extensively in public/private placement, private equity, technology, and energy sectors, etc. Michael’s project experience includes supporting clients on strategy development (corporate, growth, market entry), alliance development, full potential transformation program, as well as acquisition evaluation and integration. Michael holds a Master degree in Global Business Strategy from London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. Learn more about Michael Pan on Crunchbase…

China’s global deal marketplace and a leading China-centric investment community on the globe. Read more aboutChina Ventures on Crunchbase…

Joe Ryan

CEO and Founder @ VRGO

FollowJoe Ryan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

VRGO is a connected chair that provides hands free movement within VR. Read more aboutVRGO on Crunchbase…

Tobi Crosbie

CEO and Founder @ Making Moves London

FollowTobi Crosbie on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

[custom-twitter-feeds screenname=”crosbietc”]

Making Moves London offers a modern, refreshing approach to finding new office premises on behalf of clients. Read more aboutMaking Moves London on Crunchbase…

Mervyn O’Callaghan

CEO and Founder @ CameraMatics

FollowMervyn O’Callaghan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Mervyn O’Callaghan is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at CameraMatics and the Managing Director of Universal Branding Group. Learn more about Mervyn O’Callaghan on Crunchbase…

CameraMatics is a cutting-edge software platform that enables companies to manage fleet and driver risk by improving safety. Read more aboutCameraMatics on Crunchbase…

Jens Kluck

CEO and Founder @ Vivados

FollowJens Kluck on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
CEO and Platforms Manager. Born in Berlin, he considers himself a citizen of the world. Technical Industrial Engineer, he has worked with Samsung and Siemens in technological web developments. Learn more about Jens Kluck on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVivados on Crunchbase…

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