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Whether you are running some kind of business online or are a social media influencer, you have to make the best use of the diverse social networks at your disposal. It can make a massive difference to the rate of business growth, brand awareness, and online visibility.

To save time, energy, and money, no-code tools like Bubble.io allow you to easily build apps such as a Bubble social app that posts content to multiple social media platforms at one time to reach a wider audience, expanding your user engagement and seeing rapid growth.

You can publish pictures, videos, and other forms of content, plus get analytics in real-time, post comments, and more.

Following is a list of some exceptional features offered by the no-code tools such as Bubble:

Easy to use

You can use no-code tools like Bubble to make a variety of web apps without any coding skills. It has a drag-and-drop feature that lets you drag whatever components you want onto your interface or page.

So, even people with little to no experience in programming can use the tool with ease. It also allows users to auto-update to newer versions.

Multiple user and language options

Businesses that need several employees working on a particular project at the same time will find Bubble highly useful. They can add up to 40 employees working on a single project onto the dashboard.

Also, there are tools such as specialized access that managers can use to expand or restrict participation.

Another outstanding feature of Bubble is that it can support over eighty languages worldwide. This is a critical feature as it can help users avoid having to translate every single piece of content on the page manually.

There are built-in converters that they can use to change currency symbols, formats, etc.

Dynamic content access to 3rd Parties

As in the Bubble social media scheduling app example, you can connect to 3rd party platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using Bubble’s built in API connector. This allows you to post content, get analytics, and user data. Companies can use this information for analysis and implementation purposes, with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

They can create sophisticated, highly interactive, and often, customizable multi-user applications compatible with desktop and mobile browsers.

Types of apps you can create on Bubble.io

All types of businesses and enterprises can use Bubble.io to create applications that suit their needs. For instance, tour operators can create booking applications that deliver messages and provide easy payment options. Highly useful internal management apps can be created by pretty much any business type. Also, food delivery apps, job portals, and educational apps can also be made using Bubble.io.

Furthermore, avid social media users can create community review sites that enable followers to share their interest, reviews, and new ideas, among other things.

Did you know that July 2021 data records show about 4.48 billion global social media users? This number is more than half the population of the entire world.

So, sending top-quality promotional content across various social media platforms will give businesses the visibility they seek, helping them grow at a fast pace. And application-building like no-code tools like Bubble can help you do just that.

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