Top 4 Most Innovative Marketing Companies in Real Estate

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2 years ago

The real estate business is becoming increasingly competitive. Companies need to employ new marketing techniques to win clients and get leads. Innovation gives you and your company a competitive edge in the market. Below are companies that rank high in innovation in real estate.

Wise Agent

The success of a business revolves around its contact. This concept is the basis of Wise agent application. The application is built to allow users to connect to the real estate CMS system. It allows a user to classify information by source and the categories are limitless.


Email Branding

Branding is a great way to market your business and earn recognition. Wise Agent allows you to do this through email. Its email signature generator is inbuilt, thus making it simple to use.

It avails numerous signature templates, so the user has a choice. Alternatively, you can create a real estate signature of your choice. It is easy to copy and paste a signature from a personal email to another system through this application.

Easy Planning

The application has a detailed day planner for easy organization. This feature schedules meeting between contacts and vendors. It uses emails and texts to inform realtors about pending appointments. It is easy to perform tasks and accomplish set goals with such information.

Flexible Subscription plans

Wise Agent has two available payment plans. You can choose to renew your subscription every month or make a one-time annual payment. User can weigh their needs and abilities and choose a plan that works.

Good Customer Support

As a client, you want to receive help in case of a mishap. Wise Agent has both online and on phone customer care support. Multiple channels of communication allow customers to have alternative ways of seeking help.


One of the most significant disadvantages is that this application is not usable on a desktop.


Triplemint is a real estate application that allows the selling and buying of home units. It has an inventory with apartments details and searches from the current listings.


Predictive Algorithm

In business, information helps you make better decisions about the present and future. Through predictive analysis, Triplemint uses data to study the sellers’ patterns. This practice allows the company to match the expectation and needs of its clients. It also helps them know what buyers are most suitable for their market.

Service Customization

Each customer has a unique need. Taking one approach to solving all your clients’ problems may not work. It is therefore essential to tailor-make solutions on a client basis. Triple mint has a client success team that follows up to ensure clients get satisfactory results.

Premarket Listings

Members who wish to buy a property have access to the premarket inventory. This information allows them to choose from the best and make decisions quickly. Sellers also get pricing information, thus disposing of the product on time for a reasonable price.

Ease of Use

Triplemint’s platform has a simple interface. Users do not need to have exemplary technology skills to go through it. An easy interface significantly improves its user’s experience.


One must create an account to view the complete listing. Only after you sign up will a team member contact and help you.


RealtyShares is an online site that gives borrowers, sponsors, and lenders a transacting platform. The platform gives preference to smaller investments.



Investors can choose to place their stakes in different properties. There is also no limitation to having holdings in different regions. Diversification helps investors to spread their risk and maximize profit.

Affordable Pricing

Realtyshares registration is free, after which you can browse the listings at zero cost. The site charges a 1% yearly fee for equity investments. The minimum investment fee is $5000. However, some investments might be as low as $1000.

Secure Transactions

The platform uses a secure sockets layer with encryption to secure information. It also invites third parties who test and ensure that the system is safe. The system does not store clients’ financial information on their servers. It also automatically logs out after fifteen minutes of dormancy.

Conducts Background Check

Realtyshares investigates the available opportunities and the parties. They give a comprehensive review of property inspections and financial statements. This process allows you to know and avoid the potential risks.

Up-to-Date Information

RealtyShares takes up the responsibility of updating members. They send out information on equity and equity investment quarterly. In case of new information, members get a message through email. Alternatively, the information is posted online.


It Requires Accredited Investors

RealtyShares places a demand for individuals and companies with trade security permissions. The platform thus prefers high-income individuals, which may block small investors.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is an online marketing platform specializing in postcards for real estate. Wise Pelican is suitable for individual or team agents.


Ease of Sending Postcards

Postcards are an efficient way to convey messages to your various audience. Wise Pelican has numerous postcards that you can customize to suit your design.

The postcards allow users to access listings in their preferred area. Postcards also enable you to share information about your listings and projects. Wise Pelican has an up-to-date list of addresses that makes mailing postcards easy.

Integrated Tracking for Mail Campaigns

Wise Pelican has a system that allows you to trace postcards. The available USPS system ensures that you get a notification once the postcards have been delivered. Tracking helps you to know your responsive segments. This feature also enables you to identify gaps and work on them.

Pocket Friendly

Creating an account in Wise Pelican is free, after which you can view all listings. The site does not require you to use a credit card. For every address, you will pay ten cents. Printing, posting, and mailing a postcard costs seventy-five cents. Those that mail in bulk and mail more often can get an enterprise prize. The purchases you make are not limited to Wise Pelican.


As of the writing of this article, Wise Pelican postcards can not be ordered or edited on a mobile device. This makes it difficult to make last-minute postcard orders unless you are in front of a desktop.


It can be challenging to choose the best marketing practices in the real estate industry. Using innovative ways might initially be expensive, although it yields many results in the long run.

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