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More now than ever, people are choosing to transform their spare bedrooms into home-based offices. It might be out of necessity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! To fully enjoy your new home office, it’s important to create a comfortable, relaxing space you’ll enjoy working in. Creating an aesthetic, well-decorated office might not seem like a top priority, but it can have a major impact on your happiness and productivity. It’s a lot easier to work in a room that’s nice-looking and clean, after all. For help making the perfect space, check out these tips for decorating your home office.

Stay Organized

Your home office will get messy, and fast. To curb the inevitable piles of paperwork, office supplies, and other clutter, consider stocking up on organizational bins, drawers, and other types of storage. The kind of storage you should choose depends on your personal organization preferences. If you prefer to scan things digitally, there’s no need for a filing cabinet—but you might want to reorganize your desktop. If you have a single favorite pen, why bother with a whole cup of them? A pen stand is a better alternative. Organize your space in a way that feels natural for you, whether that means buying dozens of bins or having a single, consolidated storage solution.

Turn Your Attention Upwards

Instead of thinking down, think up. Your walls are a great, underutilized resource. You can maximize your vertical square footage by hanging art or fun, easy-to-install decals, adding floating shelves, or installing cabinets up the wall. Don’t be afraid to get playful. You can fill open cabinets with useful bins, colorful books, and fun trinkets. Your home office is yours. Use your walls as a canvas and fill them with things that inspire you.

Make Yourself Feel at Home

Another tip for decorating your home office is to make yourself feel at home. Your home office doesn’t have to be stuffy, sterile, or bland. It’s not an extension of your actual, physical workplace, it’s an extension of your house or apartment. Decorate it with similar themes and fill it with items you love. If you’re a fan of plants, pack your office with succulents, aloe, pothos, lucky bamboo, or other plants that are easy to care for. Love blankets, pillows, and everything else that’s soft? Give yourself a seating area and fill it with a cozy throw, cute pillows and toss a plush rug underneath. You’ll be more productive in a room that brings you joy, so it’s worthwhile to make an office that feels like home.

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