Things You Didn’t Know Your Business Should Shred

Things You Didn’t Know Your Business Should Shred
1 year ago

Every business leader knows the importance of shredding sensitive documents, such as banking records, tax documents, employment records, and more. However, there are some items that every business should be shredding that can easily slip through the cracks. Keep reading to discover some items you might not have known your business should shred.

Old IDs and Credit Cards

You might think that old, outdated ID and credit cards could pose no harm to your business. However, even after you’ve deactivated them, these cards can still cause trouble for your business if they fall into the wrong hands. ID and credit cards contain personal, identifying information for your business and its employees, which hackers and thieves can use to gain access to your business, impersonate employees, and cause data breaches. Always shred any cards associated with your business before throwing them away.

Junk Mail

Every business gets flooded with junk mail from prospective partners. While you may be quick to throw away junk mail, you should make sure it passes through your shredder first. Even junk mail can contain personal and sensitive information about your business or its owners. This is especially true when handling credit card offers and other business opportunities. Taking the extra step to shred junk mail first could save your business many headaches down the road.

Sticky Notes and Note Sheets

Sticky notes are easy to crumple and throw in the waste bin, but some of these notes could carry vital information. Employees often write passwords and other quick information they need to share on sticky notes. Because of their smaller size, sticky notes are more difficult to insert into shredding machine slots. Instead of inserting the note itself, stick several notes to a sheet of paper and run the paper through the shredder. Remember to oil your shredder’s blades regularly to avoid gumming up the system.

Cardboard Boxes

Shredding cardboard boxes can also help protect your business from a security standpoint. Many cardboard boxes that your business receives could have labels containing addresses, contact information, tracking codes, and other sensitive information that you don’t want to throw away. Shredding cardboard boxes benefits your business in several other ways, including boosting your business’s sustainability.

Shredding is a crucial measure to take toward your business’s security. Now that you know these things your business should be shredding, remember to add them to your shredding pile. Choose a high-security shredder that can keep up with these materials and your business’s paper flow.

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