Things to Consider When Booking An Extended Business Trip

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3 years ago

Travelling further a field for work purposes can be an important part of any business. It helps to cement relations with integral clients overseas, which in turn can prove to be incredibly worthwhile for your business.

20% of the population travel for work, with business trips making up about 12% of total air travel.

These types of excursions take a lot of planning and preparation, so here’s a guide for everything you need to consider for your upcoming business trip.

Travel Documents

The most fundamental items that should always be at the top of your list when packing for a trip away is your travel documents. This includes your passport, travel visas, credit or debit cards and identification. Remember to also check if you need any NHS covid passes required to prove you have been double vaccinated ahead of your travel date.


Consider what mode of transport you’d like to take once you arrive at your destination. Are you happy taking taxis and trains or would you benefit from hiring a car while you’re over there? If so be sure to make the arrangements in plenty of time.


The accommodation you choose during a business trip is even more important when you’re going to be away for a longer period of time. Hotels can become incredibly expensive week on week, so you may wish to look into other available options. SilverDoor, who offer a wide range of serviced apartments in Singapore and all around the world, worked out the potential cost savings of a serviced apartment compared to a hotel stay whilst on an extended business trip.

Silverdoor - Serviced Apartment Savings Bottom

Serviced apartments can often be more cost effective for an extended business trip when all travel and accommodation costs are factored in. For example, having access to a full kitchen means you can save a significant amount of money on food, by preparing home cooked meals instead of splashing out at restaurants on a daily basis. You also have easier access to laundry facilities meaning you can do your washing as and when you need to, which can become a problem when staying in hotels. Furthermore, a serviced apartment can provide a separate workspace, potentially saving money on the cost of hiring a co-working space.


A business traveller should be always connected to the office and all the relevant contacts while away. This means setting up the appropriate technology such as an international mobile plan, broadband dongle and VPN access so they can work wherever and whenever.


It’s a good idea to consider how much spending money you’d like to take with you on your trip as well as in what form. Usually having a split between both cash and money on an overseas spending credit card means you’re covered either way. If you lose your cash, you still have the money on your card to fall back on, and if you misplace your card, you’re not stranded because you still have cash to fall back on, which can get you to a nearby bank to sort out a new card should you need one.

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