The Importance of Ergonomic Tools for Hairdressers

The Importance of Ergonomic Tools for Hairdressers
2 years ago

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in the workplace, but many people also know it as the practice of eliminating pain. An ergonomic chair, for example, can help alleviate back pain, which in turn improves your productivity. Having the right ergonomic tools is necessary if you want to work and feel better. Few people know this better than hairdressers, who always use their hands. When these professionals buy a new tool, there are a few factors for them to consider. Of course, it’s best for it to be clean, nice looking, and well-functioning, but the most important thing should always be ergonomics. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of ergonomic tools for hairdressers.

Protection From Pain

As mentioned above, the right ergonomic tools can help protect you from pain. Repetitive movements in any career field can eventually cause pain, but hairdressers are especially at risk since they make such small repetitive movements with their hands and wrists. Ergonomic tools won’t prevent you from making these repetitive movements, but they can make the movements easier, protecting your muscles and nerves from the damage repetitive movements can cause. For example, hairdressing shears with a swivel thumb allow you to hold the shears more openly, which is a neutral position that protects the tendons in your thumb.

Career Longevity

Ergonomic tools help alleviate pain, allowing for more efficiency in the workplace. Working efficiently and without pain will allow you to stay in your career longer, which is something everyone wants when they enjoy their work.

A recent survey showed that hairdressers experience more musculoskeletal disorders than other occupational groups and that these challenges can cause them to leave the profession. Protect your career and yourself with the right ergonomic tools to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Tools To Consider

Now that you know how important ergonomic tools are, you need to know what standard tools you should replace. Your shears are the first place to start since you rely on these tools with virtually every customer. You can also find ergonomic combs with cushioned handles and ergonomic blow dryers.

If you can’t find an ergonomic version of the tool you need, that’s OK. There are exercises and stretches you can perform that will allow you to keep using the tools you have while protecting your body.

Ergonomic tools are important for hairdressers because they help protect you from pain and allow you to cut and style hair for years to come. There are many ergonomic hair tools you can purchase to alleviate pain and continue your work, along with exercises and stretches that can help protect your body.

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