The Essential Stuff for Your eSports Team

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4 years ago

Nowadays, playing video games may become your profession. If you are excellent in a particular game, you can join or create an eSports team and start taking part in competitions. The most popular games that have their championships are, for example, Dota 2, Overwatch, Fortnite, League of Legends, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Some people may quarrel whether eSports are “real sports,” but some traditional sports codes are definitely present here. People play in teams (with a few single-player exceptions), compete at every possible level, have their stars and commentators. What is more, the same as in many other sports, the players need special equipment to be able to do their job efficiently and safely. So, what do you have to get for your eSports team? Let’s find out!

Gaming Chairs

Thanks to chairs produced particularly for gamers, such as the Arozzi Enzo Series or GTRacing gaming chair, players can comfortably sit for many hours. Sitting for a long time can have a very negative impact on your health, so you should at least take care of providing the equipment that will minimize the side effects as much as possible.

Thanks to gaming chairs, players can keep the right posture and have the proper support for their neck, back, and arms. In this way, they can have:

  • Better blood circulation,
  • Fewer headaches,
  • Reduced lower back pain,
  • Enhanced core strength,
  • Improved lung capacity,
  • Minimized tension in shoulders and neck,
  • Higher energy levels.

Being in better physical condition, your team players will be more likely to be successful in competitions for sure!


The cheapest option is to allow your eSports player to use their own hardware. However, in this case, you need to be aware of the fact that the differences in their gaming equipment may cause problems with team gameplay consistency. For this reason, it is best to provide the players with the same PCs (or consoles), monitors, keyboards, and mouses. Also, keep in mind that despite being more mobile, laptops are not recommended for eSports.

For a start, you can find a local LAN gaming center and let your team meet there and practice together in-person. Although it will not be entirely free, it will be much cheaper than buying the decent gaming equipment you will find there. And as time goes by and your team is more and more successful, you can think about buying high-end hardware on your own.

Gaming Headsets

In many video games, the sound is essential not only to enjoy beautiful soundtracks but, more importantly, as a part of the gameplay mechanics. In many games, it is crucial to listen to the opponent’s movements or to find out if a particular place is safe or not. For example, in shooters, a place where many shots and explosions can be heard loudly puts you at risk of being wounded. Therefore, your eSports team should have high-end gaming headsets that offer amazing sound quality.

It is crucial that in such a device, you have not only the headphones but a microphone as well. Team-oriented games like the already mentioned League of Legends or Overwatch require quick and efficient communication. In this way, your players will be able to discuss their strategies and warn each other about their enemy’s location in a much quicker and more convenient way than with a chat.

Team Branding

Team branding is a crucial element in creating an eSports team. If your team has a unique and distinguishable name, it can be recognized more easily and attract more people. When you already have it, you should hire a graphic designer to provide you with a stylish team logo. With such a symbol, your players will feel more united and characteristic. When you are about to attend a competition, you should order pieces of clothing (most commonly T-shirts) that will have your logo printed on them to stand out from other competitors.


All in all, there are quite many things to take care of when you are starting a new eSports team. You should take care of your players’ well-being, so they need to be provided with proper gaming chairs, adapted to be used for a long time with reduced negative health impact. What is more, for full gameplay consistency, your team needs to have the same hardware because quality differences can make it hard for them to cooperate effectively. For even more improved teamwork, they also need dedicated gaming headphones with microphones so that they can quickly communicate in crucial moments of the game.

Apart from that, they should be easily recognized and not mistaken with players from other teams, so working on a catchy name and logo is vital as well. They will definitely look more professional when they turn up on a championship dressed in their team T-shirts than in some random clothes. Good luck with setting up your first eSports competition!

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