The 3 Best Ways To Improve Access Control For Your Building

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1 year ago

One of the most crucial aspects about security is controlling who gets in and out of your building or facility. Ensuring the safety of your staff, costumes, and visitors should be at the top of your list of priorities so controlling access to your building is the frontline of defense. Having a system that works to prevent undesirables from slipping through is an ongoing process and needs to be set up as soon as possible.

With the right system in place, you can greatly improve the security of your building and ensure the effectiveness of your access control system. In this article, we will cover some of the best ways to improve access control for your business or building.

1. Use the latest technology

As technology improves in general, so does the effectiveness of access control systems. They are much smarter these days with less possibility of errors happening that can allow the wrong people into your building. Upgrading to more advanced technology, such as biometric readers or facial recognition systems, can significantly improve the security of your building for example.

Security technology has gotten so refined that it can even automatically scan a license plate and recognize it within seconds. Some of the benefits of automatic license plate recognition are that it frees up security personnel to take care of other things since the scan is automatic and that it can prevent somebody that is a threat from gaining access.

Advanced technology provides enhanced tracking capabilities and real-time notifications of security breaches, allowing for quicker response times in case of an emergency.

2. Employee training

Unfortunately, many people enter a building that shouldn’t be able to due to human error. It’s important to educate employees on the proper use and procedures of your access control system.

This includes how to properly use keycards or biometric readers, how to report lost or stolen cards, and the importance of keeping access codes confidential. Employees should understand the importance of following proper protocol, such as not propping doors open or allowing unauthorized individuals to enter the building.

Proper employee training can also increase awareness of potential security threats. It’s difficult to stop an intruder when they aren’t seen as a threat when employees aren’t aware of what the potential threats are. By educating employees on these types of threats, they can be more vigilant and proactive in identifying and preventing security breaches.

3. Conduct a security audit

To come up with a solid game plan for your access control, it is a good idea to understand where you stand concerning the tightness of your current system. You need to ​​evaluate the current security measures in place, identify any weaknesses, and recommend solutions to address those weaknesses.

Figure out who has access to the building currently and who could need access in the future. This includes the current security personnel, employees, guests, customers, and delivery people. When you know who needs access, when they need access, and what they need access to, you can then match that up against your system. This will allow you to see where a breach could occur.

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