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What is Tether? What makes it so attractive? How to buy it? How to choose the right casino? Find here!

All you need to know about Tether

Tether is getting lots of attention nowadays. This cryptocurrency occupies quite a high place in the ranking, right after Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, this cryptocurrency has something to offer that others cannot, which is price stability. How does Tether compare to other cryptocurrencies? Are Tether casinos safe and legal? How to play the Tether? We will answer all your questions.

What is Tether?

This cryptocurrency initially appeared under a different name, as RealCoin. However, the name was changed to the now-known Tether after just a few months of activity. Tether began to be active on the market in 2015 and, at first, was based only on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, in further stages of development, the cryptocurrency began to support Bitcoin Omni and Liquid protocols, as well as TRON, EOS, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash. As for Tether’s position now, it’s safe to say that cryptocurrency ranks high in popularity ranking, right after Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The phenomenon of USDT (Tether) did not come out of anywhere. As you probably know, cryptocurrencies face a certain shortcoming: the instability of value. Tether is a so-called stablecoin, i.e., it avoids the volatility of prices.

The leading idea is that 1 Tether can always be exchanged for $1, no matter the market conditions. Tether users choose this cryptocurrency because it offers unrivaled liquidity and does not expose to unpredictable losses.

How to buy Tether

As for the process of acquiring Tether itself, it is no different from buying other cryptocurrencies. All you need is a cryptocurrency exchange, a cryptocurrency wallet, and funds for your crypto. However, before you buy Tether, do some good research on crypto exchanges. Pay attention to the difficulty in using the interface, whether it is intuitive and tailored to your needs.

Also, pay attention to whether you really choose the crypto exchange that offers this cryptocurrency. For all this, buying Tether obviously has to pay off for you, so check out the exchange’s transaction fees. You can buy Tether with fiat currency.

Once you have dealt with choosing a cryptocurrency exchange tailored to your needs, you must know that Tether must be stored somewhere. Of course, exchanges offer the ability to store funds, but remember that nothing is free. After buying Tether, a wallet will come in handy. This is not about a piece of fabric that you keep in the back pocket of your pants so that it encourages pickpockets in a shopping mall but about a wallet where you can store your digital assets. You can choose such a cryptocurrency wallet based on how you want to use Tether.

Tether VS Bitcoin

In the clash between Tether and Bitcoin, it is difficult to determine the winner because these cryptocurrencies are completely different from each other and simply offer something different. The key difference between the two is that Tether is a stablecoin that is related to something that exists in the real world, which is the USD currency. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is not associated with anything “tangible.” Generally speaking, Tether is centralized, and Bitcoin is decentralized. Thanks to this, Tether can boast such price stability on the market.

How to choose Tether casino

There are many Tether casinos on the market, but remember to be careful when choosing the right option. If you are interested in other cryptocurrencies, take a look at the popular dogecoin casinos.

Here are a few rules that will help you choose the right gambling platform.

  • Security in a crypto online casino. Security should come first wherever you use money and enter your data. And yet this is the case in online casinos. Always check the license to ensure the casino is legit and your money is safe. A well-known organization should issue it. For a casino to obtain such a license, it must pass a number of tests to ensure high quality and safety.
  • Bonuses and promotional offers. We are well aware that bonuses play a major role in the process of choosing an online crypto casino. We will not now analyze whether it is good or bad, but we will pay attention to several important aspects. First of all, don’t be fooled by an offer to buy yourself a jet right away. Secondly, pay attention to the terms and conditions for redeeming bonuses. The offer may seem incredibly beneficial, but in the process, it will turn out impossible to perform. The conditions of wagering, maximum winning, and deadline are important.
  • Support. Support is very important in choosing an online crypto casino. We do not contact it very often, but when we need to do it, we need a response. Therefore, you must have several options to contact customer service. The most common is live chat and mail. Besides, it is best if support is available 24/7.
  • Payment options. Deposit and withdrawal options should be as diverse as possible and adapted to different user groups. Additionally, the smaller the transaction fees, the better.
  • Game offer. Before signing up for an online casino, see if it offers what you want to use. Depending on what games you prefer, choose the casino that offers the most diverse selection of games possible in this respect (table games, slots, a crypto dice game, etc.).

Spin and win!

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