SMASHDOCs announces full integration with Microsoft

4 years ago
  • Integration delivers rapid increase in global market reach
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • SMASHDOCs runs natively on Azure

Munich, 06 October 2020 – SMASHDOCs, the world’s leading development and marketing platform for collaborative word processing solutions, has completed all stages of integration into the Microsoft ecosystem.  The solution is now integrated into Microsoft 365 and MS Teams and fully operational for companies using Azure.

“With its direct integration into the Microsoft ecosystem, SMASHDOCs can now scale up and fully exploit its dynamic business potential,” explains Christian Marchsreiter, founder and CEO of SMASHDOCs, “allowing us to accelerate the internationalization of SMASHDOCs and create the basis for millions of new users per month.” More than 70,000 resellers worldwide can distribute SMASHDOCs software solutions for book production, financial printing and annual reports and integrate them into their own products. In addition, SMASHDOCs is now available to more than 200 million Microsoft and Office 365 users worldwide via “Sign in with Microsoft.”

Integration with Microsoft Teams 

Thanks to its integration with Microsoft Teams, SMASHDOCs is now available to more than 75 million daily MS Teams users, who can easily share texts in team channels and work together quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world. Every MS Teams user has access to the SMASHDOCs app via the Microsoft Store. “MS Teams is the world’s leading collaboration and communication solution. Simply put, SMASHDOCs adds new levels of functionality to MS Word. After all, in our collaborative world, documents are more than just files. They are text projects,” says Marchsreiter. As a result of its integration with MS Teams, SMASHDOCs is well positioned to benefit from the rapid increase in Microsoft Team users, many of whom are switching to professional collaboration tools as they increasingly find themselves working from home during the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Available globally on Azure

The full functionality of SMASHDOCs is available to companies around the world that use the Azure network of data centers to deploy their applications. Thanks to the Azure Cloud, millions of companies can operate SMASHDOCs in almost any country in the world completely independently (“on-premises”) and in full compliance with their own local security guidelines. SMASHDOCs is already the go-to solution for a number of major international organizations, including the Australian law firm Russell Kennedy and more than 10,000 users at the Canadian Standardization Association. Moreover, SMASHDOCs is currently forging ahead with the near-term integration with other leading enterprise cloud data centers, including Amazon, Google, Oracle and IBM, in order to exploit their sales coverage to unlock even more scaling potential.


SMASHDOCs is a web-based development and marketing platform for collaborative word processing solutions for professional teams and is based on a unique, patented versioning and change tracking technology. The platform developed by smartwork solutions GmbH, a Munich-based software company, makes challenging word processing projects easy to manage and enables teams to be more productive. For more information on SMASHDOCs, please visit:

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