Showcasing Top Tokyo-Based Companies Dominating the Women’s Industry Sector

6 months ago

Japan is known for its innovation and creativity, particularly when it comes to industries that serve women. Whether it’s the beauty industry, the fashion industry or the health and wellness sector, Japan is home to numerous renowned companies championing women’s interests. This article shines the spotlight on companies in the women’s industry that are based in Tokyo, one of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic cities. These companies not only lead in terms of innovation and product offering, but also in their commitment to the empowerment and wellbeing of women.

What sets these companies apart is their commitment to addressing the unique needs and challenges of women in modern society. From high-tech beauty treatments, to fashion-forward clothing, and health-conscious lifestyle products, these companies indeed celebrate and cater to women. These Tokyo-based companies are changing the landscape in their respective industries, proving that businesses can thrive by putting women’s needs, and not just profits, at the forefront.

Let’s delve into these companies, explore what they offer, and see how they are making a positive impact in the lives of women everywhere.


Mederi, an innovative company in the realm of beauty, health care, and wellness, is co-founded by Arisaki Sakanashi. Focused on creating services geared towards mental and physical harmony, Mederi is dedicated to providing a social safety net that takes into consideration the health concerns of female employees. See more about their mission here.


With Yukiko Taniuchi at the helm, WRAY is a noteworthy player in the field of health care and wellness. Their commitment towards women’s health sets them apart. Learn more about their work here and check out their activities on their Facebook page.

Sora Immediate Color

Sora Immediate Color is making waves within the leisure, mobile apps, and wellness industry. Its services are specifically tailored to women’s needs, distinguishing it from other companies in its sector. Find out more here.


ISSEY MIYAKE is a globally recognized company with a significant footprint in the e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, manufacturing, retail, and textiles industry. Specializing in both ladies’ and men’s apparel, fashion items, and accessories. Visit their official website to learn more about their offerings.


Founded by Naoko Yamanaka, meeTalk is a force within the communities and social industry. The company is working towards building supportive communities for women. For an insight into their work, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

Heart Closet

Heart Closet is a trailblazer in the consumer goods, e-commerce industry. Helmed by Kurosawa Mizuki, the company is dedicated to delivering a luxurious high fashion and luxury experience aimed at women with bigger chests. They also run an EC site selling clothes and a media hub for women dealing with chest size issues. Find out more about their unique services here.

Abahouse International

As a prominent player in the fashion, manufacturing, retail industry, Abahouse International has set a standard in providing services that cater to both men and women. To explore their diverse range of products, visit their website.


JOI’X is an ambitious company within the fashion, retail industry. They offer products tailored to both men and women. For an insight into JOI’X and its offerings, visit their official website.


TAKARAJIMA WONDERNET is making a significant impact in the e-commerce and shopping industry. Their unique approach to shopping caters specifically to the whims and wants of women. Learn more here.


Medate operates in the health care, human resources, and wellness industry, making a name for themselves with their humanitarian approach. Medate focuses on supporting women throughout different stages of their lives. Find out more about their philosophy here.


Tee-App, founded by Takuma Nakagawa, is a Tokyo-based company specializing in mobile apps, training, and women’s needs. They have an impressive range of fitness applications. Their Facebook page also showcases more about their fitness applications. Check out their services here.

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