Sesh Rolls Out Beta For Empath, Communication Intelligence Ai Platform

4 years ago

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 8, 2020Sesh Corp (Sesh), the neuroscience-based people development company, reveals they have begun opening their Beta for their leading-edge human comprehension AI Empath while rolling out several new intuitive features. 

Empath, unlike any other communications intelligence tool on the market, offers users the ability to analyze any video and instantly understand every person’s states of mind and emotional moods. 

Empath recently launched transcription as the first major feature, as part of their Alpha program running for the past three months . With this feature users can access the full script of their calls and identify what words or phrases were used when specific states of mind or emotional moods were experienced – among other uses.

In addition to transcription, Empath will be rolling out the following features in the coming months: engagement and highlight metrics, states of mind search, predictions wherein users can visualize their outcomes associated with states of mind, and dashboards with aggregate data analysis.  

Sesh has announced all Alpha and Beta partners will get access to the platform for a deep discount off of all subscription tiers and grandfathered in for as long as they use the platform with a 15% off lifetime deal. 

One of Empath’s longest running Alpha partners is SteelHouse, an award-winning pioneer performance driven TV advertising platform. 

SteelHouses Chief Operating Officer, Chris Innes, has been using the platform alongside his team for three months and he states, “Empath is changing how businesses operate. Sentiment analysis will undoubtedly become a must-have for any business who is working with clients in the foreseeable future. Empath is giving SteelHouse the ability to understand interactions, predict outcomes, and soon find new metrics to operate at scale. Their agile approach, ground breaking progress and forward-thinking leadership team are building a respectful artificial intelligence platform poised to lead us into the new world.”

Empath has many applications but the company has focused on the following: sales, training and development, user experience and market research.

The problems that the platform solves for vary depending on use case but the most prominent include, helping professionals identify highlights of the best and worst aspects of a presentation,  helping instructors understand   engagement levels of groups, helping sales professionals quickly identify  warm sales prospects, and helping market research professionals quickly and accurately understand audiences emotional reactions to content and products. 

While anyone can sign up for Beta at right now and receive a one-on-one demo of the platform, Sesh is only allowing small groups in at a time on a first come, first served basis.

About Sesh

Sesh is a neuroscience-based people development company founded by David Dorfman, cauri jaye and Kevin Woolery. Sesh imparts practices and creates technologies that aid communication and increase performance across industries. 

To learn more about the company, visit 

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