Santa Monica’s Innovative Leaders in the Vibrant Wireless Infrastructure Industry

5 months ago

With its unique blend of innovation, creativity and vision, Santa Monica is home to many cutting-edge companies, making it one of the most futuristic tech hubs in California. Notable among these industries is the wireless technology sector, where emerging trends and forward-thinking applications are driving a new age for wireless tech. Here, we present several top-notch Santa Monica based companies redefining the wireless technology landscape.

The relevance of wireless technology has amplified over the years, owing to the surge in remote work, smart homes, IoT, and other tech-driven conveniences that have become part of everyday life. This article puts into perspective several key players in the Santa Monica wireless industry, their unique value propositions, their incorporation, and just how they are reshaping the wireless technology narrative, both within and outside the using. Let’s take a deep dive into these companies and their contributions.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, angel investor, startup founder or just curious about the Santa Monica wireless industry, this article provides an informative outlook on this transformational technology. You’ll learn about companies delivering wireless solutions from energy management to app promotion services. Without further ado, let’s venture into the world of Santa Monica wireless tech companies.


Founded by Meredith Perry in 2012, SonicEnergy™ is an innovative wireless power startup. Its pioneering technology enables power transmission over-the-air to juice up electronic devices. This is conducted through an ultrasonic transmitter which releases a high-frequency sound not noticeable to users and pets. The wireless industry saw potential with SonicEnergy’s energy-harvesting technology. Besides their LinkedIn, keep up with their latest advancements through their Facebook and @uBeam Twitter account.

RampRate Sourcing Advisors

RampRate Sourcing Advisors, a leading advisory firm in Santa Monica, has revolutionized IT services sourcing. Their HyperSource.IT! Decision Execution Platform enables IT decision-makers to make optimal sourcing decisions. With a vast portfolio of successful transactions, it offers a wide spectrum of IT sourcing specialties. The company’s seamless platform offers tools to understand and monitor IT spends, making it a trusted partner for IT sourcing. Keep tabs on their latest exploits via their LinkedIn and Facebook feeds, and on Twitter @rampratetony.


Operating in the wireless industry since 2002, Sendia has secured its place as a key provider of wireless enterprise solutions that extend existing enterprise applications to wireless handheld devices. Their ground-breaking technology offers a robust platform for the development and deployment of secure wireless applications.

BlueWave Communications

BlueWave Communications has carved a niche in the wireless industry with its state-of-the-art wireless applications, platforms and services. Instrumental in executing mobile web integration, applications development and mobile campaign management, the company caters to both small and large firms, offering SLA backed services.

ICS Mobile

Co-founded by Joe Bayen and Mark Mazur, ICS Mobile runs the app promotion and monetization service It offers paid apps for free to its users every day, with no gimmicks or strings attached. Follow them for app updates on their Twitter handle @freeappaday and stay connected on LinkedIn.

Southeastern Wireless Solutions

Southeastern Wireless Solutions excels in installing and managing wireless networks in high-profile arenas, government buildings, and private and public spaces nationwide. They provide comprehensive wireless network design and feasibility studies. Stay updated via their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Arroyo Optics

Founded in 1994 and acquired by KOTURA in 2003, Arroyo Optics has been a pivotal player in telecommunications equipment manufacturing. Its specialty lies in producing wavelength management solutions for fiber optic infrastructures, helping to reduce network costs, enhance flexibility, facilitate scalability, and more.

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