How Do Salesforce Experience Cloud Features Help Organizations Empower Their Customer Relations?

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2 years ago

Customer satisfaction is deeply tied to the financial well-being of every business. Strong customer relationships and high customer loyalty rates are what truly determine the success of a company.

If you are looking for solutions to empower customer relations, fuel growth, and drive business value, then using Salesforce Experience Cloud for Customer Community implementation is the best practical approach.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the most outstanding Experience Cloud features that help increase customer loyalty, drive customer retention and maximize your returns.

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud, and How Can It Help You?

Experience Cloud is a software system based on the Salesforce platform and is used to build personalized digital experiences with a seamless connection to your CRM.

With Experience Cloud, you can create external websites using your Salesforce to improve your customers’ ability to self-service of specific needs:

  • Deliver exceptional customer service and keep your site members active with the Salesforce help center or self-service site;
  • Extend business processes to your partners and collaborate with them more effectively with a comprehensive Salesforce PRM solution — Experience Cloud PRM site;
  • Highlight a particular campaign, generate leads for a new product launch or an upcoming event with an engaging landing page (Salesforce microsite);
  • Tap into a huge and growing market, reach more buyers and boost your sales with a beautiful shopping experience — Experience Cloud eCommerce storefront;
  • Create a responsive account portal for your customers to access articles, view and update their accounts, create and manage cases.

Use Salesforce Experience Cloud to its full potential for branding, engagement, management, analytics, and seamless business integration. Connect with your customers, partners, and employees in a whole new way.

What are the Pros of Using Experience Cloud?

By leveraging the Salesforce Experience Cloud, you get an integrated solution to address different purposes and meet your particular business needs.

Create your Salesforce cloud community and:

  • Drive brand engagement;
  • Engage with customers and empower partners;
  • Establish trust and boost loyalty
  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Track and analyze your site;
  • Measure your business performance;
  • Optimize your services and products;
  • Improve the overall customer experience and build lifelong relationships with your customers.

Top 5 Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud to Improve Your Customer Relations

Leveraging Salesforce experiences is the best way to follow your customer-first strategy. Regardless of your industry, use Experience Cloud to deliver stellar service and provide excellent customer support, making each interaction with your company reliable and frictionless. Create a beautiful, feature-rich, easy-to-navigate Digital Experience Cloud community that is fast and aligned to your user needs.

Here are the top Salesforce community features that help empower customer relationships:


With Experience Cloud, you control your audience’s interaction with your site and deliver only relevant information to your site members, always following their preferences and needs. Target specific information to specific geographic areas and specific people by creating page variations and assigning them to particular audiences.


When interacting with the company, a customer expects top-quality and fast service. Use Salesforce Lightning Flow, Approvals, Process Builder, or Workflow automation tools to add automation to your business processes. Boost sales by sending automated, targeted, personalized messages to prospects, keep your existing customers engaged by sending custom notifications or delight your users by delivering follow-up thank you emails after shopping.


Enable Question-to-Case feature for Experience Cloud site to allow moderators to escalate unresolved questions from site Chatter to Cases. This feature helps you track and resolve your customers’ issues and thus provides a better client experience. Make your customers happy with your service by ensuring they get speedy answers to their questions and that their questions are always quickly resolved.

Salesforce CMS and Knowledge base

With Salesforce CMS, you can create, organize, and manage content (think documents, images, videos, knowledge articles, and more) in one place and deliver it to your audiences across portals, storefronts, and marketing sites. Use CMS Workspaces as one creative control room to update and structure the content, and create collections to keep it always fresh and relevant to your users.

Enable Salesforce Knowledge in your Experience Cloud site to supply your customers with the information they need at that moment. Use the Contact support form and Case deflection components to help users find articles and answers to their questions. Reach your customers anytime, anywhere, on any channel.

External app integration from third-party providers for better community management and analytics

For instance, gather feedback and capture bright ideas from your community members within your Experience Cloud site with AC Ideas Ultimate component for your Salesforce digital experience. Launch time-limited focused idea campaigns and implement native Chatter support to improve customer engagement and drive customer retention.

Need help?

If you are looking for a fantastic Experience Cloud site, then consider using a Salesforce Consulting Partner. Advanced Communities are Salesforce Experience Cloud development experts with over 12 years of enterprise delivery experience.

Advanced Communities capabilities:

  • Planning and requirements gathering;
  • Custom design & templates;
  • Custom development and configuration;
  • Community growth strategy;
  • Professional support and maintenance.

We are also the largest Experience Cloud solution provider on the AppExchange. We offer a range of award-winning applications to help you accelerate success with your Experience Cloud setup:

We’ll help you to attract consumers, foster brand loyalists, and improve engagement and collaboration in your community. For more information, contact our Advanced Communities Experience Cloud consultants.

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