Prominent Rotterdam-based Companies Revolutionising the Women’s Industry

6 months ago

Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, is also earning the title of a vibrant hub for start-ups, especially in the women’s industry. The city’s fast-paced business scene is a melting pot of e-commerce platforms, fashion houses, jewellery manufacturers, and beauty and cosmetics companies, primarily dedicated to serving women’s interests. This article presents to you some of the amazing companies bringing uniqueness and innovation from the heart of Rotterdam in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands.

These companies are not only offering products and services tailored for women but are also promoting women entrepreneurship, creating a substantial economic impact. Their diversity mirrors the multicultural identity of the city, providing a wide range of choices to the consumers. Let’s explore these companies, their industries, and learn what makes them stand out.

From e-commerce giants Fashion-Click and Oehyou, to fashion, jewellery, and beauty retailers such as LYLARO and Ecuavital, Rotterdam is home to steadfast companies that have cemented their place in the women’s industry. Here are their profiles.


Fashion-Click resides in the potent intersection of eCommerce, fashion, jewelry, and women’s industry in Rotterdam. The company claims its place in Rotterdam’s thriving business ecosystem, offering trendy and affordable items to women that helps to express their personalities while redefining fashion.



Oehyou‘s business model revolves around eCommerce, fashion, and women. Bridging the gap between the latest fashion trends and consumers, Oehyou has successfully created a community of fashion-forward women in Rotterdam.



Operating in Rotterdam and dealing in eCommerce, fashion, and for women, Blash is known for its unique and fashionable bags. Their formula for success is uncomplicated, yet impactful: providing quality products at affordable prices and achieving customer satisfaction.


Gyliënne Nails Cosmetics

A household name in Rotterdam, Gyliënne Nails Cosmetics epitomizes beauty, cosmetics, eCommerce and women’s industry in the city. With high-quality products and excellent services, the company is appealing to the sophisticated and stylish women of today.


4 Little ones

4 Little ones has made a niche for itself in the baby, E-Commerce, gift, women’s industry in Rotterdam. The company’s business model is based on providing special and personalized gift items for newborns and little ones, and have garnered great loyalty and praise from customers over the years.



Flaw, a leading Rotterdam-based jewelry, manufacturing, retail and women’s industry company, is celebrated for artfully blending traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. Their stunning pieces of jewelry are a testament to their commitment to quality and design.



LYLARO operates in the realm of E-Commerce, jewelry, and the women’s industry. The company’s business success is tied to its bespoke collections that are glamorous, feminine, and timeless, favoring their client’s individual tastes and styles.



BY LAUYAJU is a highly recognized brand that operates in the women’s fashion industry in Rotterdam. Showcasing contemporary yet timeless designs, the online store offers an exceptional range of clothing that women of all ages adore.


Unconventional Wardrobe

As daring as its name, Unconventional Wardrobe represents a bold and distinct vision in ecommerce, women’s fashion and retail sector. The company is celebrated for offering designs that break from traditional fashion norms, creating a cutting-edge position in the market.

Linkedin: Unconventional Wardrobe


Ecuavital makes waves in the Beauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Organic, Women’s industries. Dedicating itself to produce products from natural resources, they have revolutionized the notion of skincare and beauty by utilising ingredients sourced sustainably with utmost care.


Mary`s Edelsteensieraden en Kralen

Mary`s Edelsteensieraden en Kralen, specialists in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Jewelry, and Women’s industries, by creating beautiful gemstone jewelry and beads. Their pieces are unique, charming, and high-quality, captivating their cohorts and customers alike.


In conclusion, Rotterdam’s vibrant start-up scene embraces a vast array of companies from the women’s industry. They not only contribute to the city’s economy but also cater to the women’s market by offering unique and quality products and services. In this sense, they follow Rotterdam’s tradition of being innovative, international and entrepreneurial, while being all about women.

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