Plinko Guide: What You Need To Know

2 years ago

So, you have seen the Spribe Plinko game available at casino but you are not quite sure how to play it or what this title is all about? Well, this Plinko guide will provide you with everything you need to know about this game, how to play it, and how to ensure you have the very best experiences whenever it is played!

What is Plinko?

The enthusiasts of Plinko crypto game and gamblers have been enjoying for some time already is a top title that is very simple to enjoy and one that you may already have an idea of. Those that watched “The Price is Right” will certainly know what this game is!

Indeed, the game comes from the iconic American TV show that went on to have numerous versions created around the world, with the Plinko game becoming a vital part of the game show’s success.

The simple premise of the game is to place different colored disks into the machine and watch them fall to the bottom, in the hope that they will land in the different colored numbers that will have been bet on beforehand.

How do you play Plinko?

Of course, the main reason for this Plinko guide is to provide you with everything that you need to know in order to enjoy this quality title.

To begin with, there are 3 different rows available that are colored differently. The first of these rows are green, with the second being yellow, and the third being red. There are also a number of different pins that can be selected, with a choice between 12, 14, and 16 selectable. Furthermore, there are 13, 15, and 17 squares in each row, although this does depend on the number of pins selected. Each square will house a number, which will be a multiplier.

  • 12 pins mean green will house multipliers between 0.5x and 11x, yellow is home to 0.3x and 25x, whereas red has 0x and 141x bet.
  • 14 pins see green have multipliers of between 0.5x and 18x, yellow has 0.2x and 55x, whilst red has 0x and 353x!
  • 16 pins has multipliers of between 0.4x and 35x in the green row, 0.2x and 118x in the yellow row, and 0x and 555x in the red row.

Now you know about the different options available, players will simply need to select how much they want to bet, choose the number of pins, and then hit the color that they believe the discs will fall into. Once the game begins, the disc will continue to go through the pins and then land in a square of the same color, although this is random. The corresponding multiplier of the square it lands in will then be added to the bet amount, with the final prize being awarded!

Are there any special bonus features in this Plinko game?

There are a number of different special features that are available to this game, with bettors having already been able to experience many of them.

The first is the ‘Provably Fair’ function that this game provides. As cryptocurrency can be used to play this title, players are able to legitimize and authenticate their gaming experiences with this Spribe Plinko title as they can check for fairness via the use of blockchain technology.

Furthermore, there is an autoplay feature that can be utilized to speed the game up a little, or perhaps add an element of surprise. Players will be able to choose two or three of the colors that are available, and the disks will continue to fall until the game has been stopped or the betting account has insufficient funds.

Additionally, there are three different levels of volatility that can be chosen when playing this game, thus making Plinko a rather special and exceptional title. Players will find that the colors will represent each level, with green being the least risky, whereas yellow is the middle of the road, whereas red has the most risk. Naturally, the greater the risk, the bigger the prizes!

What else should you know about Plinko?

This Plinko guide would not be complete if it did not tell you that the return to player (RTP) rate for this game stands at 97% and that the maximum win possible is 555x the bet!

With a max win of 555x the bet available, it would also be wise to know that as much as 100 credits can be placed on a single bet, thus allowing for 55,000 credits to be won!

Additionally, players can enjoy this game at with a variety of different cryptocurrency options, with the game allowing gamers to have control and giving them the opportunity to gamble with their preferred options.

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