Parisian Powerhouses Dominating the Global Women’s Industry Landscape

6 months ago

Paris, located in the Ile-de-France region in France, is known around the world as a leading city when it comes to fashion and lifestyle industries. The city’s historic eminent reputation as a global centre for style and luxury has enabled it to bring forth pioneering companies in the Women’s industry, harnessing French expertise and craftsmanship in their diverse array of products. In this article, we’ll be highlighting a selection of businesses operating in this thriving scene, each with their unique offerings and stories – all based out of Paris.

These companies span across sectors including E-Commerce, Health Care, Textiles, and more, showcasing the multifaceted nature of the Women’s industry. The wide range of products and services that they offer are not just limited to clothing or accessories, but also include health and personal care, thus advocating a comprehensive lifestyle. Now, it is time to dive into the unique world of each of these businesses, exploring what they do and what they bring to this diverse market.

From fashion-forward brands like Jacquemus and Maison Labiche to health-oriented companies like May and Dreamtim Blooming, there is a wealth of proficiency and creativity in Paris’ Women’s industry. Here is a closer look at some of the remarkable companies rooted in the city of lights.


Industry: E-Commerce, Fashion, Women’s
Founders: Emma Butler
Description: Liberare, formerly known as Intimately, caters to disabled women by providing e-tailer adaptive undergarments.
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Industry: Child Care, Health Care, Personal Health, Women’s
Description: Offering comprehensive child care and personal health solutions, May is a dedicated addition to the Women’s industry.
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Maison Labiche

Industry: Men’s, Textiles, Women’s
Founders: Jean-Baptiste Richard, Jenny Richard, Marie Welte
Description: Maison Labiche offers chic wardrobe basics with a personal touch of manual interventions, including embroidery and painting, to their international clientele.
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Des Petits Hauts

Industry: Textiles, Women’s
Founders: Katia Sanchez, Vanessa Sanchez
Description: Des Petits Hauts is a widely distributed brand, known for its stylish, comfortable tops with a timeless appeal.


Industry: Fashion, Retail, Shoes, Women’s
Founders: Simon Porte Jacquemus
Description: Founded in 2009, Jacquemus offers womenswear, shoes, and accessories, bringing out a distinct French flair.
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Industry: Textiles, Women’s
Founders: Charline Goutal Redrado
Description: Strong advocates of enhancing individuals’ spirits with their collections; Naïa is a company that goes beyond body care.
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Dreamtim Blooming

Industry: Health Care, Women’s
Founders: Anne-Laure Courvoisier
Description: With their patented menstrual panties and new sports-health services, Dreamtim Blooming is revolutionizing women’s intimate health.
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The Kooples

Industry: Fashion, Shoes, Women’s
Founders: Alexandre Elicha, Laurent Elicha, Raphael Elicha
Description: Known for their tailor-made neo-dandyist look, The Kooples offers Saville Row elegance for both men and women.
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Industry: E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, Retail, Women’s
Founders: Thomas Tchen
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Naf Naf

Industry: Fashion, Women’s
Founders: Gerard Pariente, Patrick Pariente
Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin


Industry: E-Commerce, Jewelry, Women’s
Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin

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