Must-Know Tips All Estheticians Should Know

Must-Know Tips All Estheticians Should Know
3 years ago

An esthetician’s role in someone’s life is of the utmost importance. You provide education and confidence and often play the role of a confidant when someone’s receiving their service. Many look forward to this quiet time as a moment to treat themselves while taking care of their skin and spending time alone.

Let’s look at some must-know tips all estheticians should know that can help keep your career steady and clients happy.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Creating a social media page to build a community for your clients can help you grow your business and reach a broader demographic. It’s also an excellent way to market your services or showcase your work. A strong social media presence with a growing following will take your offerings to the next level with heightened exposure.

Sanitization Is Key

Possibly one of the most valuable must-know tips all estheticians should know is proper sanitization. Getting slapped with a health code violation or a bad review from being dirty could tank the entire operation. Following safety and cleaning protocols and ensuring your clients know you follow them will maintain your credibility and impact your overall customer retention.

Make Use of a Referral Program

If you’re looking to scale your business, consider a referral program. Your current client base will appreciate the bonus perks that come with making a referral. And you will reap the benefits of obtaining new faces to work with. The referrals work the best with immediate friends and family, so think about offering a service for things like:

  • Mother-daughter facials
  • Best friend waxes
  • BOGO 50% when you bring a friend

Offer Many Services

Some estheticians specialize and favor one specific skill. But when you’re in the business of people’s skin, it’s best to be well-rounded and offer many specialized services.

Outside of makeup application, facials, and peels, offering services like spray tans, body wraps, and full wax services can increase your revenue and widen your customer base. Before successfully opening a wax salon, educate yourself and pass all necessary testing levels.

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