More Universities Impose Lockdown Regulations

4 years ago

The UK’s leading online tutoring platform, MyTutor, discusses the need for tutors as private tuition demand increases

Reports of university students being asked to self-isolate are on the rise, as Coronavirus cases are increasing. So far, universities across Scotland and the North, including the University of St Andrews and the Manchester Metropolitan University, have introduced some form of lockdown regulations. Already, this year looked very different for university pupils; remote learning, a virtual fresher’s week and ‘bubble’ groups all made for a very different start to the term.

Now, with restrictions on socialising across many campuses, students may find themselves struggling for entertainment before classes properly start. Here, MyTutor (, the UK’s leading online tutoring platform, outline three top tips for university students to keep themselves entertained – and maybe even earn some extra cash:

1. Stay Active

Self-isolation may mean that movement is limited, and students are not getting out and about as much as usual. Exercise has proven benefits for metal health – which is of the utmost importance for those in lockdown at the moment. Why not grab your flat ‘bubble’ and try out a Joe Wicks HIIT class? That way, you can keep healthy and have some valuable bonding with your flatmates.

2. Socialise (as much as you can!)

Within your bubble, try and organise fun indoor activities – perhaps a movie night. You could even host dinner parties, where everyone takes turns to cook. Add a little “Come Dine With Me” competition by scoring each other too! There’s no better time to get to know the people you are living with.

3. Earn some extra money as an online tutor

To help fill students’ time in self-isolation, MyTutor are searching for university students to offer expert, online tuition. With the recent lockdown, private tuition as a sector has trebled, offering a ripe market for university students to find employment. As a service, MyTutor provides tutoring for children working towards Key-Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level qualifications. The benefit of which is that with tens of thousands of university students offering their expertise in the field that they study, a bond is created between the Key Stage 3/ A-Level student with their tutor thanks to recent lived experience.

MyTutor tutors are able to work flexibly, around their degree course, and take earn from £10 per hour long session. Aside from the monetary benefits, MyTutor tutors have a real chance to impact the lives of their tutees, not only academically, but in a more pastoral sense. Tutors can build the confidence of their tutees and become real role models. It is a truly rewarding job! Plus, it looks great on any CV.

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