Metspace leads the managed office sector into 2021

4 years ago

Metspace is a joint venture between Metrus, London’s leading premier property advisors, and the founders of Reflex Managed Offices, innovators of the managed office concept. This partnership brings a vast wealth of experience, insight and a comprehensive understanding of the managed office sector, which is on track to lead the way companies work in 2021.  

The managed and serviced office market has followed an upward trend for four decades, and has a track record for doing well in uncertain times when flexibility and cash flow management is key, including the financial crisis of the noughties, more recently Brexit, and now the Covid pandemic. 

The connotations of managed offices can sometimes be perceived as rather corporate and unsexy, but that all changes with Metspace, which has successfully changed the way businesses work and has left competitors in the dark, whilst they leaps ahead with stunning, design led spaces boasting sophistication, style and substantial square footage. All Metspace office rates are all inclusive, meaning that each space offers a fully furnished, highly designed office, separate meeting room and fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, telephone line and all business rates. This makes Metspace a much more appealing option compared to other office solutions out there, including co-working spaces. Rates work out to be almost 30% more affordable than competitors, whilst offering a more sophisticated, flexible and manageable solution to your business’ office.  

Trends in recent years have seen many businesses move away from traditional long 5 year leases with 3 year break clauses, onto more flexible agreements using serviced and managed offices. The pandemic has increased uncertainty, and is acting as an accelerator for a change to working habits. As a result transparent, inclusive contracts and turnkey design and fitout solutions are the key office trend to expect going into 2021. Market uncertainty means companies need more flexibility than ever before, and they need to save money on office costs and manage cash flow, whilst ensuring a high quality, agile workspace environment. 

Metspace currently has 7 central London locations, with further acquisitions in the pipeline which will more than double this by Q1 2021.

For landlords, partnering with Metspace offers a platform to access the increasingly flexible occupier market, enabling them to occupy the gap between conventional offices, serviced offices and co-working spaces. This provides the landlord with resilience and security, and the ability to adapt to market conditions, such as the pandemic this year, whilst enjoying the financial benefits of the flexible office market.

Additionally, although managed offices have always been preferable over serviced offices for companies who don’t want to share communal space for privacy reasons, the pandemic situation means that this is now the case due to health protection and social distancing concerns. 

Robin Lester, Director of Metspace, says: “The covid pandemic has caused a major shift towards working from home, which means that some larger businesses find themselves needing to downsize office space considerably given that not all employees will be present at the same time. Metspace can offer them this space, with the added benefit of being more flexible with shorter, all-inclusive licences, meaning businesses can manage their cash flow and avoid the risk of traditional long licences in this uncertain climate. We hope that the carefully considered design and layout of our office spaces will make the return to work a positive experience for occupiers after a difficult year.”

Metspace offers very aspirational office solutions per month:

  • All Metspace monthly fees are all-inclusive of design, fully furnished, office space, separate meeting room, fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms, business rates, WiFi and maintenance 
  • Metspace does not charge per desk, it is more about the square footage and location
  • e.g. Metspace Great Marlborough Street starts from approx. £8,000 a month, on an all-inclusive basis and comfortably sits up to 10 people across 650sq.ft

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