Key Requirements for Starting a Career in the Oil Fields

Key Requirements for Starting a Career in the Oil Fields
3 years ago

The oil mining industry is full of opportunities for anyone looking to start or restart their career. With thousands of sites across the country and a high demand for the resource, there’s always a position or two available. However, if you’re going to succeed in an occupation like this, you must meet several key criteria. These are the core requirements for starting a career in the oil fields and why these characteristics are important.

Standard Physical Health

First, you must possess the physical ability to do the job. Though you’ll work with heavy machinery the majority of the time, you’ll still need to carry mildly heavy loads by hand. That’s why oilfield workers must stay in shape.

Willingness to Work Long Hours

Oilfield employees should also have the means to work longer hours than they may consider standard. In this profession, seniority can be a significant factor when it comes to shift scheduling. It’s not rare for new hires to find themselves with ten to 12-hour shifts, seven days a week.

Proximity to a Jobsite

Another key requirement for starting a career in the oil fields is that you live close to the jobsite. Though these areas exist in several parts of the United States, they tend to sit in clusters and can be difficult to get to depending on where you live. Many oil field workers move to the general location of the oil field. Staying in this area also allows you to find the proper legal help if you get into a workplace accident. This ensures you always have the resources you need to file a claim or seek specific medical attention.

Basic Equipment Operation Training

If you want to make yourself stand out among other applicants, get professionally trained. Past experience with the necessary equipment always looks good on a resume, and getting specially certified can open a lot of doors for you right away. Don’t hesitate to seek out different training schools or apprenticeships if you have the extra money to pay for them.

Working in the oil industry is very demanding, but it comes with a lucrative paycheck and ample opportunities to move up with each given year. For this reason, making sure you meet these requirements can set you up for success in the long run.

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