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With every fresh batch of college freshman, there is a group of seniors graduating who started out their student life under different circumstances. This is a huge sign of change and innovation, which is an incredibly beneficial aspect of the overall collegiate experience. Universities are constantly working to improve their processes and stay updated with the latest trends to be able to provide their students and faculty with the best of the moment opportunities in terms of being leaders in the educational community.


Technology is a niche that is in constant evolution, to the point where it can feel almost impossible to keep up. Many universities have done the hard work for you and identified the areas that make the most sense in terms of where their focus should be with what tech advancements they offer their students. One major stride in this effort is the introduction of telehealth onto many college campuses. The conversation surrounding collegiate healthcare has shifted significantly to also include mental and emotional healthcare needs, whereas traditionally physical needs were the focus. This innovation can give you as a student the emotional support you need to thrive in this unique environment.

Telehealth for college students means that the level of accessibility you have to these resources is virtually limitless. For students that are struggling with their mental and emotional health on any level, telehealth delivers innovative solutions for support so that students have little to no hesitation in asking for help. There is privacy associated with this style of healthcare that also provides comfort to college students who may also be experiencing social pressures or stigmas that are roadblocks to their personal development.

Diversity and Inclusion

Perhaps equally as trendy as the subject of mental health is the subject matter surrounding diversity and inclusion. Universities are working tirelessly to lead by example in the world of equity. This is a crucial effort that many students, professors, and alumni will no longer accept as being put on the back burner of college advisory board agenda topics. Universities can set a great example and play a key role in ensuring these gains are shared across the globe. The demand for different perspectives allows students to learn from one another on a human level and not just an academic one.

Major changes in the landscape of college sports are also taking place at many leading institutions. The more worldviews you can be exposed to in your college environment the more well-rounded you will be upon graduation. When you are making your decisions regarding what school you will attend you should consider what happens outside the classroom as well as what goes on inside it. Diversity promotes an elevated pathway to learning by demanding open minds and hearts from both the individuals giving and receiving the lessons. Attending a school that supports these efforts means that you have aligned yourself with the face of the future as well as with an establishment that recognizes the value in challenging the past to pave the way for a more enlightened future.

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