Ice Breaker Exercises for Company Events Everyone Will Love

Ice Breaker Exercises for Company Events Everyone Will Love
2 years ago

Ice breaker exercises are a fast way for new people to get to know each other. It lightens the mood of any meeting and kicks it off on the right note. Your coworkers or event attendees will want more with these ice breaker exercises for company events everyone will love.

Toss and Talk

Toss and talk is very simple. Blow up a giant beach ball and write questions or prompts on it. When the ball gets tossed around the room, whoever catches it must answer the question their right thumb is closest to.

Two Truths and a Lie

This ice breaker requires a little more thought from your attendees, and it might be a good idea to email them the instructions in preparation for the event. Everyone must think of two truths about themselves and one lie. Their peers are now going to guess which of the three statements was a lie.

Business Card Collect

This suggestion will require your attendees to bring their business cards! The goal is for a single person to collect as many business cards as possible. This also requires more interaction of attendees. It’s a fun way to see the diversity of the people in attendance and the businesses they own or work for.

Common Ground

In this ice breaker, your attendees must walk around the room in pursuit of someone else who has common interests. This quickly serves the purpose of finding like-minded individuals to enjoy the event with.

Candy Confessional

Each table should house a bowl of candy. Each bowl should be accompanied by a list of questions corresponding with a specific candy. Once everyone in the group has chosen a candy, go around the table and answer the question that goes with your sweet. Everyone gets a sweet treat, which makes the rest of the evening less intimidating.

Whether you are at a tech summit or a networking event for health wellness companies, an ice breaker exercise is a great way to kick-start the meeting. Ice breaker exercises for company events everyone will love will have participants on their feet and ready to mingle with like-minded individuals. The next ice breaker exercise you do might lead you to your next business partner.

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