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The stage is already set. From the UEFA Champions League to basketball, there are lots of sports competitions to watch out for.

Sports lovers are also taking advantage of the trend to look for sports betting platforms to use. These platforms are meant to provide a wide selection of games, as well as offering sports enthusiasts the opportunity to make some money from their wagers.

You can open or start a sports betting company and ride the yearly trend in the sports industry to make consistent revenue.

The challenge, however, is that you are unsure of the steps to take before starting your sports betting business. We made the process simpler by providing a helpful guide that puts you through the important things you need to do to establish trusted sports betting brand.

Market Research Comes First

Running a sports betting company is beyond having an idea of fantasizing over the revenue you will generate. It has more to do with the steps you take to implement those ideas.

The implementation starts with having a grasp of the market. You must research and understand the sports betting market to be sure that your brand can favorably compete there.

Conduct your market research by doing the following:

  • Identify a section of the sports betting market that is yet to be tapped into. Find out the reason why other bookies aren’t looking in the direction of a particular sport and see if you can provide a solution to attract players for your sports betting brand.
  • Find out the demographics of players that are more likely to be interested in your sports betting brand. Take note of the age bracket, the needs/expectations of those players, and their income level.
  • Dig deeper to discover the future potentials in the market. Is the market expected to grow further or has it lived out its potentials?
  • Uncover your competitors. Find out the services they render and the loopholes in their business model. You will use that information to make better offers that attract players to your sports betting brand.
  • Find out the most popular games and the potentials or relevance of those games in the coming years.
  • Most important, confirm that there is market demand for the services you want to offer with your sports betting brand.

Choose a Jurisdiction

Your sports betting brand needs to comply with the existing gambling regulations. It doesn’t matter if you want to float the business online or offline. Most of those regulations apply to both options.

Here are tips on how to choose the best location/jurisdiction to establish your sports betting company:

  • Establish the company in a jurisdiction where sportsbook services are legal.
  • You may also consider establishing the sports betting company in a location that has a well-regulated policy for sports betting and other related gambling activities.

Create a Concise Business Plan

A business plan is like the “blueprint” of your online casino. It details everything that needs to be done, how it is to be done and when it must be done.

Finding it difficult to create or develop a business plan for your sports betting company? These tips will guide you:

Define the Business Structure

The business structure highlights the positions in your sports betting company. It also defines the roles and expectations of the occupants of those roles.

Overview of the Industry

Include an overview of the sports betting market. The overview should include important metrics, such as the current state of the market, as well as the forecasts for the next couple of years.

Financial Breakdown

The financial aspect of your sports betting business needs to be drafted and it should include the important facets of your business operations.

The financial blueprint should also include the amount of money that needs to be spent at each stage of building the sports betting brand.

Executive Summary

This sums up everything about your sports betting company. It also includes products or services to be offered, as well as the ethics of the company.

Define the Game Offerings and Get a Software Provider to develop them

Which types of games do you want to offer on your sports betting platform? Define the games and get a software provider to develop those games.

It would be better if the software provider offers a wide selection of sportsbook solutions so you can have a range of games on the platform.

Obtain a License

Obtain the relevant licenses that empower you to offer sports betting solutions in the jurisdiction you chose to operate the company in.

Hire Your Team

Hire the best hands to help you run the sports betting business.

Promote Your Sports Betting Business

You can now engage in active promotions of your sports betting brand. Use social media, press releases, and organic marketing (including SEO) to create publicity for your brand.


You have taken several hours of research and planning. It is now to implement what you’ve learned so that your sports betting platform will be live in the shortest time possible.

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